• Trefoil: An Original Dance Film

    Trefoil is a dance film choreographed by Mina Lawton set at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

    Fiscally Sponsored by Dance Films Association, we're excited to see this film be made!

  • Cape Dance Festival New Work Residency

    Help fund our New Work Residency with 10 amazing dancers from the Boston Ballet, July 19th – 25th in beautiful Cape Cod, MA,.

    From Dance on Camera curator Liz Wolff comes Cape Dance Festival!

  • [re]CLAIM

    A multi-media, immersive contemporary dance work that explores artistic ownership through street art. May 15-17, RIFT Blackbox Theater.

    TAGGED screened in the 2015 Dance on Camera Festival as a part of our Shorts Program, now it's re-envisioned in this multi-media, immersive experience!

  • THE GARDEN: A Fierce Ballerina in the Future.

    In the Garden, humans get converted into AI constructs to survive. But Luc - a rebellious ballerina - would rather die than conform.

    Dance film meets the future in this ballet sci-fi short film created by an esteem team based in New York!

  • Foreign Puzzle - a film about love, dance and breast cancer.

    Suspended between life and death, a Mexican-American mother (of a 6 year old) explores her uncertainty and fear of death through dance.

    Dance Films Association awarded post production funds the the Foreign Puzzle, we are happy to continue to support it!

  • Multiple Bodies and a Theme of Tomorrow

    A new multidisciplinary project series by multiple artists working in various practices and locations.

    Member and past Dance on Camera filmmaker Charli Brissey is embarking on a multidisciplinary, cross-time and space project for fall 2015 in relation to the idea of 'tomorrow'

  • Dancing across borders

    I've been offered a role in an exciting, new dance film, set in Denmark with an opportunity for cultural exchange and travel in Europe

    The Ohio State University has an incredible dance film program and we support their students!

  • Dance Films Builds An Archive

    An archive that will change the history of dance on film, making nearly 60 years of ground breaking footage accessible.

    Dance Films Association embarks on our own campaign to build an archive! Launching on Opening Day of our 42nd Edition of Dance on Camera!

  • AWAKING movie

    Never let the reality break your soul.

    This film soars beyond obstacles!

  • MA- a modern day silent film.

    MA is the story of a virgin mother on a pilgrimage to Las Vegas to give birth to our savior.

    Short dance filmmaker extraordinare Celia Rowlson-Hall, embarks on her first feature length silent dance film!

  • Shaping Sound On Film

    Shaping Sound is producing a new short film with world-renowned composer Ólafur Arnalds.

    Coming off a tour, Shaping Sound is making their first dance film, turning the "camera into a character."

  • Mr. Gaga: film about Ohad Naharin and Batsheva Dance Company

    Help Tomer Heymann complete a documentary about Ohad Naharin and Batsheva Dance Company!

    Naharin finally meets the camera in this documentary project about his work.

  • Operation Dancing Feet!

    Dancing Dreams is a non-profit dance program giving children with physical & medical challenges a chance to live their dream—to DANCE!!

    Facilitating the pursuit of their dreams, giving children the opportunity to dance!

  • LOVE TOMORROW - a love story about two dancers

    A tentative friendship grows into something more when two dancers, who are both facing life changing decisions meet by chance in London

    LOVE TOMORROW is finished and now looking for ways to find their audience!

  • Cucalorus 19

    Cucalorus brings people together to celebrate, discover and create independent film.

    One of the only independent film festivals that dedicates a portion of their festival to dance film, please support our friends at Cucalorus! Pledge just $200 and you can get a pass to the festival and see dance films, watch live performances, and take a few dance master classes!

  • Qualia: A Cinematic Dance Film (Relaunch)

    A USC Graduate Thesis film following a young girl who discovers three unexpected women dancers in motion.

    Dance film breaking assumptions!

  • BOMB IT 2

    Jon Reiss' global graffiti documentary follow-up takes audiences to previously unexplored areas of the Middle East, Europe, Asia & more

    Back this project for the opportunity to have a consultation with Jon Reiss, one of the leaders of independent film distribution who worked on the 2012 Dance on Camera opening night film, Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance.

  • Ghost lines LIVE

    A live performance evening that conjures Vaudeville, Dada and Surrealism in a trompe-l’oeil investigation of 2-D and 3-D space.

    Both a film and a live performance, Ghost Lines is mesmerizing. Take a look at some of the footage from the 16mm film in the promo video!

  • 4CHAMBERS on Governors Island /Jody Oberfelder Dance Project

    A sensorial journey into the human heart. A site-specific immersive performance installation on Governors Island.

    4CHAMBERS has screened at one of our works in progress in the form of a short film. We're excited to see it transform into immersive performance.

