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Pick a spot on the globe and I'll send you a print of my nearest photo. A Make 100 project.

CC licensed photos near you

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A new free recording of Bach's final masterpiece, played by pianist Kimiko Ishizaka. Concerts in the Elbphilharmonie and Carnegie Hall.

Support more libre classical music

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A story about a runaway programmer. If funded, it will be released with a creative commons license for anyone to read and remix.

Cool CC licensed book about programming!

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Bring sheet music to life by creating digital interactive editions. Free for everyone, for any purpose, for evermore!

Help our friends at OpenScore fund the sheet music revolution!

A math-inspired fantasy adventure where functions come to life as magical beings.

CC licensed math games for children!

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Let's write a book that shows the world how sharing can be good for business.

CC's own very first Kickstarter! We're raising money to write a book about open business models made with CC licensing.

Women have been leaders in computing from the start, but not enough of our contributions are remembered. Keep our history.

This deck of playing cards featuring women in computer science is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA.

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The Manual is a new, beautifully crafted journal that takes a fresh look, in print, at design on the web.

The Manual is a journal on design, published under CC BY-NC-SA.

A kid-friendly RPG (powered by the Fate Accelerated engine), about dogs, cats, other friendly critters, and the silly stuff they do!

Strays is a kid-friendly role-playing game, licensed under CC BY.

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“The most you will ever laugh playing a game.” – Shut Up & Sit Down

Monikers is a comedy party game, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA.

It's time for a new CD! Here's your chance to get a limited-edition physical copy and other goodies.

Longtime CC musician Josh Woodward will be releasing his new album under the CC Attribution license.

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For one night only, the original members of the legendary Homebrew Computer Club will reunite at the Computer History Museum

If this project reaches its stretch goal, the Homebrew Computer Club reunion will be documented in a CC-licensed film.

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Help us free the life's work of Frédéric Chopin.

New project to create new recordings of all of Chopin's works, in the public domain under CC0.

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Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, without copyright: a new recording adn digital score, now available at

New recording and digital score of Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier in the public domain under CC0. Stretch goals to create braille versions of scores that aren't currently available in braille.

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An open-source, educational approach to sharing the complex process of becoming a USDA-certified meat processor.

The Underground Food Collective is releasing its dry cured salami production HACCP plan to the public domain under the CC0 Public Domain Declaration.

We are recording our first studio album! It includes original tunes, special guests, and songs never recorded before.

The California Feetwarmers are a Los Angeles-based jazz band. Their first studio album will be licensed under CC BY-NC.

USB Drive With Remix Packs, Sample Libraries, Ableton Live Sets, and New Upcoming Remix Album.

Electronic musician Subaqueous plans to release his entire discography in remix-friendly formats under a CC BY-SA license.

Data Dealer, the bitingly clever game about personal data & privacy. Run your own Tracebook & crush those whiny privacy critics!

Data Dealer is a satirical videogame designed to educate people about internet privacy issues. All content is licensed CC BY-SA.

Help launch a FREE guide that can help activists & community organizers leverage social media tools for change like never before.

The Green Memes team is developing a guide to social media for activists, to be licensed under CC BY.

Apocalyptic rock duo Dead Unicorn will soon release its 3rd album Pandemic. We need your help to fund mixing, mastering, vinyl & promo.

Dead Unicorn is a rock band that releases its music under CC BY-NC-SA.

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Ready-to-assemble furniture should be more interesting. I created my first product, 'This Stool Rocks,' which was available on Kickstarter in 2013.

The design files for this wooden rocking stool are available under a CC BY-NC-SA license.

Create new typesettings of public domain horn solos.

This project seeks to create new, CC-licensed typesettings of public domain horn solos.

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Faculty & students at Norwich University write a C++ textbook over a weekend & release the results under a Creative Commons license.

Computer science students and faculty at Norwich University are planning to write a C++ textbook and distribute it under a CC license.

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SYMBIOSIS: An art book exploring a world where all technology is powered by biological engines that are deeply linked to humans

Symbiosis is a CC-licensed science fiction art book.

