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A freewheeling adventure comedy about two buddies robbing their way across the country in search of the American Dream.

Support this new feature film project from a Louisiana-based filmmaking team that includes a number of alums of the New Orleans Film Festival!

Project We Love
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Estranged siblings Marcus & Michelle Brinks reunite after their parents' death. A comedy about tragedy from director Josh Crockett.

The filmmaking team of Josh Crockett & Kristin Slaysman have shown two different short films at NOFF: "Dinner with Holly" and "The Guitar Lesson." Support their new feature-length film!

Project We Love
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Help Court 13 Arts create a home for community-based art, filmmaking, and creativity in New Orleans and beyond!

Help this local film and arts collective find a permanent home here in New Orleans!

Project We Love
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Alternative narratives to the depiction of “pink survivorship.”

Take a look at this exciting story about a woman from the area--and help out the New Orleans filmmakers who are trying to tell her inspiring story through film.

Project We Love
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After being smuggled into Trinidad and Tobago to be with her brother Wei, Zhenzhen, an illegal Chinese immigrant,discovers the true cost of her arrival.

Support this new project from NOFF 2014 alum Rhonda Chan-Soo as they seek funds for their Caribbean-made, female-powered feature, which Rhonda is co-producing.

Project We Love
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Award-winning film about Ryan & Amy Green, who created an unusual and poetic video game about their son with cancer.

Support this NOFF 2015 alum film as they seek to bring this powerful story to theaters worldwide!

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Check out this new project from two-time NOFF alum Daniel Laabs. His most recent short film, "Easy," screened at NOFF in 2014. Please consider supporting his new feature film, JULES OF LIGHT AND DARK.

Project We Love
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A comedy set in New Orleans about a young girl raising money for college by any means necessary!

Angela Tucker + Lauren Domino have been involved with the New Orleans Film Fest for years. They've both had films in NOFF (including [A]sexual, Just the Three of Us, New Orleans: Here & Now...) and are major players in the New Orleans film scene. Support their new project!

Project We Love
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A man is forced to face his divorce when he encounters a mythical beast and is the victim of a shocking act of violence.

Support this local film from Pitch Perfect runner-up, Michael Roberson. Michael also premiered his short, "Pervert," during the 2014 New Orleans Film Festival.

Project We Love
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Token Empire is a web series about a band of dysfunctional musicians with a chance to make it big...if they don’t self-destruct first.

Support this new web series set in New Orleans. Co-creator Lizzie Ford-Madrid was part of our inaugural "Emerging Voices" mentorship program at the 2015 New Orleans Film Festival, where she worked with Moira Griffin, the director of diversity initiatives at the Sundance Institute

Project We Love
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A psychodrama about love, intimacy, and trust –– and what happens when lies become truth.

Christine Choe, the talented filmmaker behind 2011's short film "I Am John Wayne" (which screened at the 2011 New Orleans Film Fest) is fundraising for her first feature film: NANCY, about an imposter. Please consider supporting this new, exciting project from Christina!

A USC graduate thesis film about a heartbroken control freak who foresees his ill fate and attempts to outwit it.

Avi Glick showed his short black-and-white, 8mm-shot film "Legends" at the New Orleans Film Festival back in 2011. A Tulane grad, he's now finishing up his thesis film as part of the USA MFA program, and he's looking for some support. Please consider funding his new project!

Project We Love
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A story about the people that make the biggest party in the country possible. All hail the Street Sweepers of Mardi Gras!

Support this new project from New Orleans filmmaking team Jean-Jacques Martinod and Olivia Motley. This new doc short profiles the trash sweepers of Mardi Gras. Their recent short film, "Rota," just won the Narrative Short Prize at the River Run Film Festival.

Help New Orleans filmmaker (and NOFF alum) Randy Mack finish his feature-length dark comedy LAUNDRY DAY. Funds will help with color correction, sound mix, final edits, and special effects. (And be on the lookout for some special rewards, as well!)

Project We Love
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Help Stanley Nelson bring the story of the Black Panther Party to theaters across the country.

Filmmaker Stanley Nelson, known for docs like FREEDOM SUMMER & JONESTOWN: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PEOPLES TEMPLE, is seeking funding for a theatrical release of his new film about the Black Panthers, which premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Fest. Help support this important film!

Project We Love
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A moving story of what it means to be American Indian today. Bring the award winning documentary film to its audience!

The documentary film WHERE GOD LIKES TO BE, from directors Anna & Nico Hudak, screened in competition at the 2014 New Orleans Film Festival. Nico was at the festival for the screening and a post-film Q+A. Now, help this film reach a larger audience by backing its DVD release.

Project We Love
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While grappling with thyroid disease, filmmaker Maggie Hadleigh-West uncovers a silent epidemic and the systemic issues at its roots. Go to to learn more and donate below.

New Orleans filmmaker Maggie Hadleigh-West is working on a new feature—a personal film about thyroid disease & the medical industry. We recently screened her first feature WAR ZONE to a packed house. We're huge fans of her work & hope you'll consider supporting her new project.

Project We Love
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This is a story of tragedy and triumph. Based on my Hungarian grandmother's journey to America, as a World War II refugee.

Maya Erdelyi-Perez, whose abstract animated short “Pareidolia”screened at the 2012 New Orleans Film Festival, is working on a new project, based on her grandmother's personal narratives. Support this talented filmmaker's new film!

Project We Love
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A short documentary film about the tradition of costuming in New Orleans and the place where it all begins - Jefferson Variety.

Costuming in New Orleans is more than just donning a masquerade mask. Help this local team of filmmakers share some incredible stories of New Orleans costumes.

Project We Love
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We want to program a wider variety of excellent films.

Help local movie exhibitor Indywood bring more offerings to New Orleans cinephiles by supporting their campaign.

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91% of Americans are for comprehensive Background Checks. Congress can't pass solid laws. Every year, we have over 130,000 victims.Learn more about 91% at

Congrats to New Orleans filmmaker John Richie on his successful campaign for his new film, the follow-up to his documentary Shell Shocked, about gun violence.

Project We Love
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An Award-Winning film about BULLYING, UNDIAGNOSED MENTAL ILLNESS, and the profound effects it has on our society.

We were thrilled to include WHITE RABBIT—a Louisiana-shot psychological drama that featured lots of recognizable faces—in our 2014 New Orleans Film Festival lineup, and audiences loved it. Help it connect with an even larger audience through this theatrical initiative.

Project We Love
Main 16x9

In the Garden, humans get converted into AI constructs to survive. But Luc - a rebellious ballerina - would rather die than conform.

Support this new film from director Natalia Iyudin, whose inventive, Super 8–shot short film "Us: A Family Album" screened in the 2012 New Orleans Film Festival.

Project We Love
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The Film+Entertainment Industry is changing Louisiana. Tell your stories while funding a landmark economic impact study that proves it.

Keep films rolling in Louisiana by supporting this initiative by the Louisiana Film & Entertainment Association.

Project We Love
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The film adaptation of Leonard Melfi's beloved play. During the course of one night, two strangers, a lonely waif and a prodigal poet, form an unexpected connection.

Project from New Orleans–area native and NOFF alum Lila French!