Project We Love
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Add these reactive, customizable LEDs to your favorite shoes and melt brains wherever you go.

BLINKY.SHOES are LED strips that make your shoes light up in bright, beautiful patterns in response to your movement - using an accelerometer to sense the strength of your steps and whether you’re tapping your toe or your heel. (Claire Rosenbaum '10)

Boxly is a 100% recyclable, cardboard fort-building kit that gives kids creative license over their space.

Created by Stanford Product Designers (’15) Sasha Spivak, Carolyn McEachern, and Alicia Seta, Boxly is a 100% recyclable fort-building kit for kids. It allows kids to define their own creative space by giving them the confidence -- and the cardboard -- necessary to build big.

Project We Love
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Crazily durable, chuckable, and with both fetch and treat-dispensing features, these new balls will keep your dog engaged and happy.

Chris Miksovsky, MSE-PD '02 and founder of Paww brings us well-designed fetch/treat toys for dogs and their humans.

TorchGlo bring a social lighting atmosphere to the campsite! It diffuses headlamp light into a warmer, ambient glow.

TorchGlo transforms headlamp light into warm ambient light for out on the
trail. Stanford Product Design senior Kenny Krotzer combined design
thinking with his love for the outdoors to create this attachment for any
sized headlamp.

The pickasaurus is a stegosaurus-shaped guitar pick holder that can hold anything from paperclips to business cards too!

Created by Stanford Product Design senior Macey Sanchez, the pickasaurus is a friendly stegosaurus that holds your guitar picks until it's time to play. But the design doesn't stop there -- the pickasaurus holds anything from paperclips to business cards too!

Project We Love
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Powerful sound from a trim, precision form—a bell for any bike: modern road, mountain, or vintage townie.

Clint Slone (Product Design '04) and his brother Nick Slone, redesigned the classic bicycle bell adding style, stealth, and everlasting stainless steel construction. Each bell is crafted by their company, Spurcycle, in San Francisco.

Project We Love
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Terracotta self-watering seed-starters keep your seedlings happy, even if you ignore them! Made with love in California.

Terracotta self-watering seed-starters keep your seedlings alive even if you ignore them a little. Made with love in California by Anne Fletcher '07.

Wooden animal-shaped building blocks made for boys and girls. A simple solution that encourages children to play together.

Animal Stackers began their life at Stanford as a collaboration between Dan Nguyen and Melanie Nacouzi (Product Design '12). This is a toy that transcends gender boundaries, encouraging children to play together and promoting imaginative play.

WWW.HANDLEBAND.COM - Universal bike mount that turns your phone into a navigation tool, ride-tracker, camera, and light.

Designed by Stanford Junior Daniel Haarburger, the Handleband is an adaptable smartphone bike-mount that transforms your phone into a navigation tool, ride-tracker, front-facing camera, bike light and more.

Project We Love
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The Mount July Filters. Go out and play.

The retro, color-splashed camera filters by Mount July were launched by two Stanford Product Design students, Olivia Vagelos and Martin Bush. They believe in bringing creativity and creation back to the moment.

Project We Love
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A dragon shows up at Ada's door, starting an adventure of magic and coding. A pre-teen fantasy novel featuring a female programmer.

In "The Code Witch," a dragon shows up at Ada's door, starting an adventure of magic and coding. Sarah Sterman and Elise Guinee-Cooper are writing a pre-teen fantasy novel featuring a female programmer, to inspire girls to explore computer science and technology.

Project We Love
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You can enhance your design and creative problem solving skills. Four years of study at Stanford's design school in one read.

"Crane for Creativity" is one book that holds four years of design education at Stanford's Why? The author, Julia Davids, is on a mission to arm to world with positive, creative ideas. Awesome! Julia is a senior in Product Design.

Be IN your photos! Keyprop is the world's simplest stand and tripod. Fits all iPhones and smartphones.

