• Join Kickstarter and Rooftop Films on July 9, 2011, for the 2nd Annual Kickstarter Film Festival!

    Tickets for the 2nd Annual Kickstarter Film Festival are sold out, however, you can still snag a poster from the event by backing the project!

  • Girl Walk // All Day is a music & dance video of epic proportions, set to the non-stop soundtrack of Girl Talk's album "All Day."

    Girl Walk // All Day is a feature-length music video that pairs the city of New York and three incredible young dancers with the Girl Talk album All Day. The result is a whirlwind of sound and movement, and a pace that’s matched only by New York itself.

  • CANYON CANDY is an audio-visual collaboration between filmmaker Mike Anderson and Javelin (Tom Van Buskirk and George Langford).

    Canyon Candy is a psychedelic Western unlike any other. A film companion to the latest record by experimental musicians Javelin, it was shot entirely using old studio methods like rear projection, handmade dioramas, and soundstages.

  • A RAY ARRAY is a new video directed by artist Sarah Rara that examines visual and aural interference

    A Ray Array is an experimental short film composed of 15 distinct chapters, each exploring a different form of visual and aural interference. The original score was created by Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara, members of the band Lucky Dragons.

  • A feature-length documentary on the first year of Mojang, the studio built upon the runaway success of indie computer game Minecraft.

    Minecraft is as much a cultural phenomenon as it is a deeply meditative video game. The Story of Mojang investigates not only the game’s overwhelming popularity, but the motifs shared between the game’s infinite sprawl and the Swedish tundra, its creator's birthplace.

  • An original sci-fi hand-drawn animated feature from graphic novelist Dash Shaw and producer John Cameron Mitchell.

    This dreamy hand-drawn feature animation by graphic novelist Dash Shaw is a Michel Gondry meets Philip K. Dick tale of one mad scientist's loss of family and self. Produced by John Cameron Mitchell, The Ruined Cast makes beautiful use of Shaw’s cosmically attuned hand and heart.

  • We want to take the word "N-word" and replace it with "Robot" in Mark Twain's classic "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."

    Comedians Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine are creating a tongue-in-cheek edition of Mark Twain’s Huck Finn, wherein every use of the “N-word” will be replaced with the word “Robot.” Their mock-serious, hyper-funny project video elevates farce to an art form.

  • THE BEAST PAGEANT is a film about a man who goes on an adventure.

    Shot entirely on 16mm with a Bolex camera rescued from a dumpster, The Beast Pageant tells the highly unusual story of a man and his tiny singing cowboy.

  • A low orbit space photography experiment using weather balloons, time lapse photography and HD video to explore our beautiful skies.

    Jamey Erickson attached a camera to a weather balloon and sent it into space. What he got back was a breath- taking glimpse of our Earth’s surface and skies.

  • Through the eyes of an aging generation, The Elders examines what it really means to live, by coming of age.

    The Elders collects stylized portraits of elderly individuals as they candidly share their life experiences. Often ordinary, occasionally heartbreaking, and universally compelling, these stories combine to reveal a larger, more complex vision of our shared humanity.

  • Freaker USA is a NC based company that will change the relationship between you and your beverages… forever!

    Freaker USA is a North Carolina-based company producing knitted cozies for beverages, but their side- splitting project video will convince you they should be in television. Are those new shoes?

  • Furever is a study of post-death pet preservation. This curious practice offers a unique perspective on mortality, grief and mourning.

    Furever is a feature-length documentary film about post-mortal pet preservation. Seemingly bizarre, the practice, when more deeply probed, raises compelling and thought-provoking points about attachment, family, religion, ritual, grief and death.

  • A woman meets her mentally ill father who abandoned her as a child. He is convinced that she is his wife and tries to win her back.

    Filmmaker Jocelyn Towne set a new precedent in project videos with her beautifully shot, all-one-take pitch video. Like a good fortune cookie, it all ends “in bed.”

  • In The Way with Alan Watts is a film about the man who brought Eastern thought to the West. Please fund our film on Kickstarter.com!

    Alan Watts was a prominent 60s British philosopher, and his deeply moving lectures on Buddhism and Western thought can still occasionally be heard on late-night college radio. In the Way with Alan Watts brings those words to life with animations both whimsical and experimental.

  • A poetry ... screening? Motionpoems wants to turn THE BEST AMERICAN POETRY 2011 into short films for new audiences.

    Motionpoems are experimental animations created to accompany spoken poems. Each collaboration is unique, a fascinating hybrid of language and film. “Render Render” was written by Thomas Lux.

  • OUR NIXON, a feature length documentary based on newly discovered Super 8 home movies filmed by Nixon's closest aides.

    Our Nixon is not about a political scandal. Culled from hundreds of hours of found, Super-8 footage shot by the President’s closest aides, this unusual documentary captures every aspect of their experience — from the prosaic to the profound — before Watergate changed everything.

  • Two years in the making. "Twelve O'clock in Baltimore" follows the elusive, law-evading dirt bike groups of Baltimore.

    Like a Wire season that never was, The Twelve O’Clock Boyz chases the outlaw dirt bike culture of urban Baltimore. Although the sport is illegal, the long arm of the law hasn’t been able to stem its growing popularity.

  • City 'Lasses will make and sell original drinks featuring blackstrap molasses at the Brooklyn Flea and other outdoor markets in NYC.

    Vendor: City ‘Lasses is a Brooklyn-based start-up whose mission is to produce healthy drinks called Switzel, featuring Blackstrap molasses.

  • COLONIE will be a new restaurant/wine bar located in Brooklyn Heights. We can't wait to open, so look out for us this November!

    Vendor: Drawing inspiration from the history and beauty of the surrounding historic neighborhoods, Colonie strives to support the New York food community by using as many local purveyors as possible, while providing neighbors with a comfortable, inviting spot to drink and dine.

  • What Happens When is a temporary restaurant that will change theme every month for a run of 9 months in New York City.

    Vendor: Soho’s What Happens When is a playground for food. A temporary restaurant installation that transforms every 30 days offering guests an ever- changing culinary, visual and aural experience.

  • Rob & Anna's soft-serve frozen bananas are here to change the way you view dessert. Delicious and nutritious. Did we say delicious?

    Rob And Anna’s is a new, Brooklyn-based outfit churning out organic, vegan “ice cream” — unprocessed, frozen banana soft serve, featuring natural fruit toppings.

  • To turn an old VW bus into a mobile photo booth that will travel the country and capture a current portrait of America.

    Activity: The Magnolia Photo Booth Company will be on hand to snap pictures of guests with their earth- and travel-friendly photo booth.

  • Physical GIF turns animated GIFs into delightful coffee table toys. With a laser cutter and a strobe we give GIFs life off the screen.

    “Animated GIFs, you can feel!” Physical GIF specializes in transforming the finest in designer-crafted animated GIFs into physical zoetropes, bringing the animated glory of the old-timey web onto your actual desktop or coffee table.

  • Ever heard of lucid dreaming? Our book Oneironautics is a hands-on field guide that teaches you how to wake up within your dreams.

    Activity: Oneironautics will introduce lucid dreaming and provide one-on-one consultations on how to effectively journey through one’s dreams.

  • At Trade School, students barter with teachers for instruction. Classes range from butter making to ghost hunting. Help us run Trade School again!

    Activity: Trade School will offer a belt-making class. And, who knows, after all the delicious snacks -- you just might need a new one!