• Red River Barn Quilt Trail

    The Red River Barn Quilt Trail Partnership is committed to developing a barn quilt trail in the southern Red River Valley of ND & MN.

    Barn quilts are colorfully decorated geometric shapes on flat pieces of wood made to look like a quilt block. This project is not only a beautiful display inspired by folk art traditions, but also brings together the communities of North Dakota and Minnesota.

  • KnitYak: Custom mathematical knit scarves

    Mathematical scarves knit in luxurious merino. Algorithmically generated patterns, no two scarves are alike. Knit in Seattle, WA.

    By combining math and knitting, Fabienne of KnitYak is able to create intricate, one of a kind scarves. Different algorithms allow for her to create patterns that are non-repeating in design. All of the scarves are unique- just like many of the textiles in our collection!

  • Handmade Paper Cut Sculptures Using One Sheet of Paper

    Naho's latest major handmade Paper Cut Sculpture unveiling at ArtPrize'14, Michigan: Cut from one 3mx3m sheet of Japanese Washi Paper.

    Contemporary Japanese Paper Cut Artist Nahoko Kojima is bringing her paper cut sculptures to Art Prize in Michigan this year. These works are based on traditional Japanese Kiri-e and Kojima strives to propel it to the contemporary sphere, reaching to a greater audience.

  • ARTZ Philadelphia: Project "First Full Year"

    We open doors to people living with dementia. Looking at art. Discussing art. Making art. Building creative community. Making memories.

    Support this great project by ARTZ Philadelphia to broaden the cultural, arts-based opportunities for people living with dementia to build identity and community through the arts in an ongoing and meaningful way, much like AFAM’s Folk Art Reflections program—http://bit.ly/1mYiE7B

  • Citizen Project: American Flag Inspired Screen Prints

    The Star Spangled Banner's 200th Anniversary Inspired a Collaboration of Designers

    Help Citizen Project as they produce prints to explore the symbolism of the American Flag in celebration of the bicentennial of the national anthem. This project reminds us of Flag Gate, now on view in the exhibition, Self-Taught Genius—http://bit.ly/1ml3y7R.

  • Chasing Neon: Documenting Our Historic Americana

    A four month cross county expedition to artistically document vintage signs one photograph at a time. Way cooler than potato salad.

    Support the documentation of disappearing vintage signs across the US and the history of the nation embedded in them!

  • The Walden Quilt Series – Sleep Under the Words of Thoreau.

    A modern take on quilting & typography: Thoreau's Walden and NOW, JANE AUSTEN! stitched into quilts and pillows by Comma Workshop.

    Drawing from the traditions of quiltmaking and storytelling, The Walden Quilt Series brings elegant Thoreau classics to people’s homes.

  • Swing for Smither Park

    Building Houston's first folk art inspired green space - designed and created by local artists.

    Bringing joy to the underserved East End area of Houston, folk art-inspired Smither Park is created out of recycled and found materials in a mosaic fashion, inspired by Indian artist Nek Chand’s Rock Garden (find more from this artist in our collection http://bit.ly/1zCiqc3)

  • Maker - A documentary on the Maker Movement

    "Maker" is a feature-length documentary on the Maker Movement and its impact on society, culture and economy in the U.S.

    The film explores the ideas, tools and personalities of the Maker Movement. Learn more about how the new wave of Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together of the Internet era subverts traditional manufacturing with open source, local manufacturing, crowd funding, and digital fabrication.

  • The Story of Steyning Grammar School Heritage Quilts

    A stunning book showing the images and stories within this community textile project.

    In 2012 Steyning Grammar School launched a project to create a heritage quilt to show the strong tie between the school and its local community. Help them document and share with the world the stories and work behind this quilt, made by the students and community members.

  • Constellation Quilt

    Touch the stars and celebrate your place in the universe with a handmade quilt of the constellations by Haptic Lab.

    Marrying quiltmaking and astronomy, the constellation quilt by the Haptic Studio sparks your curiosity and invites you to explore the universe in a tactile way. Accompanied by a star chart, this quilt can be a great learning tool, a functional art object, and a modern heirloom!

  • Husht Reverberations: a monumental fabric sculpture

    This monument will be an interactive fabric and steel sculpture. It is meant to be touched, leaned on, sat upon, and experienced.

    Meg Carlson is creating an interactive monumental sculpture out of fabric and steel to be exhibited during Art Santa Fe. Husht Reverberations is inspired by Tent Rocks and other geological wonders of the desert sand dunes,as interpreted with over 10,000 yards of fabric!

  • Oatland's Mighty Oak Fiber Art Installation

    Fiber Guild of the Savannahs create a fiber art installation for lobby of Oatland Island Wildlife Center inspired by the live oak trees

    The Fiber Guild of the Savannahs is working on an oak tree installation for the visitors of the Oatland Island Wildlife Center. This giant piece will not only feature woven bark but also crochet Spanish moss and fiber animals. Help them as they complete this ambitious project!

