• Hi, everyone and welcome! YOU could be the next to bring science closer to girls and order your Jet Car, or Lab Coat, or Book TODAY!

    A book, toy, and online community to encourage girls to play with science!

  • PolyHero Dice: 6-Sided Swords

    By backer demand, a quick fire campaign for 6-packs of the 6-sided swords from the Warrior set.

    Get some extra 6-sided Sword dice, or use the Pledge Manager to buy the whole Warrior set of PolyHero Dice if you missed the earlier campaign.

  • Minimal Trek

    Minimalist poster designs inspired by all 3 seasons of the original Star Trek television series.

    Fabulous art for classic Star Trek fans. I want a fill-sized poster of every one!

  • Carolina Game Tables

    Game Tables for Real Life: The Table Top Removes for RPGs, Board Games, or Jigsaw Puzzles!

    Solidly made table with removable top and inset play surface. Perfect for gaming, puzzles or any other tabletop adventures, made by 3rd generation North Carolina furniture craftsmen to boot. Standalone table or bundle packages with a steep discount and thrifty shipping costs.

  • Calamityware dinner plate 7

    Tentacles add thrills to traditional blue dinner plates.

    The seventh Calamityware plate features a giant octopus!

  • The Draco Magi Expansion

    It's finally here! Expand your copy of Draco Magi with a dozen new dragons, 4 new battlefields, deck construction and drafting!

    An expansion for a fantastic 2-player card game about battling dragons.

  • Soundimals: How to Sneeze in Japanese

    An illustrated guide to international onomatopoeia, compiling the sounds of eating, sneezing, clapping and many more into a fun book

    What does a clap sound like in Portugal? How about slurping in Vietnamese? This book is all about onomatopoeia in different languages.

  • Tabletopia - The digital platform for board games

    More than 100 games from the beginning on this most sophisticated virtual table. Play with friends or find worthy opponents online

    The promise to play a big library of boardgames online, a toolset for prototyping your own, and lots of other features means this project really has our attention.

  • Rules For Dating My Daughter, by Mike Dawson

    Rules for Dating My Daughter - Cartoon Dispatches from the Front-Lines of Modern Fatherhood, by Mike Dawson

    Comics about fatherhood—don't be scared off by the title and cover and take a closer look!

  • MyFamilyBuilders: A Wooden Toy That Celebrates Diversity!

    Fun & Educational - Magnetic wooden blocks that snap together to let kids build all sorts of characters and discover family diversity.

    Build little magnetic people with these blocks that teach kids about family diversity.

  • The Cloud Dungeon: D.I.Y. paper craft RPG game. DIY fun!

    The Cloud Dungeon is a paper craft game-night-in-a-book that you cut apart as you play.

    This RPG in a book is a fun way to play an RPG while unlocking your creativity. Great for the whole family!

  • Class specific drink coasters to help you slay wet rings and save your beautiful tables!

    Beautiful wooden class-specific RPG coasters to protect your gamin table in-style. Choose from 22 different classes!

  • Light up your kids’ imagination with our cardboard armor projects featuring programmable glowing lights

    Crafteeo's armor is an awesome combination of cardboard crafting and electronics.