• Make Time Clock: get serious about side projects

    A beautiful device to inspire passion projects despite everyday life. Learn to harness your creative rhythm.

    Helping the world make time to be creative. Make Time Clock is a new product in development by Fractured Atlas.

  • An immersive theater experience. A late 1970s tropical resort. A fountain of youth that promises to quench your deepest longings.

    Third Rail Projects is at it again! Help support their new work, "The Grand Paradise."

  • An English-language production of the opera Tannhäuser. Some of the greatest songs ever composed, now with lyrics we can understand.

    Help this Fractured Atlas member reach their goal!

  • Help fund Unitas Ensemble's debut concert at Old South Church, Boston. Concert May 3, 3pm!

    Unitas Ensemble, showcasing the work of Latin American composers, is raising funds for their debut concert in Boston on May 3rd.

  • We are recording our debut album for CAG Records which features new invigorating works and our original compositions!

    PUBLIQuartet is recording their DEBUT album. Support new music and emerging composers!

  • Bringing Our Music to Our Home Countries—Israel and Japan ふたりの音楽を、互いの母国へ - イスラエルと日本 מביאים את המוסיקה שלנו הביתה - ליפן וישראל

    Help this musical duo take their performances on the road to their home countries of Israel and Palestine.

  • A play by April Yvette Thompson. A Gullah Healer Woman and an Afro-Cuban Priest forge a new world of magic & dreams in Jim Crow Miami.

    A world of magic & dreams, home to saints & bad-asses, gangster women selling moonshine and talking to spirits, preachers with tongues of fire, cross-dressing scholars loving women & song and a prodigal daughter returns as the family gathers.

  • An interactive documentary that lets wine lovers experience the journey of a vintage in real time, from bud break to harvest.

    Help fund a film documenting the 2014 grape growing season!

  • Mozawa, a company of international performers and artists, needs YOUR support to fund workshops for their upcoming 2014-15 season!

    Help fund Mozawa's workshops!

  • Returning home to Transylvania for his mother's funeral, Arpad is faced with his past and a decision for his future.

    Help Reka Posta & Daniel Nickson raise funds for Ferry!

  • An inspirational feature length documentary about a group of technology pioneers changing the face of autism.

    Keep up the support for Programming Hope!

  • Six Teens. Three Continents. A World Cup to Save Lives.

    Fractured Atlas member, Shilpi Gupta, has 16 days left and is very close to reaching a $20K goal. Help them get there!

  • A Slamdance screenplay award winning short about two teenage boys breaking curfew the night before one of them deploys to Afghanistan.

    They're almost half way to reaching their goal. Help support them in the next few weeks!

  • On My Block is a film challenge that creates stronger neighborhoods in NYC through the collaborative and creative process of filmmaking

    Help On My Block film reach their $10,000 goal!

  • One Nation Under Knife: Circumcision in the USA

    If American Secret reaches their goal, they'll receive a 100% match. Help them out!

  • Support the LYP in our participation in the Gay Pride Parade this June! We're fundraising for a new banner & gay-pride themed stickers.

    The Love Yourself Project is raising funds to participate in this year's Gay Pride Parade. Help them go all out for this year's parade!

  • A full evening contemporary dance piece and a light show that communicate on a molecular level

    Help LeeSaar The Company reach their goal!

  • 4 African youths pursue knowledge at an elite American university, MIT. Over 4 years they discover engineering, the world, themselves.

    Help "One Day I Too Go Fly" reach their goal!

  • MCLA Restores "LA Freeway Kids"!

    FA Open Arts Network partner the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles is on to their next amazing project: restoring a 1984 mural by Glenna Avila. Support this project, get a sweet tote bag, and know that you're helping to save a piece of LA's history!

  • Monica Bill Barnes & Company joins forces with special host Ira Glass for follow-up dance performances after This American Life Live!

    Monica Bill Barnes and Ira Glass joining forces: the world is a better place! Help make this amazing show a reality!

  • Lonely soldier falling in love with an Android woman in a world that is moving towards its end...

    What's not to love about an Android woman?

  • Bodega is committed to working with artists to develop and present new projects. We are asking for your support to help us continue!

    Bodega has been a member of Fractured Atlas since 2010. Help them continue to host exhibitions and events in their Philadelphia space!

