• Healing Blade: Defenders of Soma

    DEFENDERS OF SOMA: a fantasy battle card game between antibiotics and infectious bacteria.

    Our resident pharmacist and physician give it a stamp of approval for both fun and scientific accuracy.

  • The Best Expansion Ever for the Worst Game Ever

    Help Jeff reprint the notorious party game for gamers, and print the new 50 card standalone expansion!

    The Worst Game Ever is a hilarious game about gaming pet peeves—now with a new 50-card expansion!

  • The Awesome Dice Project

    We're making the best cyberpunk, hacker, drone, social media, and magic themed gaming dice the world has ever seen!

    Awesome gamers need awesome dice, and these are really cool!

  • Swords and Bagpipes. Freedom, Treachery, Power!

    Fight for freedom or betray your friends like never before! A game of hidden intentions, diplomacy and warfare for 2-6 players.

    Players take the role of a Scottish lord during the Scottish Wars of Independence. Balance cooperative and competitive play as you use power, greed, loyalty, and treachery to help Scotland win her independence and become the victor.

  • The MyExtraLife Comic Definitive Collection

    Finally. Scott Johnson got off his rump and did the thing people have been bugging him about for years now. The MyExtralife Collection!

    Artist, podcaster, and geeky dad Scott Johnson launched his campaign to get his webcomic 'My Extra Life' on coffee tables across the world. With cover art by comic book artist Howard Porter and foreword by writer Gerry Conway, this collection has geek cred from cover to cover.

  • Trago - The World's First Smart Water Bottle

    Trago is the world's first connected smart water bottle. Intelligent, accurate, and versatile.

    Everyone knows how important hydration is to our health. But other than trying to drink more water or chugging down a sugary salty drink before or after a workout or sport, most of us have no clue if we’re doing it correctly. Enter Trago–the world’s first smart water bottle.

  • Monster ABC Children's Board Book

    More adorable than spooky, this board book features gorgeously quirky monsters and silly verses to prove there's nothing to fear.

    Monster ABC is a new ABC board book from twin brothers Kyle and Derek Sullivan. Their book is a fresh, fun, and gorgeous take on the ABC book full of monsters and rhyme that both children and parents will enjoy.

  • Calamityware dinner plate 6

    Rambunctious volcano adds thrills to traditional blue dinner plate

    The latest in the Calamityware line: volcano!

  • No Thank You, Evil! a Game of Make-Believe for Families

    A game of make-believe for creative kids and their families from the team that brought you Numenera and The Strange

    A tabletop role-playing game for kids, created by some of the best designers in the business. Journey to Storia, a world full of dragons and dinosaurs, fairies and elves, race cars and robots, and save the day.

  • PolyHero Dice - Warrior Set

    You may have heard of polyhedral dice... well PolyHero Dice are like those but even more AWESOME!

    Awesome RPG dice shaped like weapons and armor.

  • Arduboy - Card Sized Gaming

    Arduboy, the game system the size of a credit card. The easiest way way to play, make and share 8-bit games! Powered by Arduino!

    Enjoy 8-bit gaming in your pocket—and create your own games!