• Cotton Mouth

    In the near future, a paranoid computer programmer disconnects himself by hiding out in a bizarre, isolated retirement community.

    Recent Alumni ('14) and Producer Lila Yanow and Director and Alumni ('13)Niko Savich's new project also is now a Kickstarter Staff Pick! Check out this new trailer for an interesting and cool film.

  • Old Gum Wrappers and Grocery Lists

    Drawn between December '13 and July '14, Gum Wrappers collects my recent journal comics - full of cold weather and quarter-life crises.

    Recent alumnus Kevin Budnik's very engaging and endearing comics are close to becoming a book. Please take a look at this very worthy project and artist!

  • 'Nesting Grounds' Festival Funds

    Help us send our film, Nesting Grounds, to film festivals!

    "Nesting Grounds" was shot last August in Nashville, TN. A small group of Columbia students caravanned down to Tennessee to shoot it, and that same small group has stuck with it through post production. We're very proud of the final film, and want to show it to the world.

  • Stygian

    Stygian is a short western shot on location in White Sands, NM. There is no dialogue, & will be shot digitally on a RED Scarlet.

    MFA film directing student, Josh Garvin and cinematographer, AJ Young collaborate on this thesis film shooting in February 2014 in White Sands, New Mexico. Take a look!!!

  • JESSICA: a movie for anyone who's ever felt a little lost...

    Terrified of the changes around her, not-so-recent college grad Jessica searches for something—anything—that still feels familiar.

    This feature length indie film is written and directed by adjunct faculty member, Scott Foley. Back this great project that is well on its way to being 100% funded and check out this great article on WBEZ: http://bit.ly/12W6tOH

  • The Jog

    "The Jog" is my thesis film for Columbia College Chicago's Creative Producing MFA; a visual and emotional drama with comedic moments.

    MFA creative producing student Jeremy Widen's film, The Jog.

  • The Hasty Pastry Graphic Novel: Book One~

    Crazy customers, frustrating managers, ridiculous fellow employees, and a cute dog are all a part of Cat's life at this Chicago bakery!

    Ali Cantarella's amazing comic is already successful, but it is not to late to back this amazing comic!

  • Finn & The Sea of Noise | A Feature Length Film

    A unique micro-budget film, following Finn as he navigates through one wild summer. Help young filmmakers create a true passion project

    Before his Senior year at Columbia, Film and Video student Ryan Ohm sets out to tackle his first full length film in collaboration with some of Columbia's finest filmmakers!

  • The Song - A Short Film Based on a Manzanar Internment Story

    Based on a true story written by my mother Yosh Golden about my grandmother's forced relocation to Manzanar, California during WWII.

    Kazuko Golden is currently a graduate student at Columbia College and this film is based on the true story written by her mother detailing her grandmother's forced relocation to California during WWII.

  • Degenerate Art Gallery

    An online platform that connects artists with entrepreneurship tools. Help fund our first physical art show in Chicago, IL

    Arts Management Alumnus Nicholas Zahn's inventive Degenerate Art Gallery is a growing online platform connecting artists with entrepreneurship tools to forward their careers.

  • Orchids

    An elderly man's introverted lifestyle is challenged when his estranged daughter visits and destroys his beloved flower collection.

    Katherine Clark and Ken Detterline are working on this unique film as part of their MFA curriculum. Help them with the production design for this project about an estranged daughter's discovery of her father's orchid collection.

  • Food Patriots - a journey into the good food movement

    We wanted to document how one family can take small steps to change the way we eat, buy and think about food.

    Food Patriots is a new film-in-progress & public engagement campaign with the goal of getting consumers to shirt the way they buy, eat and think about food by 10%.

  • DMT: Feature documentary exploring Dance Movement Therapy in Kolkata, India

    Survivors of human trafficking and abuse in Kolkata, India find solace and peace from dance movement therapy.

    DMT student and Weisman Award winner Ashley Fargnoli's documentary that explores dance movement therapy as a rehabilitation method for survivors of abuse and human trafficking in Kolkata, India.

  • lille huset

    Lille huset is an eco-friendly modular doll house made in the USA! It inspires creativity and imagination in kids.

    A+D faculty member Alyson Beaton's innovative eco-friendly modular doll house project!

  • Called Wilson -- an old school southern print project

    A nonfiction story with a multimedia twist, about the effects of urban sprawl in the southern United States.

    Caro Griffin graduated in spring 2012 from Columbia's Interdisciplinary Arts program. In this project she addresses the topic of urban sprawl through a print component and an interactive website.

  • The "Z" Word

    David, a recovered and generally imposed upon zombie, attempts to find himself a normal place in society and in life (after death).

    This is a dark comedy set is a post-apocalyptic zombie world, but a cure for zombie-ism has been found.
    Columbia College student John Lerchen is directing, with accomplished fellow student and writer/producer Kayla Rosenberg.

  • Moon Intern

    Space! Love! Exploration! Action! As the newest heroic Moon Intern! Fix Machines, Deliver Packages and Fight Evil! Love your Soulmate!

    Recent IAM alumnus, Larry Griffin's incredibly successful game design and development project. Moon Intern is a serialized side-scrolling action RPG set on a Moon Colony played almost like a comic book with each day acting like a single issue or a single episode.

  • The Treehouse - a short film

    After his mother's death, Matt meets a strange girl named Angela, who invites him into her space ship.

    Film Student and Weisman Award winner A.J. Sheeran's visual stunning and engaging story of two children who find commonality in an uncommon way.

  • Spirit of '68

    Spirit of '68 is a narrative/documentary short about Vietnam veteran Anthony who joins the 1968 DNC Protests and ends up at NATO 2012.

    Ryan Nanni graduated in spring 2012 from Columbia's Film & Video department. This successfully funded documentary film examines the story of a Vietnam Vet returning home from war to the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

  • WASHED - A Short Film

    Mistakes are made. Love is lost. The shattered fragments of Caroline's past are washed away as she takes a step forward.

    Allison Anderson & Alex Leopold are current Film & Video students at Columbia who wrote, directed, and shot this short film. Washed focuses on a car wash as a metaphor and catalyst for a transformative experience that allow for the central character to reconcile her past.

  • The Cask of Amontillado - The Quest for More Money.

    A short film adaptation of the Poe story of the same name. Help us raise the funds needed to distribute the film.

    An homage to the classic Edgar Allen Poe story. Mark Leja's film provides its own unique take on this gripping and chilling tale.

  • The People's Bridge: Middle East Documentary Film Project

    Two young filmmakers will tell the human stories on all sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to inspire greater understanding.

    Will and Nehemiah will tell the human stories of the conflict with the help of Peace Now, the oldest and most influential peace organization in Israel. The project means to inspire compassionate dialogue around the world, and engage people in peacemaking.


    An investigation of deconstruction, color invention, subversion of assigned meaning, as well as an embrace of surprise.

    Recent alum Kristen Kula investigates the layers and process of analogue photography in this awesome project! Get behind it!