  • Weber Dance Documentary Film

    I'm traveling with an east coast modern dance company to document their work in Juneau Alaska.

    We often talk about the two coasts, but what about Alaska, now that's a journey to document!

  • THE SHAPE THE COLOR THE FEEL: Collaborative Record and Films

    1 Record / 9 Films / 8 Filmmakers / 7 Cities. A community supported collaboration of music, film, photography, and visual art.

    Turning music into visual landscapes with both dance and film, but handing over creative control to different artists! That's exciting!

  • Pluck, Trim, Arrange..... "Jerome's Bouquet" A Short Film

    The story of a retired florist who can't stop arranging. Co-directed by Tony & Emmy Award Winner Bebe Neuwirth and Chris Calkins.

    Honorary Ziegfeld Girl and dancer Bebe Neuwirth gets behind the camera to direct this new short about a dedicated florist who can't stop arranging!

  • Flex Is Kings - Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival!

    FLEX: the new street dance from Brooklyn. Help us finish this project for a premiere at Tribeca Film Festival!

    A new dance film coming your way during the Tribeca Film Festival! A festival that is a friend to dance films, take a look at the dance films that screened at Tribeca in 2012.

  • APOTHEOSIS: an acrobatic dance film

    Apotheosis is a meditation on the transcendent power of movement explored dynamically in film featuring fire, aerial, and hoop dance.

    Some favorite, jury nominate films in Dance on Camera have featured aerial work and hoop dance. But fire! Now that could be something new!

  • Holding on to the Barre

    An inspirational story of Marie-Christine Mouis, a former principal of the Boston Ballet who shows her determination to never give up.

    Fiscally Sponsored by Dance Films Association, we support HOLDING ON TO THE BARRE.


  • "Five Dances", a feature film by Alan Brown

    A young dancer with talent to burn flees a troubled past to make a life, and find love, in New York City.

    Dance on Camera Opening Night film, screened twice to sold out theaters. FIVE DANCES features five New York City dancers. Coming to theaters near you in the spring!

  • Topography Dance Film

    Topography is a Dance Film that implements an exciting new body mapping projection technology.

    TOPOGRAPHY challenges the boundaries of live performance and dance film by integrating 3D technology.

  • YAGP's "Ballet's Greatest Hits" Gala

    Help bring "Ballet's Greatest Hits" to movie theaters across the country.

    Ballet in Cinema, bringing international ballet companies to American movie theater screens, will now bring the brilliant performances from YAGP to a theater near you!

  • Portrait of Jason Film Restoration

    Shirley Clarke's groundbreaking documentary film is in jeopardy - help us restore the print and release it for everyone to see!

    Shirley Clarke is an iconic dance filmmaker, emerging from a dance back ground into the avant garde experimental NYC film scene. Milestone has already restored some of her early dance films, so we're happy to curate this project.

  • "Miss Hill"

    The unknown story of Martha Hill- a courageous woman who fought for over 70 years to establish Modern Dance as a legitimate art form.

    Credited with uniting modern dance, Martha Hill brought super stars Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Tanya Holm, Charles Weidman and many others together at Bennington College. This documentary celebrates and makes known her contribution to the dance community.

  • TEST - a feature film in post-production

    A poignant, powerful story set in the San Francisco modern dance scene of 1985, in the early years of the AIDS epidemic.

    A narrative, feature length dance film, with support from the San Francisco Film Society. A collaborative creative team that hails from the west coast and east coast, including choreographer Sidra Bell and director Chris Mason Johnson.

  • "Elizabeth" // a dance on film

    A dance on film, created by Tori Lawrence + Co., that will premiere at the Barnes Foundation on December 14, 2012

    Start your October with this dance film!

  • Cucalorus 18

    Cucalorus needs your help! We need 18k to bring artists from all over the world to North Carolina for another amazing film festival!

    Cucalorus Film Festival includes dance film in their ambitious Dance-a-Lorus program. We're so excited to what comes to life on screen this year!

  • Destination by Michael Kors, a Code f.a.d. Dance Film

    Code f.a.d. visits the beach to shoot footage, turning their Fashion Briefs work "Destination by Michael Kors" into a dance film.

    Dance film with fashion, yes girlfriend! More than ever, the fashion industry is utilizing dance film to showcase clothing, accessories, shoes, ect. This project is en route, with your help, to produce 12 short dance films inspired by these leading fashion designers.

  • Central Park Tale

    From the Animation Director of "Happy Feet" and the Choreographer of "Step Up" 1-4 comes a rollicking new hip hop animated film.

    From the animation director of Happy Feet, this film rides on the legacy of West Side Story, featuring animated hip-hop battles between black and grey squirrels in Central Park. Sounds riveting! We're already dancing with excitement about this new dance film!

