• FLORA community Library

    FLORA is a space for art + nature in Bogotá. We plan to build a new library/meeting place that will become the heart of our activities.

    Ars & Natura, a locally-driven arts and nature driven center in Bogota, Columbia are now expanding their library to meet the needs of their growing community.


  • Life-size Animated Film

    We create animated films in life-size sets in which 2D painted characters interact with real world objects.

    Award winning animation students make their first film outside of school. Can't wait to see what they dream up next.


  • Kedzie Avenue: Stories Drawn from a City Street

    Kedzie Avenue is an experiment in illustrated journalism: a graphic portrait of a city woven from true stories along one single street.

    Artists telling true stories of a city... It's public humanities!


  • Radiotopia: A Storytelling Revolution

    We are a collective of amazing storytelling radio shows. Let's remake public radio together.

    Are we in the golden age of radio? The collective Radiotopia is attempting to create a "radio revolution" by establishing infrastructure for high quality indie radio producers.


    AND: They do great history programs!


  • Free For All: Inside the Public Library

    Help us make our film about America's amazing public libraries and the urgent need to keep them open, innovating, and free for all.

    Public libraries are on the front lines of the public humanities.

  • Queer Knitter in the Queen City

    This short documentary challenges preconceptions about knitters, techno-geeks, and drag queens while embracing social justice and fun.

    This short documentary challenges preconceptions about knitters, techno-geeks, and drag queens while embracing social justice and fun.

  • COCOON: A Public Space Sculpture in Goutte d'Or, Paris

    COCOON by Kate Browne is a series of public sculptures built in sites with long histories of conflict: Goutte d’Or, Paris, is next.

    Collaborative process, local materials, individual testimonies.

  • Central Falls' Floating Garden

    Community art installation aimed to bring awareness to community gardens and create new ties between the youth and elderly.

    A local community collectively adding color to their gardens for when there are no plants in bloom. A hopeful metaphor, indeed.

  • The Mobile Museum

    A Museum. A collection. A public programme. A filmwork. A series of publications. A lot of fun. 11 housing estates. 1 London Borough.

    A museum in a van... but not just for showing thing off, but for collecting and categorizing and cataloging and producing, too!

  • Giant Sloth - An animated crisis starring Paul Giamatti

    An animated short film about a man's collapsing sanity, featuring the voices of Paul Giamatti, Jason Mantzoukas, and Kate McKinnon.

    Why, it's a curator going insane, a museum going out of business... public humanities!?

  • The Recollectors: Remembering Parents Lost to AIDS

    An online community and storytelling forum dedicated to remembering parents lost to AIDS.

    Whitney and Alysia are developing an online collective for an underserved community: those who have lost parents to the AIDS epidemic.


  • Drip

    A documentary that looks at the amazing world of coffee competitions and the quirky baristas who compete in them.

    A look into the culture of the extreme barista: craft, hospitality, presentation, and coffee. It's all about the drip.


  • MCLA Restores "Galileo, Jupiter, Apollo"!

    The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA) is restoring a 1984 Olympic Freeway Mural, "Galileo, Jupiter, Apollo", by John Wehrle.

    Preserved under grey paint for years, this historic mural from 1984 is ready to come back to life with your help.


  • ART AND CRAFT, a feature documentary

    When one of the most prolific art forgers in US history is finally exposed, he must confront the legacy of his 30-year con.

    Co-Directors Sam Cullman (Brown alumnus) and Jen Grausman tell a remarkably layered and ethically challenging story about a longtime fine art forger that donates his work across the country.

  • World Online Orchestra

    An interactive symphony, with you as a member.

    What sets WOO apart from other online concerts is the ability for audience participation. You choose the instruments that you want to hear. Help WOO expand to include more levels of accessibility and participation.

  • Arrivals and Departures, a major poetry/film projection

    St Paul's grand old Depot becomes a 3D screen for poems-turned-films in this colossal act of placemaking. All aboard!

    Combines poetry, the history of transportation, crowdsourcing... and 3D projection!

  • Restore the Lincoln "Courting Couch"

    An effort to restore the c. 1830s horsehair-upholstered sofa on which Abraham and Mary Lincoln courted.

    "The very fabric that Abraham and Mary Lincoln once leaned up against!" A numinous artifact, some fine research, and an opening scheduled soon.

  • Mint Collective - Building an artistic platform in Marrakech

    Mint Collective is mobile platform based in Marrakech bringing together young artists from Africa and Europe through creative projects

    An artist collective hoping to "establish bridges between the local and global art world" through "creative collaboration" with european and local Moroccan artists.


