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    INCOMPIUTO - The Birth of a Style

    The most important Italian style since WWII

    Incompiuto Siciliano, a non-profit organization founded in Milan in 2009 by Alterazioni Video, promotes the study and research of the Italian Incompiuto style, which refers to the architectural and infrastructural works throughout Italy whose construction has been halted.

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    SOMArts Curatorial Residency

    Help fund the 2017–2018 season of SOMArts Curatorial Residency exhibitions!

    Founded in 1979, SOMArts is a Cultural Center for the 21st Century, providing radically accessible opportunities for people from all walks of life to connect over the power of art.

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    Ship of Tolerance

    Artists collaborate with local children in Rome to build a 60-feet wooden sailboat and spread messages of hope and tolerance

    The Ship of Tolerance is a global public art project by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov that aims to connect communities around the world and plant the seeds of tolerance in the hearts of people.

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    Every week for a year a new artist will create an action about an urgent political issue and share it with people around the world.

    Artspace is where audiences encounter the artists & the ideas of our times. Established in 1983, they are Australia’s leading interdisciplinary space for the creation & presentation of contemporary art, where artists of all generations test new ideas & shape public conversation.

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    BHQFU is on a mission to make art education free and accessible to all, so we’re bringing a printing press to Zambia. Join us!

    The Bruce High Quality Foundation University (BHQFU), founded in 2009, is New York's Freest Art School. It is a learning experiment where artists work together to manifest creative, productive, resistant, useless, and demanding interactions between art and the world.

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    Sites Unseen is a public art initiative in downtown San Francisco that programs alleyways with installations and participatory events.

    Sites Unseen is working with local community partners and cultural institutions to bring dynamic arts programming to seven underused alleys in the neighborhood in the form of permanent and temporary artworks, performances, screenings, and other happenings.

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    NYsferatu is a powerful public art project that engages diverse immigrant communities in telling their stories to the world.

    More Art commissions groundbreaking artists to create public art projects that meaningfully engage communities across NYC. They produce and present innovative works that serve as platforms for open dialog and catalysts for new strategies in the pursuit of social justice.

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    Artist Christie van der Haak transforms The Wolfsonian's iconic facade and lobby with her boldly patterned installation, MORE IS MORE.

    The Wolfsonian, in Miami Beach, uses objects to illustrate the persuasive power of art and design, to explore what it means to be modern, and to tell the story of social, political, and technological changes that have transformed our world.

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    A monograph of Susan Hefuna’s drawings from 1980 - 2016 published by The Drawing Center

    The Drawing Center, a museum in Manhattan's SoHo district, explores the medium of drawing as primary, dynamic, and relevant to contemporary culture, the future of art, and creative thought.

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    The Unappropriated Recipes is a conceptual cookbook about artists' perceptions on the formulation of Hong Kong through recipes!

    Para Site is Hong Kong's leading contemporary art centre, one of the oldest, most active independent art institutions in Asia. It produces exhibitions, publications, and discursive projects aimed at forging an understanding of local and international phenomena in art & society.

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    With the election looming, help Pedro Reyes & CT hold up a funhouse mirror to democracy with DOOMOCRACY, a political haunted house.

    Creative Time is a nonprofit public arts organization that is committed to working with artists on the dialogues, debates and dreams of our time. Since 1974, Creative Time has presented innovative art in the public realm and provided new platforms to amplify artists voices.

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    This fall, 40 artists will create 400,000+ artworks to be given away at the Jewish Museum in NYC. Help us make art available for all.

    The Jewish Museum is an art museum and a hub for art and Jewish culture for people of all backgrounds. The Museum maintains a unique collection of fine art and antiquities that reflect the global Jewish experience over more than 4,000 years.

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    An experimental chamber opera about Pancho Villa, the legendary bandit, enigmatic general, and hero of the Mexican Revolution.

    Ballroom Marfa is a non-profit cultural arts foundation in Marfa, Texas that produces ambitious exhibitions, commissions extraordinary site-specific and site-inspired works, enables profound cultural happenings, and shares their unique landscape with a diversity of artists.

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    This fall, New Orleans Airlift is creating a permanent home for the Music Box Village!

