Help us bring to life the first animated action-adventure series, based on the magical Balkan legends & folklore!

I'm a first generation Bulgarian/American, so this project rings a couple of bells for me. It's beautiful and smart.

Project We Love
87e04d7be960c856eab366a9cc8e1dbc original

No. 2, overlooked as a common tool, continues to lose dominance in our media-saturated world. The pencil needs to be honored.

Attention! Artists!

Our artist, illustrator, and animation followers ought to consider donating to this documentary about... wait for it... PENCILS. No.2 pencils, to be exact. Who better than you?

Project We Love

Remember those monster stories you heard as a kid?Well, all those stories were true...

The Okams are great folk who not only make cool games, but love cartoons too.

Project We Love

Limited edition reissue of the 1970 New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual, by Unimark's Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda. Exclusive to Kickstarter.The Compact Edition 10 × 10" version of the book is now available:

If you’ve never been to New York City, you can probably skip this. Even if you live here, it might not matter to you. But, if you love the city or lust graphic design, check this out.
(Via Gizmodo)

Project We Love
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A new YouTube video series: The music of Buckwheat Zydeco and a behind-the-scenes look at what he does every day in Southwest Louisiana.

The Buckwheat Zydeco team are great Friends of Frederator.

But don't let that stop you from contributing to one of the rockin-est Cajuns ever. Sample his music on Spotify or YouTube and you won't regret it.

Project We Love
7550c8182e4bc28b4eee82b2b7cefdc8 original

Ultra-DIY filmmaker Richard "R.G." Miller creates impossible blockbusters from his tiny studio apartment in Wichita, Kansas.

Justin Johnson and Erik Beck are true American individuals. Self taught DIY filmmakers, they find subjects and humanize them like no others.

Their latest subject, R.G. Miller, is also a true American original. Check out their KS trailer and contribute.

You won't be sorry.

Project We Love
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What if, before you were born, you could pick your fate? Would you? Would you really?

You probably know Michael Fry from his 'Over the Hedge' comic that was made into a Dreamworks CG feature.

Project We Love
71baa1221ba9070e5e3065cad9e061a7 original

The animated social media lives of four outcast 8th graders just trying to get what we all want... Friends!

John Hoyos and his team have worked really hard on the video for this KS. Check him out.

America's greatest eagle-detective takes on his hardest case yet in this thrilling feature-length adventure!

Jason Steele's Film Cow is part of the Channel Frederator Network. But you should support him anyway.

Project We Love
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A post apocalyptic black comedy/social satire/puppet gore web series from Maxwell Atoms, creator of Cartoon Network's "Billy & Mandy".

"A post apocalyptic black comedy/social satire/puppet gore web series from Maxwell Atoms, creator of Cartoon Network's 'Billy & Mandy'."

Need we say more?

Project We Love
A933ce461092498227b1b67ca133f3c9 original

Bee and PuppyCat is a popular cartoon created by Natasha Allegri & Frederator Studios on Cartoon Hangover. We want to make it a series!

What is it that they say? "Full disclosure." This is our own Frederator/Cartoon Hangover Kickstarter. But, you know, that doesn't make it any less worthy.

Story War is an innovative party game where you battle your friends by telling stories, referencing pop culture, and making stuff up!

Brad O'Farrell, Friend of Frederator, is one half of Cantrip Games, and it looks like they've got a real hit on their hands.

Project We Love
Add06139a06aeea22cdfcc94671e0452 original

An absurd collection of hideous drawings cheerfully captioned with cynical alternatives to today's "popular" wisdom.

Chris is one of the mainstays of cartoons today. His book is pretty funny, worth supporting.

Project We Love
E90dbed1623ee6238b94b5bb4af20e82 original

An animated feature for adults: a funny film about depression. A visual adventure that will make you squeal, weep, cringe and laugh.

Signe's one fo the wonderful New York based animated filmmakers. Check out her video and you'll want to be a backer too.

Project We Love
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CHEATIN' is now available to rent and buy exclusively from Vimeo on Demand:!

Bill Pympton's next. You can't go wrong.

Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.

Adventure Time creator and Friend of Frederator Pendleton Ward is really in videogames and LA Game Space:

Project We Love
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This is a 250 page, hardcover book of drawings gleaned from 42 sketchbooks by Doug TenNapel, the creator of Earthworm Jim and Bad Island.

OK, aside from being a completely awesome artist, storyteller, filmmaker, and videogame creator, Doug TenNapel is great FOF (friend of Frederator) and a Random! Cartoons creator (

You'll love his sketchbooks.

