• PiSoC: Learn to Create

    The PiSoC is an open source development platform which gives each person a unique opportunity to create, regardless of skill level.

    learn to createwith PiSoC

  • MyoWare™ | Harness the power of your muscle signals!

    Wearable Muscle Sensor Platform - 4th-gen sensor - Arduino compatible - Control robots, prosthetics, video games, & more!

    detect signals from your muscles to control cool things!

  • Makerspace for Teen Entrepreneurs @ The Possible Project!

    UPDATE: We hit our goal! But the awesomeness isn't over - we have a stretch goal of $48,000- WAIT, MAKE THAT $55,000!

    Young Entrepreneurs should always have a laser cutter.

  • Maintenance-Free Bicycles that Make Cycling Easy

    A new concept in cycling, a beautifully designed bike with smart engineering & low cost. Quality with no compromise, Priority Bicycles

    Rethinking the everyday commuter bike as a lightweight, maintenance-free machine. Internally geared, with pedal brakes and a belt drive are a few of the unique features. ^NickNormal

  • Edison - fun robotics for tomorrow's inventors!

    Meet Edison - the super affordable, programmable robot. Your stepping stone into the exciting world of science and technology!

    Easily programed robotics platform that is compatible with Lego. Looks like something my kids would enjoy. - caleb kraft

  • LaMetric - Customizable Smart Ticker for Life and Business

    Hackable, real-time smart display: receive and act on notifications, tasks, workout timers, business metrics, emails, news and more!

    Really cool looking, seems like many would use it. A pretty elegant version of a ticker -caleb kraft

  • AstroPrint™: Wireless 3D Printing Software

    No more wires! Slice, store, and 3D print straight from your tablet or phone.

    3d printing is just too complicated for many people.

  • Papilio DUO - Drag and Drop FPGA Circuit Lab for Makers

    Simply draw circuits connected to an Arduino-Compatible chip. Supercharge your sketches and unleash your inner DaVinci!

    " I’ve been meaning to get my head around FPGAs, but was always put off by the learning curve and proprietary tools needed. Jack’s project is a huge step forward in making this accessible to people like me." -Brian Jepson

  • Launch Something! - Air Rocket Toys from AirRocketWorks.com

    With our new launcher kit, you can easily make and launch all kinds of air powered rockets and planes, that fly hundreds of feet!

    We're excited for the new and improved Air Rocket Launcher from <em>Make:</em> authors Rick Schertle and Keith Violette. Let's shoot some air rockets!

  • 2000 Student Projects to the Edge of Space

    PongSat 2 !!!!! On September 27, 2014 we are going to send 2000 student projects to the edge of space.

    Help 2000 student projects reach the edge of space via weather balloon.

  • The Open Enigma Project

    An Open Source Enigma Replica for all.

    A replica of the WWII-era code machine, Enigma--only it encrypts and decrypts with the help of an Arduino Mega instead of gears and wheels.

  • Skirmos: Open Source Laser Tag

    The most advanced open source laser tag system. Create your own indoor or outdoor battlefield. Build your own custom gametypes.

    Arduino-based laser tag gun with tons of cool features like a LCD screen that keeps track of game time and hits.

  • Portable Dual Arduino (TM) Micro XPlorerBoard

    The Portable XPlorerBoard lets you plug in 2 Arduino Micros for your projects and eliminates loose parts with its built in components.

    A proto board taken--nearly--to the point of insanity. A full sized solderless breadboard plus TWO Arduinos? Excellent.

  • MicroView: Chip-sized Arduino with built-in OLED Display!

    The MicroView is the first chip-sized Arduino compatible that lets you see what your Arduino is thinking using a built-in OLED display.

    Breadboardable Arduinos with a built-in OLED. Brilliant and gorgeous-looking!

  • X–SPACE: A Library Designed and Built By Its Students

    108 eighth grade students are designing and building their own library, and you can own a piece of it.

    Help 108 eighth-graders design and build a library from scratch.

  • The Scorpion Light - Revolutionising your Films

    The Scorpion Light is about portability, ease of use, flexibility and affordability. Taking lighting to the limits of your imagination.