  • Timelines

    An integrated video and dance performance that will take you on a journey through time.

    TIMELINES possible through an Artist in Residence program at the Fidget Space in Philadelphia, supporters of the dance film genre.

  • 'Syncopation' Lindy Hop Glass Floor Routine & Film

    The film 'Syncopation' will show two lindy hoppers dancing from below a glass floor.

    Dance from below, a sight not often seen. But, one that is possible to capture with a camera and the largest glass dance floor SYNCOPATION needs your help to build!

  • Movement Workshop Group's New Dance Short

    MWG's first creative dance film set to feature its work from the past seven years!

    Taking a look back at their work over the past seven years, the Movement Research Group reminds us that film is a powerful tool for creative documentation.

  • MARCELO GOMES: Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer

    Four continents. Two filmmakers. One dancer. A documentary portrait of ballet star Marcelo Gomes.

    DFA is proud to Fiscally Sponsor this dance film. We are thrilled that after the first weekend, they raised nearly half of their goal! A leading dancer of his generation as a principal with ABT and Bessie award winner, Marcelo Gomes next steps will now be captured on film!

  • peach

    A dance film created by Virginia Broyles in collaboration with Charles-Ryan Barber.

    It's summer, and that means it's peach season! And what's sweeter than adding a dance film called "peach" to your summer pick?


    Action architect Elizabeth Streb has re-invented the language of movement. HERO will re-write the language of documentary.

    Elizabeth Streb is representing the US with incredible dance performances during the Summer Olympics in London. Back this project and see the life of Streb on film!

  • Alex Little & Co: invited to the Capezio ACE AWARDS in NYC

    A mulit-media work of art: The film plays while simultaneously, the dancers perform. The story unravels before you, in a 3D experience!

    Bring LA to NY! Line items in film production can be as creative as the work itself. Help these choreographers and filmmakers make it to NY with their film, projector, and screen!

  • Then She Fell

    An immersive theater experience combining a former hospital space, the writings of Lewis Carroll, & just 15 audience members per show.

    Our Dance Film Lab moderator Zach Morris of Third Rail Projects is behind this immersive theater experience. We support this multi-media project, premiering in the vacated Greenpoint Hospital in Williamsburg this October.

  • the AOMC is SO CLOSE + SO FULL!

    barrish wants to put it's mouth on your desire. Help the AOMC raise the final $2,000 they need to premiere it at HERE this July!

    Pledge $15 and attend AOMC's fundraiser performance danceparty with live performances and video! AOMC is not only a working dance company, but also a service oriented collective providing video resources for dancers as A.O. PRO(+ductions).

  • A Sense of Place - Island Moving Co. Documentary Dance Film

    'A Sense of Place' a documentary film about the inspiration,creation & performances of Island Moving Co.'s site specific dance festival

    This documentary follows the creative process of three choreographers- Marta Renzi, Zach Morris and Christine Sandorfi. We are thrilled to support this film, the work of our friends at Island Moving Company.


    SACRAMENT is a film told through movement & music about five people who are caught in a cult ritual surrounding a strange deity.

    DFA member Natalie Metzger moves from the stage to film, in the adaptation of SACRAMENT. We've screened two of her films and are happy to support this latest project.

  • Ghost line

    A 16mm experimental dance film collaboration that invokes the spaces of Vaudeville through a Dada/Surrealist eye.

    16mm black and white film stock is still alive in "Ghost line"! Back this project and nod to the days of Buster Keaton!

  • Fleet Moves Dance Festival

    an all-ages, all-hours, happening of dance, performance, and visual art that will set the town of Wellfleet, Massachusetts in motion!

    Pledge $500 or more and commission your own dance film. How about that?!

    Support Fleet Moves, a dance festival that not only integrates dance and film, but one that also includes the local community.

  • Days of Gray

    Bicephaly Pictures & co are creating a timeless tale, scored by incredible Icelandic band Hjaltalín.

    DFA screened Bicephaly Pictures' short dance film URBAN MATTER at a Dance Film Lab Moderated Screening. We applaud their move in the direction of a feature length film.

  • Studies in Space

    A dance film shot in ultra slow motion exploring movement, dance & space. To see in movement what the naked eye cannot.

    Support "Studies in Space" and support the ageless fascination with space, essential to both dance and film.

  • "Anela en Rouge" Short Film

    "Anela en Rouge" (The Angel in Red) is a moving experimental dance documentary that needs funding assistance to be completed.

    Licenses are not too fun. Yet it is important to obtain rights to support other artists and to ensure your film is in the clear. We applaud "Anela en Rouge" for taking this important step!

