A tense New Jersey road trip with Mary and, her recently deceased brother's best friend, Davey.

Patrick Ford and Taylor Mendonca's Thesis Film

Project We Love
837b6dffb39c88fc3efdcbb12813155f original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

The follow-up to the short film DARE (2005) from David Brind and Adam Salky, starring original leads Michael Cassidy & Adam Fleming

"The Dare Project" from director Adam Salky (SOA '08; writer David Brind (SOA '08); producer Felecia Hunter (SOA '16)

Project We Love
8bff7b82222d762f98727934498cf8d9 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.0

Maggie Siff stars as a burned-out actress who flees mind-numbing Hollywood to her past life in Brooklyn to reinvent herself.

"A Woman, A Part: Feature film project from
Shrihari Sathe - Producer - (SOA '09)
Erin Beaupre - Production Designer - (Architecture '08)

Project We Love
B115eb5d3ccd9c073278b1019b948f32 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Film inspired on a true story of child trafficking in the 80s in Lima. Película inspirada en una historia real de tráfico de niños.

Melina Leon (SOA '08)
Director/Writer/Producer, Michael White (SOA '06) Co-Writer, Ori Dov Gratch (’02 CC) and Jesus Pimentel Melo (SOA '11) Producers

Project We Love
6d5be1ffbb1b83376b86a675a4762dcc original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

A short comedy about a librarian who takes a stand when a corporate consultant replaces her Book of the Month recommendation.

MFA Thesis film directed by Rakesh Baruah and Produced by Susannah Locascio

Project We Love
596140a44aacfcc7ce67ede8d5e64976 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

In a war-ravaged Middle Eastern neighborhood, a disheartened musician struggles to rebuild his piano after it is destroyed by terrorists.

From current students Jimmy Keyrouz (writer/director) and Felecia Hunter (producer)

Project We Love
642692634a4c997e82ea8959a0e3d5c5 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.0

A psychodrama about love, intimacy, and trust –– and what happens when lies become truth.

Writer/Director Christina Choe (SOA, 12) teams up with producers Gerry Kim & Mayuran Tiruchelvam (SOA 12) for her debut feature, NANCY. A Kickstarter STAFF Pick & featured on Sundance, Filmmaker Magazine, Film Independent, Vimeo pages.

A web series about the underbelly of the yoga world. Welcome to the posing you don't see from your down dog, bitches... and namaste.

Columbia MFA film alumna Mary Gillen (2012) is directing all six epsiodes of the first season, in addition to writing and producing several episodes. Fellow alumni involved in this project include Ana Lazarevic (2012) as Assistant Director and Ed Blythe (2010) as DP.

Project We Love
C68c08fcf1564c94aa1023f48a163c9a original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

An American-based terrorist group deploys their weapon of war: a terminal STD. Drama/ultra-black comedy. Shot & set in NYC. 2014/2015.

John Reed, creative writing MFA thesis advisor and MFA graduate 94, takes on No Wave Cinema in his latest project. The author of five books, Reed's media play is a Kickstarter Staff Pick. Pitch in and join the 130 backers for the "backers only" party.

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77a6ed99566eae0d24e4caef4f9d5793 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

We've made the movie. Now we need your help to launch it on the film festival circuit, into theaters, and onto DVD and VOD!

Help us bring our feature film to audiences! Written and directed by Columbia Film alum and adjunct prof Nelson Kim ('07), produced by Geoff Quan ('08), shot by Ming Kai Leung ('06), and edited by Brooke Sebold ('12).

Project We Love
245a0d62d54b4fcf756369b09672a9ab original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Help launch award-winning short THE BRAVEST, THE BOLDEST on its 2015 overseas festival tour & prepare it for 2016 Oscar Qualification.

"The Bravest, The Boldest" an award-winning short film by Columbia Film alum Moon Molson.

Project We Love
08ab777e580baf92d98f6b9c8bcb7201 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.0

*Open Roads* a short film by Mimi Jeffries about a father trying to find life beyond a diagnosis.

A short film by Columbia Film alum Mimi Jefferies ('13).

Project We Love
218918a855c70d30a5aae110677fbe5e original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Bears discover how to use fire—causing a remarkable series of events for a rural family in this sci-fi tale set in small town America.

Bears Discover Fire is a Columbia University MFA thesis film directed by Ben Leonberg and produced by Scott Riehs. It's a story about fantastic natural phenomena and the very ordinary people who experience it.

Project We Love
Df5e96608269bf15fd46f410259fe3f9 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Produced in association with charities in the USA, UK and India, a powerful short film about domestic violence, starring Shabana Azmi.

Written and Directed by Columbia alum Nasheed Qamar Faruqi(08)

An experimental exploration of the Juggalo subculture in Buffalo, New York.

Produced by Columbia Film Alum Shrihari Sathe ('09).

Project We Love
B89a3c835dee73c2af592de0426dbe12 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Help us trick-out The Headshot Truck with a generator, AC unit, & lights to create a cutting-edge mobile photography studio for actors.