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A half-hour documentary about ancient rock art in Paraguay, and the rich culture of its guardians, the Pai Tavytera Indians.

Solar Map Project is a documentary about the rock art and culture of the Pai Tavytera Indians, licensed CC BY-NC.

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University textbooks cost too much. So I've been writing my own - a critical thinking & logic book - to give to my students for free.

Clear And Present Thinking is a forthcoming CC-licensed textbook on critical thought.

Vicious Crucible games are situation-first RPGs set in detailed corners of a fantasy world. You can vote on the next game's features.

Vicious Crucible 3 is a tabletop game licensed CC BY-SA.

The greatest work IN English literature, now in the greatest format OF English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!

To Be Or Not To Be is "choose your own"-style book based on Shakespeare's Hamlet, to be licensed CC BY-NC.

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One filmmaker's meditative journey into the worlds of ELVIS PRESLEY, POPE JOHN PAUL II and PRINCESS DIANA exploring fans, faith & image

The Faithful is a documentary about celebrity, faith, and image, licensed CC BY-NC-SA.

A young boy sets out on the most amazing adventure. Will he find the elusive unicorn that he's been looking for, before he loses hope?

That's Not a Unicorn! is a storybook written by a teacher and illustrated by students. The book is licensed CC BY-NC-ND.

"Kill your demons; for as they live by tooth and eye, so too, shall they die."

One Shot is a tabletop roleplaying game about murder and vengeance, licensed CC BY-SA.

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1st vinyl LP + flexi-disc postcards from Lame Drivers: free power pop experimentalists since '03.

Brooklyn power pop band Lame Drivers is releasing an LP and series of flexi-disc singles. All songs will be CC-licensed and remixable.

A travel docu-series that uncovers the Italian culture that resides in each place that Ronaldo visits.

Ronaldo Tours is a satirical travel series licensed CC BY-NC-SA. The creators plan to release some location footage and other content under CC BY.

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The fifth episode of the Bendito Machine saga is here!

Bendito Machine is an animated web series with a highly distinctive visual style, licensed CC BY-NC.

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People ask how they can support Penny Arcade in a way that doesn't involve shirts or looking at ads, and we think we've found a way.

The popular webcomic and videogame site has pledged to license its entire archive under CC BY-NC-SA if it reaches its goal.

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This fun and polished documentary tells the story of Alta Gracia, a living-wage, union made teeshirt factory in the Dominican Republic.

Tejid@s Junt@s is a forthcoming documentary about Alta Gracia, a living-wage clothing factory in the Dominican Republic. The film will be licensed under CC BY-SA.

The Toxies is a satirical red carpet awards ceremony for toxic chemicals. This 3rd annual event is at the Silent Movie Theater in LA.

The Toxies is a theatre comedy event designed to educate people about toxic chemicals. The event and accompanying educational materials are licensed under CC BY-SA.

Haunts: The Manse Macabre is a turn-based, horror game where you can play as the haunts or the intruders. PC/Mac/Linux and Ipad plans.

Haunts: The Manse Macabre video game embraces sharing culture with CC BY-NC-SA content, open-source code, and transparent business.

I'm inviting you into my studio for my next album. Each song will have a video of the entire production process. Let's make this thing!

Josh Woodward is creating his next album all the while capturing his recording sessions on video. His album, like all his music, will be licensed freely to the public under CC BY.

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Treasure-looting, monster-fighting, dungeon-crawling action. A roleplaying game of fantasy adventure.

Dungeon World is a fantasy role-playing game whose text will be licensed under CC BY.

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Eini uses her imagination, creativity and the nature to survive an abusive childhood.

The creator of "Nasty Old People" is out to make a new narrative film called "Granny's Dancing on the Table" under CC BY-NC-SA. The project will also feature 10,000 stories about grannies from around the world.

Vicious Crucible games are short RPGs set in detailed corners of a fantasy world. You can vote on what the next game will feature.

The second in the Vicious Crucible role-playing game series will be licensed to the public under CC BY, allowing fans to reuse and remix the game.

