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What does it mean to risk your life for your ideals? How far will five revolutionaries go to fight for the future of their country?

Control Room's Jehane Noujaim is back with a new doc about the people working to build Egypt’s new democracy. A kaleidoscopic, visceral experience of Cairo’s Tahrir Square, The Square follows several young activists. Winner of Audience Award for World Cinema: Documentary!

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A love triangle between a repo man, his globetrotting girlfriend, and Marijuana.

A Brooklyn repo-man and his globetrotting girlfriend forge an unlikely romance, but what should be a match made in stoner heaven turns into a love triangle gone awry in this dark comedy. Gotta love this project video. Newly (!) acquired by Phase 4.

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The documentary that began filming long before Linsanity became a pop culture reference. American's favorite unlikely sports hero.

A feature doc that began filming long before Linsanity became a pop culture reference, "Linsanity" follows NBA superstar Jeremy Lin, America's favorite unlikely sports hero, on an all-access tour of the highest, lowest, and most intimate moments of his career.

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Thanks to your participation, this campaign is a success! You can still help get the film out. Please join us:

After premiering at the 2013 festival, Carl Deal and Tia Lessin ("Trouble the Water") need funds to release this film without the PBS support they had lined up. A pretty wild and imporant story about public media and freedom of speech worth the read!:

A film that goes inside the lives of the last four late abortion doctors in America.

After the 2009 assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas, there are now only four doctors left in the country who provide late-term abortions. "After Tiller" depicts the doctors at the heart of this fight to keep this service available. Acquired by Oscilloscope.

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Ass Backwards is the story of best friends Kate and Chloe, two loveable losers who discover that ignorance really is bliss.

Rescuing completion of principle photography, June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson came to KS so their lovable losers Kate and Chloe could take a road trip back to their hometown, claiming the beauty pageant crown that eluded them as kids. Turns out the true winner is friendship!

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In a process that mirrors the OWS movement itself, 60+ award-winning filmmakers & artists are making a film about it. Together.

With two KS projects and a collective of 60+ filmmakers documenting one of the most significant moments of the decade, this collaboration tells the OWS story — the issues, organizers, supporters and critics who reveal how and why it happened. To be released by Participant!

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INEQUALITY FOR ALL examines the crisis of widening income inequality in the US through the eyes & the influential work of Robert Reich.

This documentary in the U.S. Competition features noted economic-policy expert Robert Reich as he distills the topic of widening income inequality, addressing the relationship between our economy and what makes for a "good" society. Acquired by Weinstein Company's Radius!


Roy decides to purchase a handgun for home defense, but soon becomes obsessed with mastering his new toy and the power it gives him.

In Spencer Gillis' directorial debut, Roy purchases a handgun to protect his wife and baby after a terrifying home invasion, but the newfound power he feels becomes an obsession, leading him down a potentially tragic path. As featured on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News to name a few!

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A new film by Matt Porterfield (HAMILTON, PUTTY HILL) about family, love and letting go. Shooting in Baltimore this summer.

One of our favorite project vids to date, indie auteur Matt Porterfield says what he means and means what he...tattoos. In "Darker," a runaway seeks refuge with her aunt and uncle, only to find their marriage ending and cousin in crisis. To be released by Monterey Media.

A film 12-years in the making about the educational journey of two middle class African-American boys. Broadcasting on POV in 2013.

Two African-American families pursue opportunity through their sons' educations. A U.S. Doc Competition premiere, Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson share the 12-year story of their son Idris and his best friend attending a prestigious NYC school. A Special Jury Prize-winner!

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A Ghanaian family travels to a Pentecostal church in Louisiana to cure their violent daughter.

Featuring the endlessly adorable and talented Quvenzhané Wallis ("Beasts of the Southern Wild"), Ghanaian filmmaker Frances Bodomo's short film follows a Ghanaian immigrant family on a road trip to a Pentecostal church in Louisiana in the hopes of curing its 'problem child.'

A film about two men at opposite ends of the social spectrum, starting new lives in the same town and forming an unlikely friendship.

Starting over at 58, Martin Bonner struggles with his new job in prison rehabilitation until a friendship with an ex-con blossoms, revealing the life he left behind. After two KS projects for production and post, Chad Hartigan took home the Audience Award for Best of NEXT!

Help me for the final production of my film called "When I Walk", about my diagnosis with multiple sclerosis.

At just 25, Jason DaSilva learned he has a severe form of multiple sclerosis. Debuting in Documentary Premieres, "When I Walk" shares his personal journey over the next seven years, the experience of becoming disabled and, we're told, an unlikely miracle that changes everything.

Theatrical documentary CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO brought to the screen with cutting-edge stereoscopic 3D technology.

Screening in the New Frontiers section, this award-winning theatrical documentary is derived entirely from black box transcripts of six real-life major airline emergencies brought to the screen with stereoscopic 3D technology. A fascinating portrait of the psychology of crisis.

A documentary about a young man, Rocky Braat, and the work he is doing with AIDS orphans in Chennai, India.

Steve Hoover changed his U.S. Doc Competition film's title to "Blood Brother," but his powerful story remains; Rocky went to India as a tourist, but when he met a group of HIV+ children he decided he had to stay. Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award Winner for U.S. Documentary!

Wolves make the best parents. This is a short about that fact.

A comedy about a "little-used yet highly-effective parenting technique that guarantees a lifetime of happiness and success for your child most likely at the expense of others," this short promises a wild ride, EP-ed by indie ingenue (and Stearns' wife!) Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Frustrated by the flakiness of Los Angeles, a neurotic young woman eschews cliche and actually makes an effort to keep in touch.

From the writer of the Kristen Wiig comedy "Imogene" comes the story of Michelle, a guilt-ridden, well-intended yuppie who's desperate to prove she's a decent person. "Until you get right with yourself, you can never be friends with someone who wears a stuffed animal backpack."

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The surprise hit of Sundance Film Festival 2013. The story of a farmer and his favourite cow Ida. Bring it to a UK cinema near you!

Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier's surprisingly heartwarming documentary portrait of a farmer and his favorite cow is now reaching audiences in theaters around the UK! Always exciting when a festival hit gets the love it deserves long after the fest!