Project We Love
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Strawbees, a fantastic prototyping toy for makers of all ages. Build huge mechanical objects from standard straws and cardboard!

This simple construction kit helps kids, engineers and makers alike build objects from recycled materials.

Project We Love
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A leading expert in slime molds has written a field guide. My job is to fill it with beautiful illustrations.

Meet Angela: a scientific illustrator with a passion for slime molds. Support for her project will help fund an illustrated field guide.

Unlocking knowledge to those living in poverty by providing access to ebooks and other digital content in low bandwidth communities.

Library For All will help make books accessible in developing countries around the world, using the power of technology and your support.

Project We Love
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I've collected over 6000 handwritten stories from strangers. Now I'm inviting the world to do the same.

Over the past four years, Brandon has collected more than 6,000 handwritten letters from total strangers – forming connections and building community. Now it's time to take it a step further with International Story Day. Check out his project to see how you can get involved!

The world's first integrated headlight & blinker system for bicycles. Utilize Bluetooth 4.0 & GPS to add smart features to any bike.

Kenny Gibbs combines innovation and technology with a love of biking in his Helios Bars project, which reinvents the cycling experience as we know it. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the smart bike.

An environmentally sustainable, pay-as-you-can community kitchen providing access to healthy, local food in Sandy-ravaged Rockaway

After the community in Far Rockaway was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, the Shore Soup Project was founded, bringing together volunteers and feeding an average of 800 people a day. Help them take their efforts to the next level with a pay-as-you-can community kitchen.

Project We Love
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Make your own medium format camera and learn about pinhole photography in style!

Kelly's project started over two years ago when she built her own pinhole camera using household items and a bit of imagination. The result was beautiful, functional, and made with her own two hands. Now she's putting together a kit so you can make your own medium format camera!

Help Worley's Lighting manufacture hand made wooden lamps inspired by natural textures and modern shapes.

Shelly Worley and her husband Seth (of the Etsy shop Worley's Lighting), create rustic, industrial, and vintage-inspired lighting from their home in North Carolina. Help them take their business to the next level (and score one of their products) with a pledge of $15 or more.

Project We Love
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Celebrating women who define success on their own terms and finding out how they do the awesome things they do.

Pledges to this campaign will help fund Ladypoints, a new web series that celebrates passionate women who do what they love on their own terms. With a pledge of $50 or more you'll score a bundle, which might include items from one of five Etsy artists who donated their work!

Project We Love
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Literary Lots is a program that "brings books to life" by transforming vacant lots in Cleveland into programming spots for children.

With help from local artists this summer, Kauser and Julia want to take vacant lots in Cleveland and transform them into spaces inspired by books where kids can engage in art and culture.

Marpha is an emerging organization that offers art programs for Nepali artists and communities in the lower Mustang region of Nepal.

Support for Marpha will help this emerging arts organization fund their artist in residence program, along with art apprenticeships and community programs in Nepal.

Project We Love
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An experimental documentary on the gramophone and cinematic love poem to scratchy old music.

Our love of vintage and music comes together in "78rpm," an experimental documentary about the gramophone.

One Band, Four Films, One Night Only. Music by Industries of the Blind featuring the film Glory At Sea directed by Benh Zeitlin.

Brooklyn-based ensemble Industries of the Blind are putting together an event that will combine music, film and inspiring stories. Check out their work for Etsy here:

Project We Love
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A monograph of paintings, collages and photographs by Lauren Simkin Berke, and the first title from Captain Sears Press.

Lauren Simkin Berke (of the Etsy shop Simkinberkeshop) collects vintage photographs and gives them new life through his art. He's putting together a book to showcase this work – support will help get it printed!

Project We Love
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Transform your digital iPhone images into real instant photographs that you can touch, caress and share with friends.

Hey Polaroid lovers! This project turns iPhone images into instant photos. How cool is that?

Project We Love
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It's time our love, errr... obsession, for letterpress takes the next step by raising the funds to open a printshop and offer workshops

Erin and Taylor want to share their passion for letterpress with the community, the world, the universe, and even the moon!

Are you afraid your children and grandchildren will have to hear stories about the good old days when there were “books”?

The Little Free Library Project promotes community and a shared love of reading. Read more on the Etsy Blog:

Classic, Stylish wedding dresses you can mix and match to suit your style. Made with love in the USA.

With inspiration from her grandmother, ideas from planning her own wedding, and experience working in the fashion industry, Angela (of the Etsy shop WinifredBean) designed her own line of vintage-inspired gowns.

An interactive documentary on Detroit's DIY culture, featuring inspiring stories & cool tips for you to create your own projects.

Help share Detroit's DIY spirit, stories and how-to's with the world by backing this interactive documentary!

Project We Love
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Free community exhibition and event space for those who want to enjoy art and positive energy in a fun and educational environment.

Artist Mike Perry's appetite for collaboration and creation inspired Wondering Around Wandering – a three-month long community exhibition featuring workshops and events. Bonus: snag some of his awesome art with a pledge of $3 or more.

Project We Love
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A book that combines compelling stories and visuals, examining the lives of the women who reigned over the NYC Subways.

A marriage of collective memoir and cultural history, this photography book will examine the personal and historical significance of New York City's Miss Subways.

Project We Love
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Tomorrow is a magazine about (and for) the people who are working out what’s next.

This one-shot magazine is devoted to telling the story of the people, movements and trends that are changing the world.

Project We Love
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Help fashion brand, Pretty Snake, produce "Kitty Garden Party" leggings and receive your very own pair!

Fashion and cat lovers unite! Designer Joseph Aaron Segal (of the Etsy shop Pretty Snake) will only produce his kitty garden party leggings with enough Kickstarter support. Get your own pair with a $75 pledge.

A giant, roaming, global dinner party capped off with a celebration in NYC, all to change the world.

The Feast is all about getting inspired, and participating is simple: gather a group of creative minds and have a dinner party! Brainstorm one thing you can work on to change the world, share your ideas and explore other projects set in motion by The Feast. Ready? Go!

Project We Love
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We want to build an open source software platform to share with local Trade School chapters around the world.

Trade School started out as a project between friends, and has quickly grown into a global movement for education, community and connection. Run entirely on barter, these learning spaces encourage the exchange of knowledge without the exchange of currency.

Project We Love
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Two sisters from Portland, Or. Help Hunter Pass continue to make beautiful, handmade leather goods & become a full-fledged business!

Carly and Aubree (of the Etsy shop Hunter Pass Leather Goods) are taking their business to the next level by investing in an industrial sewing machine, leather hides and other essential tools. Get one of their handcrafted leather pieces with a pledge of $15 or more.

Project We Love
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A deck of illustrated symbolic cards to be used for inspiration, advice, and reflection.

Artist Aijung Kim (of the Etsy shop Sprouthead) needs your support to get her hand-drawn Golden Moth Illumination Deck printed. The deck, which contains 68 cards, can be used for fortune telling, creative inspiration or even decoratively. Pledge $30 and get your own deck.