Project We Love
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From the start of queer comics in the underground scene to Alison Bechdel & mainstream acceptance as told in a documentary film.

MFA Comics faculty, Justin Hall is raising funds to complete the filming of his documentary film, "No Straight Lines: The Story of Queer Comics". Pitch in today!

Combining the crafts of coffee and textiles with organic cotton pourover coffee filters

Alumna Geana Sieburger brings her experience in textiles and coffee to design a beautiful and modern filter that works. Support her project today!

Project We Love
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20 comics about secret societies, hyper-evolved cats, and interdimensional apartment hunting -- all set in San Francisco.

Help alum Lauren Davis get this incredible anthology of comics about secret societies, hyper-evolved cats, and interdimensional apartment hunting, featuring work by several rad CCA folks published.

Project We Love
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We are building out a new, second gallery in the Mission

We're excited for Et al.'s new second gallery space coming to The Mission! Et al. is co-directed by alum Jackie Im; your support helps them get this space open and make improvements on their Chinatown space.

Project We Love
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We are building a workshop in the back of the store to offer art classes for adults and children to continue our support of the arts.

Little Paper Planes, owned by alum Kelly Lynn Jones, is building a workshop to support the arts. Help them make this happen and keep up their amazing programming in support of artists!

Project We Love
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CTRL+SHFT is celebrating the two year anniversary of our doors opening! Support us in keeping our doors open for two more!

Help our friends at alumnae founded CTRL+SHFT keep their doors open and continue their incredible exhibitions and community programming!

Project We Love
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High Quality toy vehicles with amazing driving mechanics. Crafted from 100% sustainable materials and built to last for lifetimes.

Brian Gulassa (Illustration 1984) has made these very cool, high quality toy vehicles out of sustainable materials!

Modern bottle openers that blend functionality with elegant design. Made in the USA and cast in solid brass to last a lifetime.

Help Mike Boylan (Industrial Design 2005) and Wander Worshop produce their first line of products: beautiful, modern, high quality bottle openers.

Missed the campaign? No worries, just click below and get your A10 in your favorite color still today!

Simon Wu (Industrial Design 2004) has designed these incredibly versatile multi-size collapsable bags!

Project We Love
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An exhibition considering race, space, and art in the U.S. today.

Help fund this year's Curatorial Practice class' exhibition. Your support helps them transform gallery at the Wattis into a meeting and event space to support conversation, connection, and community.

Project We Love
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The more I failed the more my obsession to catch the wave grew.

Help Ira Mowen (Illustration 2005) finish his film, a documentary about his quest to surf a man made wave near Berlin before it disappears and an investigation of the powerful effects of passion and obsession.

"Either Limits Or Contradictions" is a Photo Book about the pace of life, death and time passing. A Daylight Books Publication.

This project by Nick Meyer (MFA 2008) is ten years in the making. Your support will help him finish this beautiful Photo Book about the passing of time.

Project We Love
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Handcrafted, spill-proof glassware

Help support the work of alumni Chris Yamane (Design MFA 2014) and Matthew Johnson (Design MFA 2014) of SUPERDUPERSTUDIO. They've created a new version of their very cool, hand blown, Saturn Wine Glass and a new Rocks Glass, both spill proof and now dishwasher safe!

Project We Love
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Novela is a frame-by-frame animation about a woman who tries to emulate the life of her favorite soap opera protagonist.

Bruna Massadas (MFA 2012) animates hundreds of drawings to make Novela, confronting how reality falls short of fiction through the story of Julia, a woman emulating a soap opera star. Support will help Bruna increase the quality of the project and submit the work to festivals.

Project We Love
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Ahead of the presidential election, the Cause Collective will travel their video confessional Truth Booth to all 50-states of America.              Donate to our Fiscal Sponsor below.

Support The Truth Booth's U.S. tour for the 2016 Election. The Cause Collective; Ryan Alexiev (MFA Design 2007), Hank Willis Thomas (MA Visual and Critical Studies 2004), Jim Ricks (Photo 2002), and Will Sylvester; want to hear the nation's truths at this critical moment.