    A unique book of portraits connecting and celebrating life along the Arctic Circle.

    This portrait project is a breathtaking document of the many cultures living around the Arctic Circle facing environmental and cultural change. Can't wait to find the book!

  • The Table of Silence Project 9/11

    "The Table of Silence Project represents the common threads of humanity uniting mankind into a single force for peace in our world."

    Creating a beautiful, ancient ritual.


  • Prison Time

    A radio documentary asking big questions about America's decision to lock up millions of people, often for non-violent drug crimes.

    Radio documentary examining how the Rockefeller laws have impacted the US. Hidden stories of those directly affected. Made by Brown University alumni & in need of your support.

    - PM

  • CHANGING THE GAME - the Soccer Documentary

    Six Teens. Three Continents. A World Cup to Save Lives.

    Brown University alums combining filmmaking and sport to make a huge difference in the lives of young people around the world.

    - PM

  • The Art Department Needs New Equipment to Make a News Show!

    We need equipment for our program for artists with developmental disabilities, to make a online news show about our community!

    Frankly, I want to go work with these guys right now! What an brilliant and uplifting video!

    - PM

  • Cultivate 2013: Growing into Sustainability

    Award-winning artists gather to cultivate dance, art and community, enlivening the cultural field in the rural town of Bethlehem, NH.

    This great dance festival unites high quality performance art with community engagement and civic regeneration.

    - PM

  • The Incurable Imagination of Anthony Jones

    Developing a show about the possibilities of scientific discovery and inevitability of loss, exploring the experience of dementia.

    Public Humanities reaches across the pond to support this great project from friends in the UK. Art meets science meets social change meets public forum for debate.
    - PM

  • Providence Comics Consortium Rhode Island Anthology

    The PCC is publishing an anthology of comics featuring kids from all over Rhode Island and adult cartoonists from all over the world.

    As a huge comic book fan from my teenage years, how could we not curate this project working with young people in our home state (Rhode Island)? The PCC will be touring across the state this summer, keep an eye out for them!
    - PM

  • Ohio City Theatre Project Summer Arts

    A free 3-week theater camp for kids ages 7-12. It's a summer of creativity, empowerment and fun! Let's make some puppet magic!

    Reimagining your neighborhood through theatre? Communities building their community through puppetry? That's a public humanities dream - help make it a reality!

    - AE

  • Outpost Journal 3: Kansas City, MO

    Outpost is an annual, non-profit print publication on art and arts-based activism from traditionally underexposed cities.

    Everyone knows about the cultural life of places like Brooklyn or DC - what's going on in Kansas City? Help Outpost connect cities and creative types by learning more about each other.

    - AE

  • Queering the Art Museum

    The QTM project is an ongoing coordinated intervention into representations of LGBTQ people in museums & facilitate critical dialogue.

    Community conversations through museum interventions? Sounds like a good idea to me. LGBTQ* issues are so important and relevant; supporting organic works like this is necessary.

    - AE

  • Growing Manhattan’s community hackerspace

    We’ve built an incredible public space for makers, right in the heart of Manhattan. Now we’re making it 103% more awesome.

    With a name like Hack Manhattan, you know it's good. The creation of a public space for hackers, artists, and makers has clearly been successful thus far and they deserves the chance to see what more they can do.

    - AE

  • Forklift Danceworks - PowerUP!

    A grand civic spectacle featuring Austin's public power workers—50+ linemen, bucket trucks, 20+ utility poles, and a live orchestra.

    You might imagine that power company employees don't often work with dancers or musicians, but in this case, you'd be dead wrong. This is an incredible project showing a deep understanding and respect for the Austin field crews. And it sounds fun too!

    - AE

  • Building a Public Museum

    We want to educate the public and build high quality exhibits to do so. Building museum spaces is expensive, but you can help!

    This very week we discussed how a "public-facing museum" should look in our classes. What better way to describe than by example? Real distribution of authority and authentic opening of the museum.
    - PM

  • Railyard Community Art Garden

    A true game-changer for sustainability, this unique "Art" garden offers mass appeal by using music and art to unite the community.

    Embedding intrinsic creativity at the local, community level is a key concept for much Public Humanities work. An artistic vision lifts this community garden even higher.
    - PM

  • FIRST CONTAINER: Collision Works Story Box Installation

    Prototype of creative shipping container hotel and community space. Designed to connect people through art and stories. Pure Awesome.