  • Help us share the inspirational story of an emerging filmmaker living in the slums of Kampala, Uganda

    Wakaliwood is on their way to reaching their goal. Help share this story!

  • Tradition, revolution, technology, and the power of collective voice in Cairo.

    Voices and Faces of the Adhan: Cairo is a feature-length documentary film examining the 1,400-year-old oral tradition of the Muslim call to prayer.

  • Two Brooklyn neighborhoods are working to convert a shuttered firehouse into a one-of-a-kind center for art and community service.

    Northside Town Hall is close to reaching their goal. Help them covert a shuttered firehouse into a center for art and community in Greenpoint and Williamsburg.

  • A cutting edge conceptual textile design label founded in 2011 by Brooklyn artist, Phillip Stearns, exploring the intersections of textiles and digital art. Made for the Digital Native.

    Get cozy with some glitched textiles from Phil Stearns.

  • We're melting down ice sculptures of the words "Middle Class" at the Republican and Democratic Conventions in Tampa and Charlotte.

    Yes! Melting ice sculptures!

  • A short film exploring sex trafficking through the lens of a young Nepali girl and her fateful meeting of an Indian con-artist.

    Congratulations to Brave Girl on reaching their goal!

  • MIDWAY is a powerful visual journey into the heart of an astonishingly symbolic environmental tragedy.

    Wow, MIDWAY is 4 days away from reaching their $100K goal. They're really close - help them out!

  • Where (we) Live is a new collaborative performance project from So Percussion and also a record out 9/25 on Cantaloupe Music!

    Sō Percussion has a new show and record release!

  • Bushakan makes individually crafted hardwood glasses stands.

    Help Bushakan reach their goal!

  • An immersive theater experience combining a hospital ward, the writings of Lewis Carroll, and just 15 audience members per show

    Third Rail Projects have been members of Fractured Atlas since 2008. Help them reach their goal!

  • Photoville is a unique photo village built from shipping containers in the heart of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Help us make it a FREE event!

    Photography exhibit housed in shipping containers from Fractured Atlas member, Sam Barzilay and his team. Lectures! Beer garden! Photo dog run! More!

  • World-class classical artists at Ballet Next develop original choreography to live music. Preparing for Fall 2012 season.

    Help Ballet Next reach their goal!

  • an all-ages, all-hours, happening of dance, performance, and visual art that will set the town of Wellfleet, Massachusetts in motion!

    Show The Movement Party some love!

  • Summer School will turn an artist-run-centre into a temporary, free community education center and art studio.

    Help support this free pop-up school!

  • It's the Art All Night-Trenton Iron Pour! You remember the spectacle in 2010... Now be one of the fans who help bring it back in 2012!

    All night iron pour = awesome!!

  • An exciting four week project providing accessible arts education in the Philippines through classes, workshops, and performances.

    Support this exciting arts education project!

  • InDigest, an online lit mag, offers podcasts, blogs, digital broadsides, and more. It's outgrown its home, and needs a new one.

    InDigest - check them out!

  • Chicago needs a conference where writers can rub elbows with publishing professionals and learn the business end of the craft.

    Help the Chicago Writers Conference reach their goal!

  • This film explores the 100-mile nonstop ultramarathon in TN. An eccentric race for the intractable. In 25 years only 10 have finished.

    This documentary is on the way to reach their goal. Help them on the way!

  • Rocha Dance Theater will perform MANDORLA at HERE, April 11th-15th! A performance of dance theater, video and visual design!

    Dance! Theater! Music! Video! Yay!

  • This feature-length film will reveal the wonders and tragedy of Alaska's Yup'ik people. Watch the trailer to learn more!

    Help Arctic Cross reach their goal!

  • Sarah Smith (Lily Rabe), an artist and hydrologist, sets out on a post-fire stream survey, during which she encounters a sasquatch man.

    You can help distribute this film!

  • Frank believes he's having sex dreams about a mermaid but, alas, he realizes he's being haunted by a Fish Woman.

    Congrats on reaching the goal!

  • What if one day you looked in the mirror and saw the most powerful man in the world?

    Check out this documentary about an Obama impersonator!

  • Co-Produce Cock & Bull Theatre's production of TITANIC a bizarre comedy of polymorphic madness, a delectably experimental voyage.

