Communicating with backers

Throughout your project, you’ll be communicating with backers and keeping them informed of your progress. Project updates, your spotlight page, Kickstarter Live, and our messaging system will help you keep backers in the loop.

  • Updates.

    Think of these as your project’s blog. Keep backers engaged through interesting and shareable updates, and encourage them to spread the word about your progress, like this project did. Backers aren’t just looking for updates on when their rewards will show up — most of them love a look at the details of how work like yours is actually made. Show them!

  • Update options.

    You can post text-only updates, or you can include images, video, and even sound clips. (Check these out!) You can mark updates as public or for backers only. Updates can be emailed to all your backers, or just to specific reward tiers. And after an update is posted, you even have 30 minutes to edit it.

  • Messages.

    You can use messages to communicate with backers one-on-one. Remember to check your messages and comments regularly, and respond to any questions. If you find that you’re frequently getting questions about the same topic, consider making it the subject of your next update.

  • Spotlight.

    Once your project is successfully funded, use the Spotlight feature to customize your page, highlight images that show your plans coming together, and direct your audience to where they can see your current work. Looking for inspiration? Visit this page.

  • Kickstarter Live

    Use Kickstarter Live, our live streaming tool, to share some special moments with your community. Pick a subject for your stream and plan to share something exclusive that people won’t get to see anywhere else. Whether you do a product demo, Q&A, or just stream some of your next rehearsal, remember to have fun with your viewers. Schedule a live stream, see how other creators are using this tool, or get some pointers here.

Backers appreciate regular, insightful, and honest updates. Don’t be hesitant to communicate delays or changes to your original plans — or to just check in. (If backers don’t hear from you for a while, they worry that you may be having trouble doing the work you promised.) Curious how other creators have approached updating their backers? Here are some of our favorites.

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