  • Philographics: Big ideas in simple shapes

    A series of 95 beautiful designs explaining philosophy using simple colors and shapes, available as a postcard box and a book.

    Philographics represent complex philosophical ideas through simple shapes. This reminds us of pieces by self-taught artist Martin Thompson, who also seeks to navigate abstract concepts through his art: http://bit.ly/17grKD6


    I want to make a book that is both a beautiful object and a catalog that documents my adventures with a touring, evolving art piece.

    Eliza Fernand has been traveling with a quilted tent across the country, gathering stories and new stitches at every stop. In the final stage of her project, she hopes to document the quilt's adventures in Quilt Stories, an art book filled with beautiful photos and narratives.

  • LANDFILL HARMONIC: Inspiring dreams one note at a time!

    A heartfelt & moving story of how instruments made from recycled trash bring hope to children whose future is otherwise spiritless.

    Landfill Harmonic follows the stories of children from a slum in Paraguay who make their own musical instruments out of recycled materials. Support these filmmakers as they capture the transformative powers of music and creativity in this struggling community.

  • The Fifty United Plates

    All 50 of the United States re-created in fine porcelain as interlocking trays. Bake, serve and style with pride.

    Ryan and Kaitlyn Lawless are putting a map of the United States on your table! Using new technologies, they will create precise shapes that fit like a puzzle to create familiar imagery out of porcelain. The plates are slip cast, glazed, and fired to perfection. For travel lovers!

  • Dream Again Children's Book

    An illustrated story for you and the kids in your life - a patchwork quilt leads an orphan girl & her horse into an epic adventure!

    Dennis McGregor has a passion for illustration and storytelling. His book, Dream Again, follows the story of a patchwork quilt as it leads a young girl and her horse to adventure. Support McGregor as he brings this story to life!

  • Visualizing Pi: Mural with High School Math Students

    A mural project that uses mathematics to connect Brooklyn students to their community through a visualization of Pi !!

    Watch math come alive through art! Brooklyn high school students want to visualize pi through the creation of a mural of Fibonacci's golden spiral. This interdisciplinary project will help them explore the practical applications of pi.

  • Heads, bodies and tails: for the young and young at heart

    'Heads, bodies and tails' art puzzle for children and families. An engaging hands-on activity that cultivates creativity through play.

    See 'n' Make uses play as a method to cultivate children's creativity. Help them produce Heads, Bodies and Tails, an art puzzle for designing creatures! This puzzle reminds us of this eighteenth-century piece in the American Folk Art Museum's collection: http://bit.ly/XzY00K

  • Meat America

    Meat America: An eye-opening, artery-closing look at the American spirit through the work of photographer Dominic Episcopo.

    Photographer Dominic Episcopo tells the stories of America's infatuation with meat through his irreverent and mouth-watering images. Help him raise funds to publish Meat America, a delightful book that humorously reinterprets America's love affair with this delicious food!

  • What We Tell Each Other - Oral History & Wet-Plate Collodion

    With my photography practice born of pure light & chemistry, I collaborate with storytellers to make oral histories tangible.

    In this digital age, photographer Meghan Sellars strays away from advanced methods, sticking to her analog camera and developing her own film. Through her photography, Sellars hopes to tell others’ stories in a fantastically unique way.

  • Reflective Equilibrium: Art by Imprisoned People

    The exhibition Reflective Equilibrium will feature works of art created by people imprisoned in a mid-Atlantic correctional facility.

    Deborah Barkun believes in freeing the artistic spirit of the imprisoned and letting humanity shine through their art. She plans to organize an exhibition with the works of those imprisoned in a Mid-Atlantic correctional facility, and, with your help, it can be possible!

  • THE VIVIAN GIRLS: A play with music.

    Help us workshop our Henry Darger-inspired play with music in New York with a work-in-progress event at the American Folk Art Museum!

    Darger continues to inspire! A playwright, choreographer, and musician join forces to bring The Vivian Girls: A Play with Music to a New York audience. Your support will help them produce a very special one-act workshop in our museum's galleries this May!

  • Polaroid Matrix goes to New York Maker Faire

    20 Polaroid Cameras, One Click. Help my project the "Polaroid Matrix Flipbook" make it to NYC for the International Maker Faire.

    The magic of Polaroid comes to Maker Faire!http://bit.ly/KrgOX. This maker will use 20 cameras to capture a 360-degree portraits, and compile them into a flip book. If you have DIY tendencies, and are in Queens, NY Sept. 17-18, be sure to stop by the museum’s booth and say hi!

  • 12 Quilts 12 Months

    A year long project to conceive and create a quilt for each month of the year 2012.

    Budding quiltmaker Drew Stefani sure is going to have a busy year! He will be creating a quilt per month for all of 2012. Then, moving from fabric to ink, he will make a limited-edition series of silk-screened prints, inspired by the 12 quilt designs.

