• Phoenix: Dawn Command - a card based role playing game

    A role playing game where death not only makes you stronger, it defines who you become. From the creator of Gloom and Eberron.

    Keith Baker's innovative RPG uses cards instead of dice, and you level up by dying.

  • The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game

    A card game and roleplaying game in one box, from Mike Selinker and the designers of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

    Mike Selinker's new adventure card game, featuring a world not unlike our own ... filled with monsters that most people cannot see.

  • SnapPower Charger: A USB charger in a coverplate - no wiring

    The outlet cover plate that charges everything USB - no silly hardwiring, just magic.

    An elegant idea that takes the challenge of re-wiring out of the equation. Now, if they only had brushed-nickel finishes...

  • FLATLAND - Ep1

    A modern edition of the 19th century classic, with a digital library of shapes and dimensions.

    A deluxe version of Edwin Abbott's classic tale of dimensions.


    When Alice witnesses a murder, she does the only thing she can think of - hide in plain sight at the world's largest comic convention!

    With ‘Fangirl,’ writer Tom Stillwell offers Alice as a strong female protagonist, not to pander to the gender issue in comics, but because strong, solid female roles should be the standard for the industry.

  • EcoQube C- Your Window to Nature

    Plants filter the water. It's the most beautiful and low maintenance way to keep a piece of nature in any space!

    I'm a sucker for hydroponics and fish, so this is perfect! A great way to teach kids about ecosystems, too.

  • The Titan Series

    A series of gateway games by the world’s greatest game designers—perfect for introducing your friends to your favorite hobby!

    Nine games designed by some of the biggest names in gaming—buy the whole batch and they're only $16 per title!

  • Best Treehouse Ever by Scott Almes and Green Couch Games!

    A card drafting game of outfitting the best treehouse in the neighborhood with the coolest rooms and making sure it doesn’t tip over.

    Kid-friendly, but don't be fooled—even adults will enjoy this clever card-drafting game about building the Best Treehouse Ever.

  • KitRex Pterodactyl: The 3D paper dino puzzle!

    A fun and engaging paper dinosaur creation that inspires imagination! A toy, a learning tool, a challenge, and so much more!

    A flat-pack pterodactyl that you assemble yourself.

  • Valeria: Card Kingdoms

    Recruit hard working citizens, slay vile monsters, expand your domain. Roll the dice and become ruler of Valeria!

    It's like advanced Machi Koro—roll dice, collect resources, and slay some monsters!

  • Burgle Bros. - A Cooperative Heist Boardgame

    Burgle Bros is a cooperative heist boardgame where players use unique powers to avoid guards, navigate alarms and get out!

    Assemble your team, break in, find the safes, and avoid the guards! A fun cooperative heist game that'll keep you on your toes.

  • MudWatt: Make Power From Mud!

    The ultimate learning kit to spark kids’ interest in engineering, science, and the natural world: Power stuff with mud!

    MudWatt is a microbial fuel cell kit that is intended to teach and spark an interest in energy, biology, physics, chemistry, and engineering across a wide-range of ages.