Celebrate Philly Block Project with Hank Willis Thomas and launch an Arts Carnival on American Street!

The Philly Block Project brings together the people and pictures of South Kensington to tell a story through photographs and build a strong sense of community pride.

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A glimpse into the enchanting world of homeschooled children living in the Catskill mountains of New York. Published by Kehrer Verlag

Rachel Papo takes the viewer into the enchanting world of homeschooled children living in the Catskill mountains of New York.

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AUTOMAGIC shows the transformation of an image-archive and text into an extensive book as holistic idea

Dutch artist and Aperture Photo Book Review contributor, Anouk Kruithof is publishing her 10th photobook, "AUTOMAGIC". It is an extensive body of words and imagery collected over the last 12 years and arranged into open, short narratives.

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Last Stop, a double-sided concertina book exploring London's diversity. Photographed through the windows of its double decker buses.

Through windows of double-decker buses, Last Stop considers contemporary London in all its complex multicultural diversity, and through the many layers of its history, with a format that reflects and mimics the feel of a bus journey.

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Newspace needs to hire a professional curator to grow its Exhibition and Lecture Program and enrich this Portland-based organization.

Portland has a vibrant photo community, and spaces like NEWSPACE are vital to its growth. Support the hiring of a curator at this Portland-based photo organization, to help it grow its Exhibition and Lecture Program.

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Our 7th book is a first for us! A war photographer won the 2013 Aftermath grant to return to Chechnya to explore the aftermath there.

A book project featuring the work of 2013 Aftermath grant winner Stanley Greene -- who won the grant to cover the aftermath of the war in Chechnya, a conflict he covered for years.

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A pioneering initiative to publish over 200 compelling photographs from Ojeikere's vast archive spanning 60 yrs of Nigeria's history.

A pioneering initiative to publish over 200 compelling photographs from Ojeikere's vast archive spanning 60 yrs of Nigeria's history.

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A five year examination of the Philadelphia Inquirer newsroom reveals the challenges and harsh realities facing the newspaper industry

This is photographer Will Steacy's unrestricted look into the newsroom of the Philadelphia Inquirer, revealing the challenges facing the newspaper industry today.

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An epic journey along the Danube River by nine female documentary photographers retracing the footsteps of an industry pioneer.

This is a project created by nine female photographers, in honor of the legacy of a pioneering woman from the industry, Inge Morath. With your help they will embark upon an epic photographic road trip and traveling exhibition, all from the inside of a converted 18-wheeler truck.

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A photobook of Robin Schwartz's ongoing series with her daughter Amelia.

Amelia & the Animals by Robin Shwartz is Aperture's 2nd Kickstarter-funded project: we've made our goal but it's still a great way to pre-order a book and to help the project grow!

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Help us finish UP THE RIVER; a feature film about betrayal and independence, following four friends on a weekend trip to Upstate NY.

UP THE RIVER is a feature film about self-reflection and betrayal, following four friends on a weekend trip to upstate NY.

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Photographic portraits and oral histories investigate effects of military’s ban on LGBT service members and veterans lives and careers

To be published by Daylight Books in Spring 2014, “Gays in the Military: How America Thanked Me” exposes the effects of the military’s ban on the lives and careers of LGBT service members.

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A film revisiting Erin “Tiny” Blackwell, 30 years after the making of the Academy Award nominated documentary Streetwise.

Thirty years after the making of the film Streetwise, Mary Ellen Mark and Martin Bell revisit the intriguing story of Erin "Tiny" Blackwell and her family, and their relentless struggle to escape the dilemma of America's urban poor.

A self-published photography book by Andrew Miksys from his series about Lithuanian village discos.

Andrew has been working in Lithuania on various projects for the past 10 years. DISKO offers a really amazing set of portraits and depictions of spaces; a collective portrait of a generation still making sense of its Soviet past. Very strong work; will surely make a strong book!