    New Orleans Airlift is an artist-driven initiative whose mission is to collaborate to inspire wonder, connect communities and foster opportunities through arts education & the creation of experimental public artworks.

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    Inspiring a new generation of thinkers in Africa with AtWork: a traveling artistic educational format from lettera27 and Simon Njami.

    lettera27 is a foundation with a mission to support the right to literacy and education, and promote access to knowledge, with a specific focus on the African continent. AtWork is an educational format that uses the creative process to stimulate critical thinking and debate.

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    Radio Papesse turns 10 and wants its audio archive to be more accessible and to keep fostering radio as a space for art production.

    Radio Papesse is an online audio archive and web radio devoted to contemporary art: thousands of hours of interviews, sound productions and experimentations to foster radio as a space for the artistic production and discourse.

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    CODED is a conceptual performance based on archival images of queer gestures in painting, photography and dancehall culture.

    The Kitchen was founded in 1971 as an artist collective and is now one of NYC's oldest nonprofit spaces, showing innovative work by emerging and established artists across disciplines.

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    Aeromoto is the first public library for contemporary art in Mexico City. It proposes public and free book circulation.

    Aeromoto is the first public library for contemporary art in Mexico City. The library serves as an open shelf information center in which users have free access to specialized printed materials in visual art and contemporary culture.

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    Join internationally acclaimed artist William Kentridge in building a 550 meter-long mural along the city’s urban waterfront.

    Tevereterno is a multidisciplinary cultural project for the revival of Rome's Tiber River. Internationally acclaimed artist William Kentridge’s "Triumphs and Laments: A Project for Rome" is a 550-meter frieze along the banks of the river, which will open to the public in April.

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    A series of newly commissioned artworks inspired by Rebecca Solnit & Joshua Jelly-Schapiro's "Nonstop Metropolis" at the Queens Museum.

    The Queens Museum is dedicated to presenting the highest quality visual arts and educational programming for people in the New York metropolitan area, and particularly for the residents of Queens, a uniquely diverse, ethnic, cultural, and international community.

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    Chinati is building the only freestanding architectural structure designed by artist Robert Irwin and devoted exclusively to his art.

    The Chinati Foundation is a contemporary art museum based upon the ideas of its founder, Donald Judd. The specific intention of Chinati is to preserve and present to the public permanent large-scale installations by a limited number of artists.

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    Participate in rebuilding the library at the College of Fine Arts at the University of Baghdad!

    The Art Gallery of Windsor, Ontario, presents Wafaa Bilal’s "168:01" in which an installation of an austere white library serves as both a monument to the cultural losses endured in Iraq, and a system of exchange connecting visitors in Canada to the College of Fine Arts in Iraq.

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    SOMA is creating an artist-run podcast to share live events and conversations with artists and thinkers across disciplines and borders.

    SOMA is an experimental organization conceived to nurture discussion and exchange in the field of contemporary art and education in Mexico City.

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    The Ghetto Biennale, a unique cross-cultural arts event in Haiti, is creating a catalogue documenting its first four shows.

    The Ghetto Biennale, a unique cross-cultural arts event in Haiti hosted by the artists’ collective, Atis Rezistans. The Ghetto Biennale is about challenging and hopefully transcending ghettoization in all its forms.

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    TEOR/éTica is a space for contemporary art in San José. We plan to revive the editorial program that is a main part of our activities

    TEOR/éTica is a non-profit, independent space in Costa Rica investigating and diffusing contemporary artistic practices with emphasis on Central America and the Caribbean.

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    Joaquín Orellana is a groundbreaking Guatemalan sound artist. Help record his masterpieces and preserve his unique artistic legacy.

    Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (NuMu), founded in 2012, is the first and only contemporary art museum in Guatemala, dedicated exclusively to supporting, exhibiting, and documenting contemporary art.

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    The Andy Warhol Museum and Artist Image Resource are commissioning three artists to create socially and politically inspired prints.

    The Andy Warhol Museum is among the world's most comprehensive single-artist museums. The Warhol opened in 1994 to serve both as the global keeper of Andy Warhol's legacy and as a forum where diverse audiences can be inspired through creative interaction with his life and art.

