• I'm going to Paris to gather colors and stories that will serve as inspiration for abstract, hand-painted maps.

    Kristin Texeira '10 I will be spending August working on a series of paintings mapping my interactions with the streets of Paris. The maps will echo the literal curves of each alley but, the primary focus will be the specific colors gathered from details of the streets.

  • Building art community, one box truck at a time.

    Since 2008, the Lost Horizon Night Market has occurred in various forms in New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boulder, Boston, and other locales around the US. The Everyhere Logistics project seeks to expand the event, and its concepts of interaction, display, and community!

  • A 10-year photographic series looking at the transformation of Macao, China from a small post-colonial city into Asia's "Las Vegas"

    Adam Lampton, MFA '04 hopes to return to Macao, China to continue a photographic series he began while on William J. Fulbright grant.

  • The POEM Record is an automated app that retrieves and processes your medical records from anywhere onto your mobile device!

    Tiffany Chan and other MassArt graduates from the Communications Design programs share what they've been working on in the past year!

  • A freak plumbing accident and an incompetent reaper start Drake's journey as a teenage zombie. Help us create more episodes!

    Zoë Abbett and James Carlsen, two Animation Alumni from MassArt, are launching a Kickstarter to fund a new web series based off Zoë’s senior project, Z-Boy. The animation follows the story of Drake after a freak accident meets his assigned reaper, Cornelius, in purgatory...

  • "Every breath we drew" explores the power of identity, desire, and connection through portraits of myself and others.

    Jess Dugan (BFA Photography) explores the power of identity, desire, and connection through portraits.

  • An expanded cinema collaboration, taking a magical approach, divining visions for all who participate…

    A series of psychically expanded cinema experiments by Magical Approach (Brittany Gravely and Ken Linehan (MassArt Adjunct Professor)), the Telepathy Sessions were born out of various attempts at remote viewing/drawing, co-meditation and other methods of telepathic messaging.

  • A print subscription project made of handmade linocut prints exploring the architecture and street culture of Barcelona.

    Kyle Bryant, BFA 2008 Printmaking uses linocut prints featuring the gorgeous artistry discovered in Barcelona.

  • An interactive documentary project that uses technology to engage people with natural spaces in an urban environment.

    MassArt Alum (MFA '95) Paul Turano has developed interactive media that weaves Boston city life with nature to tell a story.

  • A new children’s show that is wrapped in an App - for iPad and Android tablets. Featuring expert drawing lessons.

    John Sullivan (illustration, '74 and MSAE '76) is working on Quahog Corner, an innovative app for children that includes a show and drawing lessons.

  • National Poster Retrospecticus is a collection of over 300 hand printed event posters touring the USA in April of 2013.

    John Boilard '11, Elliott Anderson '10, and Pat Falco '10 are producing a three week traveling poster show of over 300 hand printed posters. Help them get this show on the road!

  • We are four MassArt Graduate students coordinating and curating a contemporary art exhibition in downtown Boston.

    Graduate sculpture students Clive Moloney, Zach Herrman, and Nick Sullivan, along with Jessie Vogel, '12 (MFA, sculpture) are curating an exhibition at 225 Friend Street in Boston's West End. Help them bring national and international artists to participate as well.

  • Photographs from the intersection of the N 40° latitude with each degree of longitude across the United States. From New Jersey to California.

    Bruce Myren, '91 (photography), is following the Fortieth Parallel with his camera in tow. He is taking pictures at the 52 confluences across the United States. Help fund his project to document the 20 remaining locations this summer.

  • Modkit Micro is the easiest way to program a growing list of open hardware platforms from Arduino to Wiring.

    Collin Reisdorf, '05 (graphic design), and his business partners have created Modkit Micro – a graphical programming environment for microcontrollers that allows programmers and engineers to add behaviors to everyday objects and electronic gadgets.

  • This July 2012 I am paddling the George River from Labrador City to Ungava Bay and publishing a book of the resulting photographs.

    Graduate student Ryan Arthurs (photography) combines his love of canoeing with his art in "The Lure of Labrador." He is planning a trip to paddle the George River from Labrador City to Ungava Bay, following in the footsteps of Leonidas and Mina Hubbard.

  • Students, craftsmen and artists working together to rebuild the Gwozdziec Synagogue destroyed by the Nazis during World War II.

    Professors Rick and Laura Brown are continuing to work with their students on rebuilding the Gwoździec synagogue in Poland this summer. However, this year they would like to produce a documentary on how 80-year old photographs are being transformed into a 3D structure.

  • "We can't let the news be one-sided." -Tiger Temple "You never know what you can do until you try." -Zola

    Steve Maing, an adjunct professor in Professional and Continuing Education, is documenting the evolution of two of China's first citizen reporters in "High Tech, Low Life."

  • flying to france to find colors with the Alfred and Trafford Klots International Program for Artists

    Kristin Texeira, '10 (painting) is embarking on an ambitious project to compare her grandmother's memories to her own during an artists' residency in France. Read more about her paintings and what she hopes to accomplish on the project page.

  • A book of stories and illustrations about the lovely strangeness of life.

    Fionn McCabe, '06 (printmaking) is writing and illustrating "Back Already?" a book that explores the intersection of American mythology and everyday life. Click through to read one of his stories and to support the project.