    Super flexible video light able to clamp to scaffolding, tabletops, and other structures. Want to use a gel? They snap on magnetically.

  • Vega Edge

    A wearable light designed to work with your wardrobe.

    Wearable LED module that attaches to your jacket or laptop case with magnets.

  • PiUPS - Uninterruptible power supply for Raspberry Pi

    PiUPS is Uninterruptible Power Supply & Portable Power for Raspberry Pi or Arduino. PiUPS runs on 3 AA rechargeable batteries.

    Smart battery backup for your Pi or Arduino, while actually communicating with it, informing your Pi about battery levels and other factors.

  • AgIC Print - Printing circuit boards with home printers

    AgIC transforms a home printer into a circuit board manufacturing equipment. The fastest and cheapest way to print circuits.

    Print circuits with a home printer, creating circuit boards on paper. Also supports "arty" traces so you can design really cool PCBs.

  • AeriCam Hollywood - 3 Axis Camera Stabilization System

    Revolutionary 3 axis camera stabilization system with line of attachments providing full house production capabilities in one package.

    3-axis camera stabilizer with cool attachments and the ability to accommodate a wide variety of cameras of up to 15 pounds.

  • Padcaster Mini: On-the-Fly Filmmaking With the iPad mini

    A tough aluminum frame with threaded holes and a flexible insert to secure your iPad mini. CNET calls it a "must-have" for iPad video.

    Use your iPad Mini as a video camera with this protective frame that houses the iPad and all of its attachments.

  • Solo Slider Dolly & Camera Jib system

    NEW Solo Slider Dolly & Solo Jib system by VariZoom. Nice game changer for folks using DSLR and video camcorders 7 lbs and less.

    Slider dolly and camera jib that gives you dynamic control your DSLR or smaller video camera,

  • Ototo: Make Music from Anything

    Ototo is an all-in-one musical invention kit which allows you to make an instrument any way you want.

    Electronic musical instrument with a dozen capacitive touch pads, four sensor ports, and preset buttons.

  • Pijin: Flock, talk & unlock the sensory puzzles of speech

    Phonetic Scrabble meets Apples-to-Apples! Pijin is an exciting game of quick-witted phonetic spelling & word associations!

    A game of spelling with letter tiles, but with Pijin you spell with phonemes. You spell home, HOM, for instance.

  • The MicroSlice | A Mini Arduino Laser Cutter & Engraver.

    The MicroSlice is a Build-It-Yourself kit, uses Open Source Software, and can be easily assembled at home by just about anyone.

    Intriguing Arduino-powered laser cutter kit. Sounds like a lot of fun to build, and you get a neat tool for your efforts.

  • Smart Nixie Tube

    The Smart Nixie Tube is the first expandable Nixie Tube display with built-in Arduino Uno compatible hardware.

    Daisy chainable RGB-illuminated nixie tubes with built-in ATmega chips.

  • Guitar Wing: Wireless Control Surface for Guitar and Bass

    Guitar Wing: Wireless control over software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps & MIDI effects units...right from your guitar or bass.

    Sweet wireless control surface for a guitar, allowing the musician to control lighting, audio effects, and other add-ons right from the guitar.

  • Pegasus Touch Laser SLA 3D Printer: Low cost, High Quality

    Touchscreen LCD desktop 3D printer starting <$2k using LASER based tech for high speed prints, 7"x7"x9" build area, and detail.

    Touchscreen-controlled resin printer that uses UV lasers to cure the layers. It offers impressive resolution for the price.

  • Doggie Diner Makeover

    Help us restore some of the last Doggie Diner heads—a symbol of SF’s scrappy, can-do spirit during the post WWII era & beyond

    These beloved and iconic Doggie Diner heads from the 60s have been on display at Maker Faire Bay Area 2007, 2009, & 2010. The restoration project is a maker feat in itself, led by John Law, founding member of The Cacophony Society, Burning Man, & the Billboard Liberation Front.

  • Game of Drones - The World's Toughest Drone Airframe.

    Only A Few Hours Left! The Action-Sports Drone Airframe: The Virtually Unbreakable, Practically Indestructible Airframe. Act Now!

