Project We Love
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A book revealing the unseen work of Howard Tangye – the influential Saint Martins tutor to generations of famous fashion designers.

Survey of the work of Howard Tangye, the influential Central Saint Martins tutor to generations of famous fashion designers.

Project We Love
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A book project by Sara Cwynar of original and appropriated images and text, co-published with Blonde Art Books.

Original and appropriated text and images, co-published with Blonde Art Books.

Project We Love
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The first photo book and traveling photo exhibition on the legendary singer-songwriter and visual artist Daniel Johnston.

Photographic study of legendary singer-songwriter and visual artist Daniel Johnston.

Project We Love
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When poetry becomes light, when billboards talk about politics – our first artist book with the amazing Robert Montgomery.

Artist book documenting Montgomery's poetry, which he publishes in the form of large light installations or billboards in between advertising.

Project We Love
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A photographic history of rare bipedal cats and related feline apocrypha from the unplumbed depths of cat science.

Photographic history of rare bipedal cats and related feline apocrypha.

A self-published photography book by Andrew Miksys from his series about Lithuanian village discos.

Photographs of Lithuanian village discos.

Project We Love
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We are publishing 1,000 copies of a 200 page hardcover retrospective of Harold Feinstein's classic black & white photographs.

Hardcover retrospective of Harold Feinstein's classic and historically important black & white photographs. Essay by Phillip Prodger.

Project We Love
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Tell It Like It Tiz is a comic zine about the seniors at the Marie Smith Center in Portland, Oregon. We'd like to make it into a book!

Collection of stories, interviews, comics, and advice from the senior citizens at the Marie Smith Center in Portland, Oregon.

Project We Love
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60+ Portraits of female/male Burlesque stars shot naturally and in their performance outfits. 250 LIMITED EDITION Hardcover bound books

Portraits of male/female Burlesque stars shot naturally and in their performance outfits. Limited to 250 copies.

A popular film website's user-generated content advisory was used as a basis to create funny one-page synopses for 55 classic films.

Art book of found film synopses. Unpaginated, edition of 50, signed and numbered.

Project We Love
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SEAS WITHOUT A SHORE is a magical, mysterious photography book of tintypes, portraits, still lifes and seascapes.

Photography book of mysterious tintypes, portraits, still lifes, and seascapes.

A book about the Sylvania flashcube—the space-aged, flash photography device, revolutionary in 1965 and nearly obsolete by 1975.

Art book tracing the linkages between light, war, history, and photography through a forgotten piece of photo technology, the Sylvania flash cube.

Project We Love
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Help me get this comic printed! I'm trying to get at least 200 copies printed to distribute in NYC, Chicago and directly to your door.

Inspired by the late downtown New York artist David Wojnarowicz, a comic about a struggle not only to be heard, but to be treated compassionately.

Project We Love
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The art of digital living in the PRISM era. An illustrated limited edition Kickstarter-only book for art, tech & theory fans.

Limited edition manual for digital living in the PRISM era, featuring hand-drawn pen and ink illustrations.

Project We Love
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An artist's book of altered mass consumption exploring eroticism, anxiety, fear, war, protest and the cosmos.

Artist's book exploring eroticism, anxiety, fear, war, protest, mass consumption, and the cosmos.

Project We Love
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Translating Moby Dick into Japanese Emoji Icons using Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

Crowd-sourced (and crowd-funded) translation of Herman Melville's Moby Dick into Japanese emoticons called emoji.

Outpost is an annual, non-profit print publication on art and arts-based activism from traditionally underexposed cities.

An annual, non-profit print publication on art and arts-based activism from traditionally underexposed cities.

Project We Love
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DUM DUM's 3rd issue comes in a box featuring experimental literature, essays, photography, and objects, in a perversion of form.

An experimental issue containing writing and multimedia objects that fit inside a seven-inch record mailer box.

Project We Love
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Blade Runner-inspired artwork from 25 illustrators, collected in a risographed anthology booklet.

Blade Runner-inspired artwork from 25 illustrators, collected in a limited edition risographed anthology booklet.

Project We Love
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A photo book chronicling the artist's six-year obsession with two Central Asian rivers, on a journey from the Aral Sea to western China

Photo book chronicling the artist's journey from the Aral Sea to western China, with two Central Asian rivers as her guide.

Project We Love
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There are enough people publishing short-stories & poetry, we publish everything else. Help us get weird with words.

Very short experimental stories and art in a pocket-sized book.

Project We Love
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Cloth-Bound Graphic Novel about a Mysterious Being Who Controls the Emotions of the Sea, and the Deep-sea Diver Who Dares Defy Him.

Graphic novel about a mysterious being who controls the emotions of the sea, and the deep-sea diver who dares defy him.

Project We Love
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An edition of hand-made books about a ballerina – my mother – who fell in love with the bullfighter-comedian Cantinflas in Mexico City.

Edition of hand-made books about artist Ellen Ziegler's mother, a ballerina who fell in love with the bullfighter-comedian Cantinflas in 1940s Mexico City.

Project We Love
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Limited edition newsprint zine.

Project We Love
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Two issues of a zine about feminist writers' relationships to the artists whose misogynist work we love.

A zine about feminist writers' relationships to artists whose misogynist work they love.

Project We Love
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HARD ART DC 1979 is a photo book and traveling exhibition of early DC punk shows. We seek support for the show and to produce the book.

Photographs of four early DC punk and hardcore shows, shot by a young (and eventual Pulitzer prize-winning) Lucian Perkins. Narrative by Alec MacKaye. Essay by Henry Rollins.

Project We Love
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A set of 5 beautifully illustrated books, silkscreen printed and hand-bound in San Francisco by Lena Gustafson and Peter Calderwood

Set of five beautifully illustrated books, silkscreen printed and hand-bound in San Francisco by Lena Gustafson and Peter Calderwood.

Project We Love
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An illustrated book exploring imagined landscapes and topographies for New York City, told through conversations and paintings

Hardcover illustrated book exploring imagined landscapes and topographies for New York City.

Project We Love
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In 1989, following in the footsteps of Frank, Winogrand, and Eggleston, I drove across the country and documented malls across America

Collection of photographs documenting the rise of the American shopping mall.

Project We Love
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Along with a network of talented friends, has decided to get physical and put out an art periodical.

A platform for original content and experimentation.

Project We Love
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Manor House is an international visual and literary arts magazine that explores the broad diversity of contemporary artistic genres.

International visual and literary art magazine that explores contemporary artistic genres.


Collaborative limited edition poetry-artbook set.

Project We Love
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Cats, dogs, roosters and other comic nonsense.

Book of six black-and-white mini-comics, featuring a phoenix-killing rooster, a man in a pit bull mask, and a legion of anthropomorphic cats.

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