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From a SXSW award-winning filmmaker, a dark comedy about branding and reproductive rights, starring Chase Williamson.

From the creator of KISS KISS FINGERBANG comes a new dark comedy that you should support!

Watch Gillian's film on Fandor here:

Project We Love
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A project to preserve and share Bruce Baillie’s films and legacy

Get to know about the great work of Bruce Baillie and donate to a project that will help preserve and share his work to audiences new and old!

Check our Bruce's work on Fandor here:

Project We Love
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Darius lies about having survived a mass shooting in order to elicit sympathy and attention from his family.

FIX filmmaker Joey Izzo is out to make a dark comedy as a part of the next edition of FIXshorts.

We are excited about his project and hope you are too! Check out his other films on Fandor here:

Project We Love
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A struggling rock band blows up amps, short-circuits breakers and starts fires when they play their music.

Help these Fandor filmmakers with their next project!

If you are looking for a taste of what they can do, check out "Epilogue" on Fandor today!

Project We Love
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Help FIX filmmaker Daniel Laabs make a thrilling film that exposes both the light and dark in a search for the truth.

Watch his other films on Fandor here:

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Help us continue showing lost and forgotten movies for $5!

Help out this independent theater today to make sure that they can remain open and show great movies in a remodeled space!

Project We Love
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Pig/Pork is a musical documentary film that explores the world and interconnected systems of the industrialized hog farm.

Josh Gibson's 35mm experimental doc will explore the billion-dollar hog farming industry in North Carolina.

Watch three documentaries by Josh Gibson on Fandor and support his project!

This project is a part of FIXshorts

Project We Love
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An absurdist dark comedy about two kidnappers and their latest victim.

Ani Simon-Kennedy offers up an absurdist black comedy about two kidnappers and their latest victim.

Watch Ani's break-out feature DAYS OF GRAY on Fandor and support her campaign!

This project is a part of FIXshorts

Project We Love
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A hybrid experimental film that looks into the charged intimacy of washing clothes in a neighborhood laundromat.

Lynne Sach's collaborative film will look at the charged, intimate experience of cleaning other people’s clothes.

Watch a host of films from Lynne on Fandor and support her project!

This project is a part of FIXshorts

Project We Love
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An existential ghost story about a pizza delivery driver who receives a cryptic transmission from beyond the grave.

An existential ghost story will come to life with Daniel Stuyck's newest project.

Watch an experimental short, a documentary, and a comedy by Daniel on Fandor and support his campaign!

This project is a part of FIXshorts

Project We Love
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A sheep rancher's carefully constructed life unravels when strange things begin to happen on her ranch.

FIX filmmaker Christian Lybrook is making his next short film that will inspire and challenge the way that we think about history and fate.

Check out his campaign and support today!

View his other work on Fandor now:

Project We Love
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Milestone Films presents NOTFILM, a feature-length exploration of FILM—a 1965 short written by Samuel Beckett & starring Buster Keaton

Ross Lipman’s mesmerizing documentary Notfilm explores the embattled cinematic collaboration of playwright Samuel Beckett and film star Buster Keaton.

Project We Love
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An anxiety-ridden film about two egomaniacal restaurateurs descending into a nightmare world with their unpaid intern.

FIXer Jerzy Rose is making his next feature film and we could not be more excited!

Support his campaign and see more films by Jerzy on Fandor!

What happens when a newly elected President takes office? Is he coerced to tone down his ambitious vision by the "powers that be"?

FIX filmmaker Joseph F. Alexandre is making a short film about what happens after the President is elected...

Support his campaign today and check out his other films on Fandor.

Project We Love
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A pre-apocalyptic road movie documenting the coast to coast journey across a tumultuous USA.  Hitch a ride from the Pacific to the Atlantic with two consummate outsiders.

Monihan will take us on a cross-country road trip, from California to the New York Islands, with SEA TO SHINING SEA.

Watch Monihan’s previous work on Fandor and support his project!

Project We Love
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A speculative portrait of a Dutchman living in the Surinamese jungle - fixing canoe motors, accused of eating the locals' children...

Winner of the 2015 Canon Tiger Awards at IFFR, Ben Russell is shooting a 15min portrait of a man and a myth, or THE MAN WHO EATS CHILDREN.

Ben has 17 features and shorts on Fandor. Watch them and support his project!

Project We Love
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The story of a man with a surprising hobby, who lives for one day a year.

San Francisco-based filmmaker David Schendel's DEAD INK SOCIETY was inspired after a night at the Oscars.

Watch another film by David on Fandor and support his project!

Project We Love
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This is a story of tragedy and triumph. Based on my Hungarian grandmother's journey to America, as a World War II refugee.

Animator Maya Erdelyi will have her first chance to work with film on ANYUKA, a personal film about her Hungarian grandmother.

Maya has many animated shorts on Fandor. Watch them and support her project!

Project We Love
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A short film about losing things in the edits of life.

In her first "normal narrative short", experimental artist/filmmaker Lori Felker's DISCONTINUITY focuses on a long-distance relationship. Oh and cats. Lots of cats.

Lori has 10 films on Fandor. Watch them and support her project!

Project We Love
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Before Viagra there were goat testicle transplants, men w/ dreams & one unlikely hero. The stranger-than-fiction tale of John Brinkley!

Fandor FIX filmmaker Penny Lane presents an interesting story about a man that cures male impotence with goat testicles.

You can watch many more films by Penny Lane on Fandor now!

Project We Love
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Landmarks of early African-American film, remastered in HD from archive elements, digitally restored, loaded with bonus content.

Our longtime partner Kino Lorber is raising funds to release a 4 disk collection of landmarks of early African-American film.

Support their campaign and see more films distributed by Kino on Fandor.

Project We Love
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A filmmaker retraces a family history that includes crashed planes and lost thermonuclear bombs.

Matt McCormick is digging into his family history to to uncover the truth about his grandfather and a ill-fated flight during the Cold War.

Watch more of Matt's films on Fandor today.

Project We Love
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When well-meaning parents turn the self-tracking into a family religion, the consequences fall outside the quantifiable.

FIX filmmaker Gleb Osatinski is making a new short film about a family of self-trackers.

Watch two other short films by Gleb on Fandor today.