    If you've watched the web series Game of Drones (if you haven't, you need to: gameofdrones.biz) you've seen the bulletproof Sumo airframe in action. And soon you can get one of your own.

  • Urban Putt: Miniature golf like you've never seen it before

    We’re creating a fantastical indoor mini-golf course, tricked out with high-tech kinetic sculptures, robots & crazy vertical structures

    Indoor miniature golf? What took so long?

  • Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

    The safest and most technologically advanced pair of cycling gloves ever made. Period.

    I love the things makers are creating for cyclists. Zackees turn signal gloves are one of those "why didn't I think of that" products. But I didn't. Zach Vorhies did. And he deserves your support for his bright idea.

  • Perspective Clocks

    The Perspective series are five clocks composed of straight lines, each demonstrating a different approach to the dimension of time.

    These neat clocks allow you to view time in different ways, using geometric shapes. You'll see a given configuration only twice a day!

  • ITS-A-BOB, A New Social Play Experience with Balloons

    Part whimsical toy, part art object, I’ve created ITSABOB to transform balloon play. It celebrates the act of letting go.

    You know that awesome feeling of letting a balloon go and watching it rise? Artist and inventor Jed Burke has created a fun new toy that celebrates the act of letting go with Itsabob, the balloon toy you can let you that comes back to you!

  • Foxonix Embedded Sound: Make Your Ideas Heard

    Add sound to your projects! Make that teddy bear talk. Give your robot a diabolical laugh. Let your art do the talking. (Literally.)

    A former electrical engineer for the toy industry, the maker of Foxonix wants to bring embedded sound to projects using open hardware design. It's compatible with Arduino or use it as a standalone interface.

  • RIDEYE: The Black Box Camera For Your Bike

    Crash detection sensors. HD video. One month battery life. One touch operation. CNC machined. Fight back with RIDEYE.

    Great project from a hard-core maker, this will go a long ways towards protecting cyclists who usually end up on the bad side of accidents. Great design with dead-simple functionality.

  • Hacker Scouts Oakland Lab

    Hacker Scouts needs to develop our Oakland headquarters to better serve the Bay Area and successfully prototype national projects

    The Hacker Scouts are a worthy organization spreading the maker movement far and wide, and providing exciting activities for kids.

  • "Dreams of the Dead" Sugar Skulls and Making-Of Video

    I make extreme sugar skulls: filled with tiny scenes lit by LEDs, and sealed to last. This video shows how, but I want to show more.

    Tremendously original, outlandish, and exciting. These are beautiful creations.

  • Robot Turtles: The Board Game for Little Programmers

    Robot Turtles is the the most-backed board game in Kickstarter history. It sneakily teaches programming fundamentals to kids ages 3+.

    Play a great game, and give your kids a leg up on that computer science career? Sounds like fun to us!

  • Hex: A copter that anyone can fly!

    Hex is the world's first personalized smartphone controlled nanocopter that lets you see the world from a different perspective.

    A great-looking little copter project! May be the most reasonable solution out there for POV video.

  • Espruino: JavaScript for Things

    The world's first JavaScript microcontroller for beginners or experts, now Open Source. Be creative with intelligent control!

    We are really excited to see this new evolution in microcontrollers! Looks like "micro controller boards for web programmers" is now officially a thing.

  • Haptix: Multitouch Reinvented

    Transform any flat surface into a 3D multitouch surface to control your computer, TV, or any other screen.

    Another exciting foray into the next generation of user/machine interface. No one has quite got it right yet, but Haptix looks promising!

  • Flutter: $20 Wireless Arduino with half mile (1km) range.

    Flutter is an open source ARM-powered wireless Arduino with 1000m+ (3200 ft) range and 256-bit AES hardware encryption.

    Flutter looks like a drop-dead simple wireless microcontroller solution that could make a huge array of applications possible, and downright easy to achieve. And the price is great!

  • Fire Breathing Dragon to perform nightly at Artprize.

    Gon Kirin, a fire-breathing 17,000 lb steel and found object sculpture of the Light Dragon, has been invited to exhibit at Artprize.

