How to make a great project image

A few tips from the Design Team at Kickstarter.

Let your personality shine

Use your main project image to brand your project and make it stand out. Be sure to give it life and make it representative of you and what you're creating.

Show your backers what they’ll get

People browse Kickstarter looking for unique and innovative things to support. Showing people what they'll be helping you create is inspiring and motivating! Your project image is what others will see when your project is shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Give 'em something to talk about.

Keep it simple

While it might be tempting to add banners, badges or extra text to your project image, we recommend avoiding it. Negative space is more attractive to the eye than a cluttered image.


Use high-resolution assets

On the more technical side, high resolution project images will ensure that your project is presented in the best possible light for backers, no matter what device or settings they’re browsing with. This is especially important as devices and monitors are continuously using higher resolution.

A few more technical details... We recommend that you use a project image that is 1024x576 pixels (16:9 ratio) in size. We accept most major image formats, but for best results upload one of our recommended file types: JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP. The maximum image size is 200 MB.

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