The project is about the survivors of rape and sexual violence in India.

Support #ICPSchoolPJ alum Smita Sharma's photo and film project on rape and sexual violence in India.

Project We Love
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Come Seek with Me Elsewhere: A book in conversation with artist Ellinor Westin's stark, sensitive and humorous photographic work.

Help two ICP alumni fund this posthumous photobook featuring work by Ellinor Westin who passed away in 2008 of breast cancer.

Project We Love
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AUTOMAGIC shows the transformation of an image-archive and text into an extensive book as holistic idea

Help fund "AUTOMAGIC" a photo book by 2012 ICP Infinity Award winner Anouk Kruithof.

Photographs exploring the intersection of nature, imagination, and myth in the American Forest. A Daylight hardbound.

Help fund "SYLVANIA", a photo book about myth in the American forest by Anna Beeke, an alum of the ICP School's One-Year Certificate Program in Documentary Photography & Photojournalism.

A documentary about the offbeat side of fashion week, where photographers rub necks with some of the world's most famous models.

Support ICP School alum Salome Oggenfuss' documentary film which follows a clique of 3 model photographers on the fringes of the fashion world at large.

In October 2014 I will be creating new work and collaborating with scientists and artists aboard a sailing vessel in the Arctic Ocean.

ICP School alum Daniel Kukla is going to the Arctic Circle to document climate change. Help support his project!

Project We Love
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An epic journey along the Danube River by nine female documentary photographers retracing the footsteps of an industry pioneer.

Danube Revisited celebrates the important legacy of Inge Morath. Show your support for female documentary photographers by donating to this project.

Jay Peg's is an online publication for emerging documentary photographers. Help us complete the third issue and future issues.

Support alumni of ICP's One-Year Certificate Program in Documentary Photography & Photojournalism and Jay Peg magazine.

Project We Love
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A photobook of Robin Schwartz's ongoing series with her daughter Amelia.

Support ICP faculty member Robin Schwartz in getting her photobook published with Aperture.

Project We Love
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Join us in creating one year of exhibitions, film screenings and more at the Bronx Documentary Center.

Support ICP Faculty member Michael Kamber as he continues to provide important documentary programming in the Bronx.

Project We Love
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A film revisiting Erin “Tiny” Blackwell, 30 years after the making of the Academy Award nominated documentary Streetwise.

Help Martin Bell and ICP faculty member Mary Ellen Mark revisit the life of Tiny through film and photography.

Project We Love
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Upstate Girls is a multiplatform documentary which chronicles the lives of a group of families in Troy, NY over 9 years.

Support ICP Faculty member Brenda Ann Kenneally in her quest to produce "Uptown Girls"

Project We Love
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A documentary film about the life of photojournalist Chris Hondros, two-time Pulitzer finalist who was killed by hostile fire in Libya.

Help raise funds for a documentary film about the life of photojournalist Chris Hondros, a visiting artist and guest lecturer at ICP, who was killed alongside Tim Hetherington while they were covering the conflict in Libya in April 2011.

Global Press Institute uses journalism as a development tool to educate, employ and empower women throughout the developing world.

Help ICP alumna Paige Stoyer (GS07) develop a photojournalism project that will showcase powerful images by women in 2 dynamic ways – a full color news photography book and a portrait exhibition to be showcased in 3 cities.

Project We Love
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A Special-Edition Book of Photographs by Richard Renaldi

Help ICP Faculty member Richard Renaldi put his fascinating collection of images together in one photobook. "Touching Strangers" asks complete strangers to physically interact while posing together for a portrait.

A personal documentary film about a daughter's search for the mother she never knew through their shared love of photography.

Help us support Rachel Seed in her quest to produce this documentary, inspired by her longing to find out more about a mother who died before she could get to know her.

Project We Love
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Through my images, I draw parallels of a New Jersey dollar store and a Pakistani convenience store located 7545 miles apart.

Help photographer and ICP alum Waqas Farid (MFA10) travel back to Pakistan so he can finish his project!