    We love Gon Kirin! They have been to 4 Maker Faires and helping them get to this event is the least we can do. If you want to see an amazing creation, give them your backing!

  • Pixy (CMUcam5): a fast, easy-to-use vision sensor

    Pixy is a fast vision sensor you can quickly “teach” to find objects, and it connects directly to Arduino and other controllers.

    Our projects editor says "I think we should [curate] it because I want to build projects with it! Sensors/Computer Vision is one of 6 core maker tech areas we cover regularly in the mag and online."

  • PiCE, The Ultimate Case For Your Raspberry Pi & Camera

    Industrially designed to keep your Pi safe, even outdoors & lets you program, shoot video, game, overclock & play with electronics...

    This zinc alloy Raspberry Pi enclosure not only protects your mini computer from the elements, but it also has a mount for the camera board. It looks like it would be great for outdoor camera projects

  • HackRF, an open source SDR platform

    Transmit or receive any radio signal from 30 MHz to 6000 MHz on USB power with HackRF.

    The possibilities for this project boggle our minds, and tickle our imaginations. A winner of our Crowdfund Fund poll, we have backed this project ourselves, and will report on it when/if delivered.

  • DIRO Robot Chassis

    The blank canvas for roboticist

    A great, simple robot chassis for anyone to start with. A winner of our Crowdfund Fund poll, we have backed this project ourselves, and will report on it when/if delivered.

  • Super Awesome Sylvia's WaterColorBot

    The Friendly and Educational Art Robot that Paints with Watercolors!

    We love Super Awesome Sylvia, and this project is wonderful.

  • Borg Like Me, the Writings of Gareth Branwyn

    Cyberculture pioneer Gareth Branwyn (Boing Boing, Mondo 2000, Wired, MAKE) presents a compelling collection of his work.

    Former MAKE editorial director Gareth Branwyn's collection of writings is one tome we can't wait to check out. Among other accomplishments, Gareth wrote one of the first books about the web (Mosaic Quick Tour), was a founding column editor for Wired, and an editor at bOING bOING.

  • Fire Hose Mats

    Retired Fire Hose, salvaged from U.S. fire departments, and featured in one-of-a-kind mats for the home or office.

    We love creative and ethical re-use, and this project fits that description to a tee. When great design meets functionality, and you toss in a dash of charity, we all win.

  • Building Magic: a film about NY maker Mario the Magician

    An indie documentary about a wandering traveler turned full-time maker magician. Monkeybots, suitcase machines, and more.

    Very interesting short film project about a magician who is also a maker. So neat to see him building stuff; get to see a it of the magic!

  • Poppy: Turn Your iPhone into a 3D Camera

    Poppy turns any iPhone into a 3D camera. Capture, view and share 3D video clips and photos, all in one inexpensive device.

    Looks pretty cool and a little retro. And imaginative add-on to your phone!

  • GlassKap: A lens cover, and fun accessories for Google Glass

    Cover up that camera. Respect people's privacy. Give GlassKap to others and encourage eye-catching fun with Google Glass accessories.

    One of the biggest ongoing controversies with Google Glass is how to assure peoples' privacy is being respected. Here's a perfect, and perfectly-simple, answer.

  • RK-1 | a wifi Arduino mobile robot for iOS & Android devices

    RK-1 is a wifi enabled mobile robot that you control using your iOS or Android tablet or phone that makes your Arduino projects mobile.

    Wonderful open-source project to let you take your Arduino projects mobile.

  • ModiBot Mo: DIY Action Figures with 3d Printed accessories

    ModiBot is a design-your-own-toy system of more than 400 different interlocking parts, personalized by 3d printing & your imagination

    Another featured maker at this year's Hardware Innovation Workshop, ModiBot is a great system that will inspite your kids' imaginations!

  • The Neo-Artist: A High-Tech Guide to Making Art and Products

    A book dedicated to teaching artists and all makers how to start, run, and market their own business using the latest technology.

    Lincoln Kamm is a dedicated maker who learned how to turn his passion for making into a sustainable business. The knowledge he will share here is from experience and valuable to other makers wanting to make the leap.

