Noodly necklaces

Spring 2019 Kickstarter Relaunch

ERVA is a sweet and simple way to dry fresh herbs for later use. Perfect for the home cook who has more than they know what to do with.

Spring 2019 Kickstarter

Simplifying sourdough + elevating the ritual of bread baking.

Spring 2019 Kickstarter

Project We Love
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Cat boxes are designed to be PAWSOME for your kitties, and to help support shelters in Chicago keep doing their important work

Spring 2019 Kickstarter

Jewelry for the LGBTQ+ Spectrum

Spring 2019 Kickstarter

Fall 2018 EPD Quickstarter

An affordable, reliable, and portable kickstand for tilting flat things.

Fall 2018 EPD Quickstarter

A hand drawn instructional guide on how to construct the ultimate blanket fort, fun for adults and kids!

Fall 2018 EPD Quickstarter

A minimal necklace used for showcasing air plants.

Fall 2018 EPD Quickstarter

A heat-resistant silicone spoon with a flat head and large volume.

Fall 2018 EPD Quickstarter

A simple way to decorate with your momentos.

Fall 2018 EPD Quickstarter

These coasters will let you represent your love for ugly cars and keep water rings off the table!

Fall 2018 EPD Quickstarter

A guide for students in both high school and college to budget and manage​ their money.

Fall 2018 EPD Quickstarter

Illustrated postcards to show your love of tools + a reclaimed wood holder for displaying postcards, photos, and notes.

Fall 2018 EPD Quickstarter

A place for you to celebrate and practice the act of gratitude everyday

Fall 2018 EPD Quickstarter

I am creating a paper airplane-shaped concrete paperweight.

Fall 2018 EPD Quickstarter

The Buddy Wrap is a leather keychain that keeps your headphones organized, close at hand, and secure.

Fall 2018 EPD Quickstarter

The goal behind the Spectris Tags is to design a subtle, safe, and still fashionable way of depicting LGBTQ+ pride.

Fall 2018 EPD Quickstarter

Project We Love
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The three in one tool that helps you craft great cocktails at home.

Stainless steel three in one bar tool.

Project We Love
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Organize those everyday objects that tend to float around your bags and pockets, and keep them handy across multiple bags.

A small bag to keep all of your essentials handy even when you change packs.

Project We Love
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A jewelry collection that references historic female warriors as a form of empowerment.

Stainless steel jewelry inspired by historic female warriors.

Drawing hands has always been a problem for me, so I decided to make 100 fingers instead! Help me fund my first solo art installation.

Plush fingers and artworks.

Slope is a new solution for showcasing your snowboard in the home.

A new kind of display for your board.

Project We Love
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A stylish instax display that makes reminiscing and sharing photos a flipping breeze.

Your Instax photos have never been more easily shared.

Project We Love
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A cast iron candle holder that elegantly adapts to the room it lives in, adding a flicker of play and a glint of goodness to any space

Cast iron candleholder

Project We Love
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The Tool Every Maker Needs to Brave Their Creative Adventures

Feature-packed shop apron

Project We Love
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A wall-mounted bookmark perfect for bedtime readers.

Wall-mounted bookmark

Project We Love
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Handmade housewares made from 100% recycled plastic, intended to serve as a functional reminder and discussion piece on consumer waste

Repsychedelic plastic

Project We Love
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The travel mug for your coffee or tea with a refined form and natural materials to bring high-quality taste experience on the go.

Travel mug for people who hate travel mugs

Project We Love
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DryRun is a tough, compact bag designed as a shoulder sling for cycling, running, and active pursuits.

Action bag!

Project We Love
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Entangle your daily mess into an art display! Stay organized with minimal effort while creating art with every interaction. There's more Abstruse to go around, message us to order your own!

Playful wall storage

Project We Love
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This home décor is Inspired by the balance between nature & man-made! It’s all about nature, balance and simplicity.

Glass and wood home decor

Project We Love
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Simple ceramic tiles for your home

Coaster to trivet transformer

Project We Love
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Practice getting an idea across simply and rapidly using three random cards that generate hilarious doodles

A visual-thinking game

Project We Love
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a minimal solution for storing all your daily needs.

