Project We Love
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A free, public performance ritual for peace from NYC dance community to the world, livestreamed from Lincoln Center Tuesday, 9/11/18.

Support the annual 9/11 Table of Silence project, a public ritual for peace from NYC's dance community to the world.

Project We Love
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Dance comprises half of this feature directed by filmmaker/choreographer Pontus Lidberg & featuring Paris Opera Ballet's Aurélie Dupont

Support Dance/NYC Immigrants. Dance. Arts. Task Force member Pontus Lidberg's new full-length dance film.

Project We Love
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SBDNY returns to the internationally recognized New York Live Arts to premiere a new work F R I C T I O N paired with 2014's garment.

Support Dance Advancement Fund Grantee Sidra Bell Dance returning to New York Live Arts with a presentation of new works

Marcat Dance is creating a new 40-minute work to premiere on tour at the renowned Jacob's Pillow and Detroit Dance City Festival!

Support Marcat Dance, a Spain-based dance company teaching and performing in NYC. Marcat Dance is creating a New Work titled INSIDE KID

Project We Love
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We are raising money to support the re-mount of our John Bernd piece, which is being presented as part of AMERICAN REALNESS 2018!

Support this project re-constructing the works of prolific NY choreographer, John Bernd.

Project We Love
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Sidra Bell Dance New York & New Tide Orquesta are presented in the premiere of MÖNSTER OUTSIDE, a multidisciplinary performance work.

Support this collaboration between NY-based company Sidra Bell Dance New York and Swedish composer Per Störby and his chamber ensemble New Tide Orquesta.

Project We Love
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A public performance ritual for peace from the NYC dance community to the world, streamed live from Lincoln Center.

Support this performance for peace, live streamed if you cannot attend at Lincoln Center on 9/11.

Project We Love
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Come together for a summer night of stargazing, indigenous storytelling and dance with choreographer and activist Emily Johnson.

Support this evening of indigenous dance and storytelling.

Project We Love
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Black men are the solution. Making nationwide opportunities for Black men to create their own initiatives & experience their power.

Support this dance film on power, perseverance, and joy despite attacks on Black bodies.

a solo show confronting limitations and chronic humanity, performed through dance and spoken word with projections and original music

Support this evening-length, multi-sensory performance in Brooklyn.

Project We Love
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A double bill at New York Live Arts exploring the gender identity spectrum and Move’s performance as 20th-century icon Martha Graham!

Support Richard Move and his latest work

SYREN triumphantly premiered "Red and Blue, Bitter and Sweet" in February at Gibney Dance in NYC.  This was made possible with the support of our devoted Backers- Thank you for bringing Art to Life!

Support this dance inspired by quantum physics!

WELCOME HOME is a new site-specific dance installation by Colleen Thomas, chronicling her evolving relationship with Governors Island.

Support this site-specific work on Governor's Island by Colleen Thomas

A web magazine dedicated to the head & heart of dance. Honest & supportive coverage. Concert & social dance. New York to New Zealand.

Support this new online magazine dedicated to dance.

Woman Versus is a dance film about women's awakening to the machines, or systems, that oppress them. Our Kickstarter paid the dancers of the film!

Support the dancers of this new dance film about women's awakening to systems that oppress them.

Project We Love
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SBDNY returns to Baruch Performing Arts Center for its 6th annual season. The company brings a world premiere L O S T L A N G U A G E.

Support L O S T L A N G U A G E, a new collaborative performance by Sidra Bell Dance NY.

Project We Love
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23 dancers, 18 musicians, 2 theaters, 2 Acts and 2 eras, within a Ballez that canonizes L.E.S. Activist Herstory in 1893 and 1993.

This NYC dance troupe is turning classical ballet into queer activism.

This fall, Fusionworks Dance Company will set RI ablaze with the bold work of an outstanding selection of contemporary dance makers.

Support this festival spotlighting choreographers in our region.

Project We Love
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RudduR Dance has been invited to present at the 2016 Ouagadougou International Dance Festival (FIDO) in Burkina Faso Africa

Support this great opportunity for RudduR Dance in their inaugural season!