This may not be a movie, but it's a cool new business set up by Film alum Will Harper.

Project We Love
B4c4254fbf99549354ff87fda5808a21 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Help us finish our documentary about Cuba's drag-racing community and their quest to hold the first official race since the Revolution.

A new documentary from Film alum Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt ('07)

A play by April Yvette Thompson. A Gullah Healer Woman and an Afro-Cuban Priest forge a new world of magic & dreams in Jim Crow Miami.

A play by April Yvette Thompson. A Gullah Healer Woman and an Afro-Cuban Priest forge a new world of magic & dreams in Jim Crow Miami. Executive Produced by Columbia alum Ron Simons

Project We Love
1562131ad99570f13ad360417ad35a6b original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

When one of the most prolific art forgers in US history is finally exposed, he must confront the legacy of his 30-year con.

From Film alum Jennifer Grausman ('05)

Project We Love
1eb958aee2a0d182e2a637c63c2b42a5 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

The filmmakers who brought you the indie hit CODEPENDENT LESBIAN SPACE ALIEN SEEKS SAME are making a new comedy about lesbian hookers!

The new film from Columbia Film alum Madeleine Olnek

Project We Love
77f451627f553c5df09f34f003b30579 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

It's 1972 during the famous playoff game between the Steelers and Raiders. Can Joey, a shy 16 year old,win over the girl of his dreams?

Director: Charlotte Glynn (class of ‘13)
Producer: Berkley Brady (current student)
Producer: Luke Spears (class of ’13))
Co-Producer: Alvaro R. Valente (current student)
1st AD: Kevin Lau (class of ‘13)

Come hell or high water, ten year-old Bobby believes he must baptize his best friend Joshua to save him from eternal damnation.

Come hell or high water, ten year-old Bobby believes he must baptize his best friend Joshua to save him from eternal damnation. Robert Caudy (1st year) will direct from his 8-12 script with Michael Minard (2nd year) and Victoria Besse Aleksanian (1st year) producing.

GayTVGames is coming out!

A new TV Show from Film alum Chanelle Elaine.

Project We Love
2a08f1f7e6f0056c79c35c8ba4e065f2 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

The story of April, 17, who has to face her strained relationship with her father on the eve of his children's book award ceremony.

A film to be produced by 2nd year producing student Emma Wang and written and directed by Columbia directing student Filip K. Kasperaszek

Project We Love
Bbac31ea097037f2db493eb1d8a3b8c2 original.jpeg?ixlib=rb 2.0

A narrative film set on the Pacific Coast of Colombia: winner of Spike Lee Fellowship Award and Film Independent Producing Fellowship

The producing debut of Marcia Nunes (BC '07)

Project We Love
E04144dd79bc15eaded414b299b1ce10 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Decades before the Civil War, the actions of a brutal overseer spark the fire of revolution on a tobacco farm.

TOBACCO BURN is Justin Liberman's (4th year directing) & Alvaro R. Valente (4th year producing) MFA thesis at Columbia University. Nicole Delaney (2nd year producing) & Brian Birch (3rd year Producing) are the co-producers.

The story of one girl's loss of innocence.

BABE, an 8-12 written and directed by Lucy Brydon (2nd Year Screenwriting) and produced by Demond Robertson (3rd Year Producing).

Project We Love
8777a46d2e37dbf3535c72f8e8ce209b original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Four continents. Two filmmakers. One dancer. A documentary portrait of ballet star Marcelo Gomes.

MARCELO GOMES: ANATOMY OF A MALE BALLET DANCER is a documentary film about one of the great ballet dancers of our generation. MFA Film alums David Barba and James Pellerito are shooting, directing and producing this project on four continents.

An action-packed satire about a radical ex-professor and her gang of followers who kidnap famous news anchor Thomas Brookstone.

THE PROFESSOR is producer Perri Nemiroff’s MFA Thesis Film at Columbia University and will premiere in May 2013 at the Columbia University Film Festival.

A runaway couple find refuge in a motel in the middle of the Andes. There, they will meet a young girl who will change their fate.

WATITA is an 8-12 minute project directed by Alonso Llosa (Columbia Film Directing MFA) and written and produced by Gabe Grossman (Columbia Screenwriting MFA).

After five years, a kidnapped boy returns home, testing a priest's faith and respect for the law.

The first feature directed by Columbia MFA Alum Andrew Brotzman, and Produced by Columbia MFA Alum Veronica Nickel

Project We Love
F8e2e07bdd49bc7ebd1c9e7380faae6b original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

When Ash invites his ex on a road trip to the Florida Keys, he doesn't mention that the vacation is actually a dangerous drug deal.

Columbia MFA candidate Brandon Zuck's short, produced by Joanna Lagstein and Brian Love.

Project We Love
Cb23d598b770b2dccd71bf85ffb570cb original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Facing a government execution, a young protester named Joseph makes a daring escape attempt in a dystopian New York City.

