The Wicked Problems Collaborative is an experiment that looks to improve discourse & drive progress around wicked problems.

Because we think asking the question “What do we do about inequality?” is a great place to start.

Project We Love
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Button Poetry is launching a live show series to further the art of performance poetry, with help from the Knight Arts Challenge Grant.

What a cool way to celebrate poetry in the everyday.

Project We Love
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Let's write a book that shows the world how sharing can be good for business.

We support efforts to create cultures of sharing.

Street Level is an exhibit featuring graffiti and street photography exploring the meaning of life in the age of the vertical city.

This project will be exhibited at ShuaSpace, a Dodge grantee.

Project We Love
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A book of 80 black and white photographs, celebrating the Cuban people, their lives, and their cultures.

Jay Seldin of Montclair is a former Dodge Visual Arts Fellow.

A webseries dedicated to the rare, threatened and endangered species of New Jersey. And the people working to save them.

Take a look at these salamanders in this video! We believe stewardship begins with a healthy curiosity about the world around us. This web series proposes to highlight New Jersey's endangered and threatened critters. That's cool!

Project We Love
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Grow new organic farmers in the Garden State by providing access to training, mentorship, and an online video learning library!

NOFA-NJ is a Dodge grantee and they do amazing work growing New Jersey's network of sustainable farmers.

Project We Love
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An Installation on Governor’s Island for Summer 2015, that will become a Permanent Contribution to NY Harbor as Oyster Reef.

Art for the Earth, inspiring people and providing a home for oysters. Awesome combination.

Glasstown Arts District is home to art and business. With your help we will Tile the Town with artists' original hand-painted tiles.

Millville Development Corp is a Dodge grantee, and we couldn't be more thrilled to feature their public art project on our Kickstarter page. Support them!

Metuchen Junebug ArtFest is a one-of-a-kind festival created by artists for artists. Be part of this month long celebration of the arts

Support the arts in Metuchen.

Help Anythyme Farm, build a better goat house, get ready to expand next year, and start a sponsor-a-CSA-basket project!

CSAs are great models for local food systems, and this one also supports the NJ Highlands Coalition, a Dodge grantee.

We need some new seating in Theater 1, condiment stations, tread lights, & new flooring in both theater, and a rolling concessions cart

This is a great example of how a theater can get some much needed upgrades.

Project We Love
29d0f60bbff1a16418b2fd2fec6d8815 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

This beloved public art project brings painted pianos to the streets of NYC for two weeks in June. New $25K goal just announced!

We love public art, and we'd love to see this in New Jersey. One piano would be a great start!

Project We Love
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A radio classic. The first-ever podcast. Now doing both on WBUR in Boston, and everywhere online.

We support creative approaches to storytelling.

Project We Love
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We are a collective of amazing storytelling radio shows. Let's remake public radio together.

Many of our staff are subscribers to Radiotopia podcasts. Why? Great storytelling.

World-class art comes to Jersey City Heights! Internationally renowned artist Gaia will be painting a mural at Ogden's End!

Community garden + public art = a recipe for success

Our aim is to continue bringing color, culture and vibrancy to Hudson County, NJ by transforming outdoor space with public murals.

We love the way public art brings people together. This looks like an interesting project.

Project We Love
55a61ad7fc22fb55861b71d32b810d95 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Bring incredible stories to life "Snap Style." Support the award-winning radio show that dares listeners to see the world in a new way.

We support public radio and creative approaches to storytelling.

The Puddle Garden is a richly illustrated children's story about native plants and wildlife.

Jared Rosenbaum is a well-known botanist and advocate of native plants. His new children's story will help youngsters learn about the world around them.

Project We Love
818f0385ffb0f2c5aaa2adbcbeb57cf3 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Support our efforts to establish a Community Composting Program with the construction of a three bin cedar wood system for use by all.

Help a community garden in Jersey City create gold by building compost bins

Project We Love
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MONSTROCARDS is a creative card game in which players create silly prompts, draw bizarre creations and duel them against each other.