  • Two years in the making, this illustrated adaptation is finally ready to be published. Now I need your help to make it happen!

    Ashley Moore, '08 (illustration) has illustrated one of her favorite Norwegian folk tales in watercolor and gouache. It has been her dream to see her illustrations in a published children's book, and now she needs some assistance with the last step: getting it produced.

  • ''I Want to be METROPOLITAN'' is a research on mini-metropolises, using Boston as a case study.

    Rafael Luna, '06 (architecture) is funding "I Want to be Metropolitan." This book analyzes research on mini-metropolises and focuses especially on Boston. Support his project to help the book reach completion!

  • A fictional narrative film about a girl who communicates differently from others.

    Talin Avakian is studying film/video at MassArt (expected graduation 2012). She is raising money for "Dumb," her senior thesis film. The fictional story follows Sydney, a young girl with selective mutism.

  • HUNG JURY is an artist-curated show of 12 men. Help to support independent art shows in Boston!

    Susan Metrican, MFA student, is curating a show of 12 artists called Hung Jury. She's seeking funding for the basics – the space and transportation of artwork. Give what you can today and make sure to check out the show in February.

  • Help me to publish a catalog for my first solo museum exhibition in 2012!

    Professor Lisa Rosowsky (graphic design) is working to publish a catalog for her upcoming show at the Holocaust Museum Houston. As the daughter of a French Holocaust refugee, much of her work centers on themes of repression and loss.

  • A musical twist on Hansel and Gretel where Gretel starts to see the witch as a mother figure.

    Ben Doane, MassArt illustration student (expected grad '14), created the concept sketches for this re-imagining of Hansel and Gretel. This version is a musical and explains how Gretel starts to see the witch as a mother figure.

  • How does a being become a human being? Are the qualities we define as human superimposed on a basically animal nature?

    Claudia Quigua (film/video) successfully funded an experimental short movie about a man who transforms himself into a pig-like creature. The film addressed the question: Are the qualities we define as human superimposed on a basically animal nature?

  • Son of a Bug explores the history of The Bugs, the first Pakistani rock band (formed 1964) and what it means to be Pakistani-American.

    Nicky Tavares, '08 (MFA film/video) is directing the documentary Son of a Bug, chronicling the first Pakistani rock band. She hopes to "explore complex issues of religious and hyphenated identities, transnationalism, memory, and oral history."

  • Modular and expandable crop production units. It's sustainable design allows high yield agriculture to empower community growth.

    Jon Friedman, '06 (industrial design) is taking 40-foot by 8-foot shipping containers and turning them into gardens with rainwater reclamation, a full filtration system and solar power. The first unit will produce lettuce and herbs.

  • We are publishing 1,000 copies of a 200 page hardcover retrospective of Harold Feinstein's classic black & white photographs.

    Jason Landry, ’07 (photo) is working to design, edit and publish a 200+ page, large square hardcover retrospective of Harold Feinstein's classic and historically important black & white photographs.

  • A well-designed plug-and-play heart-rate sensor for Arduino. Put live heartbeats into your project lickety-split.

    Joel Murphy, ’94 (metals) is working on a plug-and-play heart-rate sensor for Arduino that can be used by students, artists, athletes, makers, and game and mobile developers who want to easily incorporate live heart-rate data into their projects.

  • Unique designer umbrellas: to make your rainy day a little less wet and a lot more delightful!

    Lauren Briere, ’06 (illustration) successfully funded her project to revitalize umbrellas with whimsical and beautiful artwork. Her original artwork will surround you on dull, gray days.

  • A 9ft tall x 20ft long flashing sign and digital scoreboard asking passers by "CAPITALISM works for me!" true or false?

    Alex Reben, '12 (MFA, DMI) created the electronic voting interface for this interactive sign and scoreboard in collaboration with Steve Lambert.

  • A short film about one surgeon who gives up his life in the O.R. to pursue his dreams of becoming actual, liquidy root beer.

    Casey Donahue, ’10 (film/video) successfully funded his short film “I Am Root Beer.” It is a story about pursuing your dreams, no matter how ludicrous and seemingly unattainable they are.

  • I will create a public sculpture on an old mill site situated adjacent to the Grand Rapids Public Museum, Grand Rapids Michigan.

    John K. Melvin, ’04 (painting) achieved funding for a sculpture project in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The piece is planned to simultaneously impose and interact with an old riverside mill site adjacent to the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

  • 120 chapters, 161 creatures, 197 masks. Re-imagined beasts based entirely on Borges' 1967 text, “The Book of Imaginary Beings”.

    Kest Schwartzman’s, ’05, (metals) project to create 197 copper masks based on Norman Thomas diGiovanni’s The Book of Imaginary Beings was funded in July. Why masks? She says they are the best and strongest way to express a beast that only lives because we believe in him.

  • Did you miss us? We're relaunching Boston's favorite online art journal and need your help.

    Big Red & Shiny is Back! Almuni Clint Baclawski, '08 (MFA), Stephanie Cardon, '10 (MFA) and Brian Glaser, '09 (MFA) are three of five editors of the newly relaunched online journal about contemporary art and culture in Boston.