Support PWDT's cultural exchange project in Cuba – including the creation of a new site-specific performance in Old Havana. digs PearsonWidrig DanceTheater, we think you will too!

Project We Love
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Scandal, Sex, Obsession & North Hollywood. The story behind the making of Jerry Wolfert’s never-before-seen, 4 part cinematic triumph! digs The White Stag Quadrilogy, we think you will too!

Here it is! a Kickstarter to do a Bourbon Crow vinyl record. This will be a limited blue vinyl hand numbered to 300 only digs Bourbon Crow, we think you will too!

A new choreographic work created with 12 dancers engaging complexity as its generative motor. digs Tere O'Connor. Tere is a true original with a remarkably compelling vision that puts him in a class of his own.

Please join us as we prepare to present the first public work of the second generation of Young Dance Collective on Sunday April 6th.

GoSeeDo Digs the captivating work of the Young Dance Collective.

Project We Love
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The theater of flight and impact, physics and courage, powered by pure adrenaline. The story of action by the people who live it. Digs STREB.

STREB brings audience engagement to a new level, opening up their process and bringing you close to the action. Check out their new project FORCES.

RAM is an evening length multimedia based dance work exploring the most precious and vital parts of our identities, our memories.

GoSeeDoArts digs dance adventures!

Check out Donofrio Dance Co's latest project.

Project We Love
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Peeters & Schuiten's International award-winning classic graphic novel, The Leaning Girl, translated into English for the first time.

GoSeeDo digs the Leaning Girl. Help bring it to life!

Flexicurve needs your help covering production costs for Out of the Shadows, our latest groundbreaking dance performance.

GoSeeDo digs adventuresome dance.

Check out the latest by Pascal Rekoert gearing up for June 7th at STREB Lab for Action Mechanics.

Project We Love
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The ACRE Artist Residency's Kitchen Program builds community and fosters creativity while supporting local agriculture.

GoSeeDo digs ACRE Artist Residency's Kitchen Program. Check it out.

A boutique dance company that continually takes BIG risks. We need you to produce our upcoming home season. Take a chance with us! digs Sidra Bell! Check out her Kickstarter campaign to raise support for her upcoming NYC season production!

Then hop over to GoSeeDo to get tickets and to see the cool experiences you can have with Sidra & co. http://GoSee.Do/sbdny

Project We Love
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Join us in supporting our major performance project in San Francisco! 180 singers, 9 dancers, 1 percussionist, with music by David Lang

Leah Stein is a GoSeeDo Artist with a wild and rich imagination.

Support her Kickstarter campaign then visit her GoSeeDo portfolio to see some of the unique experiences you can have with her company: http://GoSee.Do/Leah-Stein

Skinwalkers, demons and vampires can’t be real, right? But if they were, you’d want to make sure someone got them on camera…

GoSeeDo wants to find our the truth about monsters! How about you?

Check out The Monster Project for a horrific adventure!

Project We Love
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ASCENDance is an interdisciplinary dance theater work exploring the themes of renewal and transformation in a chaotic world : balance. digs Hedwig Dances, we think you will too!

Project We Love
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Exploring the blurred lines of sleep & wakefulness. Questioning the reality of dreams with collaborations in dance & design. digs KOREresponse Dance Company.

Check out their campaign!

Bring Irish dance to audiences in NYC and beyond by making a contribution toward our production costs during the month of March! digs Darah Carr Dance. Take a look!

Project We Love
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A dance & music performance that eloquently explores the writings of Thomas Paine and his spirited advocacy for freedom and democracy.

GoSeeDo digs Edisa Weeks who always brings thoughtful art to audiences in new and inventive ways.

Today is the last day of the Kickstarter campaign for her newest work, To Begin The World Over Again. 12 hours to go!

ADG brings forward the gems of historic and contemporary modern dance, showcasing over 35 choreographers in its annual festival.

GoSeeDo can't wait for September and this beautiful festival that begins on the 6th!

Please, please help The American Dance Guild's campaign so you can go watch the 35 showcased choreographers in their annual performance festival!