Minimalist wall storage

Project We Love
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Everybody loves pockets—even your wall.

Project We Love
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Now available internationally

Your wonderful ideas deserve a beautiful sketchbook

Project We Love
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A laptop stand that works just as hard as you do. Poise is designed to maximize your laptop use.

Add some infrastructure to your desktop

Project We Love
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LINK The Unforgettable Guitar Capo.  Simply attach it to your key ring, guitar strap or gig bag zipper.

Keep a capo with you at all times—you never know when you'll need it.

Project We Love
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An ergonomic, multi-functional parachute packing tool (for pull-up cords) that can be used by skydivers and non-skydivers alike.

The first time a Kickstarter video has been shot in freefall?

Project We Love
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Bring your collections out of hiding and display your favorites as art.

Who needs to buy art when you have books & records?

Project We Love
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Creating the perfect companion to watch you while you work, meet Petmego!

These pets don't even need to be walked.

Project We Love
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Storing is just a snap away.

Clip it!

Project We Love
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Carry "Muse" with you because you never know when you'll be inspired.

Inspiration can strike you anywhere—walk the city strapped with this pencil case.

Project We Love
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A prepping board, created from exotic woods for beautiful and delectable creations!

Chop chop chop chop

Project We Love
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___Shift simply stores and frames your collections, memories and inspirations, bringing appreciation to analog media.

Like a Viewmaster for your wall

Project We Love
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A set of handmade brass, wood, and turquoise salad serving utensils made with a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Make your salad more bespoke

Project We Love
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Meem is a customized sterling silver ring with a cutout of the place that means the most to you.

A ring that ties you to your place the world

I'm bringing my new superhero Super Saturn to life in the form of a DIY toy and comic! Who's else is gonna fight the forces of evil?!

Comic + Toy = Save the world

Project We Love
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A place to remember.An elegant and practical solution to small object organization that also functions as decorative piece in your home

What if the tackboard was designed to be useful AND beautiful?

Project We Love
Cffd54b6cddfe7a7eb94c732416ce5c8 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A table top survival game set in a dangerous forest.Each character has a different role to play, predator or prey.It's eat or be eaten.

Eat or be eaten. It's a tough world out there.

Project We Love
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Polarized. Wooden. Ório One.

Wooden shades, not wooden blinds

Project We Love
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A hummingbird feeder designed to frame each visiting bird, creating a cherished visual experience.

A bird feeder that frames the moment - 2015 Alumni

Project We Love
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A modern storage vessel designed to preserve coffee in an optimal environment.

Store coffee with style - 2015 Alumni

Project We Love
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Posy is a pin that has the ability to grasp stemmed objects, captivating the beauty of live flora.

Wear some live flora - 2015 Alumni

Project We Love
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tCup is a ceramic & wax cup that delicately forms to your hands shape as it melts slowly, creating a bond between user and product.

A cup that changes with use - 2015 Alumni

Project We Love
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The Key to Life is Balance - Keep Your Keys Organized and Restore Order in your Life with Hex-Catch.

Restore balance - 2015 Alumni

Project We Love
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A pick up-and-go, sustainable tool that helps redistribute the weight when carrying heavy bags while providing you with a free hand!

City living, hobo style - 2015 Alumni

The Cave Picnic Tray will be your favorite way to serve the cheese you love, with the ones you love.

A classy way to tote cheese - 2015 Alumni

Project We Love
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A social game that encourages players to socialize and interact with partygoers through creative & fun tossing challenges.

Party Game 2.0 - 2015 Alumni

Project We Love
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Your style, squared.

T-shirt evolution - 2015 Alumni

A motorcycle gear hanger that celebrates the awesomeness of a rider's bad ass apparel !!!

Celebrate the gear - 2015 Alumni

Project We Love
D57d1a8d3ede69ed406d33aa5a536686 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

The chopsticks set to enjoy East Asian cuisines.

Portable utensils - 2015 Alumni

A sculptural object for your home that creates warmth and comfort during cold winter months by safely bringing in the element of fire.

Warmth in the home - 2015 Alumni