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    A Portal connecting Kabul to the world, with human-scaled video-chat. Talk, connect, collaborate as if you're in the same room.

    Turquoise Mountain is a non-profit arts organization working in Afghanistan since 2006. They have restored over 100 buildings in Kabul & trained hundreds in the arts. Shared_Studios is an arts, design, & technology collective, creating a global network of interconnected portals.

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    The book Matter Matters will organize and analyze the prolific output of artist Nadia Kaabi-Linke from 2010-2015.

    Dallas Contemporary is a non-collecting art museum presenting new and challenging ideas from regional, national and international artists. The institution is committed to engaging the public through exhibitions, lectures, educational programs and events.

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    RU Opportunities is a free online listing service that delivers up-to-date information about residencies for artists around the globe.

    Residency Unlimited (RU) fosters customized residencies for local and international artists and curators in New York City. RU publishes a free online resource for artists and curators with specific detailed information about residency programs nationally and internationally.

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    9 artists respond to 3 alphabets to create the A-Z of Conflict, a tri-lingual artists book project

    Raking Leaves commissions, publishes and presents contemporary art projects in the form of books that are internationally distributed for as broad a public as possible.

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    ‘San Art Laboratory: Session 7’: a 6-month artist-in-residency program showcasing the brilliance of Southeast Asian contemporary art

    San Art is the most active independent arts organization in Vietnam dedicated to promoting, facilitating and showcasing contemporary art through production, exhibition, discourse and education.

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    Transform MOCAD's exterior facades and enliven the museum's streetscape with this major public art project on Woodward in Detroit.

    Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit is a non-collecting institution presenting art at the forefront of contemporary culture.

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    Initiated by Rirkrit Tiravanija and Kamin Lertchaiprasert, the land foundation is creating a new community driven residency.

    The land foundation is an artist's residency based on principles of civic engagement in Northern Thailand. They are building a new structure on the site to leverage 'the land' to the next stage of self-sufficiency and community engagement.

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    Swiss Institute seeks to launch the Swiss Institute Digital Archive

    Swiss Institute is a contemporary art space in NYC dedicated to promoting forward thinking and experimental art making. The Digital Archive will establish a sustainable method of preserving SI’s rich trove of archival material, which documents 30 years of exhibitions and events.

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    Help ACRE achieve our most ambitious project to date: the renovation of our new space and expansion of our Chicago programming!

    ACRE (Artists' Cooperative Residency & Exhibitions) (Chicago/Steuben) was founded in 2010 to provide the arts community with an affordable, cooperative, dialogue-oriented residency program. Now they will build new spaces in Chicago to expand artists’ programming opportunities.

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    Librería Donceles, the only used Spanish-Language bookstore in NyC, wants to travel through the US to promote Spanish-language culture

    Libreria Donceles is a nonprofit bookstore, founded in 2013, to promote the Spanish language in the U.S. by bringing much needed printed materials from all over Latin America and Spain.

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    PHONEBOOK is a GUIDEBOOK and dynamic MOBILE APP to artist-run and underground culture, including over 800 projects from across the US!

    Threewalls is dedicated to increasing Chicago’s cultural capital by cultivating contemporary art practice and discourse. Through a range of exhibitions and public programs, Threewalls creates exchange between local, national and international contemporary art communities.

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    On the occasion of its 10 year anniversary, LA><ART will create a publication featuring the hundreds of projects it has produced.

    LA><ART is the alternative space for contemporary art in Los Angeles supporting artistic and curatorial freedom. LA><ART produces new works of art, supports the next generation of artists and curators, and incubates artist collectives and artist run spaces.

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    The first comprehensive overview of the work and teaching of the late British artist Roger Ackling.

    Occasional Papers is a non-profit publisher of affordable books in London devoted to the histories of architecture, art, design, film and literature, run by graphic designer Sara De Bondt and curator Antony Hudek.

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    20 bold new works. 20 artists: 1 for each year of our exhibition history. Plus a public program series and exhibit on the Rush legacy.

