UNVEILED is the second book in the C# series. Follow Catherine Sharp through a Las Vegas inhabited by satyrs, mages, gods and more.

We were so amped to see BC Member Jamie Wyman launch her campaign to publish and release UNVEILED, the sequel to WILD CARD, workshopped on Book Country. You go, Jamie!

A meditative book of Flower Mandala images and related text that delves into 52 fundamental aspects of the human experience — and more!

This successfully funded book project is a gorgeous, soothing book of flower mandala images that restore peace and creativity in the viewer. We love the author's attention to detail and how he reached out to the community for feedback as he worked on every stage of the project.

A contemporary fiction series of three novels available for Kindle, Nook or in paperback.

One view of this Kickstarter project trailer and you'll see exactly why it was so successful. Jessica nailed it with her pitch-perfect understanding of how to appeal to readers of the Contemporary-Erotic Romance genre. We are so excited to read this series!