An abstract-like game where players represent different tribes; traveling and expanding settlements in a strategy game of majorities.

Absolutely stunning

Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Crimson Seas

Sail to lands beyond the borders of Valeria in Crimson Seas, the third full expansion to Valeria: Card Kingdoms.

I have all of the expansions of this game and this one is going to change a lot!

GODS - The dark fantasy RPG

A new epic and grim fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.

Fans of the Storyteller system will find a lot of familiar mechanics in this game.
- Joey

Elder Dice: The Colors Out of Space

Arcane dice designs: The Eye of Chaos, Seal of Yog-Sothoth, and The Star of Azathoth. Includes magnetic spell book box, dice trays, etc

This dice collection is MADNESS!

Civitas Nihilium® - Featuring unique immersive soundtrack

A solo player, tabletop game with deck building, dice rolling & resource management. Set within a rich cyberpunk universe.

YOU NEED to look at this.

Project We Love
Project image
Wizard Kittens: A Magical Card Game!

An adorably magical semi-cooperative set collecting card game for 2-4 players


Dungeon Discoveries - Sci-fi Card Sets for Roleplaying

Idea generation cards for Sci-fi roleplaying game masters. Draw endless ideas on the spot. System Neutral results for any sci-fi TTRPG.

GM idea cards... in spaaace!

The Sound of Sirens

Play as sirens and crash ships onto the cliffs in this action packed tabletop game!

This seems like a fun little game that'd be perfect in a nascent game collection.

Project We Love
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Glen More II: Chronicles

Glen More II: Chronicles is Matthias Cramer's new tile-laying game of epic proportions, with top-notch material and great replayability

The "chronicles" make this game really stand out

Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down

A game about killer robots, sad whales and moon demons. If that doesn't interest you, we're out of ideas.

The exotic, assymetrical strategy game Tsukuyumi is back, this time with miniatures!

Queen of the Damned: Velrath's Vampires

28-mm Vampire Heroes Miniatures

Metal Vampire Minis - the Nightmare/Hallowed are so freaking cool!

Critical Core

The tabletop game that helps kids on the autism spectrum build confidence and social skills, one dragon at a time.

People have said that RPGs are good for the neurodivergent, but this one actually focuses on it.