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    REINVENTING EDUCATION for the 21st century | ChemCaper ACT I: Petticles in Peril

    If you like learning, chemistry, and minimizing misinformation this game is for you! The developers have a strong sense of what it takes to get accurate scientific information to kids and adults, all while keeping it fun.

  • More Game Upgrade Kits by Meeple Source!

    Premium upgrade kits for Orléans, Puerto Rico, Dead of Winter, Targi, Mice & Mystics, Glass Road, Arkham Horror, Brew Crafters, & more!

    Meeple Source has a whole new batch of game upgrade kits with customized meeples and resource tokens. Trick out your favorite games with these wonderful bits!

  • Project We Love
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    JourneyQuest Season 3

    The beloved fan-funded comedy returns for an epic third season! It's a journey... uh, a quest.. a JOURNEYQUEST!

    Season 3 of the critically acclaimed, fan-funded JourneyQuest. Follow this mixed-up band of adventurers as they try to escape the evil Wicked Kings.

  • Strife: Shadows & Steam

    A two-player head-to-head card game of deep strategy, unique abilities and powerful combos, set in vibrant, steampunk setting.

    An excellent stand-alone sequel to Strife: Legacy of the Eternals. A small 2-player game that packs a lot of strategy into a small package.

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    Fabulous Beasts - a new kind of game

    A tasty blend of tabletop dexterity and digital strategy. Beautiful pieces, custom hardware and super-social gameplay. Fun. Fun? Fun!

    A gorgeous mashup of digital and physical gaming that involves stacking animals and artefacts to explore the world.

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    Evolution: CLIMATE (a stand-alone boardgame)

    Adapt in a continually changing ecosystem where food is scarce, predators lurk, and the climate swings from scorching hot to icy cold.

    CLIMATE adds a new aspect to the ecosystem of EVOLUTION, a wonderful game about the survival of the fittest.

  • Ultimate Scheme: A Boardgame for Evil Geniuses

    Ultimate Scheme is a boardgame with a not-too-terribly serious theme of evil geniuses, mastermind villains, and world domination!

    Ultimate Scheme is a fun resource management and worker placement game where you take on the role of an evil genius bent on world domination. Secretly plot your ultimate scheme while trying to stop your enemies from hatching theirs.

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    The Book of Coloring: a book that becomes a big piece of art

    Pages from this coloring book have been designed to join into a unified whole. Any arrangement of pages flow together beautifully.

    Adult coloring books have become a very hot trend, but this latest book from AndHeGames has a unique new twist--all of the pages can be taken out an assembled into a large work of art.

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    Battlestations: Second Edition! Tabletop Starship Simulator

    16 years in the the making, here comes the long-awaited Second Edition of the classic game of heroic starship adventure.

    A new, revamped edition of a classic sci-fi RPG/tabletop game that includes ship-to-ship combat as well as close-up action inside the ships.

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    Quantum Chess - #QuantumChess

    A centuries old game of strategy taken to a new dimension. Use quantum moves to battle on a board that exists in quantum superposition.

    Play chess with rules that allow for quantum entanglement and superpositions.

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    Bring "Thank You For Playing" To Theaters/Screens Worldwide!

    Award-winning film about Ryan & Amy Green, who created an unusual and poetic video game about their son with cancer.

    A documentary about "That Dragon, Cancer," a moving video game about a young child with cancer.

  • Baby Bestiary Volume 2 & Vol. 1 Reprint

    Discover the Adorable in the second volume (and first reprint) of the most adorable monster lorebook ever!

    We love Andreas' work, and the Bestiary books have been gorgeous and high-quality. A perfect geeky coffee-table item!

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    Poker meets worker placement in this artfully crafted 30 minute board game for 1 to 4 players! TINY box, EPIC gameplay, EVERY TIME!

    The latest Tiny Epic game from Scott Almes and Gamelyn Games—tiny epic poker mixed with tiny epic worker placement, including tiny epic gunfights!