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Jonathan and Julia's new contemporary dance duet is a kinetic joyride through an abstracted fairy tale, with music by Joe St. Charles.

Live DJ-esque percussion sounds paired with modern movements — we're loving this Chicago group.

A new work of dance-theater developed by Malinda LaVelle's Project Thrust in San Francisco, CA.

What do you huuuunger for? People? Attention? Love? Pizza? This question in movement.

Project We Love
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A collective using movement to investigate the lingering effects of Agent Orange. A story of how war is inherited through the body.

Project Agent Orange investigates what occurs in the wake of chemical warfare through dance.

Project We Love
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"Lilith" is a collaborative intermedia dance piece that is set in the future conceived and performed by choreographer Chell Parkins.

Computer technology meets live performance in this fascinating futuristic intermedia dance-theater piece.

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Pioneering a new voice for women. It’s loud. It’s strong. It’s without high heels. This is pole dancing re-envisioned.

It’s loud. It’s strong. It’s without high heels. This is pole dancing re-envisioned.

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Indelible Dance presents ILLUMINATE: A contemporary ballet about the Big Bang, featuring costumes made of light, live music, and visual projections!

An interpretative, modern dance piece about the Big Bang featuring visual projections and specially designed costumes made of light.

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Selected by Mikhail Baryshnikov as a Jerome Robbins NEW Fellow at Baryshnikov Arts Center, we seek to match our $10,000 award to create "Terra Firma".

She's danced at bustops, by lakes, and on stages all over the world, and her latest piece, “Terra Firma,” turned out beautifully.

Project We Love
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lighting design for my new contemporary dance piece

Spanish flamenco meets southern black America as Asha combines the sounds of cante flamenco with gospel, blues, soul, and ring shout.

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Boy can these boys dance! Jonathan Campbell and Austin Diaz put their amazing technique and unique choreography to rock and pop music.

Project We Love
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I am documenting the movement patterns of plants and animals. With your support, I will research 200 species and present my discoveries.

Karl Cronin personifies plants and animals of all kinds through graceful movement — simply amazing.