Start small. Create 100 for the new year.

What is Make 100?

Make 100 is an open call encouraging you to share a creative idea as a limited run of 100. Since 2017, over 1,000 creators have taken part, launching campaigns for everything from 100 palm tree paintings to 100 plates of nachos.

We’re bringing back Make 100 in January 2020, and you’re invited. Kick off the new year by bringing your brightest idea to life—at a doable scale.

How to participate

  • Create a project with a limited reward capped at 100 backers.
  • Launch your project between January 1 and January 31.
  • Use Make 100 in your project’s title or short blurb.

Why should I take part?

Maybe you’re a hobbyist hoping to put your work out there. Maybe you’re a pro looking to understand your process even better. Make 100 is an opportunity for curious first-timers and experienced Kickstarter creators alike to pursue new ideas. Start small. Grow your idea. Have some fun while you do it.

What can I make?

You could make a run of 100 zines, press 100 LPs, print a series of 100 photos, offer 100 downloads of your game, or release 100 tickets to a performance. As long as your project follows our rules, the possibilities are endless.

"I didn’t realize that there could be a community out there for me, of wonderful people who genuinely want to support what I do."

—Two-time Make 100 creator Alex Hubbell

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