Keyprop is a simple tripod+stand that's always on hand. Alison Wong, (MSPD '06) founder of Integral Design, designed this keychain accessory, and also includes an innovative self-timer app, KeyCam, for group shots. Integral Design makes "tools for your mobile lifestyle."

Project We Love
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The Bootlegger Modular Pack System. Swap the suspension, pick your pack and choose your adventure!

Tae Kim (MFA '01) worked as the Design Director at Northface before launching Boreas Gear and bringing new spirit to the industry. The Bootlegger has a modular design that has the ability to transform and come with you on any adventure.

Luxi turns your iPhone into an incident light meter.

The Luxi turns your phone into an incident light meter. Abraham Farag, the founder of Sparkfactor Design and Stanford Product Design JPD alum 99' recently co- founded esDevices to create smart accessories for smartphones.

The ultimate 3-in-1 cooking utensil for the kitchen and outdoors. A spatula, a spoon, and a perfect set of tongs all nested into one.

Alite, founded by Tae Kim wants you to go outside more! His company Alite encourage easy outdoor activity by designing product that are simple and fun to use. The Clover Cook Set converts between 3 utensils to let you cook delicious food when you leave your kitchen.

Unlace: a colorful, rubbery, twistable lace for untangling knotty problems with cords, cables, or any other loose end driving you mad.

Dante Pauwels (Product Design '97) and Cindy Glass took inspiration from a sneaker to create the Unlace, a colorful, rubbery, twisty lace for managing unruly earbuds, cords, and any other loose end driving you mad.

Storied is an app that helps people capture and share their family stories with easily created and compelling mini-movies.

Elijah Woolery (Product Design '98) and Rylan Peery have designed Storied, an app that helps people capture and share their family stories. Scan photos directly from an iPad, narrate over them, and Storied creates mini-movies that you can share with the tap of a finger.

Project We Love
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A big red truck filled with cutting-edge maker tools that goes from school to school, bringing the joy of building back to kids.

Design Masters students Aaron Peck, Prat Ganapathy, and Eugene Korsunskiy are creating a mobile learning space that brings the fun of hands-on making back to kids.

Project We Love
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A sculpture design that seems to show a jumble of fragments, but when viewed from two specific locations reveals hidden words.

A Stanford Design Program first-year, Tom Cohlmia has designed a new sculpture method that makes images appear from suspended "clouds" of 3D fragments.

two lenses are better than one! glasses that flip with just a flick. sunglass or diffraction.

Tom Berry and Will Atwood, graduates of Stanford Product Design '11, have redefined flip-top frames. Spectracles' laser-cut lenses float above your eyes and rotate down with a touch of a finger when you are ready to party. Baller!

Like most people, we want to be in our own photos. So we created the tiltpod!

Mike Strasser, a Stanford Design Alumnus and manger at Think2Build, gives us a solution to taking those awkward, outstretched arm self-shots with our iPhone. With the tiltpod you can compose the perfect shot, then jump in the frame for a great photo.

They Fold! Perfect for everyday snow hiking. Super compact so you can always be prepared. Fits on your pack easily.

Founder of Page Product Design and Stanford Design Alumnus, James Page has created an ingenious solution to the problem of clunky snowshoes. His SnowXu design transforms into a tight, lightweight package that you can carry anywhere.

Tired of carrying around that bulky empty sunglass case? Flipcase is a sturdy case that folds in seconds.

What do you do with your clunky glasses case when you put on your shades? Stanford Design Alum Alison Wong, founder of Integral Design, a product design and innovation consultancy, has created an awesome folding case that can you can fit anywhere.

The Wiretap Headphone Microphone splitter is an audio splitter with a little special something. It can do pretty cool things!

The Wiretap by Esdevices lets you split your Smartphones headphone jack into a Microphone and headphone ports. Abraham Farag, the founder of Sparkfactor Design and Stanford Product Design JPD alum 99' recently co- founded esDevices to create smart accessories for smartphones.