    Recycling (up-cycling?) shipping containers, building a community space, and telling stories. I've seen some great things done with shipping containers and this ambitious project is right up there with the best.
    - PM


    Discover Kim Stanley, unforgettable actress, extraordinary teacher, fearless explorer of the human soul.

    Demonstrating the creativity, quality and diversity of Brown university alumni.

    - PM


    A film about personal memory, amateur cinematography, and visions of the future at the 1939 New York World's Fair.

    I visited the 1964 World's Fair and remember it mostly through the photos my parents took--and the helicopter ride! The folks who made these home movies remember the 1939 fair through their movies. Now you can, too.

    Created by Brown Public Humanities alumna Amanda Murray!

  • The Central Falls Pop-Up Museum

    Part art museum, part art making and event space. The pop up features local artists and creates an interactive venue for Central Falls

    A community-oriented art museum? We're there. Almost literally, in this case, since the Pop-Up Museum will pop up in Central Falls, Rhode Island for a week in May. Confronting issues of access within cultural events, the Pop-Up Museum will be a week to remember. Check it out!

  • POW WOW: Share the arts community of Hawaii

    Help share the art and community of Pow Wow, a contemporary art movement in Hawaii, with the rest of the world. #powwowhawaii

    Taking art to the streets in Honolulu. Working with the public, with professional artists and addressing the urban cityscape, this project aims to completely re-define how people relate to their city.

    - PM

  • The Bicycle Bus

    A community mural on a school bus-turned-downtown bicycle hub. To inspire: just as art is for everyone, bikes are for everyone too.

    Im a huge fan of cycling. It's cheap, green, and fun. Combining it with a community-based arts project to share knowledge and resources makes perfect sense!

    - PM

  • Yellowstone Wolf: Project Citizen Science

    Harnessing public interest in Yellowstone's wolves with a citizen science website aimed at improving research and public outreach

    Yellowstone National Park is an important part of American culture, maintaining the incredible natural world on this continent. This brings the visitor into the process, using their photos to create a public archive to research and protect this amazing resource. Keep it up!


  • The American Music Project

    A multimedia journey to document and share the music of American cities. To be available on AmericanMusicProject.org

    What does your (nearest) city sound like? The American Music Project has you covered. At least, it will once it gets going, starting with Nashville and Austin. This will be the beginning of an incredible musical resource, available to everyone with wifi. Don't miss it!


  • The Cable Car Cinema and Cafe: Digital Transition

    The Cable Car Cinema needs to upgrade to a DCI compliant digital projection system for its film programming to remain relevant.

    The Cable Car is an amazing resource for everyone who lives here in Providence, bringing together unique films and unique audiences. The transition to digital has hurt many independent theaters, but let's not let the Cable Car be another. See you there!

    - AE

  • stART to Change the World

    An art major sending out hundreds of letters to create a dialogue between strangers about social change.

    Remember "snail mail"? Olivia Meny and other mail artists do. It may seem ironic that we say art can create community while promoting a mail art project, but this is just the thing to collapse the barriers of social life to spark discussion of real issues we share.


  • Garden to Table

    Building community one garden/ fruit tree at a time by taking advantage of the underutilized resources in our neighborhoods.

    This initiative increases local education and community engagement through food in an urban environment. Also, they seem careful to create active opportunities for engagement through classes around gardening, cooking, and nutrition. Very interesting work!


  • Dora's Story

    A documentary film and oral history project about the life of Dora Jinnohara, a nisei matriarch of an Okinawan-American family

    We may not know Dora, but her personal history and place within her family will interweave with cultural expectations and macrohistorical occurrences. The creation of this family archive will maintain her stories for the future, as well as for those who love her today.


  • African American AIDS Activism Oral History Project

    Collecting and preserving stories from the fight against HIV/AIDS in African American communities.

    Funding transcriptions and travel expenses isn't the most exciting project on this site, but the diverse stories told by African American AIDS activists more than warrant their funding. This is an important and ongoing chapter of history; those involved need to be heard.


  • Purple Line - Miami's New Transit Station

    A community-driven, collaborative, transit-oriented initiative that can be most concisely described as a future pop-up transit station.

    This collaborative "placemaking" installation in Miami focuses on the city's need for better transit to improve social connectivity.

    The Purple Line will literally bring Miamians together through a common need. Plus, how great does "future pop-up transit station" sound?


  • RADIO TABOO - where nothing is too taboo to talk about

    A political refugee returns to his small village in West Africa to build a community radio station that educates and inspires people.

    Issa Nyaphaga plans to return to Cameroon to build a local community radio station. This project is particularly noteworthy for the risk Issa faces and the deeply divided political situation in the country.