Project We Love
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A public performance ritual for peace from NYC artist community to the world, streamed live from Josie Robertson Plaza, Lincoln Center

Help Buglisi Dance Theatre expand their message of peace around the globe.

Project We Love
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An immersive theater experience. A late 1970s tropical resort. A fountain of youth that promises to quench your deepest longings.

Coming this fall, "a fountain of youth that promises to quench your deepest longings."

Show your support and help this production come to life!

Beach Sessions kicks off its inaugural season on August 1st and continues for four consecutive Saturdays with two free performances at 4pm and 6pm, through August 22nd, 2015.

Ready for summer? Kick off the season by supporting this Beach Dance Series campaign! Dance, sun & sand - help fund the fun!

Groove With Me nurtures confident young women through the art of dance. Help us create a video to share their story with the world!

Help this East Harlem organization - Groove With Me - successfully create their video project!

The maze is in man! He is forced to explore it to find himself, the center, the core of his being.

We wish you luck on your campaign! Help Caterina produce - Labir Into

SYREN Modern Dance is touring to Kalamazoo, MI to be part of the Midwest Regional Alternative Dance Festival.

Help get this tour on its way!

A book about finding meaning in your daily dance practice.

Best of luck on your campaign!

Project We Love
Main 16x9

In the Garden, humans get converted into AI constructs to survive. But Luc - a rebellious ballerina - would rather die than conform.

We wish you luck on your campaign!

Project We Love
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Help fund the artist's first solo exhibition. A show in SoHo about money, power and fragility.

Best of luck to Alex Geana on his first solo exhibition! Spread the word!

Project We Love
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Dirty Soles Dance, seeks to create our first evening-length work, exploring the concept of individuality and group dynamic.

Help Dirty Soles Dance produce their first full-length evening work!

Project We Love
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Join us for the world premiere of THREE SUITES! Including a special collaboration with Max ZT and House of Waters.

Help Cats Paying Dues celebrate their 10th Anniversary!

In a way, this is a piece about the desubjectification of personal history and the defamiliarization of aesthetic forms.

We wish you luck on the campaign and your upcoming show at Danspace Project!

Trains and Hurricanes: An evening length comedic dance piece about four old-timey train workers trying to find their way home.

Happy to help, spreading the word on Aimee Plauche's campaign!

Project We Love
Bac8a0870ebb713ffd191f94e486608d original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Dendy's LABYRINTH is a full length Dance/Play. A tragic-comic retelling of the Theseus myth with original music by Heather Christian.

Delighted to help spread the word about Mark Dendy's campaign!

Project We Love
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David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center commissions Andrea Miller to develop first site-specific work for Gallim. Oct. 9-10, 2014.

Gallim Dance Kickstarter has launched!

Project We Love
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A public ceremony for peace with 100+ dancers streamed live around the world from the Josie Robertson Plaza, Lincoln Center.

Dance/NYC is proud to partner with the Table of Silence Project 9/11.

Project We Love
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Shall We Tango NYC is the first citywide festival of world-class Argentine tango events in music, dance, film, theater and art.

Tango anyone? Help bring this tango festival to NYC.

Project We Love
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Support our first Echoes Tour! Help us discover contemporary dance choreographers and share the art of dance with the city of Boston.

Be sure to support this project before the summer is over!

Project We Love
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Gerard & Kelly’s new project investigates intimacy, partnership, and how memory binds two people in time.

Check out this awesome project by Gerard and Kelly going on at The Kitchen now!

Dance theater that hashes the personal, practical, and political struggles of immigrants to the United States.

Best of luck to In Pursuit of Happiness!

Project We Love
F4d9218f39370a693b3f1b38d6896a96 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

we were an island, looks to meditate on the illusory nature of islands through exploring the way bodies share and lose one another.

Best of luck on the campaign and your upcoming show at Danspace Project!

Project We Love
D77c5270ca036430a5b1dd27770711b4 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

Celebrate 30 years of groundbreaking work and launch the company's next season by raising 30K in 30 days!

30,000 in 30 days for their 30th. Best of luck Stephen Petronio Company!