Project We Love
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Use the language of flowers to create gifts & arrangements that transmit love, fun, connection & magic! We create gifts (& events) that will deepen your relationships without your even trying!

Every flower has a meaning. In Victorian times, it was understood that every bouquet was a puzzle to solve, a message to decode. The Bloom Equation by Miquila Alejandre (MFA Writing 2012) is bringing that magic back to create a more fun, more connected world.

Imagine entering a round room with a diorama of glowing beeswax ships all around you ... and then watching it melt into nothing

Beautifully melted beeswax ships! Support this new installation by Danielle Schlunegger (BFA Sculpture 2010).

Exhibition and publication of works from California’s subculture organized by students in CCA’s Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice

Help support the exhibition and publication of works from California’s subculture organized by students in CCA’s Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice.

Project We Love
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CTRL+SHFT is an all-female arts collective recently established in a warehouse space in West Oakland.

CTRL + SHFT, a new women-led art collective, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their gallery, exhibitions, and programming.

Project We Love
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Edge Dominos are meticulously crafted from durable aluminum with no material wasted.

Help support the release of the first product from Andrew Perkins' (BFA Furniture 2011) own design company Fire Road. Edge Dominos are the new frontier of a classic game created with no material wasted!

This is a unique alphabet book that features full-page, ultra-detailed, hand-drawn illustrations with an average of 100 items per letter for each of the 26 letters of the English alphabet.

Nigel Sussman (BFA Illustration 2005) is gaining support to publish his first illustrated book, Alphabet Compendium. Help out this cool project any way you can!!

Graphic Design undergrads at California College of the Arts are fresh on the market.

Support CCA's Undergraduate Graphic Design Seniors in being the first group of students in 11 years to organize the Graphic Design Senior Show!

Project We Love
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CCA's Curatorial Practice Class of 2015's thesis exhibition presents a solo show of the artist Martin Wong at the Wattis Institute.

Organized by the graduating Curatorial Practice class, this solo show of Martin Wong’s work will present 160 of his paintings, drawings, writings, sketches, and ceramics, many of which have never been exhibited.

I want to mail you artwork each month for all of 2015!

Get handmade art year-round! Support Amanda N. Simons (MFA Fine Arts & Visual/Critical Studies 2014) in raising funds for her Print of the Month Club.

Project We Love
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Put plants on walls with this unique foldable planter.

Jeffrey Barrett (BArch 2005) has created some amazing and fun wall planters. Check out this creative project today!

Project We Love
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"Top Five Health Innovations of the Week" - psfk

Jerry Hsu (MFA Design 2011) and Maria Bujalska (MFA Design 2013) are part of the multi-disciplinary team behind this revolutionary portable health tracker. Please help them reach their goal today!

Project We Love
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The Debt Project is a photographic and multimedia exploration into the role Debt plays in our personal identity and social structure.

Brittany Powell (BFA Photography 2003) is taking on the subject of debt in a large multimedia project she's been working on for the last two years. Help fund the completion of the project today!

Atelier Dion is looking to add a Ram Press and gas kiln to increase our production. Help us take our business to the next level!

Jay and Rie Dion (both MFA Ceramics 2010) are raising funds to add a Ram Press and gas kiln to increase production. Support their project today!

Limited-run of stickers to showcase the humble but powerful pride of Houston and Houstonians. Equally at home on your slab or your rig.

Houston sticker project showcasing pride for a city Lawrence Lander (MFA Graphic Design) loves.

The ORIGINAL ruby tipped top. The Lambda spin top marries brass, aluminum, and a ruby tip, taking the humble top to a new level of precision, performance, and beauty.

Jason Hui (MBA in Design Strategy 2010) has re-imaged the top with this new, innovative design.

Project We Love
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Redesigning Fear is a limited edition publication exploring the fears of young designers from California College of the Arts.