Scrapped is a limited edition semi-annual art magazine and website focused on emerging & established artists working in all media.

Help us support Scrapped, a magazine founded by ICP alumni!

Uncovering Helen Levitt: a camera-shy photographer hits the NYC streets for 70 years, transforming American street photography forever.

Help us garner support for a film about past exhibitor and winner of the1997 International Center of Photography’s Master of Photgraphy Infinity Award, Helen Levitt.

Project We Love
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I will photograph in Cambodian communities across the U.S. Northeast, generating intergenerational dialogue around unspoken memories.

Help ICP alum Pete Pin photograph in Cambodian communities across the US

We believe we can’t have radical action without radical thought. A journal of theory and strategy for Occupy movement.

Help us support ICP alumni Amin Husain and Nitasha Dhillon (GS'10)

To be created from 10,000 photos shot in Berlin, "Brittle Beauty" will yield paper montage works in my distinctive layering technique.

ICP Teaching Assistant Courtney Wrenn's photo collage and book project which began in Berlin.

Project We Love
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Photoville is a unique photo village built from shipping containers in the heart of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Help us make it a FREE event!

Join ICP at Photoville - attend one of our workshops or stop by our booth.

Project We Love
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Artists Cait Oppermann & Yael Malka want to create a photography book of photographs shot on their two-month long trip across Europe.

ICP Teaching Assistants Cait Opperman and Yael Malka's photo-a-day project launches this summer with a trek through Europe.

A project that brings citizens together around issues that normally tear us apart.

ICP Faculty Ed Kashi's project aimed at bridging the political divide. Ed and the Talking Eyes Media team will bring a small cafe table on the road and invite people to discuss their beliefs on camera. The project also includes a web platform.

In February I will be heading to the high desert to undertake an intensive artist residency within Joshua Tree National Park.

ICP Alumni (Photojournalism '08) Daniel Kukla's project at Joshua Tree National Park documenting invasive species, the remnants of mining and homesteading traditions, and the eclectic enclaves of people who reside near the park.

Project We Love
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Photographer Maggie Steber takes an intimate look at her mother's dementia and their journey together at the end of her life.

ICP Faculty Member Maggie Steber's moving and intimate look at her mother's dementia.

Project We Love
Ed68173110d817fd2dac04f9ea965ed3 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1

A Photographic Survey of Cairo’s Informal Settlements.

ICP Faculty Member Tony Hamboussi's travels to Cairo and upcoming bilingual book in English and Arabic.

Project We Love
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Conveyor Magazine is a semi-annual publication dedicated to eliminating the hierarchy between emerging and established artists.

ICP friend Christina Labey's labor of love - Conveyor Magazine and exhibition.

Project We Love
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Intimate landscapes, portraits, interiors, and video interviews create an impressionistic map of a family’s diaspora .

ICP Faculty Member Lori Grinker's project documenting her family's journey to America and other lands.

Project We Love
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the journey of 4,500 negatives taken during the Spanish Civil War and recovered in a closet in Mexico City, seventy years later.

"The Mexican Suitcase" documentary explores the now-legendary tale of the recovery and journey of 4,500 negatives containing images of the Spanish Civil War by Robert Capa, Gerda Taro and Chim.

Project We Love
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Production, printing and presentation of photographs and video installations for two exhibitions in April 2012 as part of my MFA thesis

ICP MFA student David Lundbye's collage project, video installation, solo exhibition and group show with his fellow ICP students.

Project We Love
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Documentary photography book about the Mexican telenovela REBELDE and the pop band RBD that stemmed from it.

ICP Alumna Yvonne Venegas' photobook project about the telenovela "REBELDE."

Get Paused is a survival story about how a brain tumor, a stroke & health challenges changed my art. I paused and saw these images.

ICP faculty member Sarah Prescott's project on survival.

Project We Love
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Two Solo Exhibitions. One at the Queens Museum this February 2014 and the other at Flushing Town Hall in November 2013

Support faculty member Accra Shepp produce his upcoming museum exhibitions.