Project We Love
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Award-winning film about Ryan & Amy Green, who created an unusual and poetic video game about their son with cancer.

Our audience loved THANK YOU FOR PLAYING when it screened at Hot Docs 2015. Help Malika, David and team bring this beautiful, heart-wrenching film to audiences across the country.

Project We Love
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Exploring the dark side of child advocacy through the story of an “activist” who misrepresents Thai girls as sex trafficking victims.

Intriguing and disturbing this 2015 Hot Docs Forum alumni project exposes the dark and complicated truth behind a rescue program for trafficked girls. Help them reach their funding goal and finish the film.

Project We Love
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Help us deliver FED UP movie to every school teacher in America so that every student can have a quality FOOD EDUCATION.

2014 Hot Docs alumn FED UP wants to send a free food education kit to every teacher in America. Let's help them make this amazing initiative happen.

Project We Love
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Sundance-winner (T)ERROR is the first film to place journalists on the ground during an active FBI terror sting.

Help Hot Docs 2015 alumni (T)ERROR raise funds to cover their insurance costs so that everyone can see this important film.

Project We Love
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Help two fans make the definitive film on Bill Nye The Science Guy and his quest to change the world with science!

We love Bill Nye, who doesn't? Help support this Doc Ignite alumni project in their quest to make a film about the Science Guy's quest. Science!

Project We Love
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Padraig O'Malley works his peacemaking model based on his recovery from addiction, in Iraq, Nigeria, Kosovo and Northern Ireland.

Help Forum 2013 Alumni The Peacemaker raise post-production funds. We can't wait to see this finished film about complicated and troubled peacemaker Padraig O'Malley.

Project We Love
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Award winning documentary The Secret Trial 5 needs your help for a Cross-Canada Tour!

Help support this amazing film that world premiered at Hot Docs 2014.

Project We Love
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This update is overdue, and our apologies! The Sundance Film Festival premiere was a great success! Click on the news button below to see more photos and links to our incredible press.  Stay tuned as we will have more news soon! Jason and Samba

This amazing former forum project is looking for finishing funds. We can't wait to see the finished film. Can you?

Three homeless teenagers brave Chicago winters, the pressures of high school, and life alone on the streets to build a brighter future.

Hot Docs is thrilled that The Homestretch will be world premiering with us on April 26th. Help them raise the finishing funds they need to screen at the festival.

Project We Love
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The truth is, we all lie - and by "we," we mean everyone!

Support this 2014 Hot Docs Forum project reach their goal and make their film happen!

Project We Love
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A documentary about changing a violent and corrupt country. From the producers behind the 2014 Oscar® Nominated The Act of Killing.

Help support this documentary about changing a violent and corrupt country. From the producers behind the The Act of Killing.

Award-winning documentary The World Before Her launches India-wide campaign!

Help the Hot Docs 2012 Best Canadian Feature winning film raise funds for their India-wide screening tour and campaign!

Project We Love
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When I Walk" is my story with multiple sclerosis. It's now ready for the big screen!

Check out this amazing film and help support their campaign!

Project We Love
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Help Tomer Heymann complete a documentary about Ohad Naharin and Batsheva Dance Company!

Help Barak Heymann's new film Mr. Gaga reach their goal!

Project We Love
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An award-winning documentary about the famed magician, escape artist, and skeptic James "The Amazing". The film also features Penn & Teller, Adam Savage, Bill Nye, and more!

Help the amazing filmmaking team of Justin Weinstein & Tyler Measom with their production of the Forum 2012 project!

We can't wait to see AN HONEST LIAR finished and in theatres. Let's help them get there!

Project We Love
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In the midst of the most recent cycle of conflict in the DRC, four Congolese share their perspectives on the complicated terrain that has shaped their lives.

Congratulations to THIS IS CONGO. The Shaw Media-Hot Docs fund recipient met their goal and now they are one step closer to finishing their film!

Project We Love
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Help us share Pierre Dulaine's journey, as he bridges the gap between Jewish and Palestinian-Israeli children through dance.

Support the future with Dancing in Jaffa.

Contribute to their campaign!

Project We Love
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Meet Ghana’s skate soccer team, who play an extreme sport invented to suit their disability.

The Hot Docs Blue Ice Fund is proud to be supporting this amazing project. We can't wait to see the finished film!

A documentary about two circuses in remote corners of the Canadian Arctic and West Africa that are turning the world on its head.

Big Top without borders pitched at the Hot Docs Forum in 2010 and we are so glad to see that Linda and Susan are nearly ready to share it with us.

Let's help them raise funds for a final filming trip.

Project We Love
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Eleven-year-old Masha is learning to love her adoptive family through a scientific programme.

The Dark Matter of Love pitched at the Hot Docs Forum in 2011. We can't wait to see the finished film.

Help them with their finishing funds so that we can all see this compelling film!

Project We Love
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Help us fund screenings of Brooklyn Castle for the communities, schools, parents and kids affected by after-school programs!

We think more people should see this great 2012 Hot Docs Festival film. Don't you?

Help Brooklyn Castle reach their goal!

Project We Love
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The inspiring story of a 15-year-old homeless and undocumented girl in CA who refuses to give up her dream of being an artist

Congratulations to the Inocente filmmaking team on reaching their fundraising goal!!
This beautiful portrait piece that played at Hot Docs 2012.

Project We Love
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We're hoping to bring the hilarious and inspiring story of Wayne White to theaters and we need your help. Please support our campaign.

Help Hot Docs 2012 film Beauty is Embarrassing bring their amazing film to theatres and more audiences!

Only a few days left to support them!