Project We Love
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MWG's first creative dance film set to feature its work from the past seven years!

Check out Movement Workshop's newest project...a film!

Backers receive awesome rewards like free classes, GoSeeDo loves those.

Renay Aumiller Dances is intrigued by Renay Aumiller.

Take a peak at what she's up to!

Project We Love
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An evening-length dance by Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People exploring embodied philosophy, neurology, improvisation and ghosts.

Support Miguel Guiterrrez's performance piece "And lose the name of action" tour the US.

GoSeeDo loves art that can connect and engage with a wide range of audiences!

Project We Love
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A grand civic spectacle featuring Austin's public power workers—50+ linemen, bucket trucks, 20+ utility poles, and a live orchestra. digs Allison Orr. Check out her forklift project!

Project We Love
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My first self produced Dance Theater show, using storytelling and dance to express themes surrounding injury and healing.

GoSeeDo loves dance that tells a story.

Be a backer for Moonlight Reflections and you could attend hip-hop and yoga classes!

A highly immersive, always shifting journey that invites the audience to navigate the terrain of a dance from the inside. digs Nichole Canuso Dance, we think you will too!

Action architect Elizabeth Streb has re-invented the language of movement. HERO will re-write the language of documentary.

GoSeeDo loves STREB, don't you?

Let's all help them make a movie!

3 performers will dance a 40-minute free show that loops for 4hrs in the backyard of a local art shop to share dance with the community

GoSeeDo LOVES art in unusual places, especially when they're free!

Displacement, Recycled is offering great rewards to backers, including rehearsal invitations and private Pilates classes.

You all know how much we love artist and audience engagement.

Project We Love
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Help the Tiffany Mills Company perform in the inaugural year at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Fisher! digs, Tiffany Mills and BAM, we think you will too!

Project We Love
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Four continents. Two filmmakers. One dancer. A documentary portrait of ballet star Marcelo Gomes.

Want to watch behind the scenes of a NYC dancer's life?

GoSeeDo does!

Support this campaign to see a feature film all about Marcelo Gomes's career.

Set in Reading, PA, ADULT is a new play about a deadbeat dad, and his estranged daughter, as they both struggle to grow up. digs Christina Masciotti. Check out her campaign and track the new play.

Project We Love
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The end is near! We’ve found the perfect venue for the world premiere of 'Nothing Lasts...' Get SASSON to The End.

Nothing Lasts Forever...Nothing is Lost Forever, exudes exactly what GoSeeDo is all about: artistry.

Help them make their goal and enjoy the show at The End in Brooklyn, NY.

Project We Love
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NEW work by Benoit-Swan Pouffer, showcasing Cedar Lake’s male dancers - featuring music by Mikael Karlsson & costumes by Maor Zabar would love to see Benoit-Swan Pouffer's new work on Cedar Lake, wouldn't you?

Project We Love
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Bridge to Edinburgh will bring Rhythmic Circus to Scotland to perform 100 shows as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

GoSeeDo is a big fan of street performances, especially when a company promises to do an estimated 75 of them!

Help Rhythmic Circus take their musicians, dancers, energy and entertainment to Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Project We Love
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The Seniors of VCU Dance need your help to fund costumes for their capstone choreography experience. Donate today! likes to see new dance get made by new voices.

Time to help bring these costumes to life!

MTC produces theatre that is relevant, entertaining and thought-provoking. Desdemona: A Play About a Handkerchief is our upcoming show!

Mission Theatre Company needs your help in producing its first production! GoSeeDo loves supporting new companies!

Project We Love
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We love and hurt those we love, we excavate our histories to recreate memories, we face the end of existance. we dance. digs new dance in the making. How about helping Miriam Wolf's new dance get made?

VOICES OF STRENGTH is the U.S. debut tour of new contemporary dance and theater by women from across Africa.

Help bring Voices of Strength to 6 U.S cities!

We here at GoSeeDo fully support companies that want to spread theater and dance to as many audiences as possible.

Topography is a Dance Film that implements an exciting new body mapping projection technology. thinks you should check out this interdisciplinary and independent project conceived and choreographed by Coco Karol, a dancer and company member of Misnomer Dance Theater.

