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Hand of Glory: Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures

The world's first hot-swappable gaming miniatures! A line of minis with interchangeable magnetic items to customize your loadout.

Do you, play RPGs with miniatures? Sigh inwardly when your character finds a new weapon, as it no longer matches your lovingly painted mini? Play skirmish games with brutal WYSIWYG enforcers? If so, Hands of Glory with its interchangeable gear & weapons is the project for you.

Project We Love
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Smart band for young kids that monitors health while they play

Very cool wearable that lets you and your child work together to learn about good eating and living a healthy life.

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A hands on programming language for girls and boys aged 3 and up. Montessori learning meets LOGO Turtle. (Kickstarter Gold Edition)

Cubetto is a programmable robot for your wee ones that doesn't require screens. Now with new maps and booklets!

Lighten up your home with an interactive pillow that allows you to mark your favourite travel destinations using a fabric marker!

Display your world travels with this pillow—color in the places you've been!

Pepper and Carrot Board Game

Pepper and Carrot, are taking part in the Kamona Potion Contest. Which witch will finish their potions the fastest to win the prize?

A cute game with delightful art, playable even as a solo venture.

Third and fourth dinosaurs in our collection of uniquely designed Mesozoic plushies!

We loved the T-Rex and Apatosaurus from the first series of Jungle Plush and can't wait to cuddle with the new Spinosaurus and Triceratops!

Project We Love
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Build mechanical computers powered by marbles to solve logic puzzles. Escape planet Eniac and discover how computers work.

A fantastic puzzle game that builds mechanical computers driven by falling marbles.

Move your Spies to infiltrate a secret military Facility & secure a Doomsday Device. Outthink your opponent & dominate the battlefield!

Spies! Mystery! Intrigue! All in 15 minutes or less. Hide it in your pocket for the ultimate in subterfuge.

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Be your own architect and bring your dream city to life! The modelling system that lets you design, build and modify miniature worlds.

Arckit's latest offering--Cityscape and Masterplan--expands on the success of their beautiful building kits with the ability to design and build entire cities. Great for kids, teaching, and even architecture professionals!

Roll Rory's Story Cubes in this new storytelling game that puts you and your heroes in the middle of the action!

Combining the well-loved Rory's Story Cubes with a more structured storytelling adventure game format, Untold: Adventures Await is the hour-long family (or solo) game that you've been waiting for.

Project We Love
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An RTS inspired 4X big box board game with miniatures and 3-D constructs! Easy to learn and easy to play for 1-6* players.

The latest game from Gamelyn Games and Scott Almes isn't a Tiny Epic game—it's a MASSIVE epic 4x game.