At the Dodge Foundation, art is play. We love the creative spirit in this game.

Project We Love
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An InExact Science is a podcast about our human experience and the research that explains it.

An InExact Science is a podcast that stands at the junction of story-telling (from real-life people) and the research that explains the experiences that drive those stories in us.

Project We Love
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A free online high school for imagination—for girls, by girls.

A peer-to-peer, self-directed learning lab dedicated to activating girls’ imaginations through entertainment, education and community.

Help connect The Circuit in Camden, NJ by supporting the completion of the Camden GreenWay.

The Camden GreenWay is a part of The Circuit, Greater Philadelphia’s Regional Trail Network for pedestrians and cyclists.

Project We Love
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A documentary about the seven-year odyssey to design and construct the 9/11 Memorial plaza in New York City.

A documentary about the seven-year odyssey to design and construct the 9/11 Memorial plaza in New York City.

Project We Love
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#ShakeYourPower brings clean energy to places in the world without electricity through the power of music.

SPARK enables people to generate electricity so that they can plug in a light or charge up a mobile phone, simply through having a music jam.

Project We Love
Cf99e8ec59a7bbff659cfa5c57ce429d original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

We write for magazines. Now we’d like to write for you.

Deca is a cooperative founded by a group of established writers. Deca's members take turns editing one another, promoting each other’s stories, and sharing some of the collective earnings and expenses.

Project We Love
35594a6dc6b7de628d5b9ff31699ac72 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

A new season of the Peabody Award winning public radio series, documenting the extraordinary stories of ordinary life.

A new season of the Peabody Award winning public radio series, documenting the extraordinary stories of ordinary life.

Using bikes to bring a local investigative newspaper to readers all over San Francisco. Super efficient. Shamelessly retro.

Using bikes to bring a local investigative newspaper to readers all over San Francisco. Super efficient. Shamelessly retro.

Project We Love
0db2b9aee83d036ff5b6aac3a58357b6 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A new interdisciplinary experiment in art education, co-directed by Zak Sally of La Mano and Dan Ibarra of Aesthetic Apparatus.

Schoolhaus / A4 is a new interdisciplinary experiment in art education. The program is fueled by a desire to build a different model for art education and learning.

Project We Love
Ba45e37df6925def089cf48c7b0191b6 original.gif?ixlib=rb 2.1

Outpost is an annual, non-profit print publication on art and arts-based activism from traditionally underexposed cities.

Outpost is an annual, non-profit print publication on art and arts-based activism from traditionally underexposed cities.

Project We Love
9f3d44f85717c6aacace20e69d6c4678 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Recording the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Monmouth and County, NJ one night at a time.

Shortly after the Sandy hit, two photographers began documenting the damage at night. The photographs tell a story of the storm from a different perspective. The artwork is part of an upcoming exhibition at 14 Maple Avevue in Morristown.

Project We Love
2beee1f65e5deaf336d99d02e53ff611 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

"The Mobile Anagama" wood fired kiln on a trailer will embark on a national tour exploring ceramics as community activism!

"The Mobile Anagama" wood fired kiln on a trailer will embark on a national tour exploring ceramics as community activism!

Project We Love
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Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!

Help bring Reading Rainbow’s unlimited library of interactive books and video field trips to kids everywhere and help classrooms most in need.

Collaborate with ArtPride NJ to produce a powerful limited print edition by artist LNY and be part of a movement to support the arts!

Building a movement that embraces the importance and value of the arts to our communities here in NJ. Art is as essential to our lives as food, water and air. Amen.

Project We Love
E5b8f2937757550b344e651d7694a8ac original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Two poets will ride 1,400 miles on a tandem bicycle through America's heartland, writing free poems & building Little Free Libraries.

Cute project that features poetry, little free libraries, bikes and community. And they're from NJ! Very sweet - we hope it succeeds.

HEELS OVER HEAD is a romantic farce about a young couple who meet and fall magically in love at a bungee jumping for singles weekend.

