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“Everybody Street" captures the visceral rush of being a NYC street photographer, from the masters who are the history of the medium.

Recently premiered at the Hot Docs Film Festival, photographer Cheryl Dunn's documentary is a tribute to street photography in New York City. It spans six decades of talented artists and the dangerous city they braved to document.

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CHEATIN' is now available to rent and buy exclusively from Vimeo on Demand:!

Bill Plympton, the beloved Academy Award-nominated cartoonist and animator, will share a sneak peek of Cheatin’, his seventh animated feature. It’s a tale of love, jealousy, and revenge inspired by the work of James M. Cain–all drawn in dazzling watercolor.

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Shirley Clarke's groundbreaking documentary film is in jeopardy - help us restore the print and release it for everyone to see!

“The most extraordinary film I’ve seen in my life,” said Ingmar Bergman. Shirley Clarke's portrait of gay black hustler Jason Holiday was filmed in 1966 for 12 straight hours at the Chelsea Hotel. It’s a landmark LGBT film, and Kickstarter funds helped restore it.

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The second season in the animated web series about two itty-bitty characters in an old-school Nintendo game.

"The Adventures of Ledo and Ix" is Emily Carmichael's hilarious animated web series about two tiny characters in an old-school video game. Carmichael's shorts have played everywhere from Sundance to BAM to Penny Arcade TV.

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Mr. Grillo is the story of an outcast musical genius separated from the music world due to his choice of instrument, the theremin.

After receiving a hand-me-down theremin from his roommate, filmmaker Danilo Parra took to YouTube to learn how to play. It’s how he discovered Thomas Grillo, an enigmatic Southern thereminist who has dedicated his life to the instrument.

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What’s in the outtakes? Save never before seen scenes from Style Wars. Trains. Battles. Interviews. More about the artists we love.

STYLE WARS is a seminal documentary on renegade NYC graffiti artists of the early 80s. Producer Henry Chalfant returned to the cutting room floor, rescued some of the best never-before-seen footage: bombed out trains, b-boy battles, and other surprisingly tender moments.

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The 78 Project is on a journey across America to make one-of-a-kind 78rpm records with musicians in their hometowns using a 1930s Presto direct-to-disc recorder. With one microphone. With one blank disc. In one 3-minute take.

The 78 Project travels across the country capturing new musicians on old technologies. Recording early American songs with period-appropriate gear — one mic, one presto, and one blank 78 record — this series-cum-feature is full of simple grace, both elegant and deeply mysterious.

Wolves make the best parents. This is a short about that fact.

In this comedic short, two (human) parents leave their young daughter in the woods to be raised by wolves. "The Cub" premiered at Sundance Film Festival this past winter.

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Old tapes. New unheard multimedia stories. Help us bring print journalists' lost interviews to life via podcast, radio, and YouTube.

BLANK ON BLANK is a podcast, radio show, and web series that takes lost interviews with heroes like Jim Morrison and Larry King and weds them with gorgeous animations. It’s part This American Life, part Library of Congress, and part TED (the talks, not the Mark Wahlberg movie).

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Documents the triumphs and hardships of the community behind the contemporary urban dance movement called “Flexing” in Brooklyn.

This feature documentary tells the story of flexing, a vibrant street dance style that originated deep in Brooklyn, and the difficult realities of the young showmen and stuntmen who perform it. "Flex Is Kings" recently premiered this past spring at Tribeca Film Festival.

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A New England style clam shack with raw bar, lobster and clam rolls, and ice cold beer coming soon to Brooklyn's Gowanus neighborhood!

A New England-style clam shack based in Gowanus, with raw bar, lobster, and clam rolls.

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Our food is locally-sourced and freshly-made. Now we're ready to launch a food truck that runs on its own recycled cooking oil.

Charcoal grilled hot dogs by husband and wife team Zeph and Liz Courtney.

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Brewla Bars: Refreshing, bold, brewed frozen ice pops, each enhanced with a unique boost. Lick well, live well!

Artisanal ice pops brewed from high quality natural ingredients.

Irresistible wholesome popcorn handcrafted from responsibly sourced ingredients with a large serving of ohm.

Handcrafted popcorn made from responsibly sourced ingredients.

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Presented by The Ecstatic Music Festival and Wordless Music with special guests David Byrne, Craig Wedren, Mirah, Greg Saunier and more

The Seattle-based Jherek Bischoff will perform original compositions with his orchestra.

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"Bring to Light" is NYC's first ever all night festival of lights themed installations and performance art on October 2nd.

Nuit Blanche New York, in conjunction with the artist Ben Wolf, have prepared a massive one-night light and sculpture installation.