    In celebration of their 20th Anniversary, the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation will produce exhibitions of new works by 20 artists who have been a part of the organization's history, and a retrospective of that history, together with a series of free public programs.

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    A classical composer, an artist, a brass band, a punk rocker and a folk singer collaborate in a joyously dark, immersive new opera.

    The Soap Factory has, for over 25 years, filled a crucial niche in the vital regional arts community by providing a supportive exhibition environment for artists who are at the beginning of their careers or who are exploring new genres of expression.

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    Revealing Myanmar Contemporary Art History to the World

    The Myanmar Art Resource Center and Archive (MARCA) has partnered with theart.com to translate the original Myanmar Contemporary Art I book from Burmese to English, adding chapters on that which was censored 10 years ago.

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    FLORA is a space for art + nature in Bogotá. We plan to build a new library/meeting place that will become the heart of our activities.

    FLORA's residency and arts program provides the local artistic community with a warm and creative space. The addition of a new library, designed in a modular format using Daniel Acosta's organic forms will encourage meeting, research, and discussion.

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    A dynamic weekend of artist programming and activations in LA to conclude LAND’s cross-country billboard art exhibition along I-10.

    LAND curates site-specific public art exhibitions in Los Angeles, CA and beyond. In June they will host a city-wide exhibition of public programs to conclude and celebrate their cross-country billboard art exhibition along I-10, "The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project."

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    Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver | Support the development of a new dynamic commission in cross-disciplinary performance in 2015

    Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, a nonprofit art gallery located in Canada is teaming up with Vancouver-based dance organization, Ballet BC, to commission a cross-disciplinary, dynamic performance developed by acclaimed artist duo John Wood and Paul Harrison.

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    LagosPhoto is expanding its annual festival to create a year-round programme of exhibitions and workshops in Lagos, Nigeria.

    International photography festival LagosPhoto is expanding their programming to create year-round exhibitions, workshops, and mentorships with leading local and international artists in Lagos to cement a permanent presence for the transformative powers of photography in Nigeria.

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    The Mosaic Rooms & Hrair Sarkissian want to publish a book on the disappearing tradition of studio portraiture in the Middle East!

    The Mosaic Rooms is a London-based cultural space presenting
    contemporary culture from the Arab world.

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    Sculptor Daniel Arsham transports us to an archeological dig far in the future, uncovering thousands of crystallized media devices.

    Locust Projects, Miami’s longest-running alternative art space, was founded in 1998 by artists, for artists, with the mission to provide contemporary visual artists the freedom to experiment with new ideas.

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    SculptureCenter presents Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook's first museum survey in the United States, opening January 2015.

    SculptureCenter is New York City's only contemporary art museum dedicated to sculpture as well as the city's oldest artist-run space. SculptureCenter has provided thousands of artists with outstanding opportunities including production support and wide-reaching recognition.

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    Help us stage a groundbreaking exhibition on performance art in the Arab world through rare archives & new contemporary artworks

    Delfina Foundation is an independent organization that facilitates artistic exchange and develops creative practice through residencies, partnerships, and public programming. They have been working with the Arab region through their renowned residency program for the last 7 years

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    Build two new artists' studios at GASWORKS, to support emerging artists in London!

    Gasworks is a London-based organization that promotes the exchange of ideas between international and local artists through exhibitions and residencies in London and abroad.

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    Sydney, Australia - Yangjiang Group, one of China's most talked about artist groups, comes to 4A to take over our patch of Chinatown.

    4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is an organization dedicated to Asian-Australian contemporary art, based in Sydney's Chinatown. 4A offers artistic programs that contribute to critical curatorial discussion, emerging through the internationalization of Asian art discourse.

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    "...a real L.A. point of view, neither cloyingly provincial nor tiredly cliche but poetic, intelligent, and imaginative..."

    East of Borneo is an online magazine of contemporary art and its history, as considered from Los Angeles. After five years of operation, they seek your support for their highly anticipated relaunch that will enhance user experience, add features, and increase access.

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    Help us pay artist fees and production costs to create 3 new sound works in a free concert at a breathtaking panorama.

    SASSAS (Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound) is a non-profit organization that produces concerts in the greater Los Angeles area that re-contextualize sound and place.