Support this project and receive a limited edition newsprint publication exploring the fears of young designers in the Design program at CCA.

A story of surviving a school shooting weaved into a history of gun violence in our schools & ways to find resolution in the aftermath.

Jenny Goldsmith (MFA Writing 2014) is raising funds to write her book/memoir that takes a stand against the school shooting epidemic.

Project We Love
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Three diverse communities. Twenty-four empathetic students. One shared goal: to change their world.

A group of MArch, 2012 alumni - Kate Ganim, Tyler Pew, Kadi Franson, and Patima Pataramekin - of KIDmob are taking their impactful work on the road. Help them get to Haiti before April 5th!

Terminal Lance: The White Donkey is a 150 page story about a Marine and his journey to Iraq, written and illustrated by a Marine.

Maximilian Uriarte (Animation 2013) is requesting funding to publish a new graphic novel, "The White Donkey."

Project We Love
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A lightweight outdoor folding chair equally adept on a camping trip, at the beach or in your backyard.

Karson Shadley (Industrial Design 2002) has created the perfect chair for your next camping trip!

The ultimate Mobile Coffee and Espresso endeavor! Striving to bring the Bay Area the damn best coffee and espresso- on the spot!

Alumna Jessica Caisse (Photography 2009) is launching a mobile coffee and espresso business in the Bay Area!

Support the next generation of Vietnamese American artists. DONATE NOW!

Aimee Phan, chair of MFA Writing at CCA, and CCA faculty member Viet Le (Visual Studies) are requesting funding for a summer youth arts program for Vietnamese American youth in San Francisco.

Fire Dragon Love Sauce is a gastro-galactic hot sauce that engages multiple senses & promotes love, spice, and equality for all people!

Gigi Otalvaro-Hormillosa (MA Visual and Critical Studies 2012) and Heather Carducci are making amazing hot sauce out of their home kitchen in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco. Help them take it to the next level by supporting their project.

Project We Love
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QUESTION BRIDGE INTERACTIVE is a platform that reveals the true complexity, diversity, and humanity within an identity group.

CCA faculty member Chris Johnson, and alumni Hank Willis Thomas (MFA Photography/MA Visual Criticism 2004) and Bayeté Ross Smith (MFA Photography 2004), are looking to fund an interactive website for their highly acclaimed art installation, Question Bridge.

Project We Love
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This July, photographers Harry Griffin and Eva O'Leary travel to Pennsylvania, where 15,000 people will come together to live in 1863.

Harry Griffin (Photography 2011) and Eva O'Leary (Photography 2012) are raising funds to photograph the transformation of a town as it readies itself to host 15,000 Civil War reenactors.

I would like to teach 64 FREE structured classes over the course of 8 weeks in NE Portland Parks. Emphasis on fine art and fun!

Anna Van Rooy (Printmaking 2007) has raised funds to teach art classes in NE Portland Parks. Congratulations!

Project We Love
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Illuminated Lily Blossoms floating in Hermann Park, Houston, April 2013.

Libbie Masterson (Glass 1995) created floating lilies as the scenery for the Houston Grand Opera's performance during JapanFest. Congratulations!

Taking Polaroids and transforming them into unique pieces of art.

CCA student Oliver Padilla successfully funded his Polaroid image transfer project.

California College of the Arts architecture students are prototyping a prefabricated classroom for developing nations in the tropics.

CCA Architecture students raised funds to bring simple school structures to the Bijagós Islands in Guinea Bissau of the west coast of Africa.

Project We Love
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Help publish the second volume of Pang, The Wandering Shaolin Monk--an award-winning, kung fu adventure graphic novel series!

Ben Costa (MFA Writing 2008) is publishing the second volume of his kung fu adventure graphic novel series. Congratulations!

Experience writing nirvana: a masterfully machined body designed exclusively for the world's finest Montblanc cartridges.

Jason Hui (MBA in Design Strategy 2010) has created a pen featuring the Montblanc cartridge for the ultimate writing experience. Congratulations!