SYREN is creating dance to Bach's "The Art of Fugue" to be performed with live music in a century old church in the heart of NYC.

Live music, new dance and a century-old-church. Best of Luck to SYREN Modern Dance!

The Dance Gallery Festival is a international dance festival that offers opportunities to up-and-coming choreographers.

Bringing the work of choreographers from all over the world, here to New York City. Good luck Dance Gallery Festival 2013!

A boutique dance company that continually takes BIG risks. We need you to produce our upcoming home season. Take a chance with us!

Support SDBNY's New York season. Good luck on Kickstarter, Sidra and dancers!

Evergreen is our 10th live dance work, actively investigating cycles of renewal, overwhelming movements & interpersonal momentums.

Support white road Dance Media in performing their tenth full length work.

Happy 10, Marisa and dancers!

Bring Irish dance to audiences in NYC and beyond by making a contribution toward our production costs during the month of March!

Help Darrah Carr Dance spread the love for Irish dance throughout New York City!

Best of luck, Darrah and dancers!

Project We Love
Dd46b93f980bacb3dfc3e756025e0b11 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A dance theater creation inspired by indigenous tribes of North & South America. Primal impulses: communication, identity, ritual.

The work follows the principle ‘Emotion creates Motion / Motion creates Emotion,’ allowing feelings on a subject to inspire movements and gestures.

You did it!

Project We Love
1dc5635d092d0dde883265f4dcd50ec6 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A full evening contemporary dance piece and a light show that communicate on a molecular level

The work will feature LeeSaar’s seven creating dancers directed by Sher and Harari. "grass and jackals" will be a dance piece and a light spectacle that constantly pushes the physical and emotional boundaries of both the performers and the viewers.


Project We Love
5d2b48b76449288326868e4451f04a1b original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Help the Tiffany Mills Company perform in the inaugural year at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Fisher!

This breakthrough Season marks a turning point for the Tiffany Mills Company, a bold step toward sharing our passion, expression, and human connection with NYC and the world.

Well done, Tiffany Mills and dancers!

FLYING-DANCE-THEATER OVER WATER ~ Acrobatics, dance & story-telling evoke childhood fantasies of flight, adventure & romance.

Breaking Surface is Flying-Dance-Theater over water. Inspired by performance that blurs genres, we swing between romance, adventure & farce. Dynamic physicality & surprising perspectives carry the audience thru a world of childhood fantasy & aquatic longing.

Help bring "Ballet's Greatest Hits" to movie theaters across the country.

Help Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) bring dance to movie theaters across the country by filming the world’s greatest dance companies performing ballet classics.

Great Job YAGP!

Project We Love
C437a893991f4d30c02bb802bdb53aa4 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

FLICfest (Feature-Length Independent Choreography festival) is back for its third year at the Irondale Center!

FLICfest strives to cement Brooklyn as a renowned destination for creativity and leadership in modern dance, while simultaneously strengthening the dance community through a platform for sharing ideas and information.

Go FLICfest 2013!

Join us to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Seán Curran Company with a New York Season at the Joyce Theater.

Eccentric, off-centered virtuosic movement is informed by the literary roots of the music and visual art created around its themes, ranging from the lush, vibrant watercolors of William Blake to the grotesque and vivid engravings of Gustave Doré.

Congrats Seán Curran Company!

Project We Love
9bf73f00b8211f30fd8889b8cf80d5ec original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

The 2nd Contemporary Israeli Dance Week brings Israeli choreographers and companies to NYC for a one week festival at La MaMa ETC

The Israeli dancers participating in the Contemporary Israeli Dance Week devise their art in a challenging and controversial environment and come up with unique answers to questions that all artists struggle with.

Congrats Israeli Dance Week!

We need you help to support the reconstruction of Anna Sokolow's Lyric Suite for the Ensemble December season!

It speaks in abstract and stark simplicity, translating the qualitative moods of the music into penetrating and evocative movement designs. Thoroughly integrated with the music, its lyric beauty has a direct appeal to kinesthetic response.

Great Job Theatre Dance Ensemble!