  • SOLIPSIST - an experimental fantasy film

    SOLIPSIST is a three part psychedelic fantasy short film about otherworldly beings whose minds and bodies converge into one entity.

    In Solipsist, otherwordly characters morph into composite beings, exploring the collective unconscious. The filmmaker's mythical creatures call to mind Henry Darger’s cast of fictional characters, particularly the anthropomorphic Blengins: http://bit.ly/pxsws8

  • Makeshift Magazine

    Makeshift is a quarterly magazine and multimedia website about grassroots creativity and invention around the world.

    Makeshift is a quarterly magazine and multimedia website taking a cross-cultural look at approaches to repurposing. Pitch in to help document the communities that make up for their lack of resources with teeming ingenuity.

  • Colorquilts wooden jigsaw puzzle

    Imagine a beautiful wooden jigsaw puzzle, with pieces shaped like birds and leaves, using an image of my dyed fabric art!

    This Vermont fiber artist has been quilting and dyeing her own fabric for decades. Now, help with her foray into puzzle production! She will convert one of her signature color-driven quilts into a vintage, 254-piece wooden puzzle for all to enjoy putting back together.

  • ArtCar Caravan to Southern California

    ArtCar Fest artists bring their unique rolling art to Southern California in a caravan, stopping at folk art sites along the way.

    Bay Area artist Emily Duffy proves that on any surface, art can be made! This year, the ArtCar caravan heads down to Southern California; the highway will serve as their exhibition space. Folk art serves as inspiration. Support the annual festival, and get these creators moving!

  • Turn stop signs in San Diego into flowers!

    Lets cover Clairemont in flowers! With some knitted leaves and a stem, stop signs become enchanting flowers.

    Self-described “knitting guy” is transforming his community by turning stop signs into flowers! We love to see male artists subvert ideas around historically female artforms, a topic explored in a recent public program at the museum, Real Men Quilt http://bit.ly/pHgpAW

  • 6x6 - The Art Version of a Music Festival

    What If There Were No More Art Galleries? 6x6 is the answer to that question.

    Team Mr. Baang & Mr. Burne explore how artists would approach promoting their own work in a world without art galleries. Self-articulation and acumen in the commercial art world are often areas of discussion in the field of contemporary self-taught artists. http://kck.st/q8IfNG

  • The Go Folk Yourself Summer Fest

    Help support the Go Folk Yourself Summer Fest! The GFY Festival will be a showcase of local musicians in Brooklyn on August 20, 2011.

    Go Folk Yourself is a volunteer-run music video newsblog that regularly organizes free music shows around New York City, showcasing contemporary folk musicians. They are staging their inaugural, family-friendly summer festival in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

  • Tremolo Train Tour

    A tour by train from New Orleans to LA..

    In the tradition of the great American road trip, and inspired by the elusive Americana of his childhood imagination, Belgian folk musician Phil Vanderyken will traverse 1,995 miles by train, one song at a time. Help him bring his own brand of folk from Louisiana to California!

  • New York, Phew York (A Scratch-N-Sniff Adventure)

    An interactive scratch-n-sniff guide through NYC; from bagels to garbage. Venture into 19 neighborhoods & encounter 20 smells!

    City as muse is often a thematic undercurrent in the folk art field. In this contemporary illustrated narrative, we are led on an olfactory tour through New York City. Behold—the first ever scratch-and-sniff adventure book!

  • The Circus and the Cyclone

    A fantastical illustrated historical novel featuring a traveling circus, a devastating tornado and tragic love.

    A unique book, inspired by events surrounding a disastrous tornado that struck the Midwest in 1899, just as a traveling circus passed through a small town. Circus art enthusiasts, take a look at the banner Radium Girl, which is in the museum’s collection: http://bit.ly/pMrb53

  • Sewing Tour 2012 Revisited

    Sewing your imagination & teaching about alternative energy. Traversing the country with a solar & bike powered sewing machine.

    We wish we could join in on this road trip, which combines alternative energy with impromptu sewing across America. By "drawing" with his sewing machine, Nosa captures the pithy messages of strangers and makes a visual representation of their words in the form of a sewn patch.

  • Pattern Explosion : Bringing Beauty to the Masses

    I want to print large scale patterns in exterior urban spaces to create beauty, inspiration and architectural interest

    Pauline Curtiss will transform twenty-one arched brick walls into art in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She will cover the blank “canvas” with patterns to engage the passerby, especially those that don’t have the opportunity to go to a museum to see art.

  • SEEDs for Autism: Sewing Our Way To Independence

    SEEDs students learn vocational skills by working with artists to create marketable art. Our Fiber Dept needs stronger sewing machines.

    The fiber department at SEEDs needs to replace their aging fleet of sewing machines. This innovative program in Phoenix, Arizona, connects young adults on the autism spectrum and artists to create a stronger community and life skills while working on creating marketable art.