Project We Love
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An illustrated ode to our collective and individual teenage years based on the stories of three people

Lucy Comer '19 has a new book containing the stories of three people recounting their teenage years through responses to topics such as Exploration, Bedroom, Heartache, Dreams, and more.

A reimagining of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as a lesbian romance.

Ari Mulch ’19 is running a Kickstarter campaign to print their senior project, The Prometheite.

Fund the first four issues of your new favorite series. If you love the X-Men and Professor Layton, you’ll love Enigma Agents.

Fund the first four issues of your new favorite series. If you love the X-Men and Professor Layton, you’ll love Enigma Agents.

Project We Love
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An independent animated feature film by the creator of "Consuming Spirits."

The Orbit of Minor Satellites is a 2D animated feature film by Christopher Sullivan ’83 that takes the viewer into the richly imagined world inside the mind of a troubled sanitarium inmate.

Entrepreneur Kid is a children’s picture book series that showcases the true stories of real kid entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Entrepreneur Kid by Erica Swallow is a book series that showcases the true stories of real kid entrepreneurs who have started and continue to grow real businesses.

Project We Love
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Follow our Michigan-Based team as we create the next chapter of a post-apocalyptic webseries that will lead directly into the feature film NORTHSTAR.

MCAD alumni Jason Hagen and Nathan Anderson seek help funding their Michigan-based ongoing survivalist webseries NORTHBOUND Season 2.

Illustrated Advent: The Illustrated Gospel of Luke, a coffee table book project in 24 illustrations

To celebrate five years of
his #illustratedAdvent project, alxndr jones ’11 hopes to this year fund a coffee table book

"The End is Not The End" is the most heart shattering, epic rock record of my career. Join me in bringing it to the masses!

Help Mark Mallman ’95 make his new album!

Project We Love
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PFC is an experimental comics residency program featuring an international lineup of cartoonists.

The extremely cool Rock/Paper/Scissors experimental comics residency-labaratory brings together 20+ international cartoonists, illustrators, printmakers, and artists.

Project We Love
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9 holes of improvised conversation about international relations from look-a-like political impersonators.

PowerPlays is a series of short films by Rachel Knoll ’13 where look-a-like political impersonators improvise conversation on international relations during 9 holes of golf.

PURITY is an anthology of comics and illustration by artists with a shared history of reading yaoi comics.

Enjoy a collection of exclusive comics and illustrations in an all-new print anthology—featuring work by MCAD alum TeaScript!

A suite of silk screened posters from TypographyShop that tell a love story entirely in song titles from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

Patrick King ’76 has a cool project: These posters feature a variety of love stories told entirely from
song titles from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Amuse yourself, your friends, and everyone you meet with this fill-in-the blank party card game about people making poor life choices.

On the tails of the successful funding of Kitsune: Of Foxes and Foals, Charles Price ’13 is at it again with Bad Decisions. Make a good decision and help him get his newest game idea into production!

Project We Love
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A 200+ page comic collecting all 6 issues of WOLVES OF SUMMER, the story of a former boy soldier forging a bloody path to redemption.

WOLVES OF SUMMER features the art of Andrew Herbst ’11 and funders of the Kickstarter can receive some original sketches and commissions from Herbst. Jack Kotz ’12, Carl Thompson ’11, and Tate Yotter ’12 are all offering one-of-a-kind prints as rewards to backers.

A new photobook by Minnesota artist Peter Happel Christian.

Mystery Spot Books is an artist book publishing project by Chad Rutter ’06.

Project We Love
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A new interdisciplinary experiment in art education, co-directed by Zak Sally of La Mano and Dan Ibarra of Aesthetic Apparatus.

Faculty member Zak Sally's latest project is fueled by a desire to build a different model for art education and learning.

Students at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design are teaming up to create a beautiful set of individually designed playing cards.

This unique deck of cards, consisting of designs by 54 MCAD students, is sure to breathe new life into your weekly poker game. Help out these art/design students by donating to this project.

A card game of original advertising mascots, in a contest of competitive one-upmanship, with auction-style gameplay.

Steve Robbins ’08 wants to produce Ad-Man!, a card game in which players—taking on the roles of advertising executives—try to win product accounts that sell things like soda pop, baseball teams, and fabric detergent.

The Five Hour Gallery will be an environment for undiscovered artists to display their work at unusual public locations.

MCAD student Claire Strautmanis is creating a transportable, professional gallery space to display the work of students and non-students alike.

Kitsune are Japanese fox/trickster spirits. In this card game, foxes use cleverness to win tails; nine tails wins!