Bungee jumping for a singles weekend - how can you resist supporting a play with that premise? Please help Tri State Actors Theatre reach their goal.

"The Secret Life of Hubie Hartzel" won our 2013 New Play-Reading Festival. Our world-premiere production has live action & film!

One of New Jersey's best children's theatres. Let's help them reach their goal!

The Growing Stage is a Dodge grantee.

Project We Love
60a0a997f9aed5e75ee922538df12358 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Help our mobile farmer's market bring healthy food to disadvantaged communities across Philadelphia!

Dodge funds creative food systems work because we believe in sustainable agriculture for healthy ecosystems and healthy people. We're glad to see that the folks in West Philly are getting access to fresh, local food.

Project We Love
5091dfe53724d653503357bcbece359f original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Season 4 of the award-winning radio show about design, architecture and the 99% Invisible activity that shapes our world.

This a cool show, and we're believers in supporting independent media and people who pursue their passion.

The world premiere of Graham Lustig's "A Jazzy Nutcracker" arrives December 14, 2013; don't let the dancers pirouette in their undies!

Don't let the dancers pirouette in their undies!

Dancers taking action! Support a NEW way of making dance--we're commissioning a work from Kathleen Hermesdorf.

We're intrigued by this project featuring dancers breaking new ground: "Our generation of dancers is often without a venue to share our passion; the old model of auditioning for dance jobs is broken."

Project We Love
Ce5afd5075682ba98ccfbff5a2633f0c original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

more than 25 artist-run collectives coordinate a month long CITYWIDE art exhibition in November 2013 in venues across the city

CITYWIDE is Philly's month-long celebration of art, featuring collaborative art exhibitions, projects and programming. Good luck to our neighbors to the south - we bet this will be a smashing success!

Project We Love
D0f7996e45be9f3f301828ea14b58497 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A community arts photography project working with marginalized adolescents in Subúrbio Ferroviario, Bahia

Community building through photography workshops with marginalized youth. Big thumbs up. We hope to see this project funded.

Project We Love
E1383f93b697d84109971443824930cb original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

The HONK! Festival is a revolutionary street spectacle of never-before-seen proportions.

Fun and music and dancing and community building in the streets of Somerville, MA. Too bad this isn't for Somerville, NJ!

Project We Love
9a08cbee97b9f0d9c3644fe7ae09495a original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

To make government accountable, people have to know the facts. But prying secrets out of Washington is hard. FOIA Machine can help.

Making FOIA requests easier for the public - that means YOU! Help the Center for Investigative Reporting meet their goal.

ARB has been invited to perform at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival in August, but we need your help get us there!

Dodge cares about the field of Dance in NJ, and this Kickstarter campaign is no exception. Help American Repertory Ballet perform at the prestigious Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival.

A documentary on Indian-American artist Siona Benjamin's journey back to her roots.

Nice to see this New Jersey-based project for talented artist Siona Benjamin.

Project We Love
Fa03cb0d65de524b3818cdd8692e6438 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

We want to travel to college campuses across the country, asking one key question: What's your internship story?

Dodge grantee ProPublica wants to explore the impact of unpaid internships. What's your internship story?

Project We Love
02b1989680adc7b4f5b33a209882eafc original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

MEMOS TO FIX THE WORLD :: 7 bold posters + a collection of 77 memos to help fix the modern world.

These made us laugh!

...Not that we ever feel like this in our own office...cough.

tree wood is the winner of the Folly 2013 competition co-sponsored by Socrates Sculpture Park and the Architectural League

This is just very beautiful. The intersection between nature and man through architecture.

PF3 is organized by artists who care about the city of Paterson and want people from all over the world to come see our hometown.

Paterson, NJ is a great city with a burgeoning art scene, and we love the incorporation of student films in this festival, and the chance for scholarship opportunities. Not to mention, these guys are pretty funny!