Project We Love
13751e707e3ceaab1a5fa5a95bea97c1 original

A GIRL & A GUN - girl meets gun GREAT & SMALL - art vs brute DIAMOND DOGS- teen crime comedy (teaser)

Eileen has made short animated films for Channel Frederator, wrote a great picture book (Dirtball Pete) for our Bolder Books project @ Random House, and written some killer Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episodes. Can't wait to see her new shorts.

Project We Love
C9ad584e8544ed4b6d898be17054d836 original

SP7 is a tribute to the Japanese avante garde manga magazine Garo. 20 of the best alt. cartoonists working in Right to Left manga-style

There are a lot of wonderful comics, but very few that have a fresh idea attached to them. Box Brown does.

Project We Love
C46218cb3577278dbb4941330bf6a572 original

The inspiring story of a 15-year-old homeless and undocumented girl in CA who refuses to give up her dream of being an artist

Albie Hecht and Susan MacLaury are long time Friends of Frederator, and we're thrilled to have helped them fund their latest documentary about an inspired young artist.

Nothing says "I'm awesome" like a Hank Hanky t-shirt. Get yours today!

Help our pal, Ross, make these Hank Hanky T-shirts. Thanks.

Project We Love
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two big projects all rolled into one. from the creators of robot elephant.

We love Ornana's animation so much that we just featured them in a recent episode of Channel Frederator. Back 'em so we can feature them again!

Project We Love
791a7aa26e932d264a696a57f0e89af7 original

A Dick Figures movie written and directed by Ed Skudder & Zack Keller. Join Red & Blue on their biggest adventure yet!

You gotta love 'Dick Figures' by Ed Scudder and Zack Keller (produced by Six Point Harness).

Ed was an early Channel Frederator award winner, so we're always routing for him!

Project We Love
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A hip shaking stroll down the backroads of American music with roots music icon Chris Strachwitz, founder of Arhoolie Records.

There is nothing in the world like Arhoolie Records. A company dedicated to American roots music started by a German immigrant. Piece by piece, they've recorded one of the most stunning libraries of Country Blues, Zydeco, Tex-Mex, Klezmer, Cajun, Bluegrass, you name it.

Project We Love
1083c0d20370ab6a6fe3a68e723d134c original

Legendary trombonist and musical traveler Roswell Rudd brings it all back home to record an album of great standards.

Roswell Rudd changed my life. That's probably not important enough for you to support his project, but his music should be. More here:

Project We Love
B6e4ad9489d372fbe2377a31d3b537ce original

An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!

We really like the Double Fine guys, and here they are going out on a limb for a videogame they know you'll like, but, for some reason, the publishers won't make.

League of Supergays's self proclaimed "brilliant bitch" gets her hair did! Find out how Weavah created her fabulous mane!

Roque's not looking for too much to fund his project. Why not help him?

Please Donate to a New York City Animation Coworking studio.

New York's a tougher town for animators than it might seem from the outside.

Susan Godfrey's trying to make it better. Please help her.

Project We Love
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Help me release all 21 episodes of my animated web series Pencilmation, plus special features on DVD before Christmas.

We're pretty late on this one, but we've always liked Ross' animations. You will too.

Project We Love
588f8c67c90f8e00b3b5b81ecc81f1d4 original

Join Norton Juster & Jules Feiffer, Milo & Tock, and many others to celebrate the now and then of the classic 1961 children's book

Beloved by animators everyone, The Phantom Tollbooth is an incredible classic.

I don't know how many of you have every seen Jules Feiffer speak, but he's as enchanting in person as his words and pictures are in his books.

Project We Love
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An animated movie telling the story of Exodus, narrated by recordings of real Passover Seders.

Perfect for this season.

Project We Love
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We're trying to raise funds to animate a pilot for a cartoon called "Muffin Buds"!

The treehouse reminds me a bit of Adventure Time, but hey, that's OK!

Project We Love
A434afb87e1aa7e123367f7f917f852a original

A 10-minute bedtime horror story about a girl who watches too much television - written, directed and animated by Evan Mather.

This looks a fun project.

Project We Love
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Providing over 750 hours in our space at no charge to tomorrow's jazz leaders for rehearsal, research, and development.

I wish someone would do this for animation in New York. But we can help musicians do it in the meantime.

"Keep on Keepin' on" is a feature length documentary about 3 young musicians & one master musician, the great Clark Terry.

More jazz for you animation fans.

Hey, good looking! Thanks for reading this sentence! We're launching a clever humor t-shirt co. Your ducats will help us do it right.