Project We Love
037c947cdbb7afdf392a364d7a16b203 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Monica Bill Barnes & Company joins forces with special host Ira Glass for follow-up dance performances after This American Life Live!

What to expect: a huge, magical dance show with over 100 pounds of confetti, batons, wind machines, headdresses, live music and a rain curtain! Make this MBB and CO.'s biggest, most mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, spectacular show yet.

Congrats MBB and CO.!

SYREN has been invited to present at a colloquium in Paris with the theme: "Art and creativity across cultures".

After 10 successfully produced New York Seasons, SYREN is working to take their work to Paris.

Great Job SYREN dance!

SITI Company is creating a tourable version of Cafe Variations – a compact, high-quality, six person play with music by the Gershwins.

Café Variations is a dance/theater/music piece created by SITI Company and Anne Bogart with text by Charles L. Mee and music by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin. Helped it to be re-imagined and carry on.

Congrats, SITI Company!

Project We Love
Fc8abdb20bf8a1f4478ff83af3d77693 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Your Move is a 4-day professionally produced dance festival in Jersey City.

Your Move dance festival is a fixture in Jersey City’s arts community, as well as in the larger NYC dance world.

Congrats to the Your Move team!

The Dance Gallery Festival is a national dance festival that offers opportunities to up-and-coming choreographers and dance companies.

The Dance Gallery Festival, established by Astrid von Ussar and her sister in 2007, provides a performance opportunity to up-and-coming artists. The Festival has presented 67 choreographers and over 300 dancers!

Amazing! Go Astrid and team!

Artistic residency & creation of WETLANDS, an evening length dance performance.

Karen Harvey Dances seeks support for a week long, creative residency at Mount Tremper Arts in the Catskill Mountains, to help produce the company's first evening length work.

Congrats, Karen and collaborators!

COLLECTIVE BODY | DANCE LAB moves to illuminate stories often kept in the dark in the premieres of two new works this season.

COLLECTIVE BODY | DANCE LAB is the culminating dream of dance artist, Brian Carey Chung's 25-year career. Let’s Pretend We’re All Wearing Sunglasses performs in New York City at the Manhattan Movement Arts Center, September 21-22.

Congrats, Brian and team!

Help Ellis Wood Dance create the next section of Flower Fiction...A duet created and performed by Ellis and Marni Wood.

Continuing her MOM Project, Ellis and her mother, Marni, combine backgrounds in post-modern and Graham, to create a duet that explores the myth of protocol.

Go Ellis and Mom!

CatScratch Theatre is working on the Feb 25 premiere of Homeland. Fearing they might not get paid, the dancers have taken things into their own hands!

HOMELAND was Jeramy's first full-length production, premiered in February 2010 in the Irondale Arts Center. You can check out their Kickstarter journey on their blog:


A historical dance-drama depicting the first placing-out program for orphaned New York youths to the Midwest during the mid-1800s.

Hop on board the Orphan Train and bring history alive through dance with your contribution today! We hope to see CBT at the Fringe Festival (Aug 10-26) and appreciate your support!

A new collaboration between Complexions Co-Artistic Director/Founder and Resident Choreographer and Complexions Resident Composer, ELEW

Over half way to their goal in the first 5 days- can't wait to see Complexions continue to impact NYC dance!

Congrats Complexions!

Project We Love
8777a46d2e37dbf3535c72f8e8ce209b original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Four continents. Two filmmakers. One dancer. A documentary portrait of ballet star Marcelo Gomes.

In 2011, Marcelo received a New York Dance and Performance Award (aka "The Bessies"), produced in partnership with Dance/NYC. Bravo to Marcelo and Congrats to David and James! What a success!

Project We Love
Ac177844ac1efe1d0fbd3337fe0203ba original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Each year an elite group of female artists from around the world are selected to exhibit work, teach, and perform.

Festival founder Michele Byrd-McPhee will be speaking at our upcoming Town Hall, "Kickstarting NYC Dance". Come hear her speak about the festival, her successful Kickstarter campaign, and using Kickstarter as a fundraising tool. Congrats to Michele and the Ladies of Hip-Hop!

