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Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3

Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.

If you're a fan of Lovecraftian Horror and strategy board games, you need this!

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A roleplaying game about music, growing up, and dreaming big in a world that wants to make you small.

Always wanted to play this one - seems like a slam dunk.

The 'Spirit Of' Dice Range By Critit.

Introducing The 'Spirit Of' Range of Dice by

These are adorable!

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Top Secret: New World Order - the espionage roleplaying game

Top Secret: New World Order is the all-new tabletop RPG by Merle M. Rasmussen, creator of the first espionage role-playing game in 1980

VERY Interested in this. And it's by TSR!

Arcana Note: 5E Leather Journal & Adventure Kit

A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.

Very beautiful and I love all the little things like the dice tray and the mini DM screen.


Swords is a fast-paced simultaneous action card game that feels like a multi-person sword fight!

Looks like a fun party game and it's SUPER beautiful!

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Misspent Youth RPG: Sell Out with Me!

Misspent Youth: Teenage rebellion in a fucked-up future! Play the only kids that can stop some asshole from turning the world to shit.

Watch the TableTop episode here:…

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Ducklings - A Game About Parenting!

A heart wrenching co-op game where you must work with a partner to waddle your three fragile ducklings to safety.

A game where I have to keep ducklings safe and I'll likely fail? Not sure I can handle it.

Dragon Forged LED Dice Vault and Polyhedrals by Gravity Dice

Bring the next evolution of polyhedral dice to your table with PMMA dice. Designed for the highest level of randomization and quality.

Pretty cool and super affordable!

Story Stacks

Story Stacks is a one night, card based RPG that puts the storytelling at the center of the action. Never play the same legend twice!

Looks like an interesting concept.

Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras 2

Contribute to help create a prestige edition of Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras 2 and help pick which Eras we include!

The other Eras book is SO cool! This one looks to be a lot darker and interesting

Entrenched - Trench Run Terrain for X-Wing Miniatures

This is a magnetized 3-dimensional trench run terrain for the X-Wing Miniatures game to include turrets and power nodes!


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Founders of Gloomhaven

A stand-alone city building board game of tile placement and action selection, set in the world of Gloomhaven.

That’s what you get when an Ameritrash game and an Euro game love each other very much: a theme-heavy, tile placement city building board game set in a fantasy world!

A Place in the Sun

A dial-driven asymmetric deck based game about space domination.

The Kwarenteen made a cool How To Play video using a prototype of this game:…

Epoch: The Awakening Board Game

Epoch: The Awakening is a highly strategic, fantasy-themed tabletop board game for 2-5 players. Play time is 15-30 minutes per player.

Super Gorgeous!

Rolling Empires - The Fantasy Dice Building Game

Lead your empire to glory by building a thriving city or conquering land and foreign empires in this fantasy dice building game!

This one has a bit of a scythe vibe to it, in that there is asymmetry between factions, some engine building, area of control, etc.