Project We Love
A67a46bf2aea5e31bd8aa0b41ec6561d original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A new hoop greenhouse in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood will provide fresh organic produce and job training to local residents

What a great project in Chicago! We love the long-term focus of career training, while serving "food deserts" with healthy, organic foods through urban farming. This is similar to efforts we fund in Camden, NJ.

An environmentally sustainable, pay-as-you-can community kitchen providing access to healthy, local food in Sandy-ravaged Rockaway

We love the combination of food as a creative art, and also a means of relief to a community greatly impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Project We Love
75e2d37e1e7dcb09e9ce9bc97a9d6aeb original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

Let's go to the movies on the L.A. River! Help us fund the first ever Bike-In Theater along the banks of the city's best kept secret.

A clever way to get people on their bikes, enjoy their natural surroundings, and see some art too!

Project We Love
16afeca7fdd5c010c873f5094ef697c9 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

A community mural on a school bus-turned-downtown bicycle hub. To inspire: just as art is for everyone, bikes are for everyone too.

We love the community mural, but we love the bus-turned-bicycle hub even more!

Project We Love
412109f1385d5745f2b4679bcc7ff334 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Literary Lots is a program that "brings books to life" by transforming vacant lots in Cleveland into programming spots for children.

Oh how we love this wonderful project that combines literacy, children, imagination, and vacant lots in Cleveland.

Project We Love
34e9a593031b3e65f6c7612b84c08e85 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

The Kickstarter-funded SparkTruck has completed its 15,323 mile roadtrip. Now it’s time to share the story through a short documentary.

The joy of making is an important part of any child's education. We'd love to see the adventures of SparkTruck and what they learned on their journey. is launching the largest art event in history, engaging millions of elementary school children across the country.

Engaging millions of children with art and creativity - this project sounds like great fun.

Atlanta street art icon Evereman brings his popular community art workshop to Detroit as part of FAFDET (Free Art Friday Detroit)

Three words: Free Art Drop.

We love it.

Project We Love
Cf4da44ca318fd56e507ecfac1c39b87 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Help thousands of people in the greater Milwaukee area experience free Shakespeare in the Park this summer!

Because everyone should have access to free Shakespeare in the Park.

Project We Love
69b256cd24eca2c8bb95a7fe30c59859 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

We're building a barn to provide a greater amount of organically managed produce to grow our local food community

Dodge supports ongoing, careful stewardship of our land, which includes efforts to support sustainable agriculture and develop regional food systems that offer plentiful access to fresh, local foods. So, naturally, we hope Farmer Al is successfully funded.

Project We Love
Fc99742cccde0bef684375d9f4e95fbc original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

We're creating educational materials for the next generation of news-application developers. Python, Ruby, maps, devops and more.

In New Jersey, not only do we have a pipeline problem for data and programming skills for journalism, we have a journalism problem period. Dodge funds media because we believe that democracy cannot work without high quality, reliable, accessible news and information for all.

Project We Love
Fd7e7f63ad040feb0b00263f0f23269f original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

We're building the best beginner farmer training program in New Jersey.

As an aging population of farmers wonders who will take over their farms once they have retired, NOFA NJ (a Dodge grantee) is proposing a solution with their beginner farmer incubator.

We're planting fruit trees, grape vines, herbs and veggie gardens along our bike path, a park, and all over town... food for everyone!

We like to dream of this project to plant fruit trees throughout Northampton, MA as a statewide New Jersey project. Yum.

Know Thy Food, a farm direct and bulk food buying club, dreams of opening a neighborhood market showcasing local and organic foods.

We hope that Brooklyn, OR can make this local and organic food market work, and that it becomes a model in other places, including New Jersey.

Composting creates heat - we're putting it to work! Our compost heat recovery system innovates this technology for widespread use.

Capturing the heat in the composting process as a renewable energy source for farming? Yes. We like this.

Agrisaurus makes gardening simple, successful, and fun with tools to help you design, plan, and manage your plot.

Here's an app to turn our black thumbs green and make our harvests more bountiful.