  • Mucca Pazza is shooting a dance film!

    MARCHING BANNED will be an Experimental Dance Film throwing a bombastic musical experience into an otherwise unassuming Urban setting

    FANFARE FOR MARCHING BANNED was a Post Production Grant Recipient in 2011 and screened in our shorts program in the 2012 Dance on Camera Festival. They've come a long way since they launched this campaign, which includes a new title!

  • Night Thing: A Dance Turns Into a Film!

    An intriguing dance piece is transformed from a live performance into a feature length film!

    Screen Adaptation. It's not just an Oscar category, but yet another way to bring dance to film!

  • SOLIPSIST - an experimental fantasy film

    SOLIPSIST is a three part psychedelic fantasy short film about otherworldly beings whose minds and bodies converge into one entity.

    Dance meets fantasy with the help of special effects. See the film here, which premiered on Vimeo March 5th and screened at SXSW.

  • Dance Films Kino

    A three week festival presenting 45 works of film and 15 talks + performances in an environment inspired by 1920s film clubs.

    Support the space where most ambitious program of the 2012 Dance on Camera Tour will take place. Dance Films Kino is an official Dance on Camera Tour Partner.

  • The nerd-E Crew Dance Music Video Production Featuring PjOE

    A vibrant & eclectic experience, showcasing a fusion of original choreography, dance styles and music, all captured on video.

    Music videos, a prime place to merge dance and film!

  • TRASH DANCE Finishing!

    COMPLETION and WORLD PREMIERE FESTIVAL LAUNCH of the documentary film about dance, wonder, collaboration, and trash.

    DFA attended SXSW this year. Trash Dance was one of the few dance films to screen at the festival. Visit our website to see the other dance films that screened. http://bit.ly/GDqa0z


    Rocha Dance Theater will perform MANDORLA at HERE, April 11th-15th! A performance of dance theater, video and visual design!

    Mandorla incorporates dance film, quoted by the creator Jenny Rocha as an "integral part" of the live performance.

  • Tuzina

    Using dance to connect with women and children in Uganda in order to equip them to work through trauma and celebrate their culture.

    An example of dance film for social empowerment.

  • Lisa Townsend Company / indifference

    Lisa Townsend Co. premieres -indifference-, a multi-media dance work, this March 22-25 as a CounterPulse Theater Artist in Residence.

    "indifference" integrates multiple levels of media and points to the possibility of including dance film in live performance.

  • Totem and Taboo

    Support dancers in the Moving Men Series at Dixon Place Theater, claimed by NY Magazine as one the "most important theaters in NYC."

    Upcoming project by Dance Films Association member, Amber Adams!

  • SOUR

    A screen dance about unveiling the true self through the trials and tribulations of friendship.

    Sometimes words aren't enough. That's why we turn to dance film. And why we support SOUR.

  • Bench Seat a Musical

    BENCH SEAT, is a short film musical written by Neil LaBute, with original music and lyrics by Teddy Geiger, and directed by Anna Mastro.

    Screened in the Shorts Program in our 2012 Dance on Camera Festival, Bench Seat is a wonderful example of collaboration.

  • Girl Walk // All Day

    Girl Walk // All Day is a music & dance video of epic proportions, set to the non-stop soundtrack of Girl Talk's album "All Day."

    The premiere of Girl Walk // All Day was a dance party. The precedent has been set, screenings no longer need to be in theaters. Jacob spoke at our Kickstarter workshop during our Festival: http://www.dancefilms.org/event/kickstarter-presentation/
    Also screening at SXSW!

  • Dances for an iPhone Volume 3

    A free app of short dance movies created by Richard Daniels featuring wonderful, accomplished dance performers.

    Showcased in the Meet the Artist Program in our 2012 Dance on Camera Festival, Richard Daniels's Dances for an iPhone puts dance film in the palm of your hand. Literally.

  • Profane Temporality Dance Film

    A short film about the changing of the seasons and the passing of time.

    This project ties it all together. As New Yorkers understand, the anticipation of a new season gets us through it all. New York City is the perfect backdrop to showcase the union of dance and film.

  • Touch Cuba 2012

    We will produce a documentary filmed in Havana, Cuba by Bitter Jester Creative, following two Cuban born dancers now living in Chicago.

    Representation of the Documentary Dance Film genre. Director Jan Bartoszek is also a member of DFA and has participated in our Touring Program.

  • The Real Men Can Dance - A comedy short film

    "Tango is a conversation. If it’s a good conversation, it will continue... If it’s a really good conversation,you can talk all night."

    If dance films encourage everyone to dance, we are all for it. Plus, this film combines genres- comedy, narratives, and dance.