Charlie Price ’13 illustrated the cards to this game as his senior project. Written by his brother Ian and based on Japanese folklore, the game revolves around foxes as they aim to teach lessons to mortal fools.

A short comic about self-discovery and robots.

Melissa Mariko Kieselburg ’12 wants to do a print run of the comic she created as her senior project

Project We Love
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Photographer Joseph D.R. OLeary created portraits of 150+ bearded men for an exquisite, limited-edition, coffee table book.

Joseph D.R. OLeary ’92 wants to live in a world where beards are appreciated as fine art. Help him by backing the production of his book "Of Beards and Men"

Project We Love
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Central Neighborhood youth and residents will work together to make a monumental mural that represents their unique Central identity!

Greta McLain MFA ’12 is going to work with school youth and Central neighborhood residents to create a monumental mural on the outside of the Green Central School.

Project We Love
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An original full color graphic novel about cats, Malta, art history, philosophy, and the meaning of life by Ursula Murray Husted.

Ursula Murray Husted's original full color graphic novel about cats, Malta, art history, philosophy, and the meaning of life.

Project We Love
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Every/Body is a follow-up to Little Heart that focuses on people as individuals by examining the topics of body and gender.

This anthology, edited by Greer Lawson ’13 and distributed by 2D Cloud, discusses and explores the way people view themselves and others, their bodies, and the way each person defines themselves.

Become a partner in a high-quality recording of selected chamber works written by composer Ken Christianson.

Alum and composer Ken Christianson is raising funds to record his first classical album.

Fatherless is answering the call to the "Pick Me Up" art fair in London, UK.

Gregory Lang ‘01 is part of this collective of artists, educators, and designers traveling to London for the Pick Me Up graphic arts fair.

Project We Love
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CHEATIN' is now available to rent and buy exclusively from Vimeo on Demand:!

Diana Chao ’10 is involved in this independent animation by Bill Plympton.

Super Academy is the premier superhero college on earth. It is there that the newest student, Powerkid, meets his first friend.

MCAD Senior Ben Lifson is raising money for his senior film.

Project We Love
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Public Functionary is an innovative new exhibition and community art space in Minneapolis, MN. This Kickstarter campaign helps fund it.

Vadim Gershman ‘12 and Isaac Gale ‘03 are part of a group of artists providing incentives as part of an effort to start a new art space in Minneapolis.

Project We Love
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From cell phones to spring scarves, messenger bags to a child’s raincoat, Clip Tree provides a way to elegantly frame our possessions.

Matthew Plumstead, a 2008 MCAD grad, and recent graduate of Cranbrook
Academy of Art, has created the Clip Tree, an elegant and configurable
valet for all that you carry.

Project We Love
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"Dewey Delane in Weapon of Choice" is a comic book about a femme fatale, fast cars, violence, and the gun as a phallic metaphor.

A comedy noir comic project by Ben Tye ‘12 about a femme fatale, fast cars, violence and more.

Project We Love
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THE Origin(s) Project: Memoirs in Motion - Two one-woman shows from the adult adoptee perspective.

Bri Heu ’15 is the featured musician in Sun Mee Chomet's one-woman show "How to Be a Korean Woman" recounting Sun Mee's reuniting with her birth family

Project We Love
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Fundraiser to build a second Quick Draw Photo Booth. Your donation will help this art business grow and we will reward you handsomely!

A "photo" booth that gives you a hand drawn portrait in 3 minutes or less. Project by Aron Taylor ‘09.

Fantasy/comedy series with professional stage combat, shot on location in Minnesota.

Jacob Gulliver ’11 is writing and directing a fantasy/comedy web series to be shot in Minnesota.

Help us establish a beer-inspired collaborative project with local Minnesota & Wisconsin artists. Break the Big Beer Model!

Jon Loss ’05 is creating a beer-inspired collaborative project with local Minnesota & Wisconsin artists.

Project We Love
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Free community exhibition and event space for those who want to enjoy art and positive energy in a fun and educational environment.

Mike Perry ’03 is launching a three month exhibition and event space in support of his new book "Wondering Around Wandering"

Cast in tones of deep purple, the ULTRAVIOLET deck is futuristically designed with an industry standard attention to detail.

Current MCAD students Patrick Burke and Ethan Soper are raising fund to print "futuristically designed" playing cards

Project We Love
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Seven artists and writers contribute ideas about nature and place for this limited edition contemporary art book.