    - PM

  • Evereman Detroit Workshop + Free Art Drop - March 8-9, 2013

    Atlanta street art icon Evereman brings his popular community art workshop to Detroit as part of FAFDET (Free Art Friday Detroit)

    Free Art!

    The Evereman image has become iconic in Detroit and this particular project allows resident to create their own interpretation of Evereman... and then give it away for free!

    - PM

  • Playhouse Projector Project

    Vermont's 1919 movie theater needs a digital projector. We're not there yet!

    This local, bespoke movie theater is the heart of its community. As technology develops in leaps and bounds, this project reminds us of some of the unseen consequences of progress.

    - PM

  • CUT/PASTE/GROW - Science at Play: Bioart in Brooklyn!

    Genspace and Observatory bring together an exhibition of some of today’s most dynamic bioartists for one unforgettable group show.

    Pushing the boundaries of how we make art... and involving the community in the making of it. What more could a biologist dream of?

    - PM

  • The Taxonomy of Trash - an analytical approach to garbage

    We are building a mobile trash analysis laboratory, publishing a book of photographs and having a multi-media exhibition.

    So, they'll bicycle around the city in a mobile laboratory taking pictures of trash. And then they'll put the trash on exhibit. You'll have to read the description to learn about the taxonomy part. And the neat stickers!

    I'd like to join them.

  • The River Runs Through Us, a Six-Part Public Radio Series

    The River Runs Through Us is a six-part, yearlong radio series exploring the meaning and metaphor of the Connecticut River.

    Rivers are good metaphors, but they're more than that. They'r'e real places that matter to people and nature. The Connecticut River tells many stories. I want to hear them.

  • Literary Lots

    Literary Lots is a program that "brings books to life" by transforming vacant lots in Cleveland into programming spots for children.

    Get kids reading in public spaces. Transform empty lots into spaces for programming. Great ideas. And you get Literary Lots postcards for backing the project!

  • Street Arts As Public Pedagogy: Learning From The Margins

    The Evanston Art Center is hosting a 3-day Street Arts educational program. We are raising money for honorariums and materials.

    Help the Evanston Art Center and the National Museum of Mexican Art think through the meaning of street art, so that they can help the public think it through, too.

  • Forest Memory exhibition - free - w/ specimens, books, & art

    Support the installation of a free, wide ranging exhibition of artefacts, archival photographs, specimens, book works, and wood works.

    Take the wood out of the xylarium and put it back in the forest!

  • Lighting the way to a Revitalized Queen Anne Square

    Environmentally friendly lighting will help enhance the redesign of Queen Anne Square and "The Meeting Room" installation by Maya Lin.

    Newport, RI, has a remarkable story of historic preservation to tell. The Newport Restoration Foundation has spearheaded the creation of a Maya Lin designed park to tell that story. Help finish the park by contributing to this Kickstarter project.

  • "Before I Die..." Community Art Project in Birmingham, AL

    A community-oriented public art project asking people to reflect on their lives and share their personal aspirations in a public space.

    This project brings a community angle to a public art installation. It started small and it's going viral. Be part of it while you have the chance.

    - PM

  • Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire 2013

    Rhode Island's own celebration of New England innovation, ingenuity, and invention.

    We think that public humanities and the makers movement has a lot in common! Come explore at the Maker Faire and Foo Fest!

  • Parklet on Eleventh Street at DNA Lounge

    Expand the sidewalk of Eleventh St. with a new, engaging public space!

    Public is where you can find it - or make it. Help make a parking space into a public park!


  • Chicago Poets: a GPS-Enabled Arts Magazine

    Chicago Poets is a GPS enabled arts magazine that allows users to discover art, music, poetry, stories, and videos in their communities

    Poetry that speaks to where you are - space, place, and literature, all in one.


  • Block Island's Empire Theatre: Go Digital or Go Dark

    Block Island's Empire Theatre must convert to digital projection or close. Hollywood subsidizes multiplexes, but not indie theatres.

    A local favorite... An amazing theater in an amazing place. Help them out.


  • New Craft Artists in Action "Net Works" Instruction Manual

    Learn to craft hand-made basketball nets for empty hoops in your neighborhood.

    Craftivism is the new public humanities! Redefining the lines of the domestic and the public... And great colors, too!

  • Inflato Dumpster

    Large scale urban intervention to counter tendency of public space becoming privatized and commodified

    Take back urban space... by putting a dumpster in a parking space, Oh; and then filling it with an inflatable room, and turning that into a hacker space, and mobile information node...