Literary and fine arts print magazine. New creative work from 30 different writers, poets, and artists. West Coast themes.

Alumna Catherine Segurson (MFAW 2003), founder of Catamaran Literary Reader, successfully raised the funds needed to publish their 4th issue.

Project We Love
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Ricefield Collective crafts handmade knitted accessories that keep indigenous people on their ancestral land.

As part of Ricefield Collective, Meredith Ramirez Talusan (MFA Photography 2004) and Anna Maltz (MFA Textiles 2004) work with knitters in the Ifugao region of the Philippines to preserve their indigenous way of life. Congratulations!

Project We Love
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Apotheosis is a meditation on the transcendent power of movement explored dynamically in film featuring aerial and hoop dance.

Adam Behrmann and Bobbi Dulaney (both Media Arts 2010) are creating an exciting film documenting Bobbi's acrobatic dance performances. Congratulations!

Project We Love
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SanFranLand is a comedy web series about three women living it up and keeping it real in the spectacular city of San Francisco.

Adam Behrmann (Media Arts 2010) is an Assistant Director involved with the production of this comedy web series about San Francisco. Congratulations!

Street-legal sculpture. Connecting a piece of 1960's Americana with the contemporary "customize everything" subculture.

Shawn HibmaCronan (Sculpture & Furniture 2009) is transforming a 1963 Ford Falcon Deluxe Club Wagon into a fully street-legal sculpture. Congratulations!

Project We Love
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A documentary film about the tragedy of Alzheimer's disease, the power of art and the meaning of family.

Banker White (MFA Sculpture 2000) follows his mother, Pam White, through the early stages of Alzheimer's disease in this feature-length film. Thank you for covering this subject and congratulations on your successful funding!

Project We Love
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The Oru Kayak folds out of a compact box—easily, quickly, and almost magically.

Ardy Sobhani (MBA in Design Strategy 2012) is the business director at Oru Kayak, creator of a compact kayak perfect for urban dwellers that love the outdoors. Congratulations!

Cycling illumination unlike the rest. Put them on, forget about them and ride.

Michelle Katz (Adjunct Professor, DMBA), Remy Labesque (ID 2006), Raffi Minasian (Assistant Professor ID, DMBA), Colin Owen (Assistant Professor ID, Graduate Design), Haley Toelle (ID 2012), and Ryan Wilday (DMBA 2013) created smart, secure cycling lights. Congratulations!

Project We Love
Dcb2db2c0979a41ccb5299125f681c3d original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

IN THE MAKE is hitting the road! We’ll travel from Mexico to Canada to document studio visits with 40 contemporary West Coast artists.

Klea McKenna (MFA Photography 2009) is part of In The Make, which has featured many studio visits with CCA alumni and faculty. Good luck with your trip along the West Coast and congratulations!

Project We Love
964a758f7ec3ee3212447b99f85bf9d8 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

The Yield Picnic Bag unfolds from bag to blanket in one zip for the more spontaneous picnic.

Check out the innovative Yield Picnic Bag by alumni Rachel Gant (Industrial Design 2012) and Andrew Deming (MBA in Design Strategy 2012), co-founders of San Francisco based Yield Design Co. Congratulations!

Project We Love
A4541802b1c5d308e709cf3d3c5156b1 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.0

War is hell. Why would anyone want to spend their weekends there?

Meghan O'Hara, a Lecturer in the Film Program, needs to fund post-production for her new documentary "In Country." Congratulations!

Penrose refrigerator magnets brighten your kitchen, mind and conversation. Play with them to design infinite patterns.

Student Neil Schultz (Industrial Design 2015) is creating cool magnets inspired by five-fold (pentagonal) symmetry. Congratulations!

SPOKE is a journey-tale of three bikers riding cross-country to investigate the cause of the US's burgeoning rate of bicycle fatalities

Recent alumnus Nick Navarro (Graphic Design 2012) is embarking on a cross-country journey to investigate bicycle fatalities. Thanks for covering this issue and congratulations!