    Congratulations to Cock & Bull Theatre for reaching their goal!

  • Before Mother Courage there was Mother LaMadre. THE DEEPEST PLAY EVER, is an unrivaled masterpiece of modern dramatic writing.

    Check out Collaboration Town's cool perks!

  • We've been invited to premiere our documentary at the Berlin International Film Festival - but we need your help!

    CALL ME KUCHU needs finishing funds - they're getting close so help them out!

  • Eva Dean Dance (EDD) is celebrating its 26th Anniversary by presenting Beyond Silver a retrospective evening-length production.

    Eva Dean Dance have been members of Fractured Atlas since 2006. Support their 26th anniversary performance!

  • HOMELAND is an evening-length work for CatScratch Theatre by Jeramy Zimmerman.

    Congratulations to CatScratch on reaching their goal!

  • A cross-cultural initiative bringing together musicians from the Nile countries to perform along the river and around the world.

    Meklit has been a member of Fractured Atlas since 2009!

  • "Machines" is a kinetic sculpture project performed with collaborating musicians.

    Kris Perry builds kinetic sculptures for a performance at the 2012 Hudson Music Festival.

  • Tromadance needs your support to help give independent film back to the people! There are no fees to submit your film!

    Support the TromaDance Film Festival!

  • A live theatre film thing starring Hilda and you.

    Anonymous Ensemble have been members of Fractured Atlas since 2004 - support their work!

  • "August Strindberg’s Miss Julie has been suped up for maximum mayhem by outré writer-director Robert Cucuzza" — TimeOut NY


  • A fantastical, psychological journey of a girl who can see an alternate plane of existence after a near-death experience.

    Abyss was recently approved for fiscal sponsorship with Fractured Atlas.

  • The Debate Society is bringing their hit play about Cops, Christmas and Racquetball back for one week only in January, 2011.

    The Debate Society

  • "Little Ivory Fingers" is a solo performance piece by Sid Branca to be performed at the Chicago Fringe Festival in September 2011.

    Chicago Fringe Festival

  • This summer Buran Theatre will be initiating a series of community-invested performance based programming alongside our full production in NE Kansas.

    Buran Theatre Company

  • American Mythology, Vol. 1. - The west-coast premiere of 5 short works from emerging playwrights. A diverse representation of family life in America.

    Buran Theatre Company

  • Hey Everyone! So we're packing out bags and preparing to head back to Burlington, VT for another great summer of theater but we need some support!

    Red Stage Theatre Company

  • The War of the Roses rolls on, and in the bloody middle stand two men with the forward momentum to take their country in wildly divergent directions.

    Wide Eyed Productions

  • A documentary featuring Sharing a New Song, affectionately referred to as SANS, as they travel across Russia, using music to cross cultural boundaries

    Singin' in Siberia

  • a theater company


  • GYST Ink is an artist run company for artists. We are fundraising to rewrite our popular software for artists from the ground up.

    Getting Your Sh*t Together

  • To show support from our community, Textile Arts Center must raise $1000 before we can reap the benefits of Fiscal Sponsorship.

    Textile Arts Center

  • A dance one year in the making. Watch as six dancers share the stage forging new alliances and leading to intermittent relationships.


  • A true, blue collar tale about family, honor, and foreclosure in upstate NY.

    Sparrow Lane

  • Four LGBT Ugandans fight for justice and freedom on the frontlines of Africa's gay rights movement.

    Call Me Kuchu

  • Evolving Doors Dance premieres "PUSH," - a dance examination of the human response to demands, deadlines, and change (October 2011)

    Evolving Doors Dance

  • A hilarious short docu-comedy about a party, a Ouija board, a feuding couple, and a professional narrator thrown in to mix things up.

    Underpaid Narrator

  • A concert combining the lush warmth of strings with the icicle energy of live electronics, featuring the acclaimed Eclipse Quartet.

    People Inside Electronics

  • A story of a man, of a people, and of the fate of one of our planet’s most valuable natural resources, the Amazon Rainforest.

    When Two Worlds Collide

  • Learn to craft hand-made basketball nets for empty hoops in your neighborhood.

    Hand crafted basketball nets - rad! Check it out!