Project We Love
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We do the grubby stuff and you stake your claim in PLAND's 2012 Residency Season, helping us build, bear, and buy what isn't bartered.

This is one of the most exciting initiatives out there for getting art out of its exclusive haunts and into the landscape. Help PLAND dislocate a lot of art and artists this year.

Help save a classic 85 year old Chicago movie palace from closing by contributing to fund for a digital projector so it can stay open!

More movie palaces please! It takes a lot of money to keep movie theaters up to date. We love this one and hope you throw them some dough!

Project We Love
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We want to build an open source software platform to share with local Trade School chapters around the world.

Our good friend Caroline Woolard along with a lot of other folks are putting their energy into this ambitious initiative. We think it is more than worth your support, now, and well into the future.

A digital reconstruction of the former termini at Exit Glacier, making what has melted away visible again as augmented reality.

The Exit Glacier AR Terminus uses Augmented Reality technologies to help educate about disappearing glaciers and the Alaskan landscape

Keep the art of sign painting alive! Your logo/design will be painted by a real sign painter to produce a sign painting training DVD.

We love the art of hand-painted signs and encourage you to keep it alive by supporting this ambitious project!

Project We Love
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The ACRE Artist Residency's Kitchen Program explores the many political, environmental, and creative aspects of food and dining.

We have been to ACRE. It is a great resource and program for artists in the Midwest and beyond. Please support their ongoing efforts and help fund their kitchen.

Project We Love
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Forage Kitchen is the first Co-working space for food. A hub for the Bay Area food community, and a home for artisan food makers.

Co-working space for cooking is hard to come by, suprisingly. Help create a nice home for a variety of food enthusiasts!

Project We Love
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A month-long series of queer interventions throughout New York City. One piece, one setting, each night over the entire month of July.

Help get this ambitious series of interventions & screenings off the ground in NYC and make some of our queer ghosts happy! We really love the amount of research & repair these folks are dedicated to...

Project We Love
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A book featuring visionary thinkers and makers, illuminating more ecologically, economically, and socially just versions of "now."

We have contributed to this book along with an incredible selection of folks who are creatively and courageously fighting for a different world.

An exhibit where a gallery is an experimental cultural hub for a month. It features a deli, visiting artists, music, & loads more!

The Bread Boys (Sean Starowitz and Andrew Erdrich) are doing many great things in Kansas City. This exhibition and series of events looks very exciting. Help support their ambitious programming! Full disclosure: we are on their schedule.

Project We Love
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This is what happens when you invite cultural workers, artists and dreamers to transform a neighborhood for one month.

Version Festival is an astonishingly ambitious smorgasbord of creativity. Public Media Institute has brought so many cultural giants to Chicago over the years, and provided countless opportunities for emerging artists, performers, film-makers, musicians, and uncategorizables.

Koshka Zine's focus is on presenting diverse viewpoints on Central and Eastern European culture in well-designed packages!

The first issue of Koshka was thoroughly refreshing in concept and execution, with great writing and design. Koshka #2 will have a much larger print run and we have no doubt that this follow up will be a real treat for those interested in Central and Eastern European culture.

Project We Love
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United in Anger is a feature film about how a small group of men and women came together to fight AIDS, and save each other's lives.

ACT UP, and their sub group Gran Fury, had a huge impact on us with their fearless actions and ground breaking graphics! Theirs is a story that needs constant retelling.

Project We Love
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13 unique offset prints by 13 artists, each depicting a heretical person or movement, all put together in a nice silk-screened case!

Erik Ruin is an artist, activist, and chronicler of forgotten, ignored, buried and lost histories. We have been fans of his efforts for several years and are happy to support this initiative.

Project We Love
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Squatters, snowbirds and wanderers - the audiovisual chronicles of a "free" desert community.

Slab City is a really interesting and special place. We are looking forward to seeing this work come to completion. Though it is already funded, help them get more resources to do an even more ambitious project.

The NYPD destroyed our beloved banners when they illegally evicted Occupy Wall Street. We need new ones. We need your help.

Help Picture the Homeless raise 300% of the funds they are asking for! This organization is doing some of the most innovative and inspiring activism and puts those at the heart of the struggle front and center. We are in awe of their guts and character.

Parkway Center City students will be performing a collection of 1-Act plays on March 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.

Support these high school students in their dramatic endeavors! 1/3 of us owes our creative spark to having access to the dramatic arts in high school.

Project We Love
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A miniature lending library and public art installation intended for Brooklyn's Cobble Hill park.

In the wake of cuts to library hours and services, as well as outright closures around the U.S., we need all of the libraries we can get. This sweet project would be a welcome addition to any city park and we'd love to see them reach their ambitious goal.

Project We Love
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'The Garden of Eatin' is run by a group of local chefs who are supplying local and affordable organic crop to the community.

Projects like this one should be on every city block. Maybe even two on every block!

Project We Love
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Sharing food stories through an interactive, multi-sensory documentary audio book.

Garlic & Greens is a community project initiated by our friend Fereshteh Toosi in Chicago. Support this audio book and support neighborhood gardens!

Project We Love
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The performance work of Sins Invalid serves as an entryway into the absurdly taboo topic of sexuality and disability.

Sins Invalid is an amazing group of activists working around the confluence of disability & sexuality. Though this has been funded, please take a second to learn about what they do!

Stamped Books, a small press that creates handmade chapbooks, wants to purchase equipment so they can letterpress a cover.

We loved the first book Stamped Books sent us, "How to Ride a Bike in Pittsburgh", and wanted to see what these folks would do with their own printing press. This is a project we supported on Kickstarter and we look forward to seeing the new publications.

Project We Love
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The political practice & visual propaganda of the Madame Binh Graphics Collective in book form - Help bring this obscure radical art history to light!

We really appreciate the kind of infrastructure and support Kickstarter has provided for people who work like we do. This is a book we published that received some of its funding from the generosity of Kickstarter users!

Project We Love
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This is one story of the People's Library, as told to me by the librarians and patrons who built it.

Occupy! Publish! Make Guerrilla Libraries! The People's Library is such a source of inspiration for us. This is another project we were happy to support on Kickstarter.