• "We can't let the news be one-sided." -Tiger Temple "You never know what you can do until you try." -Zola

    As the Chinese government expands its efforts to police the internet and block websites in the country, the rising tide of censorship has aroused a wave of citizen bloggers including young Zola and veteran Tiger Temple. As these rebel journalists grow, urgent truth spreads.

  • A Midwestern teen is abandoned by her single mom and decides to take survival into her own hands.

    Jenny Deller's Future Weather offers a portrait of a Midwestern teen who after being abandoned by her mom takes refuge from an unstable home life in science + nature. Intimately sweet and poignant, this story is one of 3 generations of women navigating responsibility + survival.

  • BURN is a feature documentary about Detroit, told through the eyes of its firefighters.

    A doc on Detroit, as told through the eyes of the firefighters who have seen arson rates skyrocket side by side with foreclosures, Burn follows the resilient, brave, and good-humored heroes of a city of struggle and hope. Executive Produced by Denis Leary and Jim Serpico.

  • A film about a group of Brooklynites surviving the winter in a farmhouse after a massive collapse of infrastructure.

    Featuring the ubiquitous indie chanteuse Kate Lyn Sheil, First Winter depicts a group of Brooklyn yogis snowed-in at a country farmhouse without electricity, cell phone reception, or running water. With nothing to rely on but each other, they must survive off the grid.

  • Ira Sachs' KEEP THE LIGHTS ON is a new film about gay life and love in New York City.

    Set in late '90s NY, Ira Sachs' Keep the Lights On chronicles the emotionally and sexually-charged journey through the love, addiction + friendship of a filmmaker and closeted lawyer who connect and disconnect over a decade. A Sundance World Premiere to be released by Music Box.

  • NANCY, PLEASE is a psychodrama/black comedy that explores obsession, self-righteousness, and the perverse allure of victimhood in New Haven, CT.

    The debut feature from filmmaker Andrew Semans, Nancy, Please is a claustrophobic and darkly comic story of the seemingly mundane evolving into something dangerous. And crazy. And terrifically twistedly awesome. Let's just say never: leave your book unattended.

  • A fully independent feature film shot in Metro Manilla, Philippines. Looking for community support to raise finishing funds.

    Shot in director Ron Morales' ancestral homeland of the Philippines, Graceland journeys through Manilla, drawing from true stories of the criminal underworld. When the wrong girl's kidnapped, a family man takes a turn for the dark side, entangling himself in a web of corruption.

  • I-won't-tell-you-whose voice over leads us through three extreme situations that are actually the same... Will you survive?

    A French narrator jumps from one drama to another, confused about the story that he is trying to tell in, well, voice over. Traveling from extreme to extreme is always done best in romance languages!

  • The story of Baltazar, the last ice merchant of Chimborazo, Ecuador. A tale of extraordinary feats and changing times.

    Enduring changing languages and lifestyles, for the last 55 years Baltazar Ushca has trekked over 10 km each morning to the fossilized glaciers of Chimborazo where he harvests ice and hauls it back down the mountain to sell at market. He is the very last ice merchant of Ecuador.

  • Willowbrook is a narrative short film commissioned by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and being made at the USC School of Cinematic Arts

    Based on true events, in 1964 a young pediatrician began his residency at Willowbrook, only to discover that the institution's medical personnel were conducting U.S. Army-funded experiments on the children. Looks to be a gorgeous and gorgeously strange tale!

  • The Texas State Board of Education is revising the state's schooling standards and raising some controversial issues about education.

    Every 10 years the Texas Board of Ed. revises its textbook standards, leaving the curriculum decisions up to a council of 15. The Revisionaries shines a light on the procedure, following devout Evangelical Christian board member Don McLeroy.


    Scott Hamilton Kennedy's follow-up to his Academy Award-nominated "The Garden" captures all the drama, competition, heartbreak and triumph among a group of freshman and senior students at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. He raised theatrical funds after the fest.