A free software fixed media format for HD video, based on open standards, with metadata and localization but no DRM restrictions

Lib-Ray is a non-DRM video alternative to Blu-Ray. Part of the project will fund Lib-Ray versions of CC-licensed films, such as Nina Paley's "Sita Sings the Blues" (CC BY-SA) and films from the Blender Open Movie Collection.

Project We Love
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An experimental animation about the pursuit of immortality; a love letter to free software and open culture

From the makers of "Elephants Dream," comes a new, open and collaborative "3D animated short about the dream and failure and achievement of immortality." Tube will be licensed under CC BY-SA.

By commissioning art from a diverse set of artists and releasing to the Creative Commons, we'll change how fantasy heroes are depicted.

"In geek culture, there are plenty of Lukes, but not enough Landos or Leias. We want to change that." The Prismatic Art Collection will commission fantasy art pieces depicting heroes of all backgrounds, and release them under CC BY-SA.

A self-aware fantasy RPG about tearing down fantasy's legacy tropes. We're telling stories of revolution and optimistic change.

Farewell to Fear" is a progressive post-fantasy roleplaying game that will be licensed under CC BY-NC-SA.

Project We Love
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"Cities of You" envisions people as imaginary places- described with words and paintings in a self-published book.

Cities of You is licensed to the public under CC BY-NC-SA. For more info, see, and stay tuned for Volume 2!

Project We Love
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The first photo book and traveling photo exhibition on the legendary singer-songwriter and visual artist Daniel Johnston.

Jung Kim, a photographer in Brooklyn, is embarking on a traveling photo exhibition to showcase her amazing images of artist Daniel Johnston at work. In addition to selling high res photo books on her trip, several photos will be made available under CC BY-NC-ND.

Project We Love
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A True Story About Why We Are. From the creator of Everything is a Remix.

Kirby Ferguson wants your support to create a new media series! This is Not a Conspiracy Theory "will explain the major ideas, events, and human quirks that have shaped where we are right now politically" and will be made available for remix and redistribution under CC BY.

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We're building a totally free platform of tools for artists and labels to sell, share, and promote music directly to their fans.

CASH Music is a nonprofit that has been supporting artists with free tools for a while -- including built-in CC licensing options. Now they want to do more -- entirely open source w/ a permanent free option for all artists.

Project We Love
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Let authors automatically format their book, support causes, and get noticed. Foster a library of Creative Commons books. will be a community book publishing platform enabling the full suite of CC licenses. Cover designers may also publish using a CC license.

Funded pre-production for "Lunatics!" series in 2011, now completing production of our first episode to be released Spring 2015. Please visit our main project page for up-to-date information!

Lunatics is a Free-Culture 3D Animated Web Series about what would happen if a grass-roots organization colonized the Moon. In addition to original designs, it will draw from CC-licensed material and itself be licensed under CC BY-SA.

Project We Love
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JourneyQuest Season Two is the continuation of a fantasy comedy webseries, begun in 2010 and released under Creative Commons.

JourneyQuest is a fantasy comedy webseries that was released online under CC BY-NC-SA, gaining an international fan base. The creators are asking for funding to create Season 2 of the series!

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The Bhaloidam handbook is freely available online and you can even download and print your own Lifewheels. High quality Skein packs are also available for sale in our online store.

Bhaloidam is a storytelling platform and game for collaborative storytelling. All materials, including a 72-page handbook, will be made available under a CC BY-NC license.

Project We Love
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8,000 miles across America, interviewing photographers and prison experts who've documented and witnessed the era of mass incarceration

'Prison Photography' on the Road will conduct 40+ audio interviews with acclaimed prison photographers and make them available under a CC BY-ND license. All writing during the trip will also be made available under the same license.

Project We Love
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ExtraCore is a 1" x 1" 22 I/O pin Arduino Compatible. It's 1.7 grams and 16mhz of tiny Arduino style coolness.

An Arduino-compatible board created by Dustin Andrews and released under a CC BY-NC license.