Chad Rutter ‘06, Caleb Coppock ‘07, Kate Casanova ‘08 and Pamela Valfer ‘94 are all a part of Mystery Spot Books who is publishing their fifth book.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from and teach to nine other international candidates juried into this elite symposium.

Kelly Ludeking ’97 travels the country doing iron pours at various venues including schools, colleges, and on his farm. Kelly has been invited to participate in an international symposium in Scotland and is raising the funding for participation in this event.

Help LegUp complete our community screen printing studio! Contribute towards a tshirt dryer,or an exposure unit today!

Gilpin Matthews ‘02 helped found LegUp Studio which offers classes, equipment access and more.

Feminine/Masculine Books is an edu-humor language series that teaches the grammatical genders of Italian, French and Spanish.

Taylor Baldry ‘07 is creating an edu-humor language book series.

I will be creating an artist book edition at Minnesota Center for the Book Arts using letterpress and photopolymer plates.

MFA alum Melissa Wagner-Lawler is making an artist book this June.

Project We Love
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InDigest, an online lit mag, offers podcasts, blogs, digital broadsides, and more. It's outgrown its home, and needs a new one.

Kate Casanova ’08 is an editor of this magazine, and Melissa Loop ’05 is featured in the newest issue.

Project We Love
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PARECOMIC: a graphic novel about how we might improve society, considering left wing activist Michael Albert's life story and ideas.

A neat documentary graphic novel project by Carl Thompson ‘11.

Project We Love
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A dance in an electronic music & video environment that explores the collectively learned habits we practice in our everyday lives.

Multiple MCAD alumni, faculty, and students involved in this project which will be performed at Norther Spark this year.

Project We Love
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Northern Spark is a free, dusk-to-dawn arts festival. "Explore a constellation of urban arts and discover the city in a new light."

Help support a great Twin Cities arts festival.

Project We Love
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Salon Saloon is preparing for a new round of shows & we need your support. Help us fund the next four shows & put the old shows online!

Alum Amanda Lovelee is part of this exciting project with Works Progress.

Project We Love
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Little Heart is a 160+ page comic anthology created with the subject of Marriage Equality in mind.

Multiple MCAD alumni have contributed to this volume.

This project is a documentary and book about the Sawiyano who live the East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea.

Alum Bethany Kalk is raising funds to make a documentary about the Sawiyano people of Papua New Guinea.

We make soft-bound, print-on-demand books out of personal archives of images, words and memories from the current wars.

Monica Haller's ’06 "The Veterans Book Project" is a library of books authored collaboratively by artist Haller and dozens of people who have been affected by, and have archives of, the current American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The 4th annual One Nighter Series is a collection of 8 one-night only art exhibitions and numerous other short-lived art events.

Each Summer "Art Of This" gallery programs a series of "One Nighters"-
interesting art events- openings, and performances. This year
several recent MCAD grads are programming this
series- awesome! Kelly Filreis, Alyson Coward, Maura Doyle, Jenny Moxley,
and Anthony Warnick.

Over the course of an entire year (maybe longer), we will write, create, and post a new short film every month.

Filmmaking student Julian Williams '14 is planning to make 1 short film per month for the next 12 months.

Project We Love
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Minneapolis sextet, Lovely Dark, needs your help in finishing their debut full-length record, "Territories"!

Max Becker ‘07 is part of the indie rock project "Lovely Dark."

Moving Walkway Productions needs to make a rockin' music video for a remarkable emerging band called "Communist Daughter."

MCAD Faculty Frency Lunning's Moving Walkway productions is raising funds to produce a Communist Daughter music video

Going to Papua New Guinea to build, eat, craft, document, and learn with the Sawiyano Tribe. Creating relationships, essays and art.

Brian Nigus ‘11 is traveling to Papua New Guinea this summer to set up a school, do cultural research, and more.

Project We Love
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Brooklyn-based project and event space Primetime is raising funds to make itself available to artists for free in 2012.

Brooklyn-based project and event space Primetime is raising funds to make itself available to artists for free in 2012.

A hand-bound, hand printed, letterpress workbook full of fun visual exercises and tools to help you learn to think creatively!

MFA student Danielle Feliciano is creating a fine press (letterpress) visual workbook to help promote and teach creative thinking.

Beyond The Light is a multi media short film. The story of a fantasy world in peril from the loss of its Sun.

Garrett Sendlewski ’06 is creating a mixed media film, combining live action, stop motion, and pixelation.

This site specific installation will be created for the City of Reno’s Metro Gallery in collaboration with local school children.

Tim Abel ‘08 is creating a collaborative/site-specifc installation for the Metro Gallery in Reno, NV.