Project We Love
D498ce851a648bcd3bd22db6615a323e original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Poster and pocket guide showcasing monterey bay marine sanctuary animal migrations and seasons by artist Doug Ross.

California scientists and an artist are coming together to better educate students about underwater migrations. Congratulations!

Project We Love
7d9549ba853d899729ffc326f45c9e50 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Catamaran Literary Reader is a print magazine with themes rooted in California.

Catherine Segurson (MFA Writing 2003) will be printing Catamaran Literary Reader, a magazine featuring California writers and artists. Congratulations!

Print shop needs funding for equipment. The prizes are awesome prints by well-known artists!

Margot Ecke of Smokey Road Press is looking for support to print fine art editions of six talented artists' work, including that of CCA faculty member and alumna Libby Black (MFA 2001). Congratulations!

Bushakan makes individually crafted hardwood glasses stands.

Alumnus Tobi Adamolekun (MArch 2011) is part of Bushakan, which is creating impressive glasses stands. Congratulations!

Help fund "Breathers", the debut LP from Sunbeam Rd.

Alumni Clive Hacker (Graphic Design 2012), Harrison Pollock (Graphic Design 2010), and Trevor Hacker (Graphic Design 2008) are part of Sunbeam Rd. They're looking to create their debut LP. Congratulations!

Project We Love
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Kinetic Creatures are DIY mechanical cardboard animals.

Alumnus Lucas Ainsworth (Industrial Design 2010) has a very exciting Kinetic Creatures project in the works. Congratulations!

Mixed-media project including residency on Lake Superior's Rabbit Island, 10k swim in Vermont & documentation of lakes along the way.

Alumna Sara Maynard (Individualized Major 2008) has an exciting residency planned on Rabbit Island in Michigan. Congratulations!

I am invited to present at the Subtle Technologies Festival this May 24-27. I am looking for funding to support my travel expenses.

Alumna Amber Stucke (MFA 2011) sought assistance with travel expenses for a festival/symposium in Toronto. Congratulations!

Project We Love
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The Luminary is purchasing a former variety store on Cherokee Street that will become a unique incubator for the arts.

Alumna Sarrita Hunn (MFA 2004) is the Residency Program Director at The Luminary Center for the Arts. It looks like they'll be able to expand their space and programming.

Project We Love
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"Machines" is a kinetic sculpture project performed with collaborating musicians.

Here's an exciting kinetic sculpture project by alumnus Kris Perry of Hudson, NY. Congratulations!

I am making a giant quilted banner for an art show. I need to hire help to accomplish the project. Help me please!

Max Esplin (MFA Fine Arts 2012) was able to create a giant quilt banner. Congratulations!

Project We Love
C7d1d8ad2ba42954c833764dd7492cfb original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Hand-made clay sculptures inspired by nature using techniques which can be traced back to Ancient Roman.

Alumna Julia Crane (Painting 1985) is creating lovely clay sculptures. Congratulations!

Join the 2011 Ghetto Biennale by supporting two collaborative projects in one of the most rule-breaking art festivals in the world!

Roberto Gomez (MA Visual and Critical Studies 2013, MFA Social Practice 2013) and Floris Schönfeld (MFA Fine Arts 2013) will be representing CCA at the 2nd Annual Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Congratulations!

Project We Love
3b652f033f38f8d38e64145290908d10 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

I need your support to film two music videos for my new singles, "Icarus(Who is in charge?)" and "Pocket."

Alumna Marta Martinez (MA Visual & Critical Studies 2011) is working with local singer Siaira Shawn. Martinez created the cover art for her newest single "Icarus" and worked on her Kickstarter video. Congratulations!

Project We Love
F7f78add2f77b22e484187dcf2024ff7 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Elastic City commissions artists to lead conceptual and poetic walks throughout and outside of NYC. Please support our 2012 season.