Project We Love
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We're preparing to release version 2.0 of our free, open-source plans for a robotic cutting machine that you can build yourself.

DIYLILCNC 2.0 will be the new and improved version of a robotic cutting machine that you can build yourself. All plans will be released under a CC BY-SA license.

A creative self-published book to share an experimental, open and replicable model for self-guided, exploratory learning.

While biking through the Pacific Northwest, two people are going to develop a “moving curriculum” that provides a framework for peer groups to build and self-facilitate learning experiences from the world around them. The resulting curriculum and book will be CC BY-SA.

The Exile Nation Project puts a human face on the millions of Americans subjugated by America's #1 failed policy: the War on Drugs.

A feature-length documentary on America's prisoners, in addition to a growing online archive of interviews, short films, and other features--all to be released under a CC BY-NC license.

Project We Love
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A new public domain score and studio recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations - set the Goldbergs free!

Award-winning pianist Kimiko Ishizaka is creating a new score and recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations--and waiving all copyrights to the resulting work using the CC0 public domain dedication tool.

A collection of Speculative Fiction written while studying under luminaries of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and other genre bending work.

Scifi and fantasy writer Mark Pantoja will make available his complete body of work from the 2011 Clarion West Writer's Workshop under a CC BY-NC-SA license along with live updates on his blog.

Project We Love
7b6c9678da52d98b4259c937d2e08968 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1 is looking to deploy a network of radiation detection devices to the affected regions in Japan. is collecting and making available nuclear radiation data on the ground in Japan via a network of radiation detection devices. All raw data will be dedicated to the public domain using CC0 to help citizens and governments better understand the effects of radiation.

Project We Love
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Making public transit in Cincinnati more accessible to casual riders by making it more readily apprehensible.

A local citizen has created a new and improved transit map for Cincinnati, Ohio and licensed it under a CC Attribution-ShareAlike license. Under this license, the map may be freely updated and reused by the public.

Project We Love
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The Open Utopia is an open-source, open-access, multi-platform, web-based edition of Thomas More’s Utopia.

Open Utopia aims to provide the most complete, web-accessible version of Thomas More's Utopia, with new translations available in different formats and the ability to remix under a CC BY-NC-SA license.

Project We Love
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Smarthistory - An Open & Free Art History Textbook is am award winning, free and open educational resource for the study of art history. Smarthistory need to create at least 100 more videos in order for the site to be a truly viable alternative to the survey textbook. All content is licensed CC BY-NC-SA.

Project We Love
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You Meet the Nicest People Making Videogames is to be a documentary about everyday people who express themselves by making videogames.

A documentary about people behind videogame production and creation - the final product will be released under a CC BY- SA license.

Project We Love
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A visual album or an experimental music documentary, this project is a quest for the sounds and people of present-day Colombia

A collaboration between French filmmaker Vincent Moon and Argentinean-Colombian duo Lulacruza - this project documents a series of travels through Colombia exploring its musical diversity. The visual album created from these travels will be freely distributed under a CC license.

Help us buy music and release it to the public., without copyrights.

The Musopen project uses donations to purchase and release classical music to the public domain. For the project Musopen will hire an internationally renowned orchestra to record and release the rights to: the Beethoven, Brahms, Sibelius, and Tchaikovsky symphonies.

Project We Love
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Will Anakata, Tiamo and Brokep stay online?

TPB AFK is a documentary about the Pirate Bay - three years in the making, the film follows the story of the creators, the site itself, and how TPB has affected media, politics, and society. The documentary will be released under a CC Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Project We Love
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Make the great icons at completely free for unlimited unlicensed use without attribution or any kind of restriction!

Joseph Wain make icons for iPhone developers and sought funding on Kickstarter when he went to refresh the icons for the iPhone 4 "Retina" display size. All of the icons are released to the public under a CC Attribution license.

Project We Love
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I'm writing a detective story set halfway between San Francisco and the internet. And the more people who reserve a copy, the better each one will be!

One of the first Kickstarter projects to use CC licenses and a huge success - Sloan worked with backers to create a remix fund to spur new creative works