• NewMusic4us

    Nurturing Open Ears and Open Minds: commissioning+teaching beginner level chamber music, freshly written by adventurous young composers

    Music Haven has a new project to commission beginner level chamber music from young composers to better teach their beginner musicians! Check it out and support!

  • H A V E N

    Shedding light on overcoming homelessness in New Haven, from the perspective of a man who has found himself down on his luck.

    Another great project in New Haven. Additional funds can help take this project to the next level!

  • Sway.Shift - Geomorphic Tank @ SCA Contemporary

    Geomorphic Tank -Debbie, Shola & Rashmi- take their installation and workshop- Sway.Shift to SCA Contemporary in New Mexico

    Support our friends (and AC staff) in this creative project!

  • LabCandy - This Is What A Scientist Looks Like.

    Our cool lab gear, storybooks, and science activities for young girls will inspire the next generation of innovators.

    They are past their goal, but additional funds can help make it even better! Goooo!

  • FRICKbits: your data is now art on your iphone

    It’s your life, take back your data and turn it into art. Free iphone app from data artist Laurie Frick.

    Laurie is already past her goal, but additional funds can only make this great idea better! Go girl!

  • A DOG NAMED GUCCI - sound mix & music score edition

    A documentary feature about animal abuse in the United States, and how one man & one dog took on the system and changed our laws.

    Support a local and notable filmmaker in our area! Only 10% to go!

  • 3 SISTERS Series PART II: SustainABLE at Elsewhere AiR '14

    Help make possible the production of Part II of my 3 SISTERS Series: SustainABLE at Elsewhere Living Museum

    Help this New Haven artist make sustainable art happen!

  • Gold Star - A Narrative Feature Film

    A girl. Her dad. The 65 years separating them.

    Keep supporting this great project coming to New Haven!

  • The Cardboard Standing Desk: Stand Up for Creativity

    The first standing desk that is affordable, simple, and green. Great for home offices, growing businesses, and co-working spaces!

    Support the Chairigami Stand Up for Creativity idea!

  • Almost Porcelain

    We are revealing our newest work! Help make it possible for ECDC to produce a premiere of Almost Porcelain in the spring 2014.

    Help make it possible for ECDC to produce a premiere of Almost Porcelain in the spring 2014.

  • The Fermentation Center at Luck & Levity

    We are building Connecticut's first, and only, community and workshop space for fermentation & DIY Food creation of all kinds.

    Help support New Haven's only brew shop!

  • The Distance Between Us

    Thirteen years ago, without any real intention of telling our story, I began photographing my twin brother. Nick has cerebral palsy.

    Donate to this Kickstarter campaign to get local photographer Christopher Capozziello's powerful documentary work about his twin brother published as a book.

  • RiteNow Project: Rite of Spring & 8 New Works Inspired by It

    A Centennial Celebration of the "Rite of Spring" Featuring Eight New Works Inspired by it for Massive Orchestra

    Help The Ritenow Project to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the premiere of Igor Stravinsky's monumental "Rite of Spring" by backing this project.

  • Grieving Coats

    A large-scale memorial art piece honoring the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy to be exhibited at ArtPrize 2013.

    This artist felt compelled to create something physically tangible in an attempt to process the profound loss at Sandy Hook Elementary this past year. Help see the project come to fruition and hopefully heal some hearts in the process.

  • 48 Hour Film Project New Haven - Diane's Team

    "There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness." - Frank Capra

    Help local filmmaker Diane Lisa Johnson enter the 48-hour film competition by backing this project today!

  • 48 Hour Film Project sponsored by ALC

    48 hours? We can do this! Art Life Culture is sponsoring a group of friends who are taking on the 48 Hour Film Project challenge!

    Help this team enter the 48-hour film project challenge by backing them today!

  • Merlin - a fantastical opera

    The Hugo Kauder Society presents the world premiere of Hugo Kauder's opera "Merlin", composed ca. 1966.

    The Hugo Kauder society is a new member of The Arts Council. Help them put on this opera written and composed by Hugo Kauder, the grandfather of Helen Kauder (of Artspace).

  • Breakthrough Frequencies/City Streets Country Roads Split 7"

    "In Blankets" w/ Breakthrough Frequencies and City Streets Country Roads. 7 Inches of awesome all the way around

    Back this project so that "In blankets" gets made into a record. Their soothing sound is reminiscent of Iron and Wine... need I say more? Beautiful!

  • Sounds of the Season Holiday CD

    A CD of original arrangements of festive holiday music for brass quintet recorded by New Haven's premier brass ensemble, Brass.

    Make Brass part of your holiday tradition! If only for their sense of humor...