Project We Love
89dd62a7f8cd1d6cdef73053e616cec9 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

DDD will collaborate with The Family Stone and continue developing Prophets of Funk during and after Lincoln Center Out of Doors.

Artistic Director David Dorfman will be speaking at our August town hall: Kickstarting NYC Dance. Come hear David speak about his successful Kickstarter campaign. Congrats, David!

Project We Love
8b85c0edad1400595cfe362d926ec88a original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

The newest work from David Neumann/Advanced Beginner Group, premiering at New York Live Arts in New York City: March 24 - April 1, 2012

David Neumann will be speaking at our upcoming town hall, "Kickstarting NYC Dance". Come hear him speak about his successful Kickstarter campaign and about Kickstarter as a fundraising tool. Congrats to the David Neumann/Advanced Beginner Group!

Project We Love
Cecead21a763907166e5740d683a6afd original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

barrish wants to put it's mouth on your desire. Help the AOMC raise the final $2,000 they need to premiere it at HERE this July!

Sarah Rosner will be speaking at our upcoming town hall, "Kickstarting NYC Dance". Come hear her discuss her successful Kickstarter campaign! Congrats, Sarah!

KBaAs' Fall Season is very active. 3 exciting performances; end of August, September and October followed by an international tour

Korhan is deeply integrated into the NYC dance community, and has had many successful Kickstarter campaigns. The NY Times writes, 'In “I am Korhan, this is my dance!” you want to root for this immigrant artist who is so enamored of the city."

Congrats, KBaAs!

Project We Love
06548a534d3bbe251b19c2371d7275e0 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

An immersive theater experience combining a hospital ward, the writings of Lewis Carroll, and just 15 audience members per show

What a success! Third Rail Projects won two New York Dance and Performance Awards (aka Bessie Awards) in 2008, produced in partnership with Dance/NYC, for their piece "Vanishing Point". This project is also featured in The Daily News: Congrats!

A book reflecting upon my 20 years of teaching dance, and 5 years of my company Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama. Text in Spanish and English.

This book will is an inspiration to dancers and teachers alike, and is the first of its kind as a bilingual text on dance pedagogy. Congrats to Anabella on her devotion to dance performance and education!

An intriguing dance piece is transformed from a live performance into a feature length film!

Night Thing is white road Dance Media's first foray into the exciting world of filmmaking!

Congrats, wrDM!

Multifaceted investigation of the self as a +=1- wanting to discharge its energy !!! Dionysus in search of new feasts.

Sublime Dance Company and Director Olsi Gjeci continue to perform their successful Kickstarter campaign performance piece, [+=1] throughout the city- check it out on their website! Congrats!

Project We Love
Ffe3c2a8107bbf4975a7796ee1604e8a original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

DUEL: (public vs private) 2 weeks, 2 works with Sidra Bell Dance New York 2012 NYC Season @ Baruch Performing Arts Center

Presenting sold out performances to audiences since 2011, Sidra Bell Dance New York successfully fundraised their 2011-2012 performance season via Kickstarter. Pieces include STELLA- a series of miniature manifestos and ReVUE. Congrats!

FLICfest, now in its second year, is the first Brooklyn festival dedicated solely to the art of the feature-length dance.

Jeramy continues to be involved with Kickstarter and FLICfest successfully- congrats! We are excited to see your work!

HOMME, a full length, premieres in July 2011 with a stunning cast of five virtuosic men in a series of signature solos and duets.

Congrats to Sidra Bell and SBDNY, Inc. on another successful Kickstarter campain!

We're taking our new dance work North Country down south to Austin TX, where it will be performed with a live score by Justin Sherburn!

Another successful campaign by white road Dance Media (wrDM)! After their precious Kickstarter campaign in March 2010 for Deer, to Me, wrDM expanded the project. It was Austin or bust for this piece!

Congrats, wrDM!

SYREN Modern Dance embarks on the creation of a new dance. An exploration of Die Kunst der Fuge (The Art of the Fugue) by Bach.

