Project We Love
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Swing structures made of salvaged cross-laminated timber form a pavilion for a summer arts festival on Roosevelt Island.

Help Somewhere Studio bring their winning Salvage Swings Pavilion to Roosevelt Island in NYC for the 2019 summer season!

Project We Love
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5 tons of plastic waste pulled out of the Pacific Ocean, turned into a 4 story tall whale for the 2018 Bruges Triennial

StudioKCA created the amazing and award-winning Head in the Clouds Pavilion for FIGMENT NYC 2013... Help them get this new sculpture to Bruges!

Project We Love
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300,000 aluminum cans, recycled and cast into cracked clay, form a pavilion for an arts festival on NYC's Governors Island this summer.

Help us bring the 2017 City of Dreams Pavilion to Governors Island this summer!

Project We Love
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FIGMENT's Artist-Designed Minigolf course on Governors Island is a one-of-a-kind NYC experience. Let's bring it back for summer 2017.

Help us bring the FIGMENT Minigolf Course back to Governors Island for its TENTH annual season in 2017!

Project We Love

A semi-permanent wooden playscape  on Governors Island, New York City  in partnership with FIGMENT NYC. Come visit FELIX this summer!

It's a new FIGMENT NYC Treehouse called FELIX! Help us build it on Governors Island this summer!

Help build a giant typewriter that's big enough to climb on for FIGMENT Boston and Burning Man 2015!

Help us get this awesome massive typewriter to FIGMENT Boston 2015!

A large-scale interactive sculpture for on Governor's Island for FIGMENT NYC's 2015 Summer Long Sculpture Program.

Help us get this fantastic sculpture to Governors Island this summer!

Project We Love
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Built out of waste materials, our 95sqm canopy promotes cycling and allows 500,000 visitors to chill out under NY's biggest bouquet.

Help Izaskun Chinchilla Architects from Madrid (our first pavilion from outside the US!) create this awesome pavilion this summer!

Project We Love
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An Installation on Governor’s Island for Summer 2015, that will become a Permanent Contribution to NY Harbor as Oyster Reef.

Help BanG Studio, the winner of the 2015 City of Dreams Pavilion Competition, build the Billion Oyster Pavilion this summer!

Mobile maker media lab + pop-up creativity classroom + innovation gallery: inspiring & educating thousands with technology

Help the Sustainable Magic Box get to our first-ever FIGMENT Oakland event on November 8!

Return the Bathroom Beacons to Burning Man in 2014— brighter, blinkier, and more fun than ever!

Support the Bathroom Beacons! They have appeared at FIGMENT NYC in years past...

Project We Love
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Building Brooklyn's own creative venue for circus, theater and events of all types.

The House of Yes is a great partnering venue with FIGMENT NYC! Please support them!

Project We Love
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TOAD has been entertaining the masses for years now, and will be joined by another new vehicle and extra bass for super TOAD goodness.

TOAD has been a mainstay at FIGMENT NYC! Please support this project as it is upgraded!

Project We Love
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Magic Carpet is a large-scale interactive sculpture, with hand-woven fabric and steel construction, for Figment NY on Governors Island.

This is an awesome project for FIGMENT NYC's summer-long sculpture program for Summer 2014!

Project We Love
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This serpentine canopy of 30,000 reclaimed plastic cups will be the feature pavilion at Figment NYC 2014 on Governors Island.

Help build the 2014 City of Dream Pavilion: Governor's Cup by CDR Studio!

Project We Love
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53,780 plastic bottles- the amount, thrown away in 1 hour in NYC, turned into a Cloud-shaped pavilion on Governor's Island THIS SUMMER!

Help us build this awesome pavilion by StudioKCA on Governors Island this summer! This is the winner of the third annual City of Dreams Pavilion Competition, presented by FIGMENT, ENYA, and SEAoNY!

Mediatation is an installation at FIGMENT Boston 2013 where people play with analog media objects to create performances and art pieces

Help this project make it to FIGMENT Boston this weekend!

WAVE is a steel sculpture with nylon rope tapestries designed specifically for the Figment Sculpture Garden Governors Island NYC

Help returning FIGMENT artist Kathy Creutzburg make this great project happen for FIGMENT's summer-long sculpture garden on Governors Island

The Kingdom is in peril! Only the kids of FIGMENT Arts Fest can help the Princess save her family ~and the World~ from the Evil Wizard!

Help bring the Hero's Journey back to FIGMENT NYC for 2013!

Project We Love
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A fantasy game show where you dress up and battle in kiddie pools with super-soaked plush toys, featuring guest hosts.