  • The Nameless Trio seek to "EXPLORE!". Our new CD needs fans!

    In the tradition of acoustic music,The Nameless Trio also tap folk,honky tonk,blues and bluegrass.Stories flow in lyric with harmony

    Help this acoustic trio get a new album to be titled "Explore!" produced!

  • Finish "Round Six"

    A washed up fighter struggles to support his young son and still remain his hero, in the corrupt seedy arena of amateur boxing.

    Help this Wesleyan student finish his 16mm film about boxing, father-son relationships, and living up to expectations.

  • XS Collaborative Exhibition at Yale

    April 12. Four abandoned storefronts. One happening exhibition.

    This cross-disciplinary group of Yale students is planning a fun way to enliven downtown New Haven. Check it out!

  • Msitu Wetu: The Film

    A short documentary film about community forest conservation in the Eastern Arc Forests of Tanzania

    A team of Yale University students is partnering with Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) in an effort to raise the profile of social and environmental issues surrounding forest conservation in Tanzania. Back their documentary today!

  • Chanterelle- Responsible, Local Food From A Cart

    Help us turn local, Massachusetts farm foods in to handcrafted meals for bellies on the go, by outfitting our vintage Belgian trailer.

    Wilbur Cross High graduate Max Reichert and chef Lauren Kendzierski, former owner of Gilt Restaurant and Lounge in New Haven have teamed up to create Chanterelle To Go! Help them get their delicious and healthy hand-crafted meals to hungry bellies on the go.

  • Where did All the Colors Go? Children's Book and Short Film

    A children's story about rediscovering the simple joys of color, told through installation art, photography, film and a pinch of magic.

    This gorgeous project by Adrien Broom is already funded, but could be even more beautiful with your help. Adrien has a studio at Erector Square and her sister owns Breathing Room Yoga. Support a New Haven local!

  • Bittersweet: Dying in the Nicaraguan Sugar Fields

    I hope to self-publish a photo book from this project. I also need to cover the print costs of upcoming photo exhibits.

    This former Register photographer will be exhibiting "Bittersweet" at The Institute Library with a reception Saturday, Feb. 9th! Help him get the project printed as a book!

  • The Treehouse at Yale

    Part architecture, part sculpture, part childhood dream: a treehouse built for the community.

    This project frames the beauty of nature with the structure of sculpture and architecture. Plus, your inner child will be happy with you if you back this tree house project!

  • New Folsom

    In a post-apocalyptic society, Kid sets out on a mission with his deputy Uncle Murphy to catch the elusive bandit known as Bright Eyes.

    This professional level film studio has a post-apocalyptic story ready to go!

  • Abyss

    Modern, edgy classical music meets theatrical spectacle, made by Yalies, taking place in downtown New Haven.

    Help these Yale virtuosos bring classical music to a new, more accessible level through a theatrical spectacle that will take place at the former bank at 45 Church St. This is going to be good!

  • Tatanka

    A hidden history of the Sixties is revealed in this documentary about the promise and the peril of unmitigated idealism.

    This project is already funded! Go Kickstarter. But check it out anyway. This is sure to be an interesting and entertaining film about the filmmaker's activist father, Kit Bricca. With Joan Baez cameo!

  • Help Build the Spaceland Ballroom

    Spaceland Ballroom: A mid-sized music venue being created by the people who brought you The Space and The Outer Space. Get involved!

    Get behind the success of The Space and Outer Space and back this project that will bring another great music venue to the area!

  • Get The Led Out: Led Zeppelin Prints by Ioannis

    Limited edition Led Zeppelin art prints by Ioannis taken from his original paintings for the new book "Get The Led Out"

    Rock and Roll meets printmaking in this intriguing project. Back to get your own print now!

  • Apple Orange Pair's First Recording

    Celebrate the fresh sounds of new music for horn and harp – help us make our debut recording!

    We love this pair's story. Back them today to help them get their first album recorded!

  • The Intervention of Innocence

    QU SENIOR CAPSTONE: One night, an ex-children's TV show host is visited by the show's characters, to remind him of the man he once was.

    This is a film project by 2 Quinnipiac University students that tells the story of Andy, a father and former TV host. Donate today to help get this project completed and maybe even to answer the age old question- do we really ever have to grow up?

  • Spears of the Dawn RPG

    Spears of the Dawn, an African-inspired old-school RPG from the maker of Stars Without Number.

    Donate here to see this video game set in medieval Africa made!

  • Paper Hill Casket Company - "Undertow"

    The first album by Paper Hill Casket Company, "Undertow" promises a unique blend of powerful rock and energetic bluegrass.

