make 100

This year, bring 100 into the world.

What is Make 100?

Last January, over 470 creators participated in Make 100, a creative initiative focused on editions of 100. We’ve brought it back for 2018, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll make. Kick off the new year by bringing your brightest idea to life — and invite 100 supporters to help you do it.

How to take part

  • Create a project with a limited-edition reward capped at 100 backers.
  • Launch your project between January 1 and January 31.
  • Use Make 100 in your project’s title or short blurb.
  • Once your project is live, email it to

What can I make?

You could make a run of 100 zines, create 100 art prints, or release 100 tickets to a performance. As long as your project follows our rules, the possibilities are endless.

Why should I take part?

Maybe you thrive under creative constraints, or maybe you’re motivated by the idea of starting the new year by bringing 100 creative works into the world. Either way, consider this your nudge to get creating.

Questions and Answers

  • Didn’t Make 100 already happen?
    Yes it did — but we’re doing it again. Over 470 people participated in Make 100 last January (you can see what they made here), and many creators wrote in to ask if we’d run the prompt again. We decided to bring Make 100 back for 2018 to give even more people the chance to start the new year by making something great.
  • Instead of one reward capped at 100 backers, can I offer various rewards that add up to 100, total?
    Yes. Your Make 100 project can feature one limited-edition reward tier capped at 100 backers, or have multiple limited-edition reward tiers that add up to 100 backers. Keep in mind that your project must also launch between January 1 and January 31 and follow Kickstarter’s rules in order to be part of Make 100.
  • Can I offer non-limited–edition rewards as well?
    Yes, your project can feature non-limited–edition rewards as well. However, your limited-edition reward should be a main focus of your project. Your Make 100 reward should also be sufficiently different from your other rewards. For example, if you're publishing a book, it's not enough to simply offer 100 copies of the book with a blue cover instead of a red cover.
  • Can I modify my existing or planned campaign to make it fit within Make 100?
    While it’s possible to add a reward tier capped at 100 backers to any live Kickstarter project, Make 100 is aimed at inspiring creators to get started on something new. If you’ve already planned something specific, we don’t recommend modifying it just to take part in Make 100.
  • Should I set my funding goal based on getting 100 backers?
    Not necessarily. While we encourage you to aim for 100 backers, you should set your funding goal based on the actual cost of making and shipping your rewards and running your project. Section three of this worksheet will help you with the math.