Alumnus Todd Shalom (MFA Writing 2004) is the Founder and Director of Elastic City, which gives conceptual walks throughout and outside of NYC. Congratulations!

A 4-week residency program at the Vermont Studio Center where I will create a large installation using wall drawing and sculpture.

Alumna Sarah Thibault (MFA Fine Arts 2011) had a successfully funded project supporting her residency at the Vermont Studio Center. Congratulations!

Leaf Litter is a full-color catalog, featuring the 2011 Signal Fire artists-in-residence.

Alumnus Ryan Pierce (MFA Painting/Drawing 2007) co-founded Signal Fire and had a successfully funded project to publish Leaf Litter #2. Congratulations!

Original choreography set to the music of Dolly Parton tells the story of a husband torn between devotion and desire.

Alumna Kate Ranson-Walsh (MBA Design Strategy 2010) was the producer for Cologne – a short film. Congratulations!

Working within an advanced architectural studio Rapid type is a mobile coffee platform. Creatively designed and thoroughly researched.

Kelly Lawley (MArch 2012) and Tyler Pew (MArch 2012) set up this successful project for the Rapid type Design/Build Studio at CCA last semester. Congratulations!

We're transforming the image of cancer and breaking down taboos in our humorous, psychedelic, action adventure graphic novel.

Kaylin Andres (Fashion Design 2010) has raised funds to complete Terminally Illin', a comic adventure for young adult cancer survivors based on her experience. Congratulations!

Project We Love
87a00208b294846cfe2a994db0ff1fec original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

Help us fight THE TUMORNATOR by helping us publish a 23 yr. old girl's epic comic book about her fight with a rare bone cancer.

Kaylin Andres (Fashion Design 2010) has raised funds to create Terminally Illin', a comic adventure for young adult cancer survivors based on her experience. Congratulations!

The Orbit defines what a smartphone mount should be, offering infinite adjustability and zero frustration. Form and function delivered.

Jon Norton (Industrial Design 2004) successfully funded the Orbit, a versatile smartphone mount.

Hundreds of detailed drawings, paintings and sketches from the candid sketchbook journals of an artist, teacher, traveler and writer.

Steven B. Reedy (1984) is requesting funding to publish a sketchbook memoir of his drawings and illustrations.

BLACK IS BLUE-- A Black Transman security guard struggles with his identity after meeting an ex-lover from his past.

CCA faculty member Cheryl Dunye is requesting funding to complete production of her new short film "Black is Blue." CCA alumni Nick Collins (Film 2013), Fred Kolouch (Film 2011), Kevin Lawrence (Film 2013), and Lina Vezzani-Katano (Film 2012) were involved in production.

Project We Love
Fa0025256b21fc26f6e211a579bb8c15 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.0

We will be creating an LED "Rainbow" in the skies of New Mexico off Route 66 that is visible only at night.

CCA alums Alex Clausen (MFA 2006), Carson Murdach (MFA 2007), Lee Sparks Pembleton (MFA 2009), and Amy Sampson (MFA 2007) are seeking funding to create an LED "Rainbow" in the skies of New Mexico off Route 66 that is visible only at night.

A collaborative visual art book inspired by a search for home, following two artists through Europe and Jordan.

Maja Ruznic (MFA 2009) and Joshua Hagler are raising funds to create an art book based off of visual storytelling workshops conducted with Syrian refugees.

Made in California with honest materials. Buy them assembled and ready to go, or build at home and watch them grow before your eyes.

Chris Chalmers (MArch 2009) is seeking funding to complete a line of Urchin Lamps, environmentally conscious lamps manufactured in California.

Bringing you a Prometheus light in a small, affordable, innovative package.

Jason Hui (MBA in Design Strategy 2010) is seeking funding to complete production of an elegant quick-release keychain flashlight.

Short Term Art & Research Residency on the St. Lucie River and Lagoon (FL).

Onajide Shabaka (Photography 1972) is requesting funding to complete a residency in which he will create a comprehensive exhibition of drawing, photography, sculpture, and video.