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Use-everywhere portable LED light rope & lantern that sticks, ties, hooks, or hangs on virtually anything.

Power Practical, the company behind the Pronto & Luminoodle, used Kickstarter to successfully fund 6 projects. During this Creator Hangout, they discuss their product launch strategy, along with how they approached media outreach for each project.

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Kickstarter's most funded bag ever. Beautiful, intelligent and adaptable, The Everyday Messenger is a giant leap for bag-kind.

Peter Dering is the founder of Peak Design, a mission-driven Bay Area-based company that creates amazing camera and lifestyle gear.

Learn how Peter developed his business and built a first-rate community using Kickstarter.

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An open-source, educational approach to sharing the complex process of becoming a USDA-certified meat processor.

Chef Jonny Hunter's Kickstarter campaign introduced the first open-source, educational framework to share the complex process of becoming a USDA-certified meat processor.

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Let the power of the Amethyst compel you! Help launch Hiker, Anna Vogelzang's best album yet!

Anna Vogelzang is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist 

Learn how she used Kickstarter to engage her fans and launch several aspects of her album release, including funding tour costs, manufacturing and more.

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4 Stanford women crossing the country and coaching design thinking and leadership workshops that empower girls to become leaders of social change.

On 4/20, we talked to Katie Kirsch, the co-founder of Girls Driving for a Difference. Katie's project had aspirations of traveling cross-country to inspire and motivate girls to enact social change.

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Transform an underused storefront this winter into a pop-up neighborhood hub with 7 themes: SHOW, PLAY, LEARN, SHARE, MAKE, SHOP & EAT!

Eric Ho, the creator behind mILES, chatted with us about all things pop-up. He walked us through:

*What to consider in a pop-up space
*Running a local project
*How the four-person mILES team gets so much done!

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A bizarre and beautiful 2D adventure about a minister in Hell made by a one-man team. Coming April 25th! Wish-list it now!

On 4/6 at 2pm EST, we'll chat with Thomas Brush, the creator behind Pinstripe, about:

*Games development & design
*Marketing an indie game

If you have any questions about sharing a new game with the world, join us!

RSVP for a reminder:

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L7: Pretend We're Dead: The story of the fierce, funny and feminist pioneers of American grunge punk

We chatted with Robert Fagan, manager of L7, about:

*Rewards the whole band can help with
*Building an online presence
*Being YOU in your messaging

Watch the recording here:

Project We Love
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You might not like peas, but you'll love these! These healthy and happea delights are made from roasted green peas - a recipe from Singapore! Now available at

Our chat with Larissa of Green Pea Cookie was full of pea-leasantries! ;)

We chatted about:

*How Green Pea Cookie got started
*The branding behind the cookies
*Getting help with your project page

Recording here:

Don't salivate in vain at the delicious food your favorite chefs make. Nomiku cooks sous vide at a very precise temperature.

"I'd rather be a leader than a boss." -- Lisa Fetterman

Our chat with Lisa was truly inspirational! We talked about:

*Building & keeping in contact with your community
*Knowing your support network

Watch it all here:

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Early Days is a new kind of performance putting audiences across the country in charge of building a new society - from the ground up.

We chatted with Tassos Stevens (@tassosstevens) about:

*Interactive theater
*Engaging supporters before, during & after a campaign
*Telling your story & deciding on rewards

Watch the recording here:

Wir haben Towell entwickelt, weil wir Sportler bestmöglich unterstützen wollen. Tausch dein Badetuch jetzt gegen ein Sporthandtuch!

We talked to Florian & Lennart, the creators of Towell, all about:

*Product & Graphic Design

Watch the recording here:

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Broadcasts on PBS June 20, 2016 at 10/9c

We talked to Dawn Porter, the director of "Trapped" about:

*Identifying your audience
*Planning events around the launch of your film

Watch the recording here:

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Announcing the GANGLION and the ULTRACORTEX—a $99 biodata acquisition device and a 3D-printed, brain-sensing headset.

We chatted with Joel, one of the creators behind OpenBCI, about:

* #CES2016
* Biosensing
* 3D printing

His words of wisdom on running a hardware campaign: don't skimp on your prototype!

Watch the recording here:

Project We Love
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Exploring the issues and future of rural America through the eyes and ideas of those living in Southern West Virginia.

Elaine McMillion Sheldon, the documentary filmmaker behind Hollow, chatted with us about:

* Budgeting time, especially when it comes to rewards

* The exciting new medium of interactive documentaries

* Keeping backers engaged during & after a campaign

Project We Love
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Facsimile reprint of an iconic 1961 book by modernist graphic designer and pioneer of information design Ladislav Sutnar

Steve Kroeter, the Editor-in-Chief of Designers & Books talked with us about:

* The difference between a crowd & a community

* Inviting your community into the planning process

* How publishing can help restore out-of-print works

Watch it here:

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We've launched another campaign for a new underwater drone...

On 11/11, we chatted with David Lang, the co-founder of OpenROV:

“Money is one thing, but it’s really about the people. Keep the focus on building the community and do it for the long term.” - David

Hear more from David here:

Project We Love
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The award winning biofeedback horror adventure game is back! Thanks to your support, Nevermind is now available for Windows, Mac, Xbox One, Oculus Rift!

On 11/4, we chatted with Erin Reynolds, the Creative Director behind Nevermind:

“It was this amazing validation that there might be something here with this project. People actually want to see it made.” - Erin

Recording here: