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The examination of self-care as radical action to process violence, trauma, and grief in your own time and space. A film by M.

Elephant is a long-format film by directed by CalArts alum Maria Judice (MFA Film Directing 2007) and produced by CalArts alum Amanda Vigil (BFA Film/Video 2008).

A short film celebrating queer life in small town Indiana.

A narrative film about coming out and finding a place in a small town queer community. Directed by MFA3 Film Directing student, Aaron Cook

Sin Pecado follows the bond between three mexican-american siblings following the death of their close uncle.

Currently in the making: Sin Pecado, a film that follows the bond between three Mexican-American siblings following the death of their close uncle. Sin Pecado tells the story of an immigrant but equally American family.

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A short film about teenagers coming of age in DC amidst a glaring absence of social and economic opportunity | Projects of Earth

A thesis film project directed by current CalArts graduate student Hannah Peterson (Film/Video MFA 18).

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An animated, stop-motion short film set in 1970's California, that explores childhood, friendship, and loss.

A stop-motion animated short by Danielle Bonadona, Experimental Animation alumna, class of 2011.

A personal story about the uncomfortable in-betweeness of immigration, and growing up for a young Russian-American girl.

MFA Film Directing student, Irina Prokhorenko, seeks funds to cover production costs for her thesis project, a Russian-language film that touches on topics of immigrant identity and feelings of placelessness.

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A short film about a mother looking for her daughter. A disappearance in the Mexican jungle.

MFA Film Directing student, Ilana Coleman, seeks funds to spend additional days shooting in the jungle due to weather and environment. This will ensure the safety of the cast and crew.

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A shape-shifting, pepperoni- loving, black teenage instagram celebrity converts to Islam. Here’s what happens.

MFA Film Directing and Writing InterSchool alumnus, Nijla Baseema Mu'min, seeks funds to make her narrative film, Jinn, about identity, Islam, and first love.

Funding for Five Short Narrative Films and an Exhibition at the California Institute of the Arts.

Current students and alums from the Theater, Art, Music, and Film/Video Schools seek funds to finish production and post-production on five short films varying in content and style from the 1800's through a post-Apocalyptic world.

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A stop-motion/live-action short film about a wounded boxer who builds a giant monster out of oatmeal.

Film/Video alums, Harry Chaskin and Andy Knapp, and colleagues, seek funds to finish their stop-motion/live-action short film that will ultimately serve as a calling card for a whole slew of shorts and features they've got brewing.

Portraits of repressed histories of science are woven together as a former scientist looks for herself within science's foundations.

MFA Film/Video alumna, Lydia Hicks, seeks finishing funds for her thesis film, "Rediscovering the Scientist," an experimental animated documentary about repressed histories of science.

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A new play inspired by the work of photographer, Francesca Woodman. Experimental projection and beautiful photography

Theater, Dance, Film, and Photography students and alums seek funds to workshop "Francesca, Francesca" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The story explores the mythology surrounding Francesca Woodman, an enigmatic yet iconic artist, and her perspectives on art, life, and love.

Project We Love
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A young man with a big dream (and a quirky best friend) searches for home in the changing city that seems to have left him behind

Film/Video Directing alumna, Maria Judice, and colleagues seek funding to work towards production of their feature-length narrative film, "Last Black Man in San Francisco."

Together, we can take my glass art from the "garage to the gallery". As an incentive, you'll receive handmade, original glass artwork.

Alum, Andy Gersh, is seeking funds to grow his glassmaking studio from the "garage to the gallery." Check out his kickstarter project to learn more about how to support this small business and the arts!

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A closeted Korean-American teenager follows his desires and finds more than he bargains for at the Korean spa.

MFA Film Directing alum, Andrew Ahn, and colleagues seek for Spa Night, a film about a closeted Korean-American teen following his desires and finding more than he bargains for at the Korean Spa.

Flamberge is a tactics RPG with simultaneous turns. Both teams plan out their attacks, and then they execute simultaneously.

BFA student, Ben Cohn, and colleague seek production costs for their project, Flamberge, a tactics RPG with simultaneous turns.

The pen is the sword in this casual tabletop experience for 3-5 players

MFA alum, James Pianka, and colleagues seek funding to finish Roots, a game of inventing words.

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The California Institute of the Arts MFA class of 2014 is organizing a post graduation group exhibition.

The 2014 graduating MFA class is seeking funds to hold a June show where they will be bringing their work to an outside audience in Los Angeles.

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This videogame is about conversations that will never take place.

MFA Film/Video and Integrated Media alum, Peter Brinson, seeks to reach $6300 to hire a database programmer (to implement playtesters' favorite part) and to embellishing the world as even more beautiful and intricate and adding more music.

POPBOOMPOW studios is presenting the work of Vid Taylor at this years Select Fair, May 8th thru 11th during the Frieze Art Week in NYC

MFA Design and Production alum, David, Taylor, is seeking funding to subsidize the costs associated with the creation and presentation of Vid Taylor's work at the Select Fair in New York City.

Logan is a remarkable artist who uses paint to express his experiences with an incredibly rare and debilitating genetic condition.

Film and Video alum, Nathan Meier, is seeking funding to cover post-production costs for "Logan's Syndrome," a feature-length documentary film that follows a unique artist who creates hyper-realistic, autobiographical paintings in spite of daunting physical limitations.

Project We Love
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Giuseppe Andrews makes underground feature films in his trailer park, starring his neighbors. This is the making of.

MFA Film Directing alum, David Nordstrom and colleagues are seeking finishing funds for their documentary "Giuseppe Makes a Movie," the backstory to Giuseppe Andrew's feature films.

Project We Love
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"spaced___d" gets a HD transfer, sound mix and design, color grading, V/FX (teleportation from Earth to a spacecraft).

Film/Video Directing alumna, Maria Judice, is seeking finishing funds for her film "space___d,"a short (7 min.) film about adolescence.

5th Anniversary Year | FSF is about revolutionaries of an abstract New Age movement stewing over a dark secret that begins to reemerge.

Theater alum, Jesse Bonnell, is seeking funding to cover costs (set, costumes, props, etc.) associated with showing "Five Small Fires" for the month of March.

Project We Love
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Six talented artists from the world of Feature Animation have gotten together to create an anthology of personal work

BFA Character Animation alumna, Lorelay Boles, is working with five other visual development artists on a 136 page anthology book that will showcase work from their show at Gallerie Arludik, as well as other collected works.

A new children’s show that is wrapped in an App - for iPad and Android tablets. Featuring expert drawing lessons.

Creators John Sullivan (animator/illustrator), who studied at CalArts, and Andrew Rapo (composer/programmer), are seeking funding for the Quahog Corner -App-Show. Check out their video to learn more about this new children's app-show that also features expert drawing lessons!

Reviving one of Ghana's oldest cinema houses into an alternative creative space for art, music, and film

MFA InterSchool Film/Video and Art alumna, Akosua Adoma Owusu, is seeking funds to revive one of Ghana's oldest cinema houses into an alternative creative space for art, music, and film.

Help fund the creation of costumes for two plays that examine the effects of genocide in El Salvador and Rwanda.

Cybele Moon, MFA Costume Design alumna, is designing costumes for two plays that examine the effects of genocide in El Salvador and Rwanda.

This film follows two best friends as they try to become mothers at 38 and 45. Why have they and so many other women waited so long?

BFA alumna Linda Cevallos-French seeks finishing funds for Pushing Motherhood, a documentary about Sybil and Linda, best friends on the road to becoming mothers later in their reproductive lives.

Project We Love
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A pair of puppets shake up their world in an escalating argument over the origin of their existence.

David Braun (Experimental Animation BFA4) is co-creating The Claytheist, a conceptual experiment in stop-motion animation about two puppets debating the origin of their existence in a circus-themed bar in another dimension.

Project We Love
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A compendium of four joyfully fun local multiplayer games for PlayStation 3 and home computers.

BFA Music School alum, Noah Sasso, is working with three other game developers to take four multiplayer prototype games to completion for PlayStation 3 and home computers.

Project We Love
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A small batch DVD print run for my 2012 Student Academy Award-winning short with new and exclusive content.

Former CalArtian David Wolter is looking to create a limited edition DVD of his award-winning animated short "Eyrie." DVD packaging will be designed by Character Animation alumna, Nicole Josephian, who also did the lighting effects in the film.

“Unforgettable” is a documentary film about the memorable real-life adventures of the man known as “The Human Google”.

Alumna and producer Rona Edwards, is searching for finishing funds to broadcast and distribute “Unforgettable,” a documentary film about the memorable real-life adventures of the man known as “The Human Google”.

Project We Love
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A 30-minute narrative film set in San Pedro, California.

MFA3 Film/Video student, Phil Logan, is looking for funds to finish his thesis film. Through the fiction film, Phil will blend biographical details from the actors' lives with the immigration and labor history of its various Los Angeles locations.

BFA Film/Video alum Jonathan Michael Mahoney and the team behind November Renaissance, are trying to fund a well executed short film, the first stepping stone in making a feature film. The short film is about a cutting edge sci-fi thriller in the early stages of production,

In this mobile app, spiritual Shamans return to Puma Punku to battle for balance and harmony on earth. A great game for everyone!!

Experimental anim alums Jackie Ross & Eliezer Medina are Doodle Ink LLC. In this premier game app, they explore the Mayan spiritual world in the style of "tribal punk."

Project We Love
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Help us share the inspirational story of an emerging filmmaker living in the slums of Kampala, Uganda

Editor Kelly Parker, a MFA Film/Video alumna, is looking for finishing funds. Funny, touching, and inspiring, Wakaliwood: The Documentary celebrates the pure joy of creativity and reminds us that a dedicated team can overcome any obstacle when united by a common dream.

An interactive story about a kid whose parent travels a lot for work. Personalize the story and share with far away loved ones!

Art School Design Alums Tracy (Hopcus) Jordan & Sara (Cumings) Franklin are part of Red Piggy Press. Their first iPad book honor's parents who must miss out on time with their kids in order to support them. Funds will go towards our final stretch in iOS development.

Zero Libertad, daughter of a CIA agent and Nicaraguan Contra leader, is raised from death by the spirits of the murdered 3rd World.

Theater alum Alana Macias is the creator/writer of Zero Libertad--a Latina, female, supernatural hero. Her graphic novel (the first book in a series of four). Zero is also a live rock performance with 3-D video projection mapping.

An intimate in-depth look into the life and legacy of Eugenio A. Antonio; Politician, WWII hero, and Founder of Tanon College

Theater alumni Ryan Anderson and Elizabeth Frances have teamed up to make KUSGAN, the story of Eugenio A. Antonio, Jr., a World War II vet and the founder of Tanon College. They're looking for finishing funds and festival support. Check it out!

Long-time collaborators from East Africa and America stage Erik Ehn's play about the Rwandan genocide.

Maria Kizito--part of the larger Soulographie project from former Theater Dean Erik Ehn--involves CalArts grads Cybele Moon, Kendra Ware, Dana Gourrier, Vicki Grise and Emily Mendelsohn.

Project We Love
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A female cropduster pilot fights to save her daughter from Nazis in 1940's Texas! DOWNLOAD THE FIRST 40 PAGES FREE!

During the final days of the war against Hitler, a female crop-duster pilot fights to save her daughter from escaping Texas! A new graphic novel co-written by CalArts alum Jay Lender.

Project We Love
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"moonless" gets a HD transfer, visual effects (spaceship) and color grading

Film Directing alum Maria Judice seeks finishing funds for "moonless" -- a sci fi short film about space travelers. "moonless" is the first in a series of three short films about identity.

HPDC is gearing up for their next Contemporary dance performance July 27th - 29th.

Amanda Hart (BFA Dance, '05) is the Artistic Director of Hart Pulse Dance Company, which is raising funds for its upcoming production of REVEL.

Help send CalArts alum Zoë Moss's animated thesis film to festivals around the world!

Alum Zoë Moss seeks festival funds for her CalArts thesis, "The Plague Bearers" -- an animated silent horror film.

Project We Love
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An intense movement exploration of the female animal's external beauty versus the severe intuition beneath the surface.

Dance alum Stephanie Zaletel is adapting her site-specific "Flowers Unfurling" -- which took place on the CalArts campus -- into "Flowers: All a Woman's Body," into a full-length work at ARC Pasadena.

A feature documentary about the 1963 best-seller Fascinating Womanhood, and its enigmatic author Helen B. Andelin.

Alum Erin Fox is making a feature doc about Helen B. Andelin's *Fascinating Womanhood*. It was self-published, based on a text from the 1920's and sold hundreds of thousands of copies out of her family's garage. Alum Mari Okada is the Second Unit Director in Osaka, Japan.

Composer Juan Pablo Contreras is about to embark on a journey to record his album "Silencio en Juarez". Be a part of this project!

Juan Pablo Contreras (BFA Music Composition '10) is fundraising for a CD of his original compositions, focusing the contemporary issues of violence and immigration.

Project We Love
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A woman gets caught up in a cult's worship of a strange deity. During a ritual dance, she is anointed as their priestess. But violence and conflict break out when she rebels against the deity and her prescribed role.

Alums Natalie Metzger (MFA Integrated Media/Dance) and Bob Allaire (MFA Music) are adapting Natalie's dance theater thesis into a film. Interdisciplinary at its best!

Project We Love
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Puppet artist Katie Shook and composer Eric Lindley present the premiere of playwright Erik Ehn’s "Star" at Automata this June.

Written by CalArts' former Theater Dean, Erik Ehn, and with oodles of other CalArts alum collaborators, STAR is headed up by puppet artist Katie Shook (MFA Puppetry/Integrated Media) and composer Eric Lindley (MFA Composition/Writing/ Integrated Media).

Project We Love
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Support Kristina Wong's first international tour! Going Green the Wong Way at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland!

This year, performer Kristina Wong is joining the CalArts Festival Theater at the Edinburgh Fringe. Theater alum Ian Garrett is producing.

Multimedia dance/theater on meanings and challenges of the word "yes".

Faculty member Stephanie Nugent collaborates with CalArts alums, students, and faculty for "Yes is Not Passive and other stories." They're expanding their 20-minute piece into a full evening.

We are in the studio now recording some amazing tracks for our second album. We need your help to produce and distribute it!

School of Music alum John Churchville (BFA World Music) is raising finishing funds for Sumkali's second, improvisation-infused album.

Chicago and punk rock, together at last! The entire 1969 classic covered loud and fast on genuine heavy duty american vinyl.

School of Art alum Jim Snyder is paying tribute to his favorite Chicago album...punk style.

Project We Love
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A short experimental narrative film created in collaboration with Rhys Ernst, starring Flawless Sabrina, Holly Woodlawn & Vaginal Davis

Alums Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst are looking for finishing funds for SHE GONE ROGUE, an experimental short about transgender identity.

The story of the end of our lives told in our youth, a collectively imagined autobiography about the unraveling of memory, at the Edinburgh Fringe

Every year, selected CalArts students go to the Edinburgh Fringe to share their work at this international theater confab. "At Sundown" made it across the Atlantic two years ago.

A film exploring the role and value of art education today through the history of the seminal California Institute of the Arts.

Look! Film/Video alum Redmond Entwistle made a movie about us.

Project We Love
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A joint Korean/American production about a man who has lost his memory. Join the Korean independent film movement.

This film is a joint Korean/American production, shot in Korean and directed by Yoon Jung Lee, MFA in Film/Video '05. The 25-minute short version has been succesfully screened in Korea and the US. Now they're looking to finish with your help!

The Industry produces new and experimental performance with an inaugural production of the unconventional hyperopera Crescent City.

Not only are the composer (Anne LeBaron) and librettist (Douglas Kearney) on the faculty at CalArts, but CalArts-affiliated artists (alums, faculty, current students), made up, at last count, over 50% of the personnel involved.

Help Mahadev finish it's debut album! Indian, Middle Eastern, Gypsy, Jazz, Blues, Spanish & more all stirred together!

Mahadev is an LA-based world music ensemble made up of CalArts alums. They were successful in meeting their goal, which went to finishing their first album.

CicLAvia is back! On April 15th and October 14th 2012, we'll get cars off of selected streets, and those streets will fill with smiles.

MFA Graphic Design alumna Colleen Corcoran is a board member for CicLAvia, which turns streets into public/park spaces for the day on Sundays every few months.

Film inspired by true events surrounding the 1965 murder of Civil Rights activist Viola Liuzzo.

Emilie Sabath is an MFA student in Film/Video with an Integrated Media concentration. Looking forward to seeing the finished film this spring! Congrats, Emilie, for finishing filming and for getting your project funded.

Project We Love
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HEART GRENADE (16mm color) is a hybrid narrative / dance CalArts MFA thesis film. Dir. Hanul Bahm. Executive Producer: Guy Maddin.

An interdisciplinary film from Hanul Bahm, an MFA student in Film/Video. Success!

Project We Love
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Tristan and Zooey find their relationship tested as they drive with their cat towards the mysterious roadside attraction "The Thing".

Exciting-looking incentives for this fully-funded project!

Rhys graduated from CalArts in 2011 with an MFA in Film/Video. Rhys' film THE THING was an Official Selection at Sundance in 2012.