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A Fashion Technology Kit Inspired by Designers and Engineers Around the World to Lower The Barriers of Entry for STEAM

The team behind MakeFashion (a 2012 Awesome Calgary funded project) has taken their years of experience in melding fashion and tech on international runways to create StitchKit, a custom electronics board and platform that makes it easy for anyone to do the same.

Make your ride safe with a bike horn that sounds like a car horn.

Awesome Foundation Boston Chapter trustee and biketrepreneur, Jonathan Lansey, is bringing this 2nd generation car horn for cyclists product to market.

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Missed the Kickstarter campaign? No problem!

This is an new project from a grantee of Awesome Berlin!

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Project successful. It's a map! And soon will be a book! ORDER one by clicking the bright button below.

Joel is a trustee of Awesome SF!

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Help build the Distance Organ and a new kind of interactive musical experience: Distance Music.

Awesome Orlando is psyched about this fellowship recipient creating a unique interactive music experience like they've never seen before.

The inaugural production for a new theatre company focusing on site-specific productions and theatre that builds community.

Awesome Seattle is all about this project! Who wouldn't want more crazy interactive theater in their life?

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danger!awesome is an open-access laser cutting, laser engraving, and 3D printing workshop in the heart of Central Square, Cambridge.

Nadeem started danger!awesome even before he joined the Awesome Foundation in Boston, so he's doubly awesome.

Learn to craft hand-made basketball nets for empty hoops in your neighborhood.

Awesome Boston funded artist Maria Molteni's work on crocheting basketball nets for abandoned courts a while back--we're glad to see the project's still going strong!

Presenting the only calendar on Earth that shares the planet's hottest climate science and the people behind it.

Awesome NYC funded the Climate Models wall calendar earlier this year to showcase the importance of data. Each scientist is featured with their favorite data set!

Boston is a city of great ideas. Making everybody move on the same day is not one of them. An original webseries.

Join in the celebration of Boston's "epic holiday of scavenging, upcycling and getting new life out of other people's trash."

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Subway Sets brings musicians from NYC's underground up to rooftops above the city. Buy your tix for evening of Sat, August 10th!

Awesome NYC's June 2013 grant is seeking funds to host a rooftop party highlighting talented subway buskers.

Bicycle horns that sound just like car horns.

Jonathan Lansey is a Trustee of The Awesome Foundation Boston chapter.

If he has his way, your bike will have a car horn, oncoming traffic / spaced out drivers will take heed of your mighty warning honk, and cyclists everywhere will be safer for it.

Project We Love
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A comprehensive, curated, printed guide to Detroit featuring 750 sites, attractions, and curiosities from the essential to the obscure.

This project got a grant from Awesome News Taskforce Detroit, and now they need some additional help!

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You're invited to explore apiculture & architecture inside our skep-inspired structure where 10-15 human beeings may gather & share.

Maria Molteni, Awesome Foundation Boston February '11 fellow is all a buzz about her current festooning project. Check it out: it's unbeelievably awesome!

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This DIY kit helps analyze materials and contaminants. We need your help to build a library of open-source spectral data.

Past Awesome Boston winner Public Laboratory is back at it again with this INCREDIBLY AWESOME spectrometer project!

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One guitar. One week. One song. Must be original. No edits allowed. We chose the first musician. Then each musician chooses who’s next.

An acoustic guitar that is passed from musician to musician, also funded by Awesome-NYC!

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Fall 2012 exhibition and festival of super fun STREET GAMES that turn SOMA into a GIANT PLAYGROUND!

Awesome San Francisco (@awesomesfo) is funding this great outdoor games festival including Undercover Capture the Flag. Get in on the game!

Project We Love
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Meet Stompy: An open-source, 18ft wide, 4,000 pound, 6-legged hydraulic robot that you can ride.

Awesome Boston really encourages all of you to vote for this incredible project! Because who doesn't want a rideable, 6-legged robot friend?

Project We Love
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The Pay Phone Revival Project transforms abandoned pay phone booths into meaningful and interactive art installations in Austin TX.

Awesome Foundation Austin contributed to this project's success!

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FLOAT Beijing is a participatory design, mapping and open source data visualization project using air quality sensing kites.

Awesome Boston June 2012 fellows!

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Make your own aerial photos and maps with our flight kit and MapKnitter browser app. Add a camera to our reusable 5.5' balloon & kit.

Could a nonprofit started by 2 past Awesome Foundation winners (Jeff Warren and Liz Barry) and scientists and organizers from around the country be anything less than awesome?

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Cute molecule plush dolls that magnetically interact for science education and outreach.

Awesome Boston loved this project so much we decided to help Jun make a Kickstarter! Magnets, smiley faces, and DNA molecules--what's not to love?

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The Anywhere Organ is an interactive musical sculpture made of salvaged pipe organ parts. It can turn any space into a sonic cathedral.

Awesome Foundation NY funded a prototype of this last year, and now it's ready for the big time. Help the Anywhere Organ gain a few more octaves!

A movement is changing the way we learn and work. Bring a Maker Space to Cairo, help support DIY culture and entrepreneurship!

SF trustee Mitch is working on a temporary maker space in Cairo.

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Install public swings all across Bolivia. Why? Happiness. Swings tug at our most basic emotions and produce simple, unadulterated joy.

Awesome Foundation LA funded this project's efforts in LA, but now it is now continuing onto Bolivia!

We are creating the Adventure Access Trail, a new walking trail from Boston to San Francisco.

Two Awesome Foundation trustees, Evan (Boston) and Jade (Food), are creating a guide for walking across America.

Project We Love
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Good games make us better and change the world. We’re the people making and playing those games. We need a Secret HQ.

Awesome Boston gave a grant to Jane McGonigal's Gameful project, THROUGH Kickstarter!

Project We Love
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We're hitting the beaches and hitching boat rides to make aerial images of the gulf oil spill's effects using cameras attached to balloons and kites.

After receiving a grant from Awesome Boston, the Grassroots Mapping team got even more funding on Kickstarter to start an important effort to document the effects of the oil spill using aerial imagery.

The idea is to design, build and install a big hammock in the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.

The first ever Awesome Foundation grant, awarded in Boston.

Making a scarf-a-day, everyday, in January. Using all materials, from soft-and-fuzzy to electronic to edible.

Funded by AF-SF.

Project We Love
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A dynamic time-lapse visualization of the sky for an entire year

Funded by AF-SF.

Project We Love
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The Hip-Hop Word Count is a searchable ethnographic database built from the lyrics of over 40,000 Hip-Hop songs from 1979 to present day.

Funded by Awesome Foundation New York.

Help the Idea Foundry expand our space! With your help, we can throw a party, double our size and become a sustainable business. Win!

Founding member of Awesome Foundation Dave Fisher is working with the Columbus Idea Foundry expansion campaign. The Foundry provides both literal and figurative tools to the creative community of Greater Columbus in the form of workshops, trade education and community space.

It's our dream to paint an entire favela in Rio de Janeiro!

An Awesome Rio de Janeiro grantee is painting an entire Favela with the local community!