• Virtual dioramas to contemplate ancient religious themes in real-time 3D, created by avant-garde indie studio Tale of Tales.

    Video game developers and Creative Capital artists Tale of Tales are back, but this time they're using their skills to create an immersive art work.

  • MUP is a guide for people projecting images in public places, providing concepts, tools, resources, and recipes for urban projection.

    Creative Capital artist Ali Momeni has created a wonderful, engaging tool for artists, activists, educators and students!

  • Postcommodity presents a temporary 2-mile long land art installation intersecting the US/Mexico border, Oct. 9-12, 2015.

    Support Postcommodity's project Repellent Fence, the largest bi-national land art installation ever exhibited on the U.S./Mexican border.

  • Before Viagra there were goat testicle transplants, men w/ dreams & one unlikely hero. The stranger-than-fiction tale of John Brinkley!

    Penny Lane (2012 Film/Video) is fundraising for her CC Project "NUTS!" which tells the story of John Brinkley, who in 1917 cured impotence via goat testicle transplant; was elected Governor of Kansas; & invented the infomercial. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

  • Has your life been touched by Alzheimer's? Portraits of caregivers and a community connected through compassion.

    Banker White became a Film/Video Awardee in 2008 with "WeOwnTV." Now, he's fundraising for The Genius of Caring, a web based interactive story sharing project that features documentary portraits of family caregivers of those living with Alzheimer’s and related dementias.

  • Explore a luxurious penthouse apartment against the backdrop of violent revolution in a fictional South American metropolis.

    Tale of Tales (2006 Emerging Fields) received a Creative Capital Award for "The Path." Now, they're fundraising for "Sunset," a narrative-driven first-person videogame that takes place in a single apartment in a fictional South American city in the early 1970s.

  • A show about being all wrapped up in each other – Thank You For Coming

    Faye Driscoll is a 2013 Performing Arts Awardee now seeking support for her Creative Capital Project "Thank You For Coming." This dance piece is a trilogy that reflects how our bodies and stories relate to and depend on one another.

  • Wild Times explores wildness in contemporary life via new media, social engagement, and a 2,650 mile hike.

    Susan Robb (2013 Emerging Fields) is fundraising for her Creative Capital Project "Wild Times." Robb will embark on a 5-month, 2,650-mile hike from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail and ultimately ask her audience "to seek out and explore their own wildness."

  • When one of the most prolific art forgers in US history is finally exposed, he must confront the legacy of his 30-year con.

    Sam Cullman became a 2008 Film/Video Creative Capital Awardee with his Academy Award-nominated film "If A Tree Falls."He and co-director Jen Grausman are now creating "Art and Craft,"a documentary about "one of the most prolific art forgers in US history," Mark Landis.

  • Fire Underground addresses the continued adoption crisis that leaves countless abandoned children unable to enter our shores

    Donna Uchizono (2002 Performing Arts) became a Creative Capital Artist for her project "The Salon Project." Now, she's seeking support for a new evening-length work titled "Fire Underground," inspired by Uchizono's personal struggle with adoption.

  • Reviving one of Ghana's oldest cinema houses into an alternative creative space for art, music, and film

    Akosua Adoma Owusu is a 2012 Creative Capital grantee in the Film/Video field for her upcoming film "Black Sunshine." She is raising funds to revive "one of Ghana's oldest cinema houses into an alternative creative space for art, music, and film."

  • The theater of flight and impact, physics and courage, powered by pure adrenaline. The story of action by the people who live it.

    Elizabeth Streb is a Creative Capital Performing Arts grantee from the year 2000. Her Creative Capital project, "Action Heroes," featured "extreme action works derived from classic stunts." She is raising funds for a new project, "Forces," which "tells the story of Action."

  • WOLF: 3rd performance in The Unreliable Bestiary - a show for every letter of the alphabet, each letter an endangered species.

    Deke Weaver is a 2009 Performing Arts grantee for "The Unreliable Bestiary," an ark of stories about animals, our relationships with them and the worlds they inhabit. He is raising funds to support the third performance in this project, WOLF.

  • Thanks to your participation, this campaign is a success! You can still help get the film out. Please join us: www.citizenkoch.com

    Carl Deal & Tia Lessin received a Creative Capital grant in 2008 for "Trouble the Water," a documentary about Hurricane Katrina. They are raising funds to finish and distribute their new film, "Citizen Koch," which takes on the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling.

  • The art of digital living in the PRISM era. An illustrated limited edition Kickstarter-only book for art, tech & theory fans.

    McKenzie Wark received a 2006 grant from the Arts Writers Grant Program (administered by Creative Capital) for "The Situationists: A User's Guide." Now, he and Rachel Law are raising funds for this illustrated book "for art, tech & theory fans."

  • The NeoLucida is a 19th-century optical drawing tool updated for the 21st century.

    Golan Levin is a 2006 Emerging Fields grantee for his project "Observation as Interaction: Eye Contact Systems," a series of large-scale artworks that return a viewer’s gaze.

  • A new documentary featuring the Super 8 home movies of Nixon's closest aides is about to premiere at SXSW – and beyond!

    Brian L. Frye & Penny Lane (2012 Film/Video) are raising funds to premiere and distribute "Our Nixon," a new documentary featuring Super 8 home movies of those closest to President Nixon.

  • A documentary film about the tragedy of Alzheimer's disease, the power of art and the meaning of family.

    Banker White is a 2008 Film/Video grantee for "WeOwnTV," an ongoing collaborative media project in Sierra Leone that brings locals into the production process to tell their own stories in their own words.

  • A candid, poignant, and often humorous film about kids and divorce . . . from the kids' perspective.