A new play based on the 1958 novel by Rona Jaffe. Adapted & directed by Julie Kramer. Developed with Amy Wilson. NYC premiere Oct 2012.

Did you read the much talked about "Why Women Can't Have It All?" article recently? This play is adapted from a 1958 novel exploring women wondering if it's possible to have "the best of everything." We're intrigued and would love to see this play come to NJ.

Project We Love
4b660d49dc146ddc2e5e599bad80a995 original.jpeg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Old tapes. New unheard multimedia stories. Help us bring print journalists' lost interviews to life via podcast, radio, and YouTube.

Journalism + history + pop culture. This is a really interesting project. Don't you want to hear the lost interviews?

Read more about this project here:

Project We Love
9d3c4c23dc11cdc5122bb8a53e5758c4 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

The toy where every young girl is an artist, engineer, architect and visionary!

A cool STEM-inspired project for girls!

A project that brings citizens together around issues that normally tear us apart.

This project, bringing citizens together to talk about issues that we all care about, despite our differences, is an important step in the right direction toward more livable communities here in NJ.

Three teachers tour the U.S. learning and sharing best practices from America's best teachers and then open a new public school.

An intriguing education project that helps us all learn from great teachers across the US.

Project We Love
93fb2577032614440616cecd4a1d607b original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Help BK-based urban farmer Meg Paska raise funds to build an educational homestead at Seven Arrows, a retreat on the outskirts of NYC!

Yes! And in New Jersey! Double yes!

This project echoes the Dodge Foundation's local foods-related grantmaking. We have a rich archive of food-related blog posts here:

This project teaches urban youth self expression through photography. It culminates in a exhibit of students' work.

Exploring the world and developing artistic and creative skills through photography - this is a beautiful project for students in Trenton and Newark.

Project We Love
95c7d984a1859e15480e94aba6849d45 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Near orbit high resolution video and photography from the stratosphere by six amazing 6th grade girls from Kentucky.

Couldn't resist this hands-on science and photography project by a group of 6th grade girls. Education at its best! We're rooting for their success.

Project We Love
D8b096146af10e55d4fec861e770a1b1 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A series of handwritten postcards and letters from the past arrive in your mailbox, addressed to YOU!

Wouldn't it be great for someone to undertake this project in New Jersey, and tell stories of the state's past and present through the postcards?

It's the Art All Night-Trenton Iron Pour! You remember the spectacle in 2010... Now be one of the fans who help bring it back in 2012!

Art All Night is a truly amazing and inspiring 24-hour arts event in Trenton. Help bring back the Iron Pour for 2012!

Project We Love
72662b9708c76db5620e8aa66b6cbfb7 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A traveling, community-oriented art installation stopping in cities around America to barter objects and stories with folks.

We love the community and arts focus on this "Trading Tortoise" installation. A beautifully conceived project.

Project We Love
61e7df9d4f3e2c3332ca0859c4eff2ce original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

A field guide that explains the steps for running participatory workshops and urban design charrettes with community stakeholders.

The Social Design Field Guide, designed for urban planners, activists, residents, advocates, and educators, could be tremendously useful for the work of Sustainable Jersey (, one of Dodge's signature initiatives.

Oscar Wilde’s THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST is high comedy and one of the world’s most enduringly popular plays.

Sussex County, NJ is in the far northwest corner of the state, where the arts aren't as readily accessible to New Jerseyans as in other parts of the state, so we hope to see this project successfully funded.

Providing Chicago families with FREE professional dance concerts in their local neighborhood parks this summer.

Another great project from Chicago promoting free dance performances in neighborhood parks. We definitely need this in New Jersey!

SthudentsXpress is a magazine that showcases the writing and artwork of students (preK-8th grade) in Chicago public schools.

A collaborative project that promotes literacy and creativity for youth with both an online and a print magazine. Bravo!

Project We Love
713f5ff2ca8c8aa62866cf3e4ce0a5d0 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Bay Area artists reflect on the USPS as analogy for decaying public institutions in the Digital Era.