    New Haven bluegrass! Help them release "Undertow" by donating today.


    My Brother Jack is a feature length independent drama by writer/director Stephen Dest (Blind-Cannes Film Festival 08).

    Help local filmmaker Stephen Dest finish "My Brother Jack," a suspenseful murder mystery that was filmed right here in New Haven!

  • Occ The Skeptical Caveman - A New Webseries

    Occ The Skeptical Caveman is about an intelligent early human dealing with the craziness and superstitions of his primitive society.

    Back this crazy project to support the realm of critical thinking. Down with fear, superstition, ignorance and gullibility via high quality, humorous videos!

  • From Source to Sea: A River Kickstarter

    An environmental album of original music composed by Honey and the Sting - a new band from Wesleyan University.

    Help Honey and the Sting record an album about Middletown and the Connecticut River.

  • Artist Cave Tour Research Trip

    In August I plan to spend three weeks visiting caves in Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee to gather images for a large series of work.

    A new take on cave paintings... this time by modern man Mark Williams.

  • Eatin' Vegan webseries

    Eatin’ Vegan shows you how easy and delicious it is to eat healthier with a plant-based diet.

    Learn how to prepare delicious plant-based meals with Jackie from Guilford. Help her get her TV show started!

  • "Mrs. Shushman Says Goodbye"- A worthwhile short story

    Mrs. Shushman has long avoided death. One night during the Morton Downey Jr Show, however, she finds Death rummaging in her closet.

    Back this project today to give a Connecticut author the boost she needs to publish this and other short stories.

  • Pantochino Productions Inc. 2012/13 Season

    Help us solve our melodrama! Be our hero and support Pantochino Production's 2012/13 Season!

    Looking for a reason to support? Pantochino Productions Inc. is super talented, entertaining, and your kids will love them! What more could you ask for?

  • Shoestring Theatre Company takes New Haven!

    Shoestring Theatre Company presents The Heidi Chronicles and The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged) at the Whitney Theater!

    Help a local theatre company and back Shoestring Theatre Co. today! We applaud any group ambitious enough to have three actors attempt to capture all 37 of Shakespeare's plays in just 97 minutes!

  • The BWBQ Debut Album- "Breaking In"

    Help fund our Debut Album - full of our own original compositions and arrangements!

    Help The Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet reach their goal, if for no other reason, for adding an element of humor to classical music!

  • New composition for trombone by Stephen Feigenbaum

    Help trombonist Matthew Russo, commission Stephen Feigenbaum to write a new piece for trombone and piano.

    Back this project to support the creation of new music and to help the next generation of composers. Your ears will thank you!


    The story of four New York painters struggling to pull off the show of their careers.

    Help the film maker and painters alike with this professional project, which has ties to New Haven and the Kehler Liddell Gallery.

  • Inside Out #NHV

    Turning New Haven inside Out - cover the underpasses in our neighborhood with portraits of the people who live here.

    Bring Inside Out to New Haven! This global photography project will use local photographers and real New Haven residents as models. Get to know your neighbors faces!

  • 'Missed Connections' - A Full Length Circus Show

    Missed Connections is a full length circus show exploring human relationships gone awry through aerial dance, juggling and more!

    We'd love for the circus to come to New Haven this summer!

  • NHTC Presents URINETOWN: The Musical

    Help us do our business by supporting our production of URINETOWN: The Musical. We can't go (on) without you!

    Help NHTC do its business! One of the best project promotional videos we've seen in awhile!

  • Classical Guitar Music of Hawaii

    A compilation of Guitar Music by composers Darin Au, Jeff Peterson, Byron Yasui, Bailey Matsuda, Ian O'Sullivan, and Michael Foumai.

    Ian O'Sullivan is a phenomenal young classical guitarist bringing the music of Hawaii to the New Haven community.

  • Elm City Dance Collective: The Masquerade Ball

    Elm City Dance Collective is fundraising to produce an enticing dance experience that invites the audience to actively engage in dance.

    Elm City Dance Collective is bringing some of the hippest, cutting-edge dance performances to the Greater New Haven Community!

  • The Tekalli Duo's New Music and New Concert Season!

    The Tekalli Duo are commissioning a new piece from rising star composer Michael Brown. They'll perform it around the world.

    This brother and sister musical team are commissioning a new piece from composer Michael Brown and need your help to make it all happen!

  • Through the Trees: An Interactive, Public Art Installation

    Public art installation in conjunction with ArtSpace Gallery; a platform to discuss, unify and react to gun violence in our community.

    Local curators Nick Pfaff and Hannah Plotke are looking to create a public art installation downtown New Haven. Let's help them bring more art to the streets of the Elm City!