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A Special-Edition Book of Photographs by Richard Renaldi

Keep the story growing! In spring 2014, Aperture will publish Touching Strangers as a photobook, including new photographs from Renaldi’s shoots this summer in Albuquerque, Chicago, New York City, and Southern California.

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QUESTION BRIDGE INTERACTIVE is a platform that reveals the true complexity, diversity, and humanity within an identity group.

Building on a successful series of exhibitions, Question Bridge Interactive will bring another layer of data, access, and analysis -- everything that an app can do, further amplifying this already compelling and profound project on Black male identity. Help make it possible!

A personal documentary film about a daughter's search for the mother she never knew through their shared love of photography.

Before DVDs and online teaching tools, many photo students learned to love photography via the slide carousel and audio cassette series, the Images of Man. The daughter of the creator of the series, aims to bring that influential project back to light.

On October 26th, take a picture anywhere in Philadelphia. We'll print and exhibit it alongside hundreds of others.

Help the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center celebrate their 3rd anniversary with Philly Photo Day, a truly community-sourced photo project!

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A book of full color polaroid aura portraits, camera print-outs and contributed texts from The Portrait Machine by Carlo Van de Roer.

The polaroid aura camera is one of those fascinating (if dead-end) evolutionary braches belonging to the once-prolific Polaroid empire - Carlo Van de Roer has put this to great use in this series and now, with your help, he's going to make a book of the results.

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Documentary photography book about the Mexican telenovela REBELDE and the pop band RBD that stemmed from it.

Mexico-city based photographer and Tierney Fellowship winner Yvonne Venegas goes behind-the-scenes with telenovela pop stars -- help her get her book out in time for a solo show at the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil!

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A limited-edition photobook by Shane Lavalette, featuring photographs from the High Museum of Art's "Picturing the South" exhibition in Atlanta, GA. Now available.

Shane Lavalette of Lay Flat and Light Work (and a featured photographer in ReGeneration2) has a wonderfully poetic book project inspired by the music and landscape of the South.

A personal narrative photo book, spanning 3 generations, exploring 1 family's failure of the American Dream. Funds needed to complete.

This project has already met its goal, but it's not too late to pre-order a book! Lisa Kereszi has built an extensive portrait of her family's business and the characters that have been a part of it over the course of five decades.

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The aim of the Afghan Box Camera Project is document a living form of photography on the brink of disappearing in Afghanistan.

With your help, Lukas Birk and Sean Foley will continue to keep the art of the Afghan Box Camera alive -- including making a film about how to make one for yourself. The next stage will take them to Afghan towns close to Iran, Tajikistan & Pakistan -- among other activities.

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Singular Beauty is a book project featuring the photographs of artist Cara Phillips and it is designed and published by Hans Gremmen

In addition to finishing up Singular Beauty, Cara Phillips has dedicated a good deal of time to promoting the work of her fellow photographers via Women in Photography, cofounded with Amy Elkins. Now it’s Cara's turn to receive some support for her a project of her own ...

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You want BOOK ARTS? Booklyn is putting it all online.

Booklyn is an artist-run not-for-profit dedicated to the creation and promotion of limited-edition contemporary artists’ books. They are a fantastic resource for artists and artist book-lovers; help them to make the leap to “Booklyn 2.0”

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Envisioning positive change and mobilizing Chicago's South Side community through large-scale public photography instillations.

SEE POTENTIAL brings artists, photographers, and community leaders together to address the absence of affordable, healthy foods in areas that need it most. An intersection of art, food, and community-based approaches to greening the urban landscape – what’s not to love?

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Radiant Labs, created by two artists, solves the problem of disappearing traditional darkrooms and offers a workspace to other artists.

Don’t let the smell of fixer and Dektol become a distant memory of processes past. Support traditional photographic processes by supporting the effort to build a community darkroom— and gallery and meeting space. Long live chemical photography!

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A book of photographs and writing that speaks of impoverishment, memory, and the preciousness of life.

Documentary veteran Eugene Richards has created a lyrical, moving meditation on poverty and race, weaving together images from his past with current images and writing. Help bring this book into the world!