SYREN was formed in 2003 by Lynn Peterson and Kate St. Amand, has since produced eight New York Seasons, created 17 dances, and performed for thousands of audience members in the tri-state area. Congrats, SYREN!

an evening long work by the NY based dance company Korhan Basaran and Dancers.. Including two world premiers..

The NY Times writes, "In “I am Korhan, this is my dance!” you want to root for this immigrant artist who is so enamored of the city." Congrats, Korhan!

Marla Hirokawa joins with visual artist Eva Flatscher and musician/composer Alan Ferber to “paint” a portrait of the painter Van Gogh.

Covenant Ballet Theater also received funding from the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs for this work- congrats!

Project We Love
2e770c36bfee06caf2ee3eb5b042220e original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

SYREN is bringing a week of dance to NYC. There are costumes to make, music rights to attain, and an audience to get to the theater!

Congrats to SYREN on another successfuly Kickstarter campaign!

Korhan Basaran is choreographing a male duet that will be premiered on the 15th of December, at 8:30pm, in the Cunningham Studios...

Another succesful Korhan Basaran campaign from December 2010. Congrats, Korhan!

FLICfest is a Brooklyn festival dedicated to feature-length dance. Two weekends. Six nights. Twelve visions reorienting dance theater.

Another successful Jeramy Zimmerman campaign from December 2010. Congrats, Jeramy!

Mapping Home is about you and us. An indoor & outdoor performance about what makes places feel like Home. We need answers from you to make our dance.

The NY Times writes that the Kinesis Project is "...comically acrobatic, gracefully classical... visually arresting." HOME was completed in November 2010.


Project We Love
59085c876b79c354874250b88af992a1 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Selected by Mikhail Baryshnikov as a Jerome Robbins NEW Fellow at Baryshnikov Arts Center, we seek to match our $10,000 award to create "Terra Firma".

After becoming a Jerome Robbins NEW Fellow at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in 2010, Stefanie is currently creating a piece on the Alvin Ailey 2nd Company and for Transitions Dance Company of England, Artistic Director David Waring. Congrats, Stefanie!

A fantastical landscape of capture and escape, of animal instincts and human desires, and surreal situations, with an original score and projections.

"As a non-profit fiscally sponsored artist through Fractured Atlas, wrDM is committed to creating and performing contemporary dance work that is intellectual, accessible, and artistically refined."

Congrats on your successful campaign, wrDM!

HOMELAND is an evening-length work for CatScratch Theatre by Jeramy Zimmerman.

HOMELAND was Jeramy's first full-length production, premiered in February 2010 in the Irondale Arts Center. This October 2009 campaign for HOMELAND preceded its premier as a performance event, after several years of hard work.


"The Table of Silence Project represents the common threads of humanity uniting mankind into a single force for peace in our world."

Over 100 Dancers, including the Buglisi Dance Theatre, will appear in this 9/11 tribute, conceived by choreographer Jacqulyn Buglisi and visual artist Rossella Vasta with flautist Andrea Ceccomori. Support bringing together our community through dance!

RAM is an evening length multimedia based dance work exploring the most precious and vital parts of our identities, our memories.

Donofrio Dance Company, a Brooklyn based modern Dance Company, connects to their audiences by using guerrilla dance, site specific performances, and community outreach. Support this new multimedia work!

Project We Love
1e5cf8b54954e866c67a9a9539760317 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

World Premiere of Interdisciplinary Performance Event Drill Piece. Center for Performance Research- September 20th & 21st at 7:30pm

Motley Dance's Drill Piece examines military custom, ritual and tradition in relationship to performance. Support this upcoming interdisciplinary piece!

Project We Love
Fc0735c028d112f1d64cdb27ec39d5e2 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Help us raise a stage for a group of incredible artists to present their work at the 10th Annual FAB! Festival on September 28th.

The 10th annual FAB! Festival is always a special event. Make sure that dance has a place to perform this year, and support the Stage Raising!

Project We Love
77632e79f63a2a41166e0b2fe7e8b13e original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

The Martha Graham Dance Company is collaborating with internationally acclaimed choreographer Nacho Duato to create a major new work.

Help facilitate the creation of new work on an historic company. Good luck Martha Graham Dance Company!

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