• SkyHeart Book I: The Star Seed

    An all-ages fantasy-adventure graphic novel.

    Jake Parker takes some characters from his sketchbooks and brings them to life in this comic book.

  • ROLL PLAYER - The Dice Game that Builds Character!

    Draft dice to assemble attribute scores. Purchase weapons/armor. Train to gain skills and discover your champion’s traits. Be a hero!

    Ever spend an hour just customizing your character before you play a game? This game is for you.


    Thanks to you, MST3K will get at least SIX NEW EPISODES... but if we can reach $5.5M, we'll make a full season of TWELVE!

    This MUST happen! Give them all your money!

  • The Polycade - Retro Arcade of the Future

    A modern arcade cabinet that plays all of your favorite classic titles!

    The Polycade is an elegant, minimalistic arcade designed to fit aesthetically in any environment. Driven by a Raspberry Pi and shipping with over 90 games, this retro arcade comes from Tyler and Dylan Bushnell, sons of the godfather of gaming and founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell.

  • playDXTR - The World's Smartest Building Blocks

    Smart, connected and FUN magnetic building blocks that empower parents to embrace their child’s natural learning potential.

    PlayDXTR's magnetic building blocks with variable LEDs and multiple sensors amalgamate play and psychomotor development in a fun package. Learn more about how your kids play and help develop the next generation of smart learning toys.

  • A competitive magical card game where dueling wizards fight to claim the World Crystal. Cast magic spells in a fun & epic card battle.

    ManaSurge is easy to teach, plays fast, and is just plain fun. There are lots of opportunities to try to outwit other players and ferret out their strategy. The Kickstarter page says it’s for ages 14 and up; but I think early grade schoolers could easily pick up the mechanics.

  • For a limited time post-kickstarter preorders are available on TSTAND.com

    Looks to be extremely versitle! Excellent for keeping little kids and the tablets they're using safe, and very handy for mom and dad as well!

  • New expansion bundle for the cooperative sci-fi tabletop board game Space Movers 2201. Offers more challenge and variety to the game.

    An expansion for a game we supported a while back. Looks like more fun!

  • A partnership board game for 2-4. Save your sheep from being chased away by hungry wolves! Use your hound to bring the sheep back!

    Wolf & Hound would be a great game to have around the house to play with your kids, your non-gaming friends and family, or even as a quick and easy palate cleansing game.

  • Low cost Arduino based STEM education pet robot. Transition from graphical style programming to written code the easy way!

    A delightful little robot that makes for an awesome tool for teaching programming to the young and old!