Project We Love
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The workshop of a boundary bending new play about bounce music and the New Orleans charter school movement.

This New Orleans project is right up GoSeeDo's alley. Before its premiere, CATCH THE WALL wants your response!

Watch the workshop in person or online to give audience feedback.

Project We Love
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This new adaption of Sophocles' ANTIGONE is set in the 1960s mirrors the politics of that period.

GoSeeDo loves art that happens in unusual places. Check out Cold Basement Dramatics' "Antigone" project!

A year long photography/choreography merger culminating in an evening length installation/performance.

We dig Chicago-based GoSeeDo Artist Lizzie Leopold. For this photography/choreography project she's inviting the audience to take photos that get incorporated into the event.

Visit her GoSeeDo portfolio to learn more about Lizzie:

LoudHoundMovement is a new dance collective putting together their first evening length show at CPR on November 2nd and 3rd. digs bold creative vision - which is exactly what LoudHoundMovement seems to be serving.

Their first evening length show premieres at the very awesome CPR in Brooklyn. Check out their captivating campaign video and join in now!

Help us bring "The Compass" to an esteemed dance festival in Brooklyn, NY - DUMBO Dance Festival, which showcases new choreographers!

GoSeeDo would love to see "The Compass" at the DUMBO dance festival, wouldn't you?

INSPIRIT is working to present three new works in their Fall 2012 season under new artistic director, Alexandra Warren.

GoSeeDo loves to support performance companies that have a strong mission.

Back INSPIRIT, a dance company's campaign and get an inside look into their rehearsal process followed by a Q&A.

Who doesn't love a little audience engagement?

The Brothers Size by Tarell Alvin McCraney is a powerful story that needs to be told. This production promises remarkable theatre.

Check out "The Brothers Size" by Definition Theatre Company. Become a backer and get the chance to go behind the scenes of their rehearsal process!

Project We Love
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Check out what's cooking with Fruition Productions new performance experiment. GoSeeDo digs artists who take risks.

Behind all the legal jargon and political posturing in the battles over intimacy and marriage, is a story of two people.

GoSeeDo loves public displays of affection. RAWdance wants to spread the meaning of love in San Francisco's UN Plaza!

Project We Love
8419d64e81e883bc577b37b74edda30c original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A high paced physical show about friendship, whiskey, and bad choices, that features puppets, dance music, and mystery.

We here at GoSeeDo love artists who are creating adventurous and imaginative theater. These three women have something to get excited about! Back their project and you are sure to receive lots of high fives from the artist!

With your support Inaside can base their office and rehearsal space out of the historic Athenaeum Theater!

GoSeeDo loves to support growing companies. Go check out all that Inaside Chicago Dance will offer if they receive enough backers!

Project We Love
Fd9fc26b847d65941bf53628df1a6601 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

An evening of dance exploring not just the performance, but the process, and not just the artists’ viewpoints but the audience's!

GoSeeDo loves artists that invite you into their artistic processes. Backers for Part & Parcel have the inside look into rehearsals and classes.

Become a supporter of Public Access Theatre! 2 plays by Rory Jobst will be available to everyone - for free!

Awesome rewards for backers from Oracle Productions and you get to be a part of the show!

Rorsky will write a poem about the celebrity of your choice, and read it aloud before one of the performances.

World-class classical artists at Ballet Next develop original choreography to live music. Preparing for Fall 2012 season.

GoSeeDo loves new dances!

Project funds will be used to create all new works and refine Ballet Next original works to be performed around the world, beginning with Ballet Next's Fall Season at the legendary Joyce Theater this October in New York City

An original theatrical adaptation based on Neil Gaiman's "The Wolves in the Walls" (c. 2003).

GoSeeDo totally digs pig puppets. Become a backer and you can have your own puppet from the show!

A live absurdist performance of anti-conformity! 40 exuberant and autonomous bodies in PLAY. Poetic bursts of names, touch-tone phones

Now this is GoSeeDo's kind of engagement- personal touches at every level of backing.

