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X wants to release a live recording (the first one ever with the original lineup) of shows done in Latin America in 2011.

Iconic LA band X has their first Kickstarter project to make a double LP of their live tour in Latin America!

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We've finally begun work on the new record 'Terra Solus'. We need your help to get this thing released. Loads of special rewards.

For the third time, Sergeant Thunderhoof are back!

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Coffee Shop Selection is finally being released on vinyl! We're making this a one time only run!

Gramatik is releasing a limited edition vinyl of his Coffeeshop Selection record.

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The time has come to give you more of my heart. I am creating an intimate record with the help of your love and a little pixie dust.

Emily Keener is creating her fourth studio album.

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My 1st and 2nd LPs are requested on wax more than my other solo work. One's overdue for a repressing, the other has never been pressed.

P.G. County Maryland born MC, producer and educator, Substantial, first made his debut in 2000 while working with the late Japanese producer, Nujabes. Since then his soulful and introspective brand of Hip Hop music has received critical acclaim from and

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Songs about some of the world's most fascinating individuals. Including Stagecoach Mary, Ibn Battuta, Jane Goodall, and Evel Knievel. NOW AVAILABLE AT LINK BELOW!

Michael Hearst is creating Songs for Extraordinary People, an album about fascinating people from around the world.

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A brand new studio album. Released Aug 3rd 2018.

Rob J Madin is creating his new album, Steamroller.

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I need your help to create a limited-run vinyl release of my latest self-produced album "The Incident at Fallthrough Bridge."

Crunchybird is creating a limited-run release of their latest album, The Incident at Fallthrough Bridge.

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Help reissue "More Miserable Than You'll Ever Be" On 180g Deluxe Vinyl!

Lo-Fidelity Records and Making the vinyl LP of Michael Roe remastered, expanded, and reissued Mike's beloved and often misunderstood solo 1990 outing, More Miserable Than You'll Ever Be.

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Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing of Agent Zero Live At The Fillmore

Agent Zero is pressing a vinyl of their live show at The Fillmore.

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Unwoman's 7th Original Album, War Stories. Cello, vocals, synths & beats. Literary feminist overtones. Instrumental version included.

Unwoman is creating a new studio album, to be released on vinyl.