THE EXIT ROOM is a narrative short film to be produced on location in Brooklyn, New York. A futuristic adaptation of Ambrose Bierce’s AN OCCURRENCE AT OWL CREEK BRIDGE, the film explores one’s final moments of life and consciousness.

Sound mix, tapes, festival screeners and publicity materials for our Super8mm opus. We need your help to do it!

Objects Attack! is a feature film shot on super8 Black /White reversal film about Lovey Chambers-a passionate, yet incompetent woman suffering from a resistential crisis. OA! is the 3rd feature film that Rona Mark (alum 2000) has written directed and produced.

Project We Love
C1bf60eec9ac7a43dce64bb6d2fda547 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

The story of a man with a fish head who escapes from the freak show he has lived in for his whole life.

Director Nisan Dag's Thesis film - When a man with a fish head finally escapes from his traveling freak show, he befriends a young girl and embarks on a journey to the mythical lake where he believes he was born.

Project We Love
759b63a791c6f97f7d5eeee2d5f405a6 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

What's the secret of the Sisterhood? Some of you are about to find out.

When a teenage girl reveals a secret society called The Sisterhood of Night, a small town is plunged into controversy as everyone's secrets are revealed. Based on a story by Steven Millhauser, this feature film is written by Marilyn Fu and directed by Caryn Waechter.

Project We Love
80584dfb32b3bd9936ce5fa71ad71fc2 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.0

THE STRANGE ONES is premiering at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival! The only thing is... we need to finish it first. Please help us!

THE STRANGE ONES is a short film about a man and a boy, traveling to an unknown destination, who sneak into a motel swimming pool for a brief respite. On the surface all seems normal, but nothing is what it seems to be...

A simple night of babysitting takes a horrifying turn when Helen realizes the boogeyman really is in little Lucas' closet.

CHILD EATER is a Columbia MFA thesis short written and directed by Erlingur Thoroddsen and produced by fellow MFA student Perri Nemiroff. It is made with an overwhelming passion and desire to scare your socks off.

Project We Love
3ff97221233b674aa8b60a462760c6f0 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Tova scrambles to pull off her first Passover Seder without a hitch, but her brother Sol and his brisket are nowhere to be found.

Charlotte Glynn's Non Thesis film. She's a current MFA Candidate at Columbia University studying directing.

Project We Love
7435749e2306c420e9fab5ce4b574d94 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Brothers Ace and Jim, two demolition derby drivers, struggle to reconcile their broken relationship.

The thesis film of Columbia MFA Directing student Valerie Bischoff about brothers Ace and Jim, who fight to salvage their broken relationship. When Ace betrays Jim coming together and reaching the starting line becomes the brother’s greatest challenge yet.

A short film about a young girl who enlists her sister to do an off color intervention with her father to reconcile their dark past.

A short film by Columbia MFA Student, Talibah Newman, about a young girl who enlists her sister to do an off color intervention with her father to reconcile their dark past.

“Trevor” is a lighthearted drama about a veterinary technician who must decide how to treat Larry and his stuffed dog Trevor.

Perri Nemiroff is an aspiring filmmaker currently enrolled in Columbia University's Film MFA Creative Producing program. This project her her 8-12 minute first year film.

A dark comedy about taking risks both big and small, and the messy lines between art and life. A Columbia University MFA thesis film.

A Columbia MFA thesis project for Writer/Director: Antonia Grilikhes-Lasky, Poduced by fellow MFA student Rammy Lee Park.

BIG MUDDY is a short, live-action dramatic film for Columbia University's graduate film school.

BIG MUDDY is a short, live-action dramatic film for Columbia University's graduate film school. Directed by Jeff Moneo (MFA 2012), and written and produced by Brian Paccione (MFA 2012).

Project We Love
6620e3103c0ee1d65f680e6ff7862f92 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Leonard loves his wife Sylvia. Sylvia loves her goat Snowball. Snowball has his own agenda.

SNOWBALL is a short, live-action comedy/drama thesis film for Columbia University's graduate film school. Written and directed by Mary Gillen (MFA 2012), produced by Katharine O'Brien (MFA 2012), and co-produced by Ed Blythe (MFA 2010, student Emmy-winner, 2009).

Project We Love
4794b91abba4e3749a224352e76ef30d original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

In Madeleine Olnek's B-movie sci-fi film comedy 3 lesbian aliens come to earth to save their planet by visiting NYCs gay dating scene.

Columbia MFA alum Madeleine Olinek's debut feature which premiered at Sundance

A young Army Ranger on patrol in Afghanistan faces the moment where everything changes. A Columbia University MFA Thesis Short Film.

HEARTS AND MINDS is an MFA thesis film written and directed by Jesse Gustafson (4th year screenwriting) and produced by Joshua Cohen (3rd year creative producing). It is Joshua's Thesis and Jesse's non-thesis. Chris Cole (2nd year creative producer) is a co-producer