  • Handibot™: A Smart Digital Power Tool

    An innovative, portable tool run from apps on smartphones, tablets or PCs. Push-button CNC technology for jobsites and DIY projects!

    As seen at the Hardware Innovation Workshop, this is an amazing next-generation workshop/worksite tool.

  • OpenBeam Kossel Pro - A new type of 3D Printer

    A fork of the ground breaking Kossel 3D Printer, with all 3D Printed parts injection molded for ease of assembly and cost reduction.

    An exciting new 3DP we're keeping our eyes on.

  • The Question Block Lamp

    DaDING! The videogame inspired, interactive lamp for your inner geek, gamer and child.

    So much fun, and such a great maker project!

  • Lumu - bringing Light Meter to the 21st Century

    Lumu is the light meter for the iPhone and Android. Made to unleash the creativity in photographers.

    Once again demonstrating that ingenuity breeds advancement, this is a great project for pro photographers. Like the Square is for merchants, the Lumu will be for camera hounds. Sometimes the best light meter is the one in your pocket.

  • LightUp: Learn by Making

    Kids learn electronics by building projects: combines electronic building blocks with the first-ever augmented reality tutor app.

    Winner of the pitch competition at the Hardware Innovation Workshop this year, LightUp is an inspiring tool to teach kids electronics. We love it!

  • Infragram: the Infrared Photography Project

    A simple, cheap infrared camera which can measure plant health -- for geek gardeners, farmers, and open source DIY scientists.

    Great project to help folks hack their cameras and see things they never could before.

  • Linkbot, Create with Robots

    Easy to get started, Arduino-compatible, Raspberry Pi friendly, robot loaded with absolute encoding, accelerometer, Battery and ZigBee.

    Absolutely wonderful-looking robot project! Easy to use out of the box, but with amazing layers to be discovered.

  • SolePower: Power by Walking

    SolePower is a power generating shoe insole for charging portable electronics while you walk.

    This looks pretty neat — charge your portable devices by walking!

  • Spinpod: Seamless panoramic & motion time-lapse photography

    The motion control unit for your iPhone, Android and Camera that is fun, simple-to-use, and fits in your pocket.

    An excellent and innovative idea to bring high-end camera effects to the smartphone market.

  • Spark Core: Wi-Fi for Everything (Arduino Compatible)

    A tiny Wi-Fi development board. Arduino + Wi-Fi + ARM Cortex M3 + wireless programming + REST API = awesome.

    Another great Arduino add-on to facilitate dev projects.

  • Monkey Light Pro - Bicycle Wheel Display System

    Display images and animations on your bike wheel. Download your own graphics to the Monkey Light Pro and show them while you ride.

    A fan favorite (and Editor's Choice ribbon award-winner) at Maker Faire Bay Area this year, this may be the ultimate nighttime bike hack and safety feature.

  • BlinkyTape: The LED Strip Reinvented

    BlinkyTape is a flexible and portable LED strip with 60 pixels and integrated BlinkyBoard USB-programmable light processor.

    A great tool for artistic makers looking to add easily-programmable lighting to their project.

  • UDOO: Android Linux Arduino in a tiny single-board computer

    UDOO takes your DIY projects to the next level and it’s a powerful tool for education and creativity.

    Is this the first Super-board?!

  • A Statue of Nikola Tesla in the Silicon Valley

    The statue will host a free Wi-Fi hotspot & a time capsule to be opened Jan 7, 2043... and then the statue might go to Mars.

    Great idea to recognize one of the truly innovative makers.

  • 27 Gears Fashion - Belt Buckles, Bottle Openers, & Earrings

    Fashion accessories inspired by architectural patterns, made by hand in Oakland California.

    One of our favorite kinetic artists, Benjamin Cowden, is applying his mad design skills to this new project of crafted architectural fashion. Three days to go and he's almost there. Have a look!

  • Touch Board: Interactivity Everywhere

    Now anyone can transform touch into sound (and so much more!) with the Touch Board, an easy-to-use Arduino-compatible device.

    This Arduino-based board from Bare Conductive promises to bring a new level of interactivity to your projects. The Touch Board uses capacitive sensing to turn just about any semi-conductive material into a touch or proximity detecting interface - no grounding required.