    Ellen Bruno (2001 Film/Video grantee) is raising funds to complete "SPLIT," a deeply personal film made in collaboration with children aged 6-12, exploring the often frightening and always life-altering separation of their parents.

  • For two decades, the Yes Men have pulled off hilarious media hoaxes to expose corporate crimes. Now, they are approaching middle age, struggling to stay in the fight against climate change. Can they get it together before the ice caps melt?

    Creative Capital funded The Yes Men for their documentary project, "The Yes Men," in our very first grant year (2000). Help them make their next film, "The Yes Men Are Revolting"!

  • A documentary that explores the magical collaboration between performance artist Joey Arias and puppeteer Basil Twist.

    Basil Twist is a 2000 Performing Arts grantee for his puppet theater piece "Dogugaeshi". He is raising funds for "Arias with a Twist: The Docufantasy," a collaboration with performance artist Joey Arias.

  • Meet the fiercest teenager in America.

    Sue Johnson is a 2000 Emerging Fields grantee and documentary photographer who has been following women boxers training to compete in their first Olympic Games.

  • An evening-length dance by Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People exploring embodied philosophy, neurology, improvisation and ghosts.

    Miguel Gutierrez is a 2009 Performing Arts grantee for his project "Last Meadow," which won two New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Awards in 2010.

  • Stop, is a video installation of images of youth from Brooklyn & Liverpool who state the multiple times they were stopped by police.

    Dread Scott is a 2001 Visual Arts grantee for his project "Lockdown".

  • A new opera about a French internment camp featuring the sound sculptures of MacArthur "Genius" Trimpin.

    Trimpin (2006 Performing Arts grantee) premiered his Creative Capital-supported project, "The Gurs Zyklus," at Stanford in 2011.

  • Support Kristina Wong's first international tour! Going Green the Wong Way at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland!

    Help performing artist Kristina Wong get to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival—the Wong way! Kristina is a 2006 Performing Arts grantee for her project "Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

  • Sarah Smith (Lily Rabe), an artist and hydrologist, sets out on a post-fire stream survey, during which she encounters a sasquatch man.

    Christopher Munch is a 2000 Film/Video grantee for his project "The Sleepy Time Gal." He's raising funds to distribute his new film, "Letters from the Big Man," on DVD. "Letters from the Big Man" premiered to critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011.

  • As a mother searches for her missing daughter, the troubled past they share comes into sharper focus in this noir mystery.

    Help 2012 Film/Video grantee Brian Pera make the second feature-length film in his Creative Capital-supported series, "Woman's Picture." "Only Child" features Grace Zabriskie and Amy LaVere, playing an estranged mother and daughter with a hidden secret between them.

  • Basil Twist's abstract journey of images from ancient and modern Japan, a part of the 100th National Cherry Blossom Festival, 2012.

    Basil Twist is a 2000 Performing Arts grantee for "Dogugaeshi," a puppet theater piece he's raising funds to revive. "Dogugaeshi" will be part of a festival celebrating Twist's work at several cultural institutions throughout Washington, DC, in spring 2012.

  • The newest work from David Neumann/Advanced Beginner Group, premiering at New York Live Arts in New York City: March 24 - April 1, 2012

    David Neumann is a 2009 Performing Arts grantee for his project "Big Eater," which premiered at The Kitchen in New York in 2010. He's raising funds to bring his new project "Restless Eye" to New York Live Arts.

  • I Am Secretly An Important Man is a documentary film about Seattle writer, Jesse Bernstein.

    2000 Film/Video grantee Peter Sillen is raising funds for the theatrical distribution of "I Am Secretly An Important Man," a documentary portrait of Jesse Bernstein, one of Seattle’s most important underground literary voices.

  • The Yes Men are launching The Yes Lab so activist groups and individuals can carry out creative, media-getting actions of their own!

    The Yes Men are 2000 Emerging Fields grantees for their documentary film, "The Yes Men." We're thrilled that their campaign to help launch The Yes Lab for Creative Activism was such a huge success, raising nearly $15,000!

  • Be the CATALYST. Spread MY REINCARNATION, an epic documentary about spirituality, family and destiny...

    Jennifer Fox is a 2000 Film/Video grantee for "FLYING: Confessions of a Free Woman." Her campaign to raise funds for her new documentary "My Reincarnation" was one of the most successful in Kickstarter's history!

  • WeOwnTV presents the work of talented young Sierra Leonean storytellers who are creating a new national identity through film.

    2008 Film/Video grantee Banker White's WeOwnTV is truly an amazing project!

  • COLORMEAMERICA is a multimedia project developed by SALT FARMBUTOH VÉRITÉ, based in San Francisco and traveling to the Big Apple.

    Ledoh is a 2006 Performing Arts grantee for "COLORMEAMERICA." We are thrilled to support this incredible work.

  • Help us fund our first ever exhibition to be held at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

    Billy Luther is a 2008 Film/Video grantee for the film "GRAB." We are thrilled that his photography exhibition was such a success on Kickstarter!

  • Premiering in San Francisco in 2011, Project Bandaloop is creating a major new, highly collaborative, vertical dance work titled "IdEgo

    Project Bandaloop's Amelia Rudolph is a 2000 Performing Arts grantee for the troupe's piece "Crossing," a site-specific performance in the Sierra Nevada range.

  • Real? Surreal? Iconic? The album art of Storm Thorgerson is so far deeply embedded in our psyche it's hard to believe it all came from one mind...

    Roddy Bogawa is a 2000 Film/Video grantee for his film "I Was Born, But...," an experimental narrative film exploring the abstract notion of assimilation and the contradictions of those born into the ‘melting pot’ culture of America.