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Turns a blowtorch into a hand-held supercharged instant-power broiler. Sears fish, sous-vide, pizza, cheese, foie, and everything else.

We're all about making cooking at home easier, faster, better -- and more fun. The Searzall is right up our alley. It's an attachment to a blowtorch, which allows you to quickly sear things without cooking them too quickly.

Project We Love
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We're building the best beginner farmer training program in New Jersey.

A farm incubator that with train new farmers in NJ.

We make marshmallows with 100% sweet magic air. We need a new production kitchen to keep the magic alive.

If you've ever dreamed about marshmallows in flavors beyond just vanilla and cinnamon -- Guinness marshmallows, anyone? -- then this is the project for you. Help Wondermade get a new production kitchen!

New food and cooking magazine serving Northwestern's hungriest

Spoon Magazine is Northwestern University's new food publication -- they want to fund a print magazine edition of Spoon, complete with the work of two dozen college-student writers and photographers who are "inspiring college students to care about the food they eat."

A plain English guide to wine, with every concept transformed into a true multimedia experience. A new era for an old drink.

With videos, amazing graphics, and even pronunciation guides, Wine Simplified is much more than just an e-book. Learn everything from how to pair wine with different foods to how to say "Gewürztraminer" in this no-nonsense, lighthearted guide to the world of oenology.

Owning her own equipment will give a young teenage girl from Wisconsin the tools she needs to succeed at growing her business.

Talk about starting young -- Natalie Abbott, the owner of the West Hill Honey Company, is just thirteen years old, but she's in her fourth year of beekeeping! She's hoping to expand her business to buy the tools she needs to bring her honey harvest to a wider audience.

Project We Love
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Exploring innovative ways of combining Korean kimchi and other fermented foods with the way Americans cook and eat

This online cookbook combines everything there is to know about making kimchi and other fermented foods along with mouthwatering recipes like Ham and Kimchi Galette, Sweet Potato and Kimchi Fritters, Chili Paste Beernuts, and even desserts!

Project We Love
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Defcon YUM! is a one a day gourmet internet bakery. Every day we offer one new item. We bake it fresh and ship it priority to you!

Bringing new meaning to instant gratification, Defcon YUM! is an online bakery that makes one new item per day, which they'll ship it to you as fast as possible once you order it. Watch out, this could become a dangerous office habit!

Project We Love
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A simple and beautiful infusion vessel that can be used for cocktails, oils, teas, or any infusion imaginable.

Simply beautiful: why infuse olive oil, vodka, tea, or anything else in a regular jar when this beautiful glass called The Porthole could be sitting on your counter? Exactly.

A documentary film exploring the use of toxic pesticides in modern agriculture and the people most affected by this practice.

As consumers, the choice to buy organic food is an individual one. But what happens to those pesticides that we avoid? As the documentary Toxic Profits explores, many are sent to foreign countries. It's an important look at an issue that affects us both at home and abroad.

Providing ultra-local honey that is raw & unprocessed without the use of chemicals or other nasty things.

The East Hill Honey Project is making honey like it's meant to be: local, raw, and as unprocessed as possible. And it's not just the honey: they also make beeswax lip balm, surf wax, and organic soap -- pledge now for all the bee-utiful (pun intended) honey-related goodness.

Project We Love
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Help us bottle the flavors of Hawaii and share them with cocktail lovers & bars around the world! 100% locally sourced, made in Hawaii!

Artisanal bitters have been making headlines recently, but we bet you've never seen bitters like these: in flavors like taro, macadamia nut, and pineapple, Hawaii Cocktail Bitters is bringing a taste of the islands to your cocktail hour.

Project We Love
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We are building a food truck to bring Australian Style Savoury Pies to Seattle.

When's the last time you had a savory pie? How about an Australian one? 314 PIE aims to bring their food truck specializing in just that to the streets of Seattle -- and with plans for solar panels and minimal waste, they're environmentally friendly, too.

Project We Love
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El Poblano Farm in New York City is bringing you organically grown specialty Mexican herbs and vegetables!

If you've ever struggled to find epazote -- an amazing herb central to many Mexican recipes -- then El Poblano Farm wants to help you. In turn, you can help them further establish their 200-acre farm on Staten Island and bring their herbs and vegetables to all of New York.

Are you tired of bland vegan and gluten-free food? We are and we're doing something about it. Join us and let's make some waffles!

With a simple list of whole-food ingredients, this whole grain and gluten free -- not to mention vegan -- waffle mix is destined to shake up breakfasts everywhere.