• Project We Love
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    Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of 1/6th scale scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures, with great detail and articulation.

    Beasts of the Mesozoic wants to do something unique – create scientifically accurate, highly detailed action figures with insane articulation, interchangeable parts, and professional-quality paint applications. These 1/6th scaled feathered beasts will terrify your collection!

  • Ultimate Scheme is a board game with a not-too-terribly serious theme of evil geniuses, mastermind villains, and world domination!

    A fun resource management and worker placement game where you take on the role of an evil genius bent on world domination. Secretly plot your ultimate scheme while trying to stop your enemies from hatching theirs!

  • MiaMily HIPSTER Plus 3D Baby Carrier

    The first innovative 3D baby hip carrier with storage pocket allowing you to be TRULY handsfree by MiaMily, A Swiss Brand

    The MiaMilly Hipster Plus 3D carrier is a carrier that's ergonomic for both babies and adults and has an actual pocket integrated into the waist belt (think fanny pack, but nicer.) We can't wait to try it!

  • Project We Love
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    Campaign Trail

    Campaign strategy in a fun, fast-paced game! Travel, advertise, campaign, fundraise, and more as you race to become the next president!

    Campaign Trail is the best politically-themed game I've played. It's highly strategic while still managing to capture the feeling of a real Presidential campaign. It's beautifully designed with some really unique components, and as a bonus it's also quite educational.

  • Gamer Badges

    Real life badges for real-life achievements! Have you done a thing? You've earned Gamer Badges!

    Merit badges for tabletop gamers!

  • Project We Love
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    Awful Fantasy: The Card Game

    A comedy card game where players take the role of authors competing to be the first to finish the next awful fantasy novel.

    I like reading fantasy novels. You probably do, too. Problem is, there's a lot of really bad fantasy, which is what spurred a comedy-based card game that pokes fun at those really horrible fantasy passages and novels we've all read. It looks to be delightfully terrible fun.


    Deal with this hand-illustrated deck of 160 playing cards. Play all of the games you love... with a twist! Or create your own games!

    An expanded deck of cards with two extra suits, 3 extra cards in each suit, plus some special cards with multiple suits (or none at all)!

    A fun twist on the traditional poker deck.

  • Project We Love
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    Explore the history of video game box art and discover the unsung artists responsible for gaming’s great images.

    If you love box art for video games, you won't want to miss this documentary.

  • Clothing for girls and boys free from gender stereotypes. Apparel that lets kids express themselves. Not gender neutral, gender equal.

    Really cute kids clothes for ALL kids. Who says trucks are only for boys or cooking is only for girls?

  • Head back to the ICE AGE to meet the adorable Woolly Mammoth! Build, learn, and explore with The Extinct Series' first installment!

    Our family loves puzzles as well as dinosaurs and extinct animals. The Extinct Series of puzzles combines both of those things while also providing a great educational opportunity.