A Euro-friendly, decision-driven, 4X-style game that lets 2 to 5 players explore and control a new star cluster in about an hour.

A 4x game from Daily Magic Games, creators of the Valeria series.

The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena

The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena is a strategic sports board game for 2 players taking place in Nickelodeon's Avatar universe.

Relive the pro-bending tournaments from The Legend of Korra in this board game!

Project We Love
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Dinosaurs on Silk

Most fashion accessories are woefully short of dinosaurs. This project fixes that with beautiful scarves, pocket squares, and neckties.

The creator of Calamityware made this beautiful line of scarves, ties, and pocket squares featuring strawberry-stealing dinosaurs.

Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine!

Intense card strategy of galactic domination inspired by all sci-fi worlds put together and fueled with frenzied humor!

Check out this strategy card game where players are supervillains intent on ruling the galaxy. Supervillain is inspired by a mash-up of many of your favorite sci-fi worlds.

Potato Pirates: The Tastiest Coding Card Game

Potatoes, programming and piracy rolled into a strategic card game perfect for classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends

Coding, pirates, and potatoes! This quick card game gets you and your kids thinking about programming!

Project We Love
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Ukiyo-e Heroes: Boss Fights

Handmade Japanese prints. Traditional craftsmanship. Modern game parody.

Beautiful posters made with traditional Japanese printmaking techniques, featuring video game characters.

Window Jammers: Sit It. Stick It. Jam It.

An imaginative toy for kids of all ages.

Imagination-powered toys that are great for long car rides!

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FULL BLEED: The Comics & Culture Quarterly

FULL BLEED is a brand-new quarterly, hand-crafted PRINT-ONLY 200-page hardcover “magazine,” from IDW Publishing.

A new quarterly magazine about comics and culture featuring some giants of writing and illustration.

Project We Love
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Evolution - The Video Game

Will your species survive or go extinct? Play Evolution, the award-winning strategy game, on PC, Mac or your favorite mobile device.

A fantastic tabletop game gets a digital upgrade!

SnapDice: Magnetic Dice Rolling Tray

Premium Exotic Hardwoods. Perfectly Balanced Steel Dice. Rare Earth Magnets. Rolling the dice just became the focal point of your game.

This beautiful dice tray is paired with steel dice and rare earth magnets to make the dice snap into place when rolled.

Project We Love
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Turn your living room into an exciting Vegas casino. Wits & Wagers is history's most award-winning party game and it just got better.

The classic betting/bluffing party game just got a huge upgrade.

Vault Assault is a fast-paced "Cops & Robbers" dice game for 2-4 players taking 10-20 minutes.

Whether you enjoy being the bad guys or the good, Vault Assault will satisfy your good old fashioned cops and robbers cravings in under 20 minutes.