• Project We Love
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    Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.

    Pebble is a watch that connects to iPhone and Android smartphones, allowing for almost limitless customization.

  • Project We Love
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    Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.

    Star Citizen is a space adventure game set in a massive, evolving universe.

  • Project We Love
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    Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.

    A precision-machined aluminum iPhone dock made in Oregon.

  • Project We Love
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    An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!

    The most-funded video game project to date, Double Fine Adventure is the latest project from creator Tim Schafer and his crew.

  • Project We Love
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    Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!

    Wasteland 2 is the direct sequel to the first post-apocalyptic computer RPG, set in an American Southwest gone nuclear.

  • Project We Love
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    Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!

    A cult-favorite web comic returns to print.

  • Project We Love
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    Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.

    The return of a beloved role-playing setting as a 2D turn-based video game.

  • Project We Love
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    WE ARE THE MEDIA! With your backing, me & The Grand Theft Orchestra released "Theatre Is Evil" in September 2011, hit the billboard top 10, toured the world, played 25 house parties & made a MASSIVE book with album-inspired art from 30+ artists!

    Amanda Palmer's new album, Theatre is Evil, becomes the most-funded music project.

  • Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .

    An expansive new line of highly detailed gaming miniatures, ranging from the tiniest elf to the largest demon.

  • Project We Love
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    Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.

    An immersive real-time strategy game set among entire solar systems.

  • Project We Love
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    Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.

    The developer kit for an innovative virtual-reality headset.

  • Adding intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.

    SmartThings makes it easy to control objects in the real world via the Internet.

  • Project We Love
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    An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.

    An adventure game based on the universe of the Homestuck web comic.

  • Project We Love
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    Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.

    A party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world.

  • LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android.

    A wi-fi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your smartphone.

  • Project We Love
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    An affordable, high-resolution 3D printer for professional creators.

    A 3D printer, software, and post-processing kit that works out of the box.