Kickstarter block party
Sat May 3, 2014 | Noon to 6pm | 58 Kent St, Brooklyn NY

Kickstarter makes a block party

On Saturday May 3rd, we had a block party and invited everyone we know.

Watch the video!

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We were joined by so many incredible creators, including:

SKT Ceramics

Live performances at 2pm and 4pm RSVP here!

Clouds on the Oculus Rift
We Flashy
Sogis's Honey Bakeshop

Cookie painting workshop RSVP here!

The Sill
Fire & Bone
The Itty Bitty Project
BBox Radio
Switched-On Garden

Tour Kickstarter HQ and see Switched-On Garden RSVP here!

Satya Twena Fine Millinery
The Impossible Project
Short Stack
Johann Sebastian Joust
PitchBlak Brass Band
MIDI Sprout
Booze Books
Play AR
Boneyard Pets

Food & drink

Brooklyn Soda Works
Butter & Scotch
Mamu Thai Noodle Truck


Guts of Glory

with Zach Gage, Jess Worby, and Jesse Fuchs

Cards Against Humanity

with Max Temkin


with Max Temkin


with Colleen Macklin, Eric Zimmerman and John Sharp

Towerfall on the Ouya
Killer Queen

with Joshua Debonis and Nikita Mikros


Our inaugural art show includes a survey of work by artists who have used Kickstarter for every thing from public artworks, experimental publications, exhibitions, iPhone apps, new institutions, monographs, documentary films and newsprint editions.

Featured artists include: Marina Abramovic Institute, Marshall Arisman, Jeremy Bailey, Amanda Browder, Seth Indigo Carnes, Heather Hart, Steve Lambert, Ligorano / Reese, Eugene Richards, Mary Ellen Mark, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Mike Perry, Leon Reid IV, Richard Renaldi, Phil Stearns, Swoon, Howard Tangye, Spencer Tunick, Saya Woolfalk

Amanda Browder

Future Phenomena by Amanda Browder. Sponsored by NBArt and the Brooklyn Arts Council. Originally installed in Greenpoint on Eagle St./Manhattan Ave in 2010.