Every backer gets to engage with these artists in really creative ways! Check out their campaign's gift for "Score for an Unrehearsed Ensemble".

Ruby Sunrise tells the story of two women as they seek recognition for their innovative work in early television.

GoSeeDo loves Proud Kate Theatre Project's mission.

Get into the rehearsal room when you back "The Ruby Sunrise" - theatre that promotes women’s role in society and raises women's’ issues

Evening-length work of visually arresting movement and non-conventional sets, where the collaboration changes colors like a leaf.

GoSeeDo digs Tzverta's work. Check it out!

Project We Love
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LSDC celebrates 10 years with a special anniversary concert! Please join us in honoring this landmark event!

Leah Stein Dance Company breaks bounds in Philadelphia though their innovative site-specific performances! To learn more, check out their portfolio on GoSeeDo:

Ballet Fantastique performs our all-original As You Like It: A Wild West Ballet in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy in July 2012!

Ballet Fantastique brings chamber ballet to dance lovers in Oregon. Visit their GoSeeDo portfolio to learn more!

Mapping Home is about you and us. An indoor & outdoor performance about what makes places feel like Home. We need answers from you to make our dance.

A dance company on GoSeeDo, Kinesis Project offers unique ways for you to join in their creative process in NYC and beyond. Visit their portfolio to learn more!

"The Better Half" tracks the unhinging of a contemporary marriage as each partner grasps for alternative (and thrilling) story lines.

A Chicago artist who is remarkably inventive, you need to see Julia Rhoads when you have the chance.

International collaboration by Yoshiko Chuma & The School of Hard Knocks, premiering at La MaMa ETC in May 2012.

It is always intriguing to see Yoshiko Chuma at work. Her latest undertaking is coming up fast!

Premiering April 2011 in San Diego, Malashock Dance is creating a major new, multi-media interdisciplinary project.

Malashock Dance invites dance lovers and students in San Diego to interact with the artform in many ways! Visit their GoSeeDo portfolio to learn more!

Project We Love
1889eb46337d9c093898c12511c8b2c3 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Leopold Group presents "dancing," August 26-28, premiering 2 works and tackling the impossible question, "What does it mean?"

Check out this Chicago-based dance company that's committed to bringing new modern dance to the stage. To learn more, check out their GoSeeDo profile:

Project We Love
89dd62a7f8cd1d6cdef73053e616cec9 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

DDD will collaborate with The Family Stone and continue developing Prophets of Funk during and after Lincoln Center Out of Doors.

GoSeeDo Digs David's Dances!

Support the performances of the highly gifted dancers, composers and musicians in the upcoming concert of REBECCA RICE DANCE in NYC

A dance artist on GoSeeDo, Rebecca Rice is offering a wide range of creative bookable experiences for her fans to participate in her artistic vision.

Visit her GoSeeDo portfolio to learn more about it:

Ambient Cowboy, a new dance by choreographer Ivy Baldwin, will premiere May 2-5, 2012 at New York Live Arts in NYC!

Ivy always hits it on the head with her delicious dances and stellar casting. With sound design by the beautifully kooky Justin Jones, this promises to be one to GoSeeDo!

Project We Love
Ffe3c2a8107bbf4975a7796ee1604e8a original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

DUEL: (public vs private) 2 weeks, 2 works with Sidra Bell Dance New York 2012 NYC Season @ Baruch Performing Arts Center

GoSeeDo digs the work of Sidra Bell!

Project We Love
F70c8fcfda226295514eddce9a82d283 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

David Dorfman Dance needs your help to work intensively on the final stages of Come, and Back Again at MASS MoCA!

GoSeeDo digs David Dorfman Dance!

Project We Love
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"Mine" - a theatrical dance installation unearthing where possession lies in the body. Dec. 6-15 at Joe Goode Annex, SF.

GoSeeDo loves the action-packed creativity of Rawdance!

Project We Love
3fdc0595a7e32f126daa9c4e05a609e4 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

I signed on with a group of clowns on a humanitarian mission to Iquitos, Peru to shoot the initial footage for my first narrative short

GoSeeDo is mega-curious about When In Berlin!