This is an interesting way to explore civic engagement, community and our institutions through art.

Combat Paper is a community of veterans communicating our experiences by cutting up our uniforms and making paper out of them.

This free art therapy program for veterans is a wonderfully creative and healing project led by Dodge grantee The Printmaking Center of New Jersey. Please help them reach their goal!

Project We Love
9732eb0d40886c2a34e902b50c78d15e original.jpeg?ixlib=rb 2.1

We are a new Spanish language podcast telling uniquely Latin American stories.

Radio Ambulante, a monthly Spanish-language radio show, is a promising storytelling project for the Latin American community here in the US and abroad. Think of it as the Spanish-language version of This American Life. We hope this project succeeds.

Using dance to connect with women and children in Uganda in order to equip them to work through trauma and celebrate their culture.

Dodge is a strong supporter of Dance in NJ, which is a field that gets far less recognition and funding than it deserves. We like that Tuzina has a long term vision: addressing critical social justice issues, establishing rehabilitative arts schools and promoting dance globally.

Project We Love
A2cb1530fe9d84f6b1d18dd6c46de7f3 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A miniature lending library and public art installation intended for Brooklyn's Cobble Hill park.

A miniature lending library (like a bookmobile without the wheels!) in Brooklyn combines public art and civic engagement. Thumbs up!

The CSA of Natural Dyes will be growing in Gowanus this Summer, making our neighborhood more colorful and eco-friendly!

Sewing Seeds is a CSA that provides its members with plants which can be used as natural dyes. Members also receive recipes and can attend workshops to learn how to use the dyes. Now *that's* creative.

Project We Love
34b3fc56f6a000ad6e8d4db5d509079b original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

We are raising money to fund a rotating mural wall. The first of its kind in Savannah, GA.

It's hard not to get excited about public art projects which help build community.

If this project is funded, it will be interesting to see how the community reacts to painting over the mural for a new one each quarter. Goes against what we're used to, right?

Project We Love
89d2182d914eefc62e30a0fe3e947523 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

Bringing beehives to Chicago's greenspaces, urban farms, and community gardens - all while caring for them by bicycle!

A charming combination of bee keeping, urban farming and community building.

And caring for the bees by bicycle is the cherry on top.

Project We Love
23bce9f35e1459b823c1501b60af8897 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Make your own aerial photos and maps with our flight kit and MapKnitter browser app. Add a camera to our reusable 5.5' balloon & kit.

We love this clever project which combines education (putting together the balloon kit, understanding how it works) with environmental possibilities (depending on what you'd like to map) and artistic pursuits.

If you had a balloon mapping kit, what would you want to map?

Project We Love
32e8fe895fbe7b428774608246ddd0f5 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Modular and expandable crop production units. It's sustainable design allows high yield agriculture to empower community growth.

Our grants to environment organizations include a focus on developing regional food systems, with an emphasis on rural-to-urban farm connections and developing urban food markets. We like this innovative project's emphasis on access to fresh food and community building.

Project We Love
C396ed2706fa9c498c990bc8eba11847 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Little Bird Theater brings life to vacant spaces with pop-up productions by local playwrights.

Theater is a major focus of our arts grants. We like the resourcefulness and creativity of Little Bird Theater's proposed pop-up productions, which will help bring attention to neglected spaces.

Support international reporting and emerging journalists who care about underreported issues!

We are keenly aware of all the under- and unreported stories in New Jersey that are so critical to understanding the issues we care about. We appreciate the Common Language Project's attempt to find and share important stories from all around the world.

Project We Love
7479a3d94615e3a31f4aa7a16d1d907f original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Envisioning positive change and mobilizing Chicago's South Side community through large-scale public photography instillations.

We like that See Potential seeks neighborhood transformation and access to fresh food using large-scale photographic installations. We especially like the emphasis on community-led decision making, which we believe is essential for big picture, innovative projects like these.

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