make 100

This year, bring 100 into the world.

What is Make 100?

Make 100 is a creative prompt focused on editions of 100. While the official launch window for Make 100 projects closed on January 31, 2017, you’re still welcome to launch a Make 100-inspired project — simply include a limited-edition reward capped at 100 backers.

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What can I make?

You could make a run of 100 zines, or release 100 tickets to a performance — as long as your project follows our rules, the possibilities are 100% endless.

Why should I take part?

Maybe you thrive under creative constraints, or maybe you’re motivated by the idea of bringing 100 creative works into the world. Either way, consider this a nudge to get creating.

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Questions and Answers

  • January is over — can I still be a part of Make 100?
    We started Make 100 to support projects launching in January 2017. While the official Make 100 launch period has ended, we’re thrilled to see that so many creators have found the Make 100 prompt motivating. We welcome you to launch a project that features a limited-edition reward capped at 100 backers at any time — just make sure it follows Kickstarter’s general rules.
  • Is Kickstarter still promoting Make 100 projects?
    Our editorial team is always on the lookout for projects that go above and beyond in their concept, presentation, and creativity. You can get some tips on how to catch our eye in this blog post.

    If you’re inspired to launch a limited-edition project with a reward capped at 100 backers, we encourage you to include “Make 100” in the project’s title to help backers discover it. You can also use the hashtag #Make100 when sharing your project on social media.