This feature doc chronicles the rise and fall of the first ever all-female wrestling show through the stories of those who lived it.

Hot Docs was happy to host Glow's world premier at our 2012 festival.

Congratulations to them on reaching their funding goal!

Project We Love
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DETROPIA features Detroiters who refuse to leave the building, even as the flames rise. An engrossing and essential cinematic tapestry.

Congratulations to Hot Docs 2012 film Detropia on reaching their goal!
Can't wait to see this film in the theatres!

Project We Love
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"We can't let the news be one-sided." -Tiger Temple "You never know what you can do until you try." -Zola

Congratulations to 2012 Hot Docs festival film High Tech, Low Life on reaching their crowd funding goal!

Project We Love
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Our new film is a story of 3 boys, one night in New Orleans, and MUSIC. But without the music cleared, we can't release it!

Congratulations to Tchoupitoulas on reaching their crowd funding goal! We loved watching the film at Hot Docs 2012.

Project We Love

Four teenaged girls, adopted from China as babies, explore the question "Who am I?" and start a dialogue about family and identity.

Help Hot Docs 2011 Audience Award winner Somewhere Between reach their funding goal!

We loved this film and we know you will too.

Project We Love
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What if one day you looked in the mirror and saw the most powerful man in the world?

Congratulations to The Audacity of Louis Ortiz on surpassing their crowdfunding goal!

Project We Love
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A suspense-filled documentary that investigates the alleged con artist and former film festival director Marie Castaldo.

Congratulations to Rooftop's Dan Nuxoll and co-director Martha Shane on reaching their crowd funding goal as they work on the bizarre mystery documentary!

NY's Rooftop Films is a long time friend of the Hot Docs Festival.

Project We Love
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Congratulations to the Jonses on meeting their crowd funding goal!

Moby Longinotto's short film The Jonses screened at Hot Docs 2010. Now the filmmakers can continue filmming to create a feature length version.

A documentary about what indigenous people know, and we have forgotten, about the most potent plants on earth

Congratulations to Hot Docs Forum 2011 alumni The Ayahuasca Project/The Jungle Prescription on surpassing their fundraising goal so they can complete the feature length version of this revealing and controversial film!

Project We Love
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Dragon smuggles North Korean defectors across borders for a living, but his latest undercover trip with Sook-Ja and Yong-hee takes an unexpected turn when they are left stranded in China. This is just the start of an extraordinary 5,000 km journey.

Congratulations to Ann Shin's amazing documentary on reaching it's Kickstarter goal!

The Defector was workshopped at docXchange at Hot Docs and then pitched at the Hot Docs Forum in 2011.

Project We Love
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Help ensure the award winning film When the Drum is Beating is distributed to the world.

Congratulations to When the Drum is Beating on reaching their crowd funding goal!

The 2011 Hot Docs film will now have the opportunity to be seen internationally.

Project We Love
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An award-winning feature documentary about Kathputli, India's last home to magicians, acrobats, and puppeteers.

Congratulations to Tomorrow We Disappear on surpassing their Kickstarter Goal!

They recently successfully pitched their project at the 2011 docXchange in Denmark.

We can't wait to see the finished film!

Project We Love
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THE UNDOCUMENTED is a 90 cinema verite documentary that exposes a little known consequence of current U. S. immigration policy.

Congratulations to The Undocumented and Marco for reaching their crowd funding goal!

The Undocumented pitched at the Hot Docs Forum (then the Toronto Documentary Forum) in 2009.

Project We Love
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Documentary film about an inspiring female Qur’an teacher giving women the tools to challenge cultural traditions in Damascus, Syria.

Can't wait to see The Light In Her Eyes on the big screen when it premieres at IDFA next month!

Congratulations to 2011 Hot Docs Forum alumni the The Light in Her Eyes on more than doubling their fundraising goal!!

Project We Love
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An exploration of the complex layers of shame and healing, through the lives of 3 survivors of sexual slavery during WWII.

Congratulations to 2011 Hot Docs Forum alumni Within Every Woman on surpassing their funding goal and becoming one of the 100 most successful campaigns on Kickstarter and the most successful Canadian campaign to date!

Project We Love
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A story of a man, of a people, and of the fate of one of our planet’s most valuable natural resources, the Amazon Rainforest.

Congratulations to Peruvian film and 2011 Hot Docs Forum alumni When Two Worlds Collide on successfully reaching their funding goal!

A proposed uranium mill in rural Colorado is creating a raging debate among residents that is tearing the community apart.

Congratulations to 2011 Hot Docs Forum alumni Uranium Drive-In on successfully reaching their funding goal!

Project We Love
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This film unravels the discovery of 100,000 negatives from a mysterious photographer that shocked the world of photography.

Finding Vivian Maier followed up their extrememly successful Kickstarter campaign with a pitch at the Hot Docs Forum in Toronto on May 5th 2011.

A film about Lott Industries, who employ 1200 workers with developmental disabilities. How can we create more opportunities for the disabled to work?

A Whole Lott More followed up their successful Kickstarter campaign with a pitch at the Hot Docs Forum in Toronto on May 5th 2011 where they shared the 'Cuban Hat Prize' for favourite audience pitch.

Project We Love

A feature documentary following six young Sudanese searching for a place to call 'home' ahead of their country's inevitable fragmentation.

The Waiting Room followed up their successful Kickstarter campaign with a pitch at the Hot Docs Forum in Toronto on May 5th 2011.

Project We Love
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Will Anakata, Tiamo and Brokep stay online?

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay - Away From Keyboard followed up their successful Kickstarter campaign with a pitch at the Hot Docs Forum in Toronto on May 5th 2011.