Help AquaAttack! return to FIGMENT NYC in 2013!

Project We Love
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A community-sourced interactive art experience based upon "selfie" pictures to take place during the NYC Figment Festival June 8 - 9.

Help bring this project to FIGMENT NYC in June 2013!

Project We Love
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A giant, interactive Music Box that will be installed on Governors Island in New York for the entire summer.

A giant, interactive music box that will be installed in the FIGMENT summer-long interactive sculpture garden on Governors Island for the entire summer.

Project: ENVISAGE will be a larger than life, inspirational community vision board & a fun "Frame of Mind" photo op!!!

Help bring this great project to FIGMENT DC on September 29!

The Intergalactic Travel Bureau offers dream space vacation packages for every budget

Please support this incredible project for FIGMENT NYC 2012!

Project We Love
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Play a game of Pong on a custom built 8′ LED display using nothing but your brainwaves! Debuted at FIGMENT Festival NYC, June 9th.

Giant Pong? Controlled by your brain? Awesome!

A story collecting game that involves families and communities talking and playing with one another. Sometimes about a squid.

Check out this story collecting game for FIGMENT NYC 2012!

Project We Love
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The face is horizontal, as if Lady Liberty is lying down, sinking into the grass. Viewers can walk, climb, and slide down the face.

Help support this amazing piece from our Season-Long Sculpture Garden! Artist Zaq Landsberg is creating a 1:1 replica of the famous statue's face lying down in the grass, enabling visitors to walk, climb, and slide on it.

A reconfigurable, digitally designed installation by 10 graduate architecture students in New York City.

This project was awesome at FIGMENT NYC 2012!

An interdisciplinary performance that includes spoken word and dance celebrates the journey of wearing the same socks for thirty days.

Please support this great project for FIGMENT NYC 2012!

Project We Love
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Rebuilding the Figment TreeHouse Project this year bigger and better! Please support so we can add an addition onto it.

The Treehouse is back! Please help us fund the Treehouse for 2012! We hope to have it open on Governors Island from June through September!

Project We Love
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After Miami, the Palm Authority project takes Governors Island! Help me bring the 5 giant inflatable hands to Figment festival in NY.

Straight from Art Basel in Miami to NYC, help this project to FIGMENT 2012!

Project We Love
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a participatory installation of solar powered touchlights to be shown at FIGMENT NYC in June 2012

Check out this amazing project for FIGMENT NYC 2012!

Help steer new technology away from alienation and towards real world, carbon free participation! FIGMENT NYC June 9-10, 2012.

Check out this awesome project for FIGMENT NYC 2012 from returning FIGMENT artist David Aronson!

THE BEX presents 100 HoopDancers from NYC and beyond, performing in a colorful, campy, multi-tiered, 10min choreographed hoop spectacle

This is Bex's wonderful project for FIGMENT NYC 2012!

Project We Love
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Public Summer: Library of Immediacy will be a temporary architectural installation built on Governors Island with dynamic programming.

FIGMENT is working with SUPERFRONT to create a temporary architectural installation next to our treehouse, minigolf course, and sculpture garden for summer 2012!

Project We Love
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This Kickstarter will support a Burning Man helping to light your way to Bladder and Bowel Utopia on the Playa!

Did you see this sign at FIGMENT NYC 2012? If you loved it as much as we did then help fund it so it can get to Burning Man this year!

The Roeblingagon is the NYC CORE Project for Burning Man 2012.

Check out this project for Burning Man 2012 that also will be appearing at FIGMENT NYC 2012!

Project We Love
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Plastic Fantastic wants to go to Figment on Governor's Island June 9-12, 2011 & we need your help to get there!

A great project from FIGMENT NYC 2011!

Mist Wave is an interactive public art installation inspired by Under the Wave off Kanagawa of Hokusai’s print titled The Great Wave

A great project from FIGMENT NYC 2011!

Big Exit is a physical theater performance that we want to take to a free, outdoor art festival on Governor's Island.

A theater project from FIGMENT NYC 2011

A 1:1 scale F-117, framed in wood and covered in astroturf. It will be on a grassy field on Governor's Island, NYC all summer.

Check out Zaq Landsberg's awesome Stealth Fighter from FIGMENT NYC's 2011 Sculpture Garden on Governors Island.

Epiphany is a site specific, quadrophonic, interactive, audio installation performed on Governors Island in New York City.

A FIGMENT NYC mainstay for several years, Douglas Hart's sound installation rocked Fort Jay.