Six Point Harness is one of our favorite flash studios in Hollywood.

Glad they made their goal!

Project We Love
86f1d61513908df8954c3db3964a03f6 original

A labor of love - my "interpretive graphic biography' of one of the great musical unsung heroes-jazz musician Eric Dolphy.

I know it's comics, and it's a jazzman, but support it anyway. You'll feel better.

Project We Love
5ca3cd97cadf4698b15e5a07724b497c original

Huge Comic Anthology created entirely by over 140 women, made to showcase everything we have accomplished and what we are capable of!

Channel Frederator loves the ladies! We encourage everyone to support women in cartoons, comics and animation. Back them up!

Project We Love
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Retrofit comics will print 17 issues of small, cheap, alternative floppy comics by the best established and emerging comic artists.

Besides the fact that RetroFit features Friend of Frederator, James Kochalka, you'll find over a dozen great, emerging comic artists that you should get to know.

Project We Love
05e6d760d32848667d3bfcb4b2c60afd original

Independent animator Bill Plympton restores & updates Winsor McCay's 1921 classic, THE FLYING HOUSE by cleaning & coloring each frame.

...:UPDATE: Bill's got his initial funding request. But, he's going for the next round! Help this project get up to $16,000.

Bill Plympton is really the coolest.

Not only does he make his own independent films --the *most* independent-- he helps save animation history.

Project We Love
Dfc71a1b473ee9101383d6554a9bc10c original

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived three goats, and their names were Gruff.

Best of luck, Greg.

Project We Love
1ef486691561b8c637a4448593400473 original

A roach violinist in love with a woman inhabits the brain of her husband in order to be with her. Seeks post funds!

For a $10 donation you get a copy of "the premier periodical of urbane arthropods!" Give Jonathan a hand.

Project We Love
55a9d6507dc171e70967335588dd90fc original

Using Sharpie markers, I'm creating an experimental animated short film on a Mac Mini.

An experimental film by an architect becoming an animator?

I am seeking funds to begin filming SEED IN THE SAND, the second in my animated trilogy, which began with BLOOD TEA AND RED STRING.

Stop motion, wacky (scary, yucky?) characters.

...:::Update: Congratulations Christiane!

A short film set in the animated world of Eight Bit Strange Full of espionage , video game references, and most importantly humor!

Greg's been working hard. Please try and give him a hand.

Project We Love
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the mc chris cartoon is ready for animation, we just need backers! it's my dream to combine rap and cartoons like never before.

I like the idea of cartoons as rap.

Project We Love
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Through miniature puppets, we follow the lives of the Cicadas as they come out of the ground for the party at the end of their lives.

Good luck, Mauricio. This project looks fantastic.

Project We Love
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James Kochalka and Pixeljam are making a video game called Glorkian Warrior.

Please help out our pal, James Kochalka. You probably already know he's a Superstar, but you might not be aware how huge of a Superstar he truly is. To find out, shell out a few bucks for 'Glorkian Warrior.' Thanks!


Project We Love
97cfcf30f872b384ef11a7be7530a175 original

'Bad Penguin' is an animated feature intended for the mature audience. Imagine if Bugs Bunny and Quentin Tarantino had a child...

These guys are making a completely hand-drawn traditional feature that looks like really funny concept. Plus, it'll support the Animaticus Foundation. So why not?

Funded June 5!

Project We Love
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When Paco, the ordinary popcorn kernel, gets upset, he transforms into a super popcorn! Candy package visuals and lots of judo action.

This popcorn is VERY adorable.

And funded!

Project We Love
F268296f9a08eb70463e5b12a20b5981 original

The Itching is a short claymation about a wolf's attempt to confront her neurotic obsessions. A joyful and creepy adult fairy-tale.

This promo features chocolate cake (which is awesome) and dancing bunnehs (which is also awesome). What could be more fun?

Adventures of Mr. Raspberry is a student animated series about a raspberry's epic journey across the universe in search for his home.

Ross Norton is a talented young animator with some really funny ideas. Great to see him getting funded!

We are heading back to the studio to record our second full-length album of genre-bending, indie-jazz anthems.

(I know it's jazz and not cartoons, but, that's what you might get at Frederator.)

New jazz bands are usually playing old jazz.

Not East West.

They're a blend of classic jazz truths with the energy of a rock band.

Give 'em a few, they're worth it.

Project We Love
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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.

Alex Preston's Hyper Light Drifter has smashed every stretch goal that has come its way. Check it out and contribute to help push it even farther.