"THE BOYS AT THE BAR" a Richard Dutcher film [Submitted by justdontquit.com - JDQ Media, Sports & Entertainment]

Date: May 19, 2013

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Re: "THE BOYS AT THE BAR" a Richard Dutcher film

Description of copyrighted material: Behind The Scenes footage from the Production of The Boys At The Bar (BATB) and Project23 (PR23).

Description of infringing material: Richard Dutcher and Project 23 have used/are now using my JDQ_PR23_BATB Behind-The-Scenes footage without my permission for Project 23's financial gain as part of their Kickstarter Campaign to raise money and have cut me out of that financial gain. I told Dutcher's lawyer in an email on February 21, 2013 "At NO TIME have I released the Ownership Interests of JDQ Media, Sports & Entertainment's Intellectual Property rights to those JDQ_Pr23 Behind The Scenes Tapes to anyone (Mr. Dutcher, Project 23, The Main Street Movie Company, etc.)" There was no contract and they did not have permission to use my footage and as such, to please not use the footage. They ignored this request and have gone forward with using the JDQ_PR23_BATB Behind The Scenes footage without my permission. The Kickstarter Video in question is comprised of more than 50% of the JDQ Behind The Scenes footage and I'm not even credited as the author/cinematographer of the footage. That is just industry standard to credit the author/cinematographer of footage. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2076544505/the-boys-at-the-bar-a-richard-dutcher-film As a result of these actions, I feel I'm entitled to be compensated for my time and professional services and will now have to result in legal action. Here's the Timecode of Non Authorized use of JDQ_PR23_BATB Copyrighted Footage: :20 - :40 RD after fundraising meeting during production (.20) PR23 in meeting at RD house :50-1.20 PR23 at Law Offices (.30) RD teaching class Shukri textiing at BEAU 1.35-1.54 On Location shots of PR23 (.19) 3.02-3.10 Product Placement shots (.08) 3.15-3.20 Mia lifts champagne (.05) 3.35-4.35 Bill Butler & RD, Bo Hopkins sits on set, pan of crew (.60) Industry professionals Gio talking into walkie talkie headset Shukri & Mia using RED camera Video Village counting money dolly move 5.02-6.20 BTS on set, rolling up yellow "finish line" tape (.78) Action shots RD, other cast crew Classroom 402 PR23 in class Shukri hit by Crystal D